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         NewsLink                                                           November                2009

         In This Issue
         November Dinner Meeting
         November Tech Session                  ISM-Dallas Vision Statement
         President's Corner
         ISM Member's EDGE                      To Lead Supply Management Professionals in the Dallas area
         Lifetime Members                       through:
         CPSM Review Classes
         New Members
         October Meeting Pictures                       Education & Development
         Meeting Details                                Volunteerism
         TIME                                           Networking
         5:30 pm Tech Session
         6:00 pm Registration
         6:30 pm Dinner Meeting &
                                                November 12th Dinner Meeting
         LOCATION                               "The Future of Supply Management"
         Crowne Plaza Dallas near the
         14315 Midway Road                      With Paul Novak, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.
         Addison, TX
         +(972) 980-8877
                                                CEO of Institute for Supply Management

                                                Make your plans to attend the November 12th ISM-Dallas
         COST                                   affiliate meeting. Our speaker will be Mr. Paul Novak, Chief
         $30 members with on-time RSVP          Executive Officer of the Institute for Supply Management.
         $35 non members and members
         registering late
         $35 at the door (if available)         Paul Novak's presentation will focus on the changing
         $15 students                           nature of business and the implications for supply
                                                management. It will also address the current economic
          * if paying at meeting, please use
         exact cash or check
                                                conditions and what role supply management has played
                                                and will need to play going forward. In addition, the
         Register Online                        presentation will address the needed skills that supply                      management professionals must have to succeed in the
         or leave a message at -(972) 329-      future.

         Registrations must be received by                                  Paul Novak, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.
         Tuesday at 12 noon prior to the                                    has been with Institute for Supply
         meeting.                                                           Management™ (ISM) since 1988
                                                                            and led the institute in a major
         November Events                                                    change in its governance, the
                                                                            implementation of a Board of
         November 5 - Satellite Seminar                                     Directors comprised of senior officers
         "Navigating the Numbers"
                                                                            at major companies. Following this
         November 12 - Dinner Meeting                                       change, Novak led the organization
                                                                            in broadening its focus from
         November 21 - CPSM Review Class                          11/11/2009
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         - Module 3 - Session 1                     purchasing into supply management.

         December Events                            Novak is a graduate of Michigan State University, having
         December 5 - CPSM Review Class -           received his bachelor's degree in 1967 and his master's
         Module 3 - Session 2                       degree in 1972. In addition, he achieved his certificate in not-
                                                    for-profit management from the Harvard Business School
         No Dinner Meeting - Happy
                                                    faculty. Novak was also the staff editor of ISM's four-book
                                                    Knowledge Series on purchasing management. He is in his
                                                    second year of a two-year term as president of the
                                                    International Federation of Purchasing and Supply
                                                    Management (IFPSM). Novak also serves on the board of
                                                    directors of the Federal Acquisition Innovation and Reform
                                                    Institute (Fair).

                                                    Novak is a frequent speaker concerning the future of supply
                                                    management and the role it must play to ensure business

                                                    Chicken Piccata with Fettuccine Pasta and Mixed Vegetables,
                                                    Brownie Mountain Cake

         Tech Session
         "A Closer Look at Reverse eAuctions: What? When? Where? How? Why?"
         presented by Pat Dolan,
         Managing Director of TradingPartners Dallas

         Begins at 5:30 pm

                                     Patrick Dolan joined TradingPartners in 2008 in a Senior Business
                                     Development role. Pat has been responsible for building client
                                     relationships and delivering considerable auction savings to clients large
                                     and small in a myriad of categories. Pat has led TradingPartners'
                                     expansion into the Southwestern USA as director of the company's 5th
                                     global office that opened in Dallas in August 2009. Pat earned his MBA
                                     from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University where
                                     he double-majored in Organizational Behavior and Marketing, and has a
                                     BA in Economics from the College of the Holy Cross.

         TradingPartners enhances and accelerates negotiations between buyers and suppliers using
         fully-managed eAuction solutions. TradingPartners brings together the right people, process
         and technology to run online eAuction events that result in substantial and guaranteed cost
         savings. TradingPartners operates on a global scale with offices in North America, Europe and
         Asia. More information is available online at

         President's Corner
         by Pat Woods, CPSM, C.P.M., CPIM President of ISM-Dallas

                                  Can you believe it's already November? It seemed like yesterday we were
                                  trying to figure out whether we should we stay indoors with the cool air
                                  condition or go outside and brave the summer heat. Fall is my favorite time
                                  of the year with the cooler weather and festive, holiday spirit. As we
                                  approach the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday, I believe we should
                                  pause and take inventory of the things that we can be thankful for.

                                  Some (hopefully, many) of us are thankful that we are still gainfully employed
                                  and that a paycheck continues to come our way every week or two. On
                                  average, I receive 2-3 calls or emails a week from my colleagues that have                        11/11/2009
ISM-Dallas November 2009 NewsLink                                                                               Page 3 of 9

         been the victims of downsizing. It's scary to think that they will be joining the ranks of many
         others who are desperately competing for jobs. One colleague shared with me that she had
         applied for a procurement position that advertised to pay $65 per hour. When the company saw
         the flood of resumes for the position, they lowered the rate to $15 per hour. I believe this firm
         will have problems attracting quality talent.

         The good news is that the companies that I have talked with place a great deal of value on both
         skills and certifications as they evaluate potential supply managers. One thing we can be
         thankful for is a great program coming up on the 12th. Paul Novak who is the CEO for ISM will
         be joining us and speaking on the topic: The Future of Supply Management. Paul is
         continuously visiting both companies and ISM affiliates and can provide us with his take on what
         is happening in the marketplace, with an emphasis on the skills required to compete.

         Please plan to join us at the Crowne for this powerful presentation. Also, speaking of
         certifications, another opportunity is coming up for you to get your CPSM with a brand new slate
         of review sessions in early 2010 as indicated in this Newslink and on our website. So we do
         have some great things to be thankful for. My wish is that you join us on the 12th and then join
         your family in a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration. When it comes down to it, families are
         what matters, particularly in these difficult times.

         Please note, that we will not be meeting in December as this will give us all a well-deserved rest
         and time to concentrate on winding down our work and winding up our various holiday
         celebrations But get ready, come January 2010, we will be back with you with a great selection
         of educational programs!

         ISM Member's EDGE
         ISM's Business Book List
         The books on ISM's Business Book List have been reviewed by a team of supply management
         professionals and academic reviewers, and have been found to be relevant to supply managers
         and their functions. You will note some of their comments in the listings below.

         Similar books are reviewed regularly, and new books are added to the list periodically.
         Several of the books on this list are available for purchase through ISM as noted. Others may be
         obtained by contacting the publisher or your local bookstore.

         ISM Resource Guides
         The ISM Resource Guides are topic-specific electronic "packets of information" on a variety of
         supply management subjects. Each guide includes 5-10 articles from various ISM publications,
         suggested reading lists, valuable links to related Web sites, plus contact information for a variety
         of other resources and information on each topic. ISM's Resource Guides deliver specific, timely
         information on the topics you are most interested in - right to your computer desktop.

         The ISM Resource Guides are FREE to members. Topics include: contract management, small
         business purchasing, global sourcing, logistics,cost reduction strategies and many more. To
         access go to the Members Only page:

         Two Lifetime Members of ISM-Dallas
         Webster's defines lifetime as "the duration of the existence of a living being (as a person or an
         animal) or a thing" or "an amount accumulated or experienced in a lifetime".

         ISM members who have spent their existence in supply chain and have accumulated knowledge
         and experience are afforded a very special category of Regular membership in ISM. A Lifetime
         membership is offered to a person who has been a member of ISM for a consecutive period of
         10 years or more and has retired from all regular employment.                 11/11/2009
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         The Regular members of the affiliate to which the prospective life member has belonged must
         approve this action by a majority vote. Life members are not charged ISM or affiliate dues but
         are still entitled to receive full access to all member benefits, including voting privileges, with
         both ISM and the affiliate.

         Earlier this year, ISM Dallas voted two of its regular members to the status of Lifetime members;
         Dan Ofoegbu and Fred LaVail. Next time you see either of these gentlemen, offer them
         congratulations on retiring and becoming Lifetime members.

         Dan Ofoegbu
         Dan was born and raised in Enugu,Nigeria. After high school he became a teacher and wrote
         for the local newspaper. He came to the US in 1983 to go to college in Tougaloo, Mississippi
         where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics/Business Administration and Gerontology.

         Dan has had many accomplishments throughout his professional career. He began working at
         the City of Garland as an Animal Shelter Attendant in 1987. In 1988 he became a Purchasing
         Assistant and in 1994 he became a buyer. Along his journey as a buyer, Dan was the
         International Committee Chair of the National Association of Purchasing Managers in 1994. In
         1997, he was voted the International (Global Resources) Person of the Year, NAPM District II
         and in 1998 was elected to National Association of Purchasing Managers - Dallas Board of

         He was also recognized as Global Resource Director of the Year - NAPM District II. He
         achieved this recognition twice. In 2001, Dan was featured in the Minority Business News DFW
         as the first African-American to be elected as president of NAPM-Dallas. He has also been
         honored by the City of Garland Mayor and featured in the Talk of the Town snapshot of the
         Garland Morning News.

         In 2004, Dan was awarded the Hubert T. Fuller Award from ISM Dallas, the highest honor
         bestowed on a member by ISM Dallas. Dan has worked on many workshops/seminars both as
         participant and leader/facilitator including HUB events.

         Dan is married to Rose and they have 5 children. He was ordained in to the Priesthood in
         September 2008 and retired from the City of Garland in April 2009.

         Fred LaVail, C.P.M., A.P.P.
         Fred graduated from University of North Texas in 1968 and became a member of NAPM-Dallas
         in 1974. He was elected as President in 1985 and became involved at the District/Forum level in
         1986. He received the Hubert T. Fuller Award in 1990. Fred was honored with the NAPM-
         Dallas Presidential Citation for Contribution to NAPM-Dallas in 1999 for his contributions to the
         local and forum memberships.

         He received the Harold M. Cosgrove Award in 2004 for his contributions to his profession and to
         the membership throughout the five-state area. This award is the highest honor the ISM
         Southwest Forum (District II) had to offer. Once Fred committed to our professional
         organizations, he has never stopped contributing.

         Most of you will recognize Fred's name from the "Job Watch". He created this service for
         NAPM-Dallas and has expanded it to include not only all Southwest Forum members but also
         any purchasing and supply professional in need of a job and it is known nationwide by those
         seeking employment and by those looking to hire supply chain professionals. Well over 700
         individuals have cited gainful employment through Fred's dedication to his peers.

         There has never been anyone more willing to help with anything and everything. He has
         volunteered locally, regionally and nationally for his profession. His advice is wise, his
         demeanor is always calm and reasoning and his attitude up-beat and cheerful. He is one person
         you always want on your team.

         Fred is married to Shari and they have two children. He retired in 2009 from Matt M LaVail Inc.

         Julia M. Skinner, Vice President - Membership
         With contributions from Carol Cooper, C.P.M., CPPO, CPSM                11/11/2009
ISM-Dallas November 2009 NewsLink                                                                              Page 5 of 9

         CPSM Review Classes
         We are pleased to announce our next group of review classes for the CPSM Exams.

         To qualify to become a CPSM, you must have a 4 year degree and 3 years in procurement or
         purchasing related activity.

         Track 1: If you are a C.P.M., take the one Bridge exam.

         Bridge:      Session 1 - January 16, 2010
                      Session 2 - January 30, 2010
                      Session 3 - February 13, 2010
                      All times are 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

         Track 2: If you are not a C.P.M., then you must take all three exams.

         Schedule:    Module 3 - Session 1 - November 21, 2009
                                  Session 2 - December 5, 2009
                      Module 1 - Session 1 - January 23, 2010
                                  Session 2 - February 6, 2010
                      Module 2 - Session 1 - March 6, 2010
                                  Session 2 - March 20, 2010
                      Module 3 - Session 1 - April 17, 2010
                                  Session 2 - May 1, 2010
                      All times are 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

         Note: Due to the magnitude of the material, we have scheduled a skip week between the first
         and second session for each module to allow time for study.

         Location: All classes will be held at the UTD campus in the Executive Education center.
                   After registering, you will be sent directions, including building & room location.

         Cost:      Bridge - $450 per module - ISM-Dallas Members, $530 - Non-members
                   Three Modules - $300 per module - ISM-Dallas Members, $360 - Non-members

                   Note: compare this pricing with ISM's Reviews at $1,295 per module for
                         members, $1,595 per module for non-members and for only two days of
                         training for the Bridge and 2 days total for the 3 modules.

         Included in this cost:

                 24 hrs for bridge and 16 hrs/module of intense instruction led by an ISM CPSM trainer,
                 access to an on-line tool with on-demand detailed instruction, including audio and
                 downloadable study materials,
                 numerous simulated exam questions with answer logic,
                 a comprehensive exam that you can take prior to the actual testand the instructor will give
                 you one-on-one feedback.

         Not included in this cost is the CPSM Study Guide, which is highly recommended that you
         purchase this from ISM and begin to study prior to our sessions - $59 for members, $89 for

         This course is a review to help prepare supply professionals for taking the CPSM exams.
         Participants will gain an understanding of the CPSM program and of the breadth of content
         covered in each of the three CPSM exams:

                 Exam 1: Foundation of Supply Management
                 Exam 2: Effective Supply Management Performance
                 Exam 3: Leadership in Supply Management                11/11/2009
ISM-Dallas November 2009 NewsLink                                                                          Page 6 of 9

         This program has the added benefit of providing many best practices that can be applied
         immediately in the participant's organization. The material format will be a combination of key
         educational points, case studies and simulated exam questions.

         To register, visit our web site at For more info and/or to purchase the
         CPSM Study Guide, contact: Pat Woods at: or call (972)

         New members for October
         Kevin Marshall, Business Access
         Andrea Barbian, C.P.M., Gruma Corp Mission Foods
         Thomas Kramer, Commercial Metals Company
         David D. Pavao, Dean Foods
         Candace T. Bethea, Student
         Cliff Collier, Vought Aircraft

         New members for September
         Sean Cusick C.P.M., Brinker Intl
         David Curtis, Buyer
         Vinu Simon, Consultant
         Alan W. Hagy, Dallas County Schools
         Al Viti, Purchasing Manager
         Yuliana Rivera, Purchasing Specialist
         Liali Abusharab, Student
         Hana Saiman, Student
         Brian A. Blazek, Univ of Dallas
         Di Miao, Univ of Dallas
         Liying Mu, Univ of Dallas
         Xiaolei Xu, Univ of Dallas
         Mili Mehrotra, Univ of Dallas at Dallas
         Eric B. Nisbeth, Univ of Dallas Graduate School
         Tod Eric Dillingham, Univ of N Texas
         Jessica Leigh Harris, Univ of N Texas
         Gabrielle Buford, Univ of North Texas
         Chris J. Walls, Univ of North Texas
         Steven J. Warnemunde, Univ of North Texas
         Joseph P. Ubom, Univ of Phoenix
         Jestin L. Alancheril, Univ of Texa at Dallas
         Gary Li, Univ of Texas
         Nitin Anand, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Ting Bao, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Rebecca A. Brooks, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Zhen Chen, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Anh K. Chieu, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Altaf A. Damanwalla, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Stephanie S. Day, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Anurag Gupta, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Ishan Gupta, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Andrew L. Hoelscher, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Vikram V. Kulkarni, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Phoung Lam, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Marco Mauricio, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Navin Rana, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Mark D. Schoonover, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Diana Stambaugh, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Sheng Sun, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Uday S. Waghmare, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Pradeep Bastia, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Khoa T. Bui, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Priscilla J. Gonzalez, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Arun Kumar Gunasekaran, Univ of Texas at Dallas            11/11/2009
ISM-Dallas November 2009 NewsLink                                                                 Page 7 of 9

         Thamara Liyanage, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Yun Young Parr, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Siddharth S. Prabhu, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Tharanga K. Rajapakshe, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Li Wang, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Jisheng Zhai, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Yan Liu, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Shin Ma, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Adarsh Ravindra, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Xiangying Yao, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Ayush Sharma, Univ of Texas at Dallas
         Darin Snow
         Frantz Brossard
         Robert Reisner

         October Meeting Pictures

             Our Speaker - John Adler                      Brian introduces the speaker   11/11/2009
ISM-Dallas November 2009 NewsLink                                                                 Page 8 of 9

                              Happy people at Table 6

                             More happy folks at Table 2   11/11/2009
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                  Working on the technical challenges with the equipment

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