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Property job descriptions

I/ Job description types of Property department

It include job description of positions as follows:

• Assistant Property Manager
• Commercial Property Manager
• Intellectual Property Attorney
• Property Management
• Property Administrator
• Property Accountant
• Site manager
• Site engineer
• Property manager
• Housing manager
• Property Locator
• Leasing Consultant Property Management

II/ Basic functions of Property manager

• Maintain excellent customer service and community relationships.
• Management of the maintenance staff to ensure work orders are completed in a timely
• Monitoring and direction of rental activity, all direct on-site marketing, and maintaining
an on-going, in-depth knowledge of the associated market.
• Oversight of the leasing activities for the property (including showing units, preparing
leases, and reporting leasing results to owner, etc.).
• Oversight of tenant move-ins and move-outs, including unit inspections and security
deposit statement preparation.
• Utilize established sales and marketing strategies to increase property traffic, maintain
closing ratios and work to achieve and exceed budgeted occupancy percentages.
• Perform written evaluations of all property employees in accordance with company
timing guidelines, and provide recommendations for compensation adjustments or

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