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					  A Portfolio Management Process &
  Structure for UCLA

           Committee on IT Infrastructure (CITI)

                       May 27, 2008

5/5/2010            CITI Portfolio Management Process   1
CITI Agenda and Objectives

• Agreement on the basic framework for a UCLA IT
  portfolio management structure and process
     – Use Disney model
     – Major elements and objectives
           • Set long range vision
           • Portfolio management is a phased, iterative, on-going process
• Agreement on initial steps and schedule
     – More detailed plan in June meeting
     – Kinds of resources and commitments

5/5/2010                   CITI Portfolio Management Process             2
Important Distinctions -- Governance, Project
Management and Institutional Portfolio Mgmt
• Governance
     – Strategic Direction
     – Prioritization
     – Institutional Investment Portfolio

• Project Management, Development & Maintenance
     –     Project Control
     –     Schedules & Deliverables
     –     Costs & Accountability
     –     Successful implementation

• Institutional Portfolio Management
     – Balancing and diversifying investment decisions among academic,
       research and administrative
     – Alignment with campus strategic plan and long-term requirements

5/5/2010                     CITI Portfolio Management Process           3
CITI’s Agreement to Portfolio Management
 UCLA IT Project Governance Overview

                                                                Option to fast track a
                                                              project then circle back to
      1                                                  3                                                       5
              Projects are
               identified                                       Project                                                 Project moves
              through the                                     Classes 2-5                                              along its specific
            Annual Strategic                                                                                           path through the
            Planning Process
                                                              are added                                                 IT Governance
            and as they arise                                    to the                                                    Process.
                (Ad hoc).                                     Campus IT

                                 2                                                                                                                  • Governance entities
                                     OIT creates a                          • Class 2 Projects are                                                    participate
                                     “Project Bio” for                        logged in the IT portfolio                                              according to their
                                     every project and                        but just “stay on the
                                     each project is
                                                                                                                                                      role in the process.

      Human Interaction
      (OIT, ITMG) is the
      first filter:
         • Does project need
           outside funding?
         • How is project                                                                                                                                  6
           aligned with
           strategic                                                        4                        Depending on the governance process “triggers”, a full or light PCD is created.
         • What is the project                                       The specific governance path for each project is determined by a classification review.
           motivation (is
           there a legal
         • What is the end
           user impact of the    • Class 1 Projects go
           project?                ahead – no additional IT
         • Is there a reason       Governance required.
           to fast track?
         • Will the project be
                                                                                                                                                      IT Governance Graphical Overview v23-P1133-03-09-06
5/5/2010                                             CITI Portfolio Management Process                                                                                                                      4
Preliminary Data on Campus
• An initial cut of a consolidated list of campus applications was
  recently developed from the following sources:
     –     2003 Data Center Data Gathering Study
     –     2007 PII Interviews
     –     2005 Disaster Recovery Study
     –     List of ISIS Supported System

• The data compiled is incomplete and requires formal
  validation and further refinement

• This initial effort resulted in some preliminary data that when
  validated can become useful information to form the basis of
  an institutional view of IT applications, systems and services
     – 31 Dean and Vice Chancellor Areas
     – 525 distinct campus applications (excluding medical enterprise)
       … and counting

5/5/2010                   CITI Portfolio Management Process             5
List of Campus Applications from
Preliminary (Unvalidated) Data

                               Preliminary List of Campus Applications
Administration + AIS                                                                     N=525
                       Academic Units                                      Admin + AIS
Libraries                  23%                                                25%


External Affairs

UNEX                   Student Affairs
OIT                                                                           CTS
College                  College
Student Affairs
Academic Units                OIT                                             9%
                              9%         UNEX                      Other
                                          4%    External Affairs    1%

5/5/2010                CITI Portfolio Management Process                                        6
Sample Information from Preliminary Data

• Some examples of system summary:
     –     Reporting/documentation - 13 systems
     –     Data and directories - 25 systems
     –     Email/Calendaring - 32 systems
     –     Web/Portal services - 35 systems
     –     Time keeping - 8 systems

• Other noticeably repeated applications / systems
     –     Financial accounting
     –     Registration
     –     Course Management Systems
     –     Project or Initiative Management systems
     –     Inventory

             "The purpose is not to just centralize but to have
            the information to ask the right questions"

5/5/2010                      CITI Portfolio Management Process   7
Disney’s IT Strategy and Governance Model

Media Techonology and IT Governance in Harmony at Disney…
and it seems to be working well!

                                  Media Technology      Alignment          CIO
                                  Board                 Team               Board

                                          MT Strategy

                                            IT Needs

         Media Asset Management

         Media Security/DRM
         Media Transport
         High Definition Video

                                                                                 IT Strategy

  Product Development & Creative Media Technology                   Information Technology
                                 “Product Facing”                   “Internal Facing”

 Source: Presentation by Jeff Mirich, Enterprise Architect & CIO at Disney Studios
UCLA’s Programmatic IT and IT Infrastructure
(Modified from Disney Studios’ model)

                               FCET, IDRE                                             ITPB                          CITI
                               CSG/CAOs                                                OIT                       CSG / CAOs
                                                 Research & Educ.

                                                 IT Needs

                                                                                                 Business Processes

                                                                                                                      Campus Applications

                                                                                                                                            Common Infrastructure

                                                                Support & Infra.
         IT Enabled Research

         Integrated Student

         Scholarly Interaction

         Campus Data Resources

                                                                                   IT Strategy
                                  Information Technology                                         Information Technology
        Research, Education,         “Program Facing”                                               “Internal Facing”
Disney’s Institutional Approach to Portfolio Management

                           Business Processes
                                        EXTEND & LINK

            Suppliers                    Employees                   Customers

                     GOVERN & MANAGE IT INVESTMENT                                      Enterprise Architecture
                   rationalize, leverage, maximize, aggregate                           cannot succeed without a
                                                                                        governance structure to
                                                                                        promote and fund the
                                                                                        “common interest”
                           Application Portfolio

           ERP          Collaboration        …          Publishing         CRM

                                                                                        Enterprise Architecture
                             ARCHITECT & INTEGRATE                                      is the Glue that holds
                    simplify, standardize, modularize, integrate                        Applications and
                                                                                        Infrastructure to a
                                                                                        common destiny
       Platforms          Network           …        Core Services

5/5/2010                                 CITI Portfolio Management Process                                 10
Disney’s Cross Reference Across Business Units
Identify Leverage Opportunities and Cost
                                                                                        Plan                     Mana
                                                Mark            Perfo   Mana                    Manag    Mana             Mana    Mana
                                    Create &             Sell                   Mana      &                        ge
                                                  et             rm      ge                        e       ge              ge      ge
                                     manage             produ                   ge &    mana                      Infor
                                                produ           order   suppl                   financ   huma             physi   supp
                                    products,           cts &                   supp      ge                       m-
                                                cts &           mana      y                      es &       n              cal     ort
                                    services,           servi                    ort    perfo                    ation
                      WDW                       servi            ge-    chain                   accntg   resou            asset   servi
                                      media              ces                    cust.    rm-                     resou
                                                 ces            ment     ops                       .      rces              s      ces

                       DLR                                                              ance                      rces

                   ABC Network
 Media Networks

                    ABC Cable
                    ABC Radio                                               Governance of IT
                  ABC TV stations                                          investment can be
                                                                        aligned around business
                                                                            process owners.

                    DCP – Int’l

                   Disney Pub.
                    Merch. Lic.

                                                           This analysis reveals costs by
                   Disney Store

                                                           business process and informs

                    BVHE – Int’l
                    BVHE – NA
                                                             where the IT investment is
                                                            focused, business unit cross
                    Filmed Ent.

                                                             reference reveals leverage

                  Grand Total
5/5/2010                                                   CITI Portfolio Management Process                                              11
Disney’s Cross Reference Across Business Units
Identify Leverage Opportunities and Cost
                 Create &         Market             Sell                                                            Plan &        Manage                           Manage
                                                                   Perfor           Manage         Manage                                           Manage                           Manage        Manage
 Level 0          manage          product          product                                                           manag         finances                         Informa
                                                                   m order          supply            &                                             human                            physic        support
                 products,          s&               s&                                                                 e              &                              tion
processes        services,        service          service
                                                                   manag             chain         support
                                                                                                                     perfor        accounti
                                                                                                                                                                                       al          service
                                                                   ement              ops           cust.                                              es                            assets           s
                   media             s                s                                                              mance            ng                               es
                                                                                                                                                 Establish &
                                                                                                Establish &                                                        Create &
                 Perform       Perform          Develop                                                            Monitor          Process      administer                        Acquire
                                                                Capture                           manage                                                            manage                      Provide legal
               research &       market        sales plan &                         Plan                            external         financial    HR policies                       physical
                                                                orders                           customer                                                         enterprise                      services
                 design        analysis          quotas                                                          environ-ment    trans-actions   & employee                         assets
                                                                                               relationships                                                     architecture
                                                                                                                                                    data           Create &
 Level 1                        Develop
                                                                                                  Manage          Create &
                                                                                                                                    Plan &
                                                                                                                                                                    manage         Maintain       Provide
                Prototype                       Perform         Manage                           customer         manage                          employee
processes       products
                                                 sales          orders
                                                                                              interface infra-    business
                                                                                                                                   manage        recruiting &
                                                                                                                                                                                   physical      security &
                                 plan                                                                                              budgets         training                         assets         safety
                                                                                                 structure          plan                                          operations
              Create/manage                                                                                                                        Manage          Provide &
                               Implement                                                         Provide          Evaluate                                                        Dispose of      Perform
                 product/                                                                                                        Manage cash     compensatio        manage
                               marketing                                           Make       information &       business                                                         physical        admin.
              service /media                                                                                                      & liquidity    n & benefits      software
                                  plan                                                           training          results                                                          assets       functions
                 Manage                                                                                                                                            solutions
                                                                                                                   Initiate &                     Administer

                           Unique /
                 product/                                                                        Manage                           Analyze &         health,      Provide user      Maintain       Perform
                                                                                                                    manage                         safety &
               service/medi                                                       Deliver       customer                            report                        support &        facilities     project
                                                                                                                 improvement                       security
                     a                                                                          inquiries                          results                         training       operations    management

                                                                                                                        s                         programs
                 lifecycle                                                                       Manage
                                                                                                                                   Plan &          Manage                                         Manage
                                                                                                service &                                           labor
                                                                                  Return                                           manage                                                          share-
                                                                                                 support                                          operations
                                                                                                                                    taxes                                                         holders

                                                                                                                                   Procure        employee                                      Perform risk
                                                                                                                                   goods &

                                                                                                                                                 communic-                                      management
                                                                                                                                   services        ations
                                                                                                                                 Manage 3rd        Manage
                                                                                                                                                 employee &
                                                                                                                                    party        community
                                                                                                                                 obligations      relations

                • Media        • BxB           • Point of Sale • Catalog Order   • Supply     • Customer         • Operationa    • Financial    • Labor         • Document        • Asset Mgmt • Costume
Application       Asset          Marketing     • Online Sales    Mgmt.             Chain        Relationship       l Data          Transactions   Forecasting,    Mgmt.                          Mgmt
                  Mgmt.        • Marketing     • Merchandise • Advertising/        Planning     Mgmt./ Call        Store         • Budgeting      Scheduling, & • Authenticatio
 examples                                                                                                                                                                                      • Project
                • Broadcast/     Automation      Licensing       Billing Mgmt.   • Warehous     Center/          • Forecastin                     Deployment      n
                  Traffic      • Campaign      • Reservations • Licensing          e Mgmt.      Customer           g&                           • TimeTracking • Reporting                       Mgmt.
                • News           Mgmt.         • Ticketing       Order Mgmt.     • Supply       Service            Planning                       and             Tools                        • Legal
                  Room                         • Credit Card                       Chain      • Guest Data       • Operationa                     Compensatio                                  • Risk Mgmt
                                                 Processing                        Mgmt.      • Guest Claims       l Reporting                    n
                                               • Contract                        • Food &                                                       • General HR
                                                 Mgmt.                             Beverage                                                     • Recruiting

                                                    Front of House                                                                               Back of House
  5/5/2010                                                        CITI Portfolio Management Process                                                                                                    12
 UCLA Business Processes
 -- Level 1.0 for UCLA’s Four Core Processes --

                                                                                                                                                                           Participate in/
                 Educate                                                                                                                 Provide                             Develop
 Level O                                               Conduct & Manage Research
                 Students                                                                                                              Patient Care                         Community/
Processes                                  1.2
                                                                                                                            1.3                                            Public Service

                 Set Degree /                                                                   Present / Publish
                                                                Document & Maintain                                       Perform Community        Deliver Surgical /
 Level 1          Certification          Identify Opportunities Federal Compliance                  Research
                                                                                                                          Needs Assessment          Invasive Care
                                                                                                                                                                            Manage Industry
                Requirements                                  (23)                     (33)   1.2.17 Results                                                                 Partnerships
Processes   1.1.1                        1.2.1                       1.2.9
                                                                                                                          1.3.1                   1.3.8                   1.4.1
                                                            Document & Maintain
                      Develop              Prepare Internal      Non-Federal     Manage Intellectual                      Define & Develop        Deliver Emergency            Manage
                     Curriculum          Forma & Protocols       Compliance (29)        Property/                         Continuum of Care              Care              University-School
            1.1.2                        1.2.2              1.2.10                Patents/Licensing/                      1.3.2                   1.3.9                      Partnerships (1)
                                                                                      Technology                                                                          1.4.2
            Devise and Monitor                                                          Transfer
                                                             Conduct Research                                                 Perform Care        Deliver Ambulatory
            Remedial Education           Prepare Proposals                       1.2.18           (38)                                                                    Manage Community
                                                                 & Incur Costs    1.2.18
                                                                                                                              Management                 Care
            1.1.3 Programs               1.2.3                (16)   1.2.11
                                                                                                                          1.3.3                   1.3.10                  1.4.3           (1)
                                          Prepare & Submit              Perform Clinical                                 Evaluate Effectiveness
              Deliver Education                                                                 Research Parks/                                      Deliver Home
                                             Goldenrod                       Trials                                         of Care (Plan &
                                                                                                 Joint Ventures                                          Care
                                                                                                                          1.3.4 Provided)
            1.1.4                        1.2.4                       1.2.12            (13)                                                       1.3.11
                                                                                              1.2.19              (3)
              Devise & Monitor                                                                                                  Manage
                                        Review, Sign, & Submit          Invoice Funding                                                              Manage
            Continuing Education                                                                                           Population-Based
                                          to Funding Agency                Sponsors           Management of Data                            Affiliation Agreements
            1.1.5 Programs               1.2.5                       1.2.13                                                      Risk         1.3.
                                                                                              1.2.20              (13)    1.3.5
            Administer Student
                                                  Negotiate            Prepare & Submit          Institute Quality          Deliver Inpatient         Manage
              Eval. of Course /
                                                   Award               Financial Reports              Control                     Care          Patient Care Network
            1.1.6 Instructor             1.2.6                       1.2.14.           (13)                                                       1.3.13            (1)
                                                                                              1.2.27 Measures     (7)

             Manage Outreach                       Set-Up                                                                  Deliver Diagnostic
                                                                      Close Out Awards                                        & Therapeutic
                Activities                         Award
             1.1.7                (1)     1.2.7                      1.2.15
                                                                                                                          1.3.7   Care

                                            Ensure Ethics              Collect Accounts
                                        (Policies, Procedures,           Receivable
                                          Subject Testing)           1.2.16
                                         1.2.8                (14)

 5/5/2010                                               CITI Portfolio Management Process                                                                                         13
                 Cross Reference Across Business Units
                 Identify Leverage Opportunities and Cost
                                   Create &                                                                                              Manage
                                                Market       Sell     Perform                            Plan &               Manage                                      To be
                                   manage                                        Manage     Manage                Manage                 Inform-    Manage     Manage
                                               products    products    order                            manage                human                                       categ         Total
                                   products,                                     supply     & support            finances                 ation     physical   support
                                                  &           &       manage-                           perform-             resource                                     orized
                                   services,                                    chain ops     cust.              & accntg.              resource     assets    services
                                               services    services    ment                               ance                   s
                                    media                                                                                                   s

                      WDW           $x.x       $x.x       $xx.x                 $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x        $x.x         $xx.x

                      DLR           $x.x                   $x.x                 $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x                      $x.x
                      WDI           $x.x                                                                          $x.x       $x.x                   $x.x       $x.x        $x.x          $x.x
                      DLP                                  $x.x                 $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x                   $x.x       $x.x                     $xx.x
                    Total           $x.x       $x.x       $xx.x       $x.x      $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x        $x.x         $xx.x

                  ABC Network       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x                 $x.x                    $x.x      $x.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x                   $x.x         $xx.x
Media Networks

                     ESPN           $x.x                   $x.x                             $x.x                  $x.x                                                                  $xx.x
                   ABC Cable        $x.x       $x.x                                                               $x.x                                                                   $x.x

                   ABC Radio        $x.x                                                                          $x.x                                                                   $x.x
                 ABC TV stations
                     BVTV           $x.x       $x.x                                                                                                                        $x.x          $x.x
                   Total           $xx.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x      $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x        $x.x         $xx.x

                      BVG           $x.x                                                    $x.x                                                                           $x.x          $x.x
                      DCP           $x.x                                                                          $x.x       $x.x                   $x.x                   $x.x          $x.x
                   DCP – Int’l      $x.x                   $x.x                 $x.x                    $x.x      $x.x                                                     $x.x          $x.x

                      DDM           $x.x                   $x.x       $x.x      $x.x        $x.x                             $x.x                                                        $x.x
                  Disney Pub.       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x                                                   $x.x                                                     $x.x          $x.x
                   Merch. Lic.      $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x                              $x.x                                                               $x.x          $x.x
                  Disney Store                                                                                                                                            $xx.x         $xx.x
                   Total            $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x      $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x       $xx.x         $xx.x

                       BVI                                            $x.x                              $x.x      $x.x                                                     $x.x          $x.x

                   BVHE – Int’l     $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x      $x.x                              $x.x                                                     $x.x          $x.x
                   BVHE – NA                                          $x.x      $x.x                              $x.x                                                     $x.x          $x.x
                   Filmed Ent.      $x.x       $x.x                   $x.x                  $x.x        $x.x      $x.x                              $x.x       $x.x        $x.x          $x.x
                    Total           $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x      $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x        $x.x         $xx.x

                   Corporate        $x.x       $x.x                             $x.x        $x.x        $x.x      $x.x       $x.x                              $x.x        $x.x          $x.x
                 Tomorrowland                                                                                    $xx.x                                                                  $xx.x
                   Total            $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x      $x.x        $x.x        $x.x     $xx.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x        $x.x         $xx.x

                 Grand Total       $xx.x       $x.x       $xx.x       $x.x      $x.x        $x.x        $x.x     $xx.x       $x.x       $x.x        $x.x       $x.x       $xx.x     $xxx.x

                    5/5/2010                                          $xx.x   CITI Portfolio Management Process                            $xxx.x                                  14
Value of Disney’s
Portfolio Management Process
• Outcome of As-Is Analysis
     – Revealed costs by business process
     – Informed the governance structure where the IT
       investments are focused
     – Revealed leveraging opportunities for IT services that cross
       business units
     – Created a basis for developing the technology decision
           • Identifying emerging, core and declining technologies for
             non-differentiated services / applications
           • Identifying specialized technologies as defined, justified, and
             unique business case for differentiated services

5/5/2010                   CITI Portfolio Management Process               15
Overview of Proposed Process

Understand the             Validate &                Define new IT         Conduct Gap                Define
   Existing                 Refine                     Portfolio           and Capacity            Objectives,
 Environment              Summary of                 Management              Analysis             Priorities and
   “As Is”                 Findings                      Model                                   Process Metrics

• Define information      •   Summarize          •    Develop the      •   Identify specific     •   Develop a list of
  and analysis needs          key findings            guiding              gaps that exist           priorities and focus
• Collect information     •   Present initial         principles and       between the               areas to allocate
  and data using              findings to             key objectives       results of the            resources
  normalized data /           executive               of a new IT          assessment and        •   Evaluate
  industry process            management              portfolio            the desired state         importance and
  classifications and     •   Obtain                  management           as defined in the         urgency of each
  models                      concurrence             process              IT PM Model               key element
       •Interviews            on priorities                            •   Assess capacity /     •   Assure that defined
       •Baseline              and direction                                capabilities to           objectives are
       research           •   Seek                                         determine if              traceable to
       •Benchmarking          additional data                              adequate                  business strategy
       •Surveys               and                                          resources are         •   Develop a plan that
       •Focus groups          information                                  currently available       identifies the IT PM
• Develop an                                                               to address the            charter and
  understanding of the                                                     gaps                      communications
  problems and issues                                                  •   Identify options /        plan
• Level set on the                                                         resource
  definition, upper and                                                    requirements if
  lower limits, and                                                        current resources
  parameters                                                               are lacking
  regarding value,
  cost and
5/5/2010risk                                  -- WORKING DRAFT--
                                         CITI Portfolio Management Process                                         16
Step One

Understand the       Validate & Refine     Define new IT   Conduct Gap and     Define Objectives,
   Existing            Summary of            Portfolio     Capacity Analysis     Priorities and
 Environment              Findings         Management                           Process Metrics
   “As Is”                                     Model

           • Define information and analysis needs
           • Collect information and data using
             normalized data / industry process
             classifications and models
                 •Baseline research
                 •Focus groups
           • Develop an understanding of the problems
             and issues
           • Level set on the definition, upper and
             lower limits, and parameters regarding
             value, cost and risk
5/5/2010             Summer 2008 WORKING DRAFT--Process
                            CITI Portfolio Management                                         17
Information is Available to Begin

• Existing and available resources / documentation
  for the three building blocks
     – Business Processes
           • Documentation of UCLA’s core mission processes (4) and
             major supporting processes (15) by Coopers & Lybrand Study
     – Application Portfolio
           • Preliminary list of applications, systems and servers (with 847
             line items)
     – Infrastructure
           • UTIPP / UTIPP 2 Reports
           • 2001 / 2005 – OIT White Papers on “Developing a Campus IT
             Strategy and Architecture”

5/5/2010                    CITI Portfolio Management Process                  18
CITI Endorsement

• Agreement with the basic framework & objectives for IT
  portfolio management
• Agreement to do “as-is” analysis
     – Define information needs
           • Categories/thresholds for collecting applications information
           • What information will be collected in first iteration
     – Define Level 1 processes
           • Facilitated session
           • Subgroup of CAO
• Agreement to review and approve a detailed plan at CITI’s
  June meeting
     – Consult CITI subgroup
     – Summer start
     – Integrate with IT planning and cost review

5/5/2010                      CITI Portfolio Management Process              19