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          REPORT on the APRIL 6 , 2007 meeting of the WZCC – North Texas Chapter

Easter Sunday was the auspicious day when more than 35 people brought honor and recognition to
WZCC - North Texas Chapter with their presence, at its 4 meeting, at the Spring Hill Suites Hotel in
Grapevine, Texas.

This meeting was a continuation of the program just after the FEZANA Annual General Meeting, a
precedence started a few years ago, which we hope to make a tradition of mutual support between
our two organizations. For this we are very grateful to the FEZANA Executive officers, especially
President Dr. Rustom Kevala. We also thank The Zoroastrian Association of North Texas (ZANT)
Executive Board, especially President Kali Buhariwalla, for being our gracious hosts and Spenta
Irani who has helped out with the publications of the meeting notification to ZANT members..

After a sumptuous lunch, the meeting began at 2pm, with a benediction appropriate to the commerce
theme, by Ervad Poras Balsara, followed by a welcome speech by the Chair - Firdosh Mehta and
introduction of WZCC members present.

Firdosh mentioned that in less than one year, our infant Chapter has held 3 meetings. He introduced
Behram Irani and recognized Homi Davier for their support for the start of this chapter. He extended
his gratitude to Rohinton Rivetna and WZCC for their support from the Chamber during the formative

Rohinton Rivetna spoke about the WZCC AGM & meetings held in Mumbai / Pune and about Byram
Avari’s selection as a honorary member of WZCC. He also spoke about the Mission & Vision of
WZCC, which is to energize the Zarathushti Entrepreneurial spirit. There are close to 20 chapters
around the world and each of them is an autonomous, linear organization with no hierarchy. There are
approximately 1300 members around the world. He also requested every member of our community
to join their local chapters, since its not exclusively for those who are self-employed or own a

The WZCC – NT Chapter decided to showcase their local entrepreneurs and have the “PANEL of 7”
share their experiences and observations as entrepreneurs.

Firdosh started with introducing our first local entrepreneur ------ Parivash “PARI” Foroodi.

Parivash lives in Dallas with her husband & 2 daughters. She is a realtor and noted that the reason for
her entering the real estate industry was to be able to have flexible times, so that she could focus on
raising her children. She started her career at Merrill Lynch & then moved to Ebby Halliday Realtors
where she earned the distinction of Start Achiever. In March 2007 she received the news that she had
been selected as one of the 100 best agents in the Dallas Fort Worth area by D Magazine.
We congratulate Pari for this remarkable achievement.

She also went on to say that her first 10 years in the real estate industry were tough, but she believes
in trying to find the best product for her clients. She emphasized that her children are more important
to her than monetary success or fame.

Firdosh introduced our second panel speaker of the day: Feroze Sidhwa

Feroze has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri. He
worked at Mid America Pipe Line Co, Geophysical Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma till 1980. From
1980 to 1995, he was employed with Mobil Oil during which time he was awarded 3 patents. In 1995
when Mobil Oil went thru a downsizing exercise, Feroze conferred with his wife Anahita, and decided

to start his own business PRECISE CIRCUITS which designs, develops, manufactures & tests
extremely specialized electronic assemblies, that operate at high temperatures and in rugged
environments. He went on to say that to him customer satisfaction was paramount. He had brought
the Digital Control Unit for the drilling rig that he had manufactured and showed the audience what
this device could do.

Followed by: Jamshed Rivetna ( Treasurer of WZCC – NT Chapter )

Jamshed is the founder and President of Ensoft Consulting, a software reseller and consulting firm
specializing in the areas of facilities maintenance and maintenance management software
implementation. Jamshed has serviced various organizations, such as schools, hospitals, industrial
complexes and downtown office buildings, to realize true value from their maintenance management
software by instituting improved management practices and operating policies. A frequent lecturer at
industry events, Jamshed is also an active member of the facilities management community
nationwide. Convincing his potential customers of the value his services bring to the organization, and
identifying their needs and requirements, are some of the major challenges he encounters in his
consulting projects. Drawing heavily on his experiences as an ex manager with Deloitte and Touche,
he is always exploring opportunities to expand his sole proprietary business.

Firdosh then introduced his long time Sangli College Class-mate: Soli J. Engineer

Soli is currently the President of SJE Consultants and Associates, a management-consulting firm he
founded after a long and distinguished career with Schlumberger Inc. Armed with 25 years of global
business manufacturing and management experience, his forte lies in effective senior management,
production and inventory management, value analysis and implementation of management
information systems. Soli has Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering.
He attributes his success to being very principled and always believes in earning his clients respect,
and all his consultancy contracts come through referrals. He has also written a book on „Progressive
Manufacturing‟. According to Soli, life is like juggling without gravity.

Our next speaker was: Barjis Ghadially

He is a Director at WorldLink, Inc., which was started by Adil Adi in 1998. Barjis has been an integral
part of WorldLink since 1999. He has a Bachelor’s in Business & Political Science from the University
of Texas, Dallas. He has positioned the company as a leading provider of business & technology
solutions and a true service oriented organization. When they realized there was a shortage of
Engineers, they started out-sourcing them from places like India and China. Today they have over
100 billable consultants. They have 7 Zarathushtis working for them. They believe in the principle of
Barjis is very proud that they have survived the downturn and hope to double their consultants.

From the local Medical field, he introduced: Dr Birjis Chinoy

Dr. Chinoy hails from India and came to the US 15 years ago to study medicine. He is Board Certified
in Internal Medicine & Allergy & Immunology and now has his own practice in Frisco, Texas.
Birjis spoke about his challenges in creating a business plan, especially since he had no business
acumen and was unaware as to how difficult it was to establish a line of credit. He also advised the
audience that a part time practice was not a good idea and also how he had spent money on
advertising in the yellow pages and print media with no ROI to show for it. In this day and age,
especially in the Frisco area, which has a lot of young professional residents, it was Internet
advertising that actually paid off. His wife Zenobia, who does the marketing for him, always comes up
with innovative ideas. She has created the clinic décor in such a way that it has a “spa” like feeling,
with flat screen TV & entertainment center, massage chairs and a full breakfast buffet counter.

Our final entrepreneur and our mentor for the making of clay FISH candy trays was: Kashmira Mistry

She arrived in the US in the early 1980s with her husband Kavas & 2 young sons. She has a degree
in Economics and it was not until her youngest was in school that she decided to pursue a career in
Real Estate, since it was one profession that would allow her to manage both her family needs & work
requirements. She has been a Realtor since 1987 and also developed a corporation dealing with
income producing properties, both residential & commercial. All her business is through referrals &

she has worked at times with 4 generations of the same family of clients. According to her there is
fierce competition and unpleasantness in the business and advised those among us who want to get
into Real Estate to find a mentor, who can guide & advise them. She believes that achievements
come through honesty & integrity. She loves to cook and entertain, and studies pottery & sculpture at
the Country College. Her success is in the success of her husband & her children.

Kashmira Contractor, WZCC-NT Chapter Secretary, presented all the local entrepreneurs with a
thank-you gift as a token of our appreciation.

A short break followed, with refreshments of Kopra-Paak, Bhakhras, Battasas, Tea, Coffee and cake.

Standing: WZCC - NTC First Session....."Showcasing Local Entrepreneurship":
L to R: Dr. Birjis Chinoy, Feroze Sidhwa, Soli Engineer, Kashmira Mistry, Parivash Foroodi, Barjis

Seated: WZCC - NTC Executive:
L to R: Jamshed Rivetna - Treasurer, Firdosh Mehta - Chairman, Kashmira Contractor - Secretary.
Jamshed Rivetna was also one of the speakers as "Showcasing Local Entrepreneurship"

The second half of the session continued with Jimmy Mistry from Mumbai & Cyrus Rivetna from
Chicago, sharing and comparing Architectural business opportunities in the East, with that in the

Jimmy is the Managing Director and Principal Architect of Della Tecnica Group. He has 900 +
employees and works with architects, interior designers & developers. Jimmy has a Diploma in
Mechanical Engineering and his first business was in Pest Control. After that he moved into interior
design contracting. He also started manufacturing his own furniture and supplying it to companies like
HDFC, Coca-Cola, etc. Today Della Tecnica is a Design & Build Company, which has offices in 6
cities in India & one in Dubai. His clients and designs include the biggest names in the country from
Vijay Mallya of BAJAJ Industries, STAR TV, NDTV, ESPN etc. He is also building the 1 Parsi Tower
called Della Towers in the Dadar Parsi Colony. Presently he has 45 Parsis working for him and does
not refuse jobs to any Zarathushti. He believes in keeping the core competencies in-house & believes
in creating an “element of surprise” in designing. He anticipates his turnover of I.Rs. 250 crores, to
double this year.

Cyrus Rivetna is a Chicago based architect and a one-man show. His work experience includes a
year and a half with “SANGATH”, the offices of the noted architect Shri. B.V. Doshi. He returned from
India and worked for various architects as a consultant. One of his current projects is the design of the
new Zoroastrian Community Center for ZANT in Flower Mound, Texas. He spoke about the various
architectural aspects in terms of small vs. large & theoretical vs. practical. He also believes it is a

profession that respects history & impacts the way people live. It incorporates technology & nature, art
& business. It is presentation as well as construction and a multi facetted human endeavor.

The evening ended with Jimmy Mistry presenting a slide show of the Persian Festival that was held in
Mumbai where Jimmy had his talented team of people recreate the grandeur of PERSEPOLIS. All the
sets were locally made and the ambience, décor and cuisine depicting the Persian Achaemenid

Kashmira Contractor presented Jimmy and Cyrus with gifts of pictorial books on TEXAS, to express
our appreciation.

Our special thanks go to all our speakers for their presentations. Thanks to Kashmira Mistry and her
assistants for the unique ZANT FISH oven fired clay candy dishes, which were given out as a
welcome gift to all out-of-towners. Also thanks to Arbez Patel and all the ZANT ladies for arranging
the refreshments. Our BIG thank you to all those who attended and supported this event.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm and all those who attended found both the sessions very
informative, interesting and above all enjoyable.

L to R: Cyrus Rivetna, Behram Irani, Kali Buhariwalla, Firdosh Mehta, Jimmy Mistry

Cyrus Rivetna and Jimmy Mistry were speakers for the second session.
Behram Irani ZANT Founding President, Kali Buhariwalla Current ZANT President


We are very thankful to WZCC Houston Chapter, for a large contingent of attendees to our Dallas
Meeting, led by their Chair Behroze Daruwalla.
We are very pleased to accept an invitation for a joint meeting in Houston on Sunday June 24 , 2007,
to welcome and hear from our WZCC International Board Secretary --- Zarine Commissariat.

For more information on the North Texas Chapter and membership details please contact: Kashmira
Contractor (214) 618-2572 or Jamshed Rivetna (214) 316- 9677 or Firdosh Mehta (817) 599-9609.

For more information on WZCC and its worldwide activities, please visit

Report prepared by Kashmira Contractor & Firdosh Mehta
May 6 , 2007


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