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					La Fleur’s Girls Booster Club
Minutes of the September 8, 2005 Meeting

Present:    Beth Hillman, Diane Drake, Craig Leda, Tracy Leda, Teresa
Tammy Jamison, Marie Brancaccio, Ann Mari e Pilo, Dale Spankowski,
Williams, Pat Kraemer, Ken Maltby, Der Lee, Yer Cha, Krista Charles,
Flanagan, Laura Reisterer, Diana Detlarde, Cathy Stadelmann, Casey
Karen Bond, Christi Breimon, Al Lehmen, Cindy Kowis, Tim Smykal, and

Meeting was called to Order at 6:07pm

Treasurer’s Report: Everyone should have received an updated statement
in their
mailboxes. Mr. Z’s grossed $13000 in sales and made a profit of $5200.
$1000 of
that went into the general fund and $4100 went into the personal
accounts. There
is about $23000 in the fund. $9000 of that is in the general fund and
$14000 of
that is in the personal accounts. The account balances will start to
decrease as
there were already 4 compulsory level meets paid.

As a reminder, each member must meet their minimum profit and volunteer
for the year or accounts will be charged.

If you have any questions regarding your account, contact Cindy Kowis.

Fundraiser Reports:

Mr. Z’s:    Overall, the fundraiser went well. 42 girls participated
and as
reported earlier a profit of $5200 was made. Mr. Z’ s did give us a
credit of
$110 for the mix up with the“Family Rewards”

Agenda Items:

2005-06 Charipersons: The following individuals have agreed to chair
important functions:
          Website Coordinator- Mary Fuchs
           Timekeeper- Nicki Braun (it was reminded to keep track of
hours    and to report them to Nicki)
            9.0 Committee- Dawn Marie
The following parents volunteered to let Dawn Marie know which girls
scored a
9.0 or above:
         Level 4- Ann Marie Pilo
        Level 5-Karen Bond
        Level 6-Beth Hillmann

2005-06 Fundraisers:
          Compulsory Meet- This year’s compulsory meet will be Level 4
only. The
date is October 8th and 9th and the theme is Honalulu. Christi Briemon
heading the meet. Pat Kramer volunteered for decorations, Karen Bond
and Casey
Jeschke volunteered for grab bags, Craig and Tracy Leda will be in
charge of
concessions. Watch for lists to be posted on the doors in the lobby to
sign up
for food, soda and water. Remember, this is a requirement.
             The following people volunteered to chair the upcoming
              Wreaths-Karen Bond
              Pointsettias-Karen Woodson
              Pies- Karen Bond
              Pocket Peelers- McGroarty Family
              Flowers- Jacke Weyer
              Pictures-Dawn Marie Wickus (No date set yet)
              New Ideas-Giggles Comedy Club, Avon, Bradley Center

Meeting Adjourned at 6:42pm

Next Meeting:      December 2005

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Geraci

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