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					                   Islamic Shia Study Centre
                   CENTRE MADRASAH

April 19, 2009

Pursuant to Article 12 of the current by-laws, notice is hereby given for an Annual
General Meeting of the Parent membership to be held on Sunday May 03, 2009
at the Jaffari Community Center, 9000 Bathurst Street at 10:30 am sharp.


1. Tilawat-e-Quran
2. Confirmation and approval of Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held
    March 30, 2008
3. Matters arising there from.
4. Presentation of Principal’s report.
5. Presentation of Quran Coordinator’s report.
6. Presentation of Dinyat Coordinator’s report.
7. Presentation of Resource Committee Chair’s report.
8. Resolution from the Executive Committee.
9. Presentation of Treasurer’s report.
10. Elections of Executive Committee
11. Any other business with permission of the Chair.

Was Salaam,
Mehdi Raza
Secretary – ISSC

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  1/1
                        Islamic Shia Study Centre
                     CENTRE MADRASAH


The meeting was chaired by the Speaker of the ISIJ of Toronto Br. Mohamed Manji.


The meeting started at 10:45 a.m. with recitation of Tilawat-e-Qur’an by Br. Shiraz


Speaker asked if there were any questions or matters arising from the last AGM held on
April 15, 2007. There were none. Minutes were proposed as accepted by Br Mazahair
Dhirani and seconded by Br Arif Chatoo.


Speaker asked if there were any issues from the last meeting.
There were none.


Speaker asked the Principal to brief the attendees for all report presentation. Sr. Hasina
Alidina summarized all repots including:
   1. Presentation of Principal’s report.
   2. Presentation of Parents Advisory Board’s report.
   3. Election of Parent Advisory Board Members.
   4. Presentation of Quran Coordinator’s report.
   5. Presentation of Dinyat Coordinator’s report.
   6. Presentation of Resource Committee Chair’s report.
   7. Presentation of Operation Committee Chair’s report.

   Presentation of Principal’s report.
   She focused on following points:
   • New grading system for Dinyat. It is more curriculum focused with percentage of
   • Br. Shabirali Bhai and Maulana Rizvi are revising the curriculum
   • Online report cards and students registration have been started this year
   • Teachers training workshop including the use of new technology has been held
   • Opportunities have been looked into focusing more on the students with
   • We accomplished our goals in general
ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                                2/2
   •   Two parent workshops have been held.

Election of Parent Advisory Board Members.
Br. Hasnain Davdani explained the role of PAB. Only one request for PAB nomination of
Br. Shiraz Datoo was received. The Management Committee presided by the principal
will speak to existing PAB members to decide about the strategy to attract more parents
and make PAB more functional.

Treasurer’s Presentation
Br. Nazir Muraj presented the Treasure’s report, he explained the reason to make the
budget for 18 months.

He explained the Balance sheet and highlighted the areas of on-line registration, web-
design and report card automation.

There were no questions for Statement of Operations and Notes to the Financial

In Budget Statement, he explained the expenditure of Moving to New Premises. The
attendees were informed that the revenue generating activities like Centre Madrasah and
AsSadiq school pay to Jamaat based on per head usage.

Resolution from the Executive Committee

The Vice Principal explained the resolutions tabled by the Executive Committee. These
resolutions were passed by the general with a significant majority:


Change 1.

ARTICLE 12: General Meetings

a) The Centre Madrasah shall hold its Annual General Meeting within three months of
   the end of its fiscal year for the purpose of:

Executive committee proposed to Change above to read:

   a) The Centre Madrasah shall hold its Annual General Meeting within four
      months of the end of its fiscal year for the purpose of:

Change 2.

ARTICLE 13: Elections

a) The Frequency of Elections shall be as follows:
   (i)    Election of the Officers shall take place every Election Year and the Officers
          shall be elected for a term of two years.
   (ii)   Election of the Parent Advisory Board shall take place every three years at an
          Annual General Meeting.

b) The Principal shall invite nominations for the positions to be elected.
ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                            3/3
Executive committee proposed to Change above to read:

   b) The Parent Advisory Board Chair shall invite nominations for the executive
      positions to be elected. Principal shall invite nominations for Parent Advisory
      Board members to be elected.

Change 3.

ARTICLE 13: Elections

c) Save as otherwise herein expressed, the elections shall be held three months prior to
   the end of the academic year of the Centre Madrasah every election year on Election
   Where in the opinion of the Principal, the election cannot be held due to religious
    holidays, or any other circumstances, the Principal at his discretion, may delay or
    advance the Election Day for a period not exceeding four weeks.

Executive committee proposed to Change above to read:

   c) Save as otherwise herein expressed, the elections shall be held within four
      months of the end of the fiscal year of the Centre Madrasah every election
      year on Election Day. Where in the opinion of the Principal, the election
      cannot be held due to religious holidays, or any other circumstances, the
      Principal at his discretion, may delay or advance the Election Day for a
      period not exceeding four weeks.

   Change 4

       The Constitution and the By-Laws of the Centre Madrasah should be amended in
       order to enable Annual General Meeting for Madrasah to be held within a
       period of 4 weeks the ISIJ Annual General Meeting. This would provide
       Madrasah the necessary time to react to any changes in policies and procedures
       adopted at the ISIJ meeting.

   Change 5

       The Constitution and the By-laws of the Centre Madrasah should be amended in
       order to enable any member of ISIJ of good standing to be elected to any two
       of the five executive positions at Centre Madrasah except the position of
       Principal and Vice Principal.


   Pursuant to the resolution pertaining to the fees adopted at the AGM held on April 15,
   2007 and in order to ensure that costs are continued to be borne more equitably by all
   parents, the Executive Committee of the Centre Madrasah hereby proposes to change
   the Fee Structure to a base fee of $75.00 per family and $90.00 per child from the
   current base fee of $125.00 per family with $60.00 for each child.

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  4/4

   The resolution adopted with regards to the Parent Volunteer Days need to be further
   fine-tuned as follows:

   •   The parents will continue to volunteer twice a year, and the fees for parents who
       wish to pay in lieu of volunteering their time will remain at $ 35.00 per day. For
       Scheduled Volunteers who do not honor their commitment (other than due to an
       emergency), the fee to be paid for each absence will also remain at $50.00.

   •   Mandatory Parent Seminar should be removed.

Any other business with permission of the Chair.

   1. Zohrain Namaz – after the time change the Namaz will be taught in Dinayaat
      class as the Jamaat time falls after the Madrasah ends.
   2. Traffic Congestion Problem – due to severe winter weather there was more traffic
      problem, Br. Shafic proposed to ask the parents of younger kids for an early
      pickup time.
   3. Police Verification and Reference checks – it has been explained that the Jamaat
      has made arrangement with Vaughan Police for police record check for all
      volunteers including out of town people. For reference checks, the volunteer
      application form already has columns for references.
   4. Adult Classes – it has been proposed that Executive Committee will conduct
      another survey for adult classes to check if the parents want to stay in the school
      and attend the classes.
   5. More Parents Involvement – The Executive Committee will look into the
      possibility to attract more parents.

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  5/5

In the name of the Almighty, the Beneficient, the Merciful;
Salamun A'laikum,


The following brief underlines the Madrasah progress for the academic year 2008/2009.


   •   Started Nonihal classes for ages 4 to 5.
   •   Introduction of Grade 10 Dinyat class.
   •   Introduction of Buloog classes for both boys and girls from grade 7-10.
   •   Streamline Quran curriculum for transition Quran class.
   •   Continued efforts to recruit new teaching staff and administrative team.
   •   Continue to improve Centre Madrasah Website with valuable resources for
       teachers, parents and students.


   •   Successfully launched online reports cards.
   •   Update and automate attendance module for academic year 2009/2010.
   •   Timely e-mails to parents informing them of Madrasah activities.
   •   Centre Madrasah is currently assisting West Madrasah in adopting student online
       registration program.


       •   Organized Youth Forum for all GTA Shia Madarasah's with Syed Amar
           Nakshwani at Bayview Centre.
       •   First Madrasah trip to Ontario science centre for Grades 4 to 5 to watch Imax
           film “Journey to Mecca”
       •   Organized monthly lectures for youth with various speakers.
       •   Grade 10 Dinyat students completed their first issue of the news letter.

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  6/6

Overall accomplishments reached expectations and in certain areas exceeded target
objectives with the help of dedicated executive members.


Continues to function successfully under the leadership of Shafic Kara, and Farid Dhalla

More details of their achievements available under their individual reports.


Overall, the Madrasah has made progress by year end whilst there is a continuous need to
persistently strive to resolve the weaker aspects of the Madrasah, we can seek comfort
with its overall accomplishments. The improvements introduced last years will Inshallah
provide a strong basis for the future running of the Madrasah


I would like to acknowledge the dedicated services of all teachers, front desk staff,
kitchen staff and the core team for their input. Everyone worked as a team with extra
effort in assisting me in running the administrative duties of the Madrasah.

All members of the Jamaat who have contributed to the Madrasah either financially or
through voluntary work.

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  7/7
April 12, 2009

             FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2008-2009.

In the name of the Almighty, the Beneficient, the Merciful;

Salamun A'laikum,

By the grace of Almighty Allah, yet another Madrasah year is coming
to an end. In early June 2008, I took take up the role of Quran
Coordinator’s as Brother Amjad Datoo had to leave for his personal

Challenges/ Opportunities:

   1. Having joined the Madrasah in June 2008, I was faced with
      various issues such as online reporting, helping teachers with
      online marks entry and so on. Alhamdullillah with the help of the
      entire EC, I overcame all the challenges.

   2. Very few teachers had committed to come back. Out of the 64
      teachers needed, only 25-30 teachers had confirmed. With little
      success from returning teachers, I began an extensive search of
      teachers. Alhamdullillah by the start of the academic year, I was
      able to recruit almost 60 teachers needed and was able to
      secure remaining 4-5 teachers needed in the first two weeks of
      the 2008-09 academic year.

   3. In-spite of all the challenges recruiting new teachers, it is
      satisfying to hear parents feedback on the progress they have
      witnessed in their children this academic year. This is primarily
      the result of getting more qualified and experienced teachers.
      Inshallah efforts are being made to recruit more such teachers in
      order to improve the quality of students.

   4. Increased number of weaker students in the classroom coupled
      with inadequate parent and student commitment to the Islamic
      education. The biggest concern is the overall quality of students.
      One hour of Quranic studies per week is not enough to improve
      the level of recitation of the students, let alone the
      comprehension and application of the Quranic teachings in their
      daily lives. In addition, there is a growing number of parents
ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  8/8
      failing to attend parents teacher interviews. Parents need to be
      more involved in helping their children complete their
      homeworks as well as help them with the recitation of Quran at
      home on a regular basis. Parents also need to attend
      Parent/teacher meetings so they may understand the areas of
      strengths and weaknesses of their children.

   5. With more weaker students in Transition classes, additional
      teachers were recruited to reduce the student to teacher ratio
      from 5:1 to 2:1 which resulted in promoting six students by the
      end of first semester. We are now looking for additional teachers
      to help students who are behind in class. A budget of $5,000.00
      has been set aside to hire qualified private tutors after Madrasah
      time to help these students. Our goal is to reduce the students in
      transition class by half by the end of this year.

   6. Introduction of Mandatory Teachers Training classes. Due to
      time constraints, only one workshop was organized but the goal
      is to have at-least one workshop every month. There is need to
      implement more such classes in order to help teachers deal with
      students especially those students who have specials needs.

My humble request to all concerned that the above mentioned
challenges and opportunities should betaken further than the
AGM and specific timelines and goals should be established to
ensure that these
recommendations form part of an action plan before the
commencement of the next academic year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty for giving
me this opportunity to serve in His name. I also wish to convey my
thanks to the executive committee for their support.

All this would not have been possible without the help of my wife
Sajeda Dhalla - assistant Qurán coordinator. She was key in helping
me recruit teachers particularly on the sister’s side. Having her on my
side was particularly helpful as it made easier for lady teachers to
come forward more often as they would feel more comfortable with
her. She would often go at great length in extending her help in all
matters arising.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the teachers who form the
backbone of the Madrasah and without whom this institution would not
run. It is indeed a challenging task for which your tireless efforts go a
long way. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  9/9
“Verily, what will continue to reach a believer, after his death,
from amongst his actions and good deeds are: the knowledge
which he taught and spread, the righteous child whom he left
behind, and the Holy script which he delivered as heritage
(transcribed, and made available).”

I would also like to apologize for any shortcomings on my part and for
having hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally.


Farid Dhalla
Quran Coordinator

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  10/10

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, merciful and ever-forgiving.
Salaamun Alaikum,

This madrasah year has been an year of development and progress in the
area of services and facilities provided to the students and the parents of our

The teachers have been using the website to communicate with their
students, the site also keeps the parents updated with all the activities.
We have finally gone paperless report cards. While on this issue, there has
been an apathy on behalf of some parents when it comes to discuss their
children’s poor grades at mid-term. Although our teachers made enough
efforts to approach the parents, the results have been disappointing.

Although we arranged two teachers’ workshops, the presence was not as
expected due to time constraints and transportation issues. Hopefully, we
will insist on their presence by arranging at convenient times.

As promised to you last year, we have introduced Grade 10 or also known as
Youth Forum, so as to attract not only our grade 9 graduated students but
also other youths in ages from 16 to 23 years in age. We started with 8
students and now the numbers reach 20 every Sunday. We have different
lecturers discussing various socio-religious issues affecting our community’s
youth and society in general.

We have managed to get our grade 9 dinyat lessons on the web, but, our
expectations to have grades 7 and 8 have been slowed down due to shortage
of research volunteers to support our lead editor Shabbir Alibhai. Hopefully,
we will try to complete this project during the holidays.

Finally, my sincere thanks go to all our teachers who have not only
contributed to the well-being of our madrasah but supported us in the
progress of our Centre Madrasah. May Allah s.w.t. reward them for their
hard efforts.

With dua and salaams,
Shafic Kara

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  11/11

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful.

Salaamun Alaikum,

Centre Madrasah took several steps, this year, in ensuring that the needs of its teachers were met

Teachers attended the September teacher orientation where they received their class assignments
and teaching folders that contained important instructions for the year, including detailed
guidelines on a myriad of issues including madrasah policies, how to keep up-to-date records,
assess regularly, deal with conflict situations and exhibit professionalism. The coordinators
briefed the teachers on what to expect in the new year especially in regard to the digitalization of
the report cards.

Resources & Technological Purchases
Centre Madrasah’s Resource Centre (RC) is actively being used by the teachers. A number of
teachers are making use of the Smartboard by booking the resource centre to hold class lessons
and project presentations. All three Smartboards are in use almost every Sunday.

Several new Islamic resource items, including Islamic story books, workbooks, posters, Salat
books and Arabic Alphabet letter boards and flashcards have been added to the resource library.
The new resource items have proved to be very popular with our teachers. Teachers are also
making use of different types of DVDS to enhance their lessons. Some of the resources were
purchased and others were generously donated by various donors.

The RC aims to meet the teachers' needs by providing ongoing support and supplying new
resource items as they are developed in the world.

Professional Advancement Workshops
From the beginning of the academic year, teachers have been able to participate in professional
development workshops held at the Centre Madrasah. Two workshops were held for our teachers,
whereby professional instructors engaged the teachers in ways to motivate the students, managing
classroom dynamics as well as methods for developing creative teaching strategies.

Teachers Appreciation
Centre Madrasah took steps to appreciate the teachers with an Eid luncheon meeting that was
held in October to discuss different matters. In April, we had a breakfast appreciation event for
the teachers. At the end of the madrasah year, all the teachers will be rewarded with a small gift

In conclusion, thank you to all the teachers and coordinators for their dedication and hard work.
Inshallah, we look forward to working together to achieve even more progress.

Sukaina Jaffer Fazal
Resource Committee Chair
Centre Madrasah

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  12/12
Resolution from the Executive Committee

Resolution 1

   Pursuant to the resolution pertaining to the fees adopted at the AGM held on April 15,
   2007 in which it was then resolved that family based charges would gradually be
   reduced and ultimately eliminated and in order to ensure that costs are borne more
   equitably by all parents, Madrasah fee is therefore required to be charged on “Per
   Child Basis”.

   In execution thereof, the Executive Committee of the Centre Madrasah hereby
   propose that effective new Madrasah year, commencing from September 2009, the
   applicable fee of $180.00 per child to apply, while completely eliminating the family
   based charge which was reduced to $75.00 mark in 2008 from $125 in the year

Resolution 2

   In order to make necessary adjustments due to inflation to the current fee structure,
   the Executive Committee also proposes that effective 2010 onwards, fees should be
   subjected to an increase, at the rate in compliance with the annual rise in CPI as
   established and reported by Bank of Canada. Currently, such a rate is at 2% mark.
   The increase would be rounded off to the nearest unit/dollar.

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  13/13
Treasurer’s Report
For the Year ending December 31 2008

Salamun Alaikum,

This report construes the enclosed financial statements and the notes thereto for the year ending
December 31 2008. As part of the report you may also find the operating budget for the year 2010
for your perusal and necessary approval.

During the year 243 families and 422 students benefited from the quality religious education
offered by ISSC. The over all student enrollments in 2008 in comparison to the year before
dropped by an aggregate of 7.86%. During the year of reporting, 39 families enrolled 58 new
students to become part of the Madrasah.
Other major revenue sources constituted donations and dues recovered in lieu of parental

We have been able to control the spending for the year by executing both direct as well as indirect
savings. Overall, the expenditures for the year were contained and limited to below the budgeted
thresholds whilst providing the best possible value for the money.

Capital Investments/Web-Based Applications
ISSC has not incurred any capital expenditure, during the 2008 financial reporting period.
In an effort to perceive the vision plan, we are however committed to fully automate the
registration and report card modular applications over the web. A consistent amount of progress
is being achieved towards improvisation of the modules and yet more strides would still be made
in that regard. It is encouraging to note that, 36% of the parents availed the online registration
service, which is up by 15% from the preceding year. ISSC has successfully launched the online
report card accessibility. Currently, we are working with the developer on necessary
enhancements and advancements on both the modules. An annual service contact has being
initiated with the developer, in order to address the on-going need for slight changes and
modifications along side with the need to ensure an uninterrupted performance.

Net Operating Results
The net operating results reflect a modest savings of $ 2,854.72 in the reporting period.

Financial Budget – 2010
Proposed budget for the year 2010 forms an integral part of this report. For the purpose, we have
primarily based on historic financial data and have made necessary adjustments to sufficiently
provide for and to accommodate for specific spending to derive potential objectives. Please refer
to the notes there under for pertinent information and explanation.

Although, I have applied all necessary measures ensuring and safeguarding the interest of ISSC
and its member body at all times, however I seek forgiveness for an unintentional offence that I
might have caused to anyone.

ISSC highly values and appreciates the selfless devotion and assistance of all the volunteers, who
have always been there when needed especially during the registration time. I also take this
opportunity to thank Br. Masoom Asghar for his consistent assistance on regular basis ensuring
accurate financial record keeping.

Nazir Muraj
ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  14/14
                              Islamic Shia Study Centre (Centre Madrassah)
                                              Balance Sheet
                                         As at December 31 2008
                                                               2008          2007
Current Assets
Petty Cash                                                         963.70         458.43
Chequing Bank Account                                            5,995.59       5,293.72
ISIJ-Current Account Receivable                                 81,936.69     80,599.04
Accounts Receivable                                                330.00       1,310.00
Website Advance                                                  2,500.00         500.00
Uniform Inventory                                                3,671.60       4,534.00
Text Book Inventory                                              1,346.00     -
Total Current Assets                                            96,743.58     92,695.19

Capital Assets
Office Computers                                                 2,922.95       5,083.40
Furniture                                                          732.08       1,464.18
Office Equipments                                                7,889.15      11,831.79
Web Design                                                       2,805.00       4,207.50
Total Capital Assets                                            14,349.18      22,586.87

TOTAL ASSETS                                                   111,092.76     115,282.06

Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable                                                 6,648.58      34,275.09
User Fee Payable to ISIJ                                        20,000.00
GST Owing (Refund)                                                   0.00        -582.49
Total Current liabilities                                       26,648.58      33,692.60
Long Term liabilities
Total Long Term liabilities                                          0.00           0.00
Total Liabilities                                               26,648.58      33,692.60

Accumulated Surplus                                             81,589.46      75,560.06
Current Earnings                                                 2,854.72       6,029.40
Total Owners Equity                                             84,444.18      81,589.46
Total Equity                                                    84,444.18      81,589.46

LIABILITIES AND EQUITY                                         111,092.76     115,282.06

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  15/15
                                     Statement of Operation
                                     As At December 31 2008
REVENUE                                                       2008            2007
Sales Revenue
Sales Uniform                                                        965.00     2,963.30
Annual Fee Revenue                                             33,150.00       46,147.06
Fees Revenue -Off site Online Reg.                             21,090.00       13,620.00
Donation Revenue                                                2,885.00        3,610.00
Workshop Dues                                                         50.00          350.00
School Fees Refund                                               (92.50)        (450.00)
Other Donations Received                                               0.00     6,085.00
Other Income Received                                                218.65          544.68
Volunteer Donations                                             2,065.00        2,250.00
Sale of books                                                        614.00          198.65
Sale of Lunch                                                        241.00          161.00
Net Sale                                                       61,186.15       75,479.69

Other Revenue                                                          0.00          200.00
Total Other Revenue                                                    0.00          200.00
Total Revenue                                                  61,186.15       75,679.69

General & Administrative Expenses
Students Incentives and Awards                                  4,520.33        3,985.98
Events and Functions                                            3,098.42        3,579.93
Religious Books and Resources                                   1,939.87        4,166.02
Stationery and Supplies                                              605.24     3,231.60
Teachers Workshop and Seminars                                  1,937.11        2,040.00
Teachers Appreciation & Activities                              1,652.53        1,951.20
Courier & Postage                                                      9.88           15.08
General Expenses                                                       0.00          645.17
Amortization Expense                                            8,209.03        8,162.18
Snack Program                                                   8,182.42        7,802.47
Juice and Drinks Program                                        1,951.97        2,795.35
Website Maintenance                                                    0.00           43.06
Computer Expenses                                                     43.96          432.82
Madrasah Dollar Program                                         2,046.03        1,206.92
Bank Charges & Interest                                              143.14          371.16
User Fees- to ISIJ                                             20,000.00       20,000.00
Donations to JCC Bathurst Project                               1,000.00        5,500.00
Uniform                                                              535.24          377.00
Miscellaneous                                                        246.43           91.36
Repair & Maintenance                                                   0.00          560.00
Telephone & Cable                                               1,041.53        1,009.67
GST Expenses                                                    1,168.30        1,683.32
Total General & Admin. Expenses                                58,331.43       69,650.29
Operating Surplus for the year                                  2,854.72        6,029.40

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  16/16
                           Notes to the Financial Statements
                          For the year ending December 31 2008

Accounting Policy
Revenues and expenditures are booked on accrual basis and are recorded in the period to
which they pertain.

Capital Assets
                           Total                  Accumulated      Net Book       Net Book
                           Cost                   Amortization     2008           2007

Office Computers           7,581.79               4,658.84          2,922.95      5,083.40
Furniture                  2,928.38               2,196.30            732.08      1,464.18
Equipment                 16,715.91               8,826.76          7,889.15     11,831.79

Web Design                 5,610.00               2,805.00         2,805.00       4,207.50

Total                     32,836.08              18,486.90        14,349.18      22,586.87

Amortization is based at 25% of the actual cost of asset on straight line method, becoming
effective in the year of acquisition. Assets valued at $ 14,317.55 acquired in prior years, last
of which being in 2002 have been fully depreciated and henceforth is not part of the above

This represents Madrasah uniforms for boys and girls valued at cost.

During the reporting period a total of 243 families availed the service offered by Centre
Madrasah with a registration of 422 students. Centre Madrasah has noticed an overall drop in
registration turnover by around 8% during the reporting period.

   ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  17/17
List Of Assets

Quantity     Asset Description
     1       Smart Board (Fixed)
     1       Smart Board (Mobile)
     1       Smart Board (Mobile)
     3       Projectors
     1       Smart Board Stand
     1       Smart Board Stand
     1       Screen and Projector
   100       Black Chairs
     2       HP Photocopiers
     2       Grey Trolleys
     1       Grey Trolley
     1       Dell Desktop
     4       Dell Laptops

     1       Dell Laptop
     1       Dell Laptop
     1       Drinks & Bottle Cooler

             List of Written-Off Assets                 Year
             IBM Pentium Computer with colour printer   1994

             XEROX copier                               1994
             35 chairs and tables each and 30           1995
             teachers tables
             Pentium 200 computer                       1998
             HP 6 Printer                               1998
             Multi-media computer                       2002

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  18/18
Shia Islamic Study Centre - Centre Madrasah
School Fees                                                                            81,000.00
Less: 5% Provision for fee Subsidy                                                     -4,050.00
Other Donations                                                                         2,000.00
Volunteering Dues                                                                       2,000.00
GROSS REVENUE                                                                          80,950.00

Sale of Uniforms & others                                                               1,000.00
TOTAL INCOME:                                                                           1,000.00

Student Incentives and Awards                                                           5,500.00
Events and Functions                                                                    4,500.00
Religious Books and Resources                                                           5,000.00
Stationary and Supplies                                                                 1,500.00
Teachers Workshop and Seminars                                                          5,000.00
Teachers Appreciation and Activities                                                    7,000.00
General Expenses                                                                        1,000.00
Postage                                                                                   300.00
Bank Charges                                                                              300.00
GST Expense                                                                             1,000.00
Telephone and Cable                                                                     1,000.00
Computer Expenses                                                                       1,000.00
Madrasah Dollar Program                                                                 3,000.00
Repairs and Maintenance                                                                   500.00
Snack Program                                                                           9,900.00
Juice and Drinks Program                                                                4,000.00
Website Maintanence                                                                     1,000.00
Computer System Automations & Upgrades                                                  5,000.00
Special Quran Class                                                                     5,000.00
User Fee to ISIJ                                                                       20,000.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                                                      81,500.00

EXCESS OF REVENUE OVER EXPENDITURE FOR THE YEAR                                           450.00

Provision for other major revenue expenditure
Moving & Re-allocation to JCC                                                          20,000.00

Notes to the Budget
1) Based possible relocation to JCC, ISSC projects around 7% increase in students enrollments in 2009-2010, up to 450 students.
2) In compliance with the resolution, the fee structure has been based on per student ($180 per child) and with this
   effect previously applied family based charges would henceforth be eliminated.
3) In order to accommodate for the inflationary effects and need for spendings in system automation and special Quran class,
   it has become imperative to marginally increase the fee
5) An approved budgetted amount of $ 20,000.00 (2008/2009) which remains unused so far is being hereby re-allocated to the year

ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  19/19
ISSC Centre Madrasah – AGM 2009                                  20/20