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					                  Application Form
                  Study Abroad

                    Personal data
                    Please fill out in block letters.

                    Family name
                                                                                            male/female*     single/married*

                    First name(s)                                                           Nationality

                    Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)                                              Place and country of birth

                    Home address                                                            Postal code

                    Country                                                                 Native speaker of (language)

                    Telephone                                                               Fax

                    country            city             number                              country          city              number

                    Mobile number

                    country            city             number

                    Permanent address                                                       Permanent postal code

                    Permanent country                                                       Email address

                    Passport number                                                         Issue date (dd/mm/yyyy)             Expiry date (dd/mm/yyyy)

                    Current School/University

                        My email address can be used for commercial purposes, such as brochures and newsletters from Stenden university

                    Representative data
                    For students who applied through a representative:
                    Name company                                                            Country

                    Contactperson                                                           E-mail address

                    * Please encircle what applies to you.

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                  Application data
                  Please check two boxes, stating your first AND second choice of modules.
                  For more information about the study programmes and (admission) requirements, please visit
                  I want to apply for:

                  Semester 1 (1th September 2008 – 30th January 2009)
                  Period 1                                                                   Period 2
                       Cruise Management                                                         European retailing: The Retail Arena
                       Humanitarian Management 1                                                 Humanitarian Management 2
                       SIFE 1 Students In Free Enterprise                                        Media & Entertainment: A brand new start
                       SIFE 2 Students In Free Enterprise

                  Semester 2 (2nd February 2009 – 30th July 2009)
                  Period 3                                                                   Period 4
                       Conference & Events Management 1                                         Adventure Tourism
                       Cruise Management                                                         Entrepreneurship: International Market Orientation
                       Entrepreneurship: International Market Orientation                        Humanitarian Management 2
                       Heritage Tourism                                                          Music Management
                       Humanitarian Management 1                                                 Real Estate Management 2
                       Real Estate Management                                                    SIFE 2 Students In Free Enterprise
                       SIFE 1 Students In Free Enterprise

                  Only for students who will follow at least two semesters at Stenden:
                  The following options are semester possibilities, therefore, please check only one box:

                  Semester 2 in Port Alfred, South Africa
                      Wildlife & Lodge Management

                  Semester 2 in Bangkok, Thailand
                       Spa & Health Management
                       Community Based Tourism

                  Please note!
                  ›   We will try our best to accommodate your first choice, but cannot give guarantees.
                  ›   Make sure you fill in a second choice.
                  ›   Be aware that your module choice is definite: it is not possible to change your mind at a later stage.
                  ›   Your application to Stenden university will be considered when receiving this form, including all the supplementary documents.

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                  How did you get to know about Stenden university?
                     Stenden website
                     Publication, please state which:

                     Education consultant or recruitment agent, please state name:

                     A student or alumni, please state name:

                     Visit of fair, presentation (name, date of fair):

                     My university, please state name, place and country:


                  Language abilities
                  Which proof of English Language competency do you have?
                  Candidates, whose first language is not English, are required to take a English Language test, preferably IELTS or TOEFL.
                  For information on TOEFL and IELTS testing, please visit and

                     IELTS: Score                       Date Score (dd/mm/yyyy)

                     TOEFL: Score                       Date Score (dd/mm/yyyy)

                     English as language of instruction

                  Educational data
                  Please fill in your studies at the secondary school, university or professional levels.

                  Name of school/university           Type of school         Place                Years attended                    Diploma          GPA score
                                                                                                                                    (awarded/to be   (Grade Point
                                                                                                                                    awarded + year   Average from
                                                                                                                                    of graduation)   your education)

                                                                                                    from           to

                                                                                                    from           to

                                                                                                    from           to

                  Personal Essay (motivation letter)
                  Applicants must submit a digital version of a personal essay (300-400 words in English) in which they answer the following questions:

                  › What are the characteristics needed to be a good manager in your chosen field?
                  › Why are you interested in a career in management? (in your chosen field)
                  › Why should Stenden university accept you as a student in your chosen management programme?
                  › Explain how you have researched your choice of study and prepared yourself for studying in the Netherlands.

                  › Please include the names and contact addresses of 2 persons whom Stenden university can contact for references and additional information
                    on your application (those should not be relatives).

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                  Work experience
                  Please send your curriculum vitae with your work experience and relevant documentation with work experience.

                  Application procedure
                  Your application to Stenden university will be considered upon receipt of this form, including all the supplementary documents.
                  For an overview of our admission requirements and our application, please check

                  I hereby certify that I have provided accurate information on this application. I understand that any misrepresentations or omissions of facts in
                  my application may justify denial of admission, cancellation of admission or withdrawal from the programme. This is my honest statement.

                  Date (dd/mm/yyyy)                                                          Place



                     A completed and signed application form
                     Copy of passport (valid during at least one year upon arrival in the Netherlands)
                     Copy of your valid Dutch residence permit (only applicable to Non-EU students already residing in the Netherlands)
                     IELTS or TOEFL results from attesting your knowledge of English
                     Certified copy* of your diploma of your school/college/university education (in English, German, French or Dutch)
                     Certified copy of grades-sheet (in English, German, French or Dutch)
                     Curriculum Vitae in English
                     Your personal essay of 300-400 words in English
                     Two recent passport-type colour photos
                     Copy of academic awards of honours, if available

                     Proof of payment of the application processing fee; (only applicable if you apply via an agency or consultant)

                  * A certified copy, which is authentically signed and stamped by an authorized representative of your school/university to proof
                    the authenticity of the copy.

                  Please visit our website ( › studies › studying at stenden › international student services › visa-information)
                  for the required documentation needed for the MVV visa.

                  Please send the documents mentioned in the checklist to the following address:

                  Stenden university
                  Location Leeuwarden

                  International Office

                  Rengerslaan 8
                  8917 DD Leeuwarden
                  The Netherlands

                  Tel: +31 58 244 1605
                  Fax: +31 58 244 1555


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