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					Ana Maria Vallejo                                             Scenic & Costume Designer                         516.456.6295

 Design Credit Production                             Director                     Producing Org.                  Date
 Set          “The Best Man”                          Gene Terruso                 Univ. of the Arts               2008
 Costume      “A Streetcar…Durang”                    Tina Brock                   Idiopathic Ridiculopthy         2008
                                                                                   Consortium (IRC)
 Costume             “Oh For the Love…”               Tina Brock                   IRC                             2008
 Asst. Set           “The Hostage”                    Des. Nick Embree             Univ. of Delaware               2008
 Asst. Set           “Twelfth Night                   Des. Nick Embree             Univ. of Delaware               2008
 Set                 “Orphans”                        Amy Fienberg                 Univ. of the Arts               2007
 Set                 “Oliver!”                        Bill Roudebush               Wyoming Seminary                2007
 Set                 “The Woolgatherer”               Todd LaBelle                 Univ. of the Arts               2007
 Costume             “The Contrast                    Charles Conwell              Univ. of the Arts               2007
 Costume             “Berlin to Broadway”             Darcy Webb                   Univ. of the Arts               2007
 Costume             “Foursome”                       Tina Brock                   IRC                             2007
 Asst. Cost          “Back2Back2Back”                 Des: Anna Oldham             Univ. of the Arts               2007
 Costume             “Three One Acts”                 Tina Brock                   IRC                             2006
 Set                 “The Madwoman of                 Penelope Reed                Univ. of the Arts               2006
 Set                 “Three Penny Opera”               Bill Roudebush               Wyoming Seminary               2006
 Set                 “Tea in the Afternoon”            Jon Murphy                   NYCFringe                      2006
 Set/Costume         “Naked Will”                      Jennifer McMillan            Philly GLTF                    2006

Technical Experience/ Misc.
   Credit                                Production                        Organization                            Date
   Asst. SM/Wardrobe Sup.                “The Kids Left…”                  Society Hill Playhouse                  2009
   Wardrobe                              “Die Fieldermaus”                 NJ Opera Theater                        2009
   Carpenter/ Painter                     “Cafe” (film)                    Nation Light                            2009
   Stitcher                              "Midsummer Nights..."             Stonington Opera House                  2009
   Scenic Painter                        “The Irish...Way”                 Kimmel Innovation Studio                2009
   Scenic Painter                        “Long Days Journey...”            Simpatico Theatre Project               2009
   Wardrobe Supervisor                   “She Loves You”                   Society Hill Playhouse                  2008
   Scenic Painter                        “Riggoletto”                      Opera Company of Philadelphia           2007
   Scenic Painter                        “Angel’s Fall”                    Simpatico Theater Project               2007
   Production Intern                     “School for Wives”                Lantern Theater Company                 2007
   Sound Board Op                        “Grand Hotel”                     UArts- Merriam Theater                  2006

  Computer Programs- Vectorworks, Adobe Suite, MS Office; Scenic Painting - Hudson, air-less, and pneumatic
  sprayers, textures, faux finishing, stenciling; Costuming - hand/ machine sewing, fabric manipulation, dyeing, pattern
  drafting, crochet, craftiness; Basic Carpentry; Languages- Spanish, Italian; US Driver’s License

  BFA Theater Design/ Tech                  University of the Arts              Philadelphia, PA               May 2008

 Nick Embree                                  Tina Brock                         Carol Laratonda
 Head- UArts Design/Tech Program              Artistic Director- IRC             Artistic Director- Simpatico Theater Proj.
 215.717.6426                                 215.285.0472                       302.753.3958