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Banquet job descriptions

I/ Job description types of Banquet department

It include job description of positions as follows:

• Banquet manager
• Banquet house attendant
• Banquet sales manager
• Assistant banquet manager
• Banquet porter
• Banquet bartender
• Banquet supervisor
• Banquet server
• Banquet captain

II/ Basic functions of Banquet manager

• Administrative duties; including: weekly schedule and payroll reports, BEO
maintenance and organization, and banquet function-billing procedures
• Confers with all wait and bartender staff of the function on any last minute
arrangements, coordinates with the kitchen in providing for extra or decreased number of
covers, when necessary and accommodates guests’ needs efficiently to ensure complete
• Prepares banquet checks at the end of all functions ensuring accuracy. Presents all
banquet checks to the group contact with a review and explanation of all charges and
secures signature from contact.
• Conducts regular walk-through to ensure that all function area and back-of-house areas
are clean and maintenance are at required standards.
• Ensuring hotel service standards and procedures are followed throughout the banquet
• Ensuring the satisfaction of all banquet guests to drive repeat business.
• Ensures that all meeting rooms are set up with proper amenities and that all function
rooms are cleaned, refreshed, and/or reset during function breaks.

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