CyGOSâ„¢-Concealed Video Sound Surveillance System by bek13329


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CyGOS™-Concealed Video & Sound Surveillance System
Retrofitted in Electrical Fixtures - Transmits Images/Audio Over Existing Power Lines

     CyGOS™ is the “Engine”                                                            Eliminates the Need for a
     Powering our Suite of                                                             Dedicated Video Cable and
     Embedded Video and Sound                                                          the Costs of Installation
     Surveillance Solutions                                                            CyGOS is ideal for public safety and
     CyGOS™ is a network video and                                                     business applications where a new
     sound surveillance solution for a                                                 video and sound surveillance
     wide range of industries and                                                      solution is difficult and expensive to
     applications. CyGOS may be easily                                                 install because it would require
     customized and is ideal for                                                       excavation, trenching, breaching
     deploying video and sound                                                         walls or all of the above.
     surveillance in locations where
     adding cable cannot be done or                                                    Eliminates Line-of-Sight
     wireless has line of sight barriers.                                              Obstructions Common with
                                                                                       Wireless Video Surveillance
                                                                                       Wireless video surveillance
                                                                                       solutions are continually challenged
                                            Can Eliminate or Delay the Need            by line-of-sight obstructions. With
                                            for Costly Technology Shift from           CyGOS™ there are no wireless-
                                            Analog to IP Cameras                       related line-of-sight issues.
                                            The CyGOS™ solution turns analog
                                            video and audio signals into digital-IP    Typical Applications for
                                            signals. This dramatically extends the     CyGOS™ Total Solutions
                                            service life of analog cameras. This can           Office Buildings
                                            save public safety agencies and                    Government Facilities
                                            businesses hundreds of thousands of                Retail
                                            dollars in upgrades.                               Schools and Colleges
     CyGOS™ Provides a Common                                                                  Day Care Facilities
     Platform for Analog and IP             CyGOS Enabled AC Power Line                        Parking Garages
     Video/Sound Transmission               LAN Provides Clarity, Speed and                    Parking Lots
                                                                                               Hospitals/Medical
     Over an AC Power Line LAN              Security While Requiring No                        Jails
     The CyGOS™ Platform is designed to     Bandwidth from Existing IT LAN                     Elevators
     network a mixture of analog and IP     A key challenge to installing a new                Restaurants
     cameras, audio, and sensor and         IP-based surveillance and security
     actuator data. This platform is        system is that it will consume
     scalable and easily reconfigured to    bandwidth from the existing IT LAN.
     meet dynamic surveillance              Because CyGOS™ enables the AC Power        Patent Pending
     requirements and environments.         Line to be the LAN, it does not use any    May be Sole-Sourced
                                            bandwidth from existing IT LANs.

                                             CYBER GROUP, INC. / SINCE 1998
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                                      CYBER GROUP, INC. / SINCE 1998
Global Headquarters / 12900 Preston Rd., Ste. 100 / Dallas, TX 75230 / 469.916.7730 /

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