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					                                                                     FOLDING                            Tri-Creaser

                                                                                   Tri-Creaser De-Lux

                                                                          The END of the Cracking Problem
                                                                          The revolutionary TRI-CREASER totally eliminates
                                                                          fibre cracking and takes just minutes to set up -
                                                                          even by inexperienced operators.
                                                                          The Tri-Creaser instantly transforms your existing
                                                                          folder into an intergrated folding and creasing
                                                                          machine with PERFECT results!

                                     Tri-Creaser Main Benefits
          Specially developed for printers/print finishers who need to                                                    Perfect
          crease less than 150 gsm (very light stock) and more than                                                      crease!
          350 gsm (very heavy stock)
          Narrow creasing option perfect for 100 gsm stock (very light
          stock) and above
          Wide Creasing option for 350 gsm coated material and
          above (very heavy stock)
          Excellent on web/digital and perfect for pre-folded sections
          Unique ‘rubber grippers’ give extra support for sheet guidance
          Spare insert capacity built into side of device for easier and
          quicker set up
          Produces cylinder quality creasing on your existing folding
          Creases as fast as your folding machine can run                                                                     Without the           With the
                                                                                                                              Tri-Creaser          Tri-Creaser

                                                                           Inserts**            Machine
     Part #                         Device Description                                                                                     Notes
                                                                           available             type
     TC-DEL-SM/35-FP Tri-Creaser Delux to fit 35 mm shaft                 orange, white         *Stahl, MBO
     TC-DEL-ST/25-FP        Tri-Creaser Delux to fit 25 mm shaft             red, pink          Stahl*, GUK
     TC-DEL-MF/30-FP Tri-Creaser Delux to fit 30 mm shaft                    red, pink             MBO*             Each Tri-Creaser includes:
     TC-STA-HH/30-FP        Tri-Creaser Standard to fit 30mm shaft           red, pink       Herzog & Heymann*      Set of male and female collars
     TC-DIG-RO/20-FP        Rollem Tri-Creaser fits all types             orange, white           Rollem*           5 inserts for light/medium work
                                                                                                                    5 inserts for heavy work
     TC-STA-HO/20-FP        Tri-Creaser Standard                             red, pink            Horizon*
                                                                                                                    1 Scriber tool.
     TC-STA-SH/65-FP        Tri-Creaser Standard to fit 35ID- 65OD orange, white                   Shoei*           (excl. Eurfold type)
     TC-DEL-SH/55-FP        Tri-Creaser Delux to fit 35ID- 55OD           orange, white            Shoei*
     TC-DEL-HH/35-FP Tri-Creaser Delux to fit 35 mm shaft                 orange, white      Herzog & Heymann*
                                                                                                                    **Each insert creases approx
     DC-STA-MB/20-FP Digi Creaser Standard to fit 5ID- 65OD orange, white                    MB- Cas 38/52 fold.    1 million products before it
     TC-DEL-GU/35-FP Tri-Creaser Delux to fit 35 mm shaft                 orange, white            *GUK             needs replacing
     TC-STA-EU/10-FP        Tri-Creaser Standard to fit 15mm shaft             Black        Herzog & Heymann*
     TC-DEL-MG/15-FP Tri-Creaser Delux to fit 15 mm shaft orange, white                           Morgana

      *Brand names and trademarks published herein are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Birk & Blyme is not an authorised dealer for Stahl,
     MBO, GUK, Herzog & Heyman, Shoei, Rollem and Horizon products and do not offer genuine parts. Birk & Blyme supplies compatible high quality replacement parts

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