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                                   Calling on IT to fix a problem
                                                   is typical. Calling on IT to drive
                               business strategy is Novartis.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation’s             The department includes specialties in the        is a must, as is expertise in C++, Visual
(NPC) Information Technology professionals         following areas:                                  Basic, HTML, XML, Java, UNIX,
rank among the best in the business because                                                          Interwoven, WebLogic and the Microsoft
                                                   Workstation Services provides project
they’re at the heart of our business. Sure, they                                                     web environment. Senior professionals
                                                   support for Novartis business units and
know the latest programs and technologies                                                            hold advanced degrees or extensive IT
                                                   the company’s infrastructure. Projects
but, more importantly, they are focused on                                                           and business experience.
                                                   include CIC, SFA, SAP and support for the
identifying new technologies that will push
                                                   company’s move to Windows XP. They have           Managers in this specialty include Functional
the business forward.
                                                   expertise in a broad range of technologies,       Information Managers (FIMS) who work
The Novartis Group’s broad portfolio and           including Microsoft Windows, Lotus Notes          with specific functional areas, including Field
strong and fully automated sales force have        and the latest technology for automating          Operations, Medical Affairs and Corporate
yielded nearly $18 billion in global sales in      the installation of applications. In this area,   Customers, and Business Unit Information
2000. With the support of IT, NPC launched         experience with major information technology      Managers (BIMS) who support the business
six new drugs in 2001 and is on track to           projects, live project management and supe-       on a more global basis. Regardless of title,
launch as many as 15 new therapies over            rior customer service skills are highly valued.   all Sales and Marketing Systems profes-
the next three years. We’re in a period of                                                           sionals are fully integrated in the business
                                                   Sales and Marketing Systems supports
rapid and unprecedented growth — growth                                                              and are able to interact effectively with
                                                   the 5,500 sales representatives driving NPC’s
that can only be sustained by a solid and                                                            senior leadership.
                                                   bottom line by implementing innovative
innovative IT infrastructure.
                                                   programs such as Siebel e-Pharma and              eBusiness Support enables the Novartis
                                                   other CRM tools, Sales and Marketing data         eBusiness initiative from a technical
                                                   warehouse, as well as replacing every repre-      perspective, providing critical software and
Depending on their position and functional         sentative’s laptop with a new model running       hardware tools and support at all phases,
specialties, NPC’s talented and diverse IT pro-    Windows XP. These customer-focused pro-           from account management to deployment
fessionals have at least five years experience     fessionals are project managers who work          and lifecycle management. This specialty
and solid programming knowledge. They              directly with Novartis marketing teams and        is highly consultative, and is skilled in
are an integral part of NPC and also interact      help set the direction and ultimately develop     translating complex technology to practical
with IT professionals in Novarts Group             IT initiatives to enhance the business. A         business objectives. Professionals include
Companies worldwide.                               Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience        technical account managers who focus on

  specific product portfolios and manage          programs or applications, but participate      That is why we provide endless opportunities
  projects from beginning to end, solutions       in the process from concept to completion,     for our IT professionals to expand and refresh
  engineers who update and develop websites       working closely with internal customer         their skills via lunch and learn classes, work-
  and web engineers who provide server            groups or their global colleagues to ensure    shops and seminars by outside vendors and
  administration and deployment. Expertise        that all technical aspects of a project are    off-site excursions to tech-ed and Lotusphere
  in UNIX, BEA, JAVA, Interwoven, Jbuilder,       questioned, tested and challenged to ensure    to learn the latest wave of technology.
  XML, J2EE and Windows NT are essential,         quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.    The diverse skills and backgrounds of our
  as is a Bachelor’s degree. eBusiness profes-                                                   professionals are appreciated and rewarded
                                                  Our accomplishments over the past two
  sionals are the resource for all Novartis                                                      through formal recognition programs, and
                                                  years include the establishment of a global
  web development and web technology,                                                            their careers are supported by a formal
                                                  competency center, rollout of NT 4 and
   as such must not only understand the                                                          career path program called Continuums.
                                                  PeopleSoft, server consolidation, upgrade
  technology, but be team players with
                                                  of computer data centers, Y2K remediation,     So you choose: Would you rather provide
  strong business knowledge and a true
                                                  Lightening, Light Weight Tools and terminal    technical band-aids or broad-based solutions
  entrepreneurial spirit.
                                                  server services. On the horizon is increased   that drive the global business strategy of one
                                                  global IT support, Win2K/R5 rollout, and       of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry?
                                                  advanced automation of the NPC sales           We believe the choice is simple. Join the team
  Our IT professionals are distinguished
                                                  force and other key areas of our business.     at Novartis and think what’s possible.
  by their customer and business focus,
  written and oral presentation skills, their
                                                  INNOVATION REWARDED
  penchant for change and their ability to
                                                  At Novartis, our technology must be as
  translate complex technical information to
                                                  innovative and cutting-edge as the products
  a broad range of non-technical professionals.
                                                  whose launch and marketing it supports.
  They do more than simply roll-out new

www.joinnovartis.com                                                                                                                  MARCH 2002

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