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					    Artistic                                              5900-B Greene
     Director                                                 Street
 Carli R. Farris
   Director of                                           Philadelphia, PA
     Finance                                                   19144
  Shante Forrest

    Director of                                            215-844-4347
 Dance Operations
  Tia L. Jordan

First Things First

Congratulations Mr. Tony, Ms. Eboni, Ms. Dawn, Ms. RonSan, and Ms. Lonnie on
a successful and outstanding Winter Concert on Sunday, February 21! We are
extremely proud of the professionalism of our instructors as they performed
and/or assisted in this production.

Spring Break will begin Monday, March 29th through Saturday, April 3, 2010.
Classes will be closed for instruction.

Daddy Daughter Dance: An unforgettable evening for fathers, grandfathers,
stepfathers, and significant male relatives and role models for our precious
girls. Join us for an elegant evening of dancing, light dinner and fun!
Couples will be treated to a special dance, DJ, and commemorative photo
frame! The cost of this event is just $25 per couple. The event must be
paid for in advance. Tickets are available for purchase beginning Saturday,
Feb. 27th.

Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2010
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm
Location: 5900 Greene Street

          Hurry! There is still time to join in the fitness and fun.
          Adult Hip Hop Dance classes are now being offered on
          Thursday’s from 7 to 8 pm. Classes will run for 7 weeks
          until Thursday, April 22nd. Please see the sign up sheet in
          the office area.

DIP Wesbite: DIP’s newly designed website will be available in March! Look
for convenience pay, the photo gallery and more! Web browser information
will be available later in the month.

Please become a member of the group: danceinstituteofphila (D.I.P) on
facebook! Members will begin to see photos, upcoming events, and important

Parent Alert:
Attention DIP Students and parents: Please refrain from bringing valuables
such as cell phones, jewelry, ipods, etc. to the studio. If unavoidable,
please encourage older students to leave their belongings with the instructor
or office clerk. Unfortunately, we have recently experienced loss to such
personal possessions. We hope that this will reduce the number of incidents
of items being left or lost at the studio. If items are lost/stolen, we are
asking that the family/student complete an incident report on the day that
the incident occurred. Please see Ms. Tia for report forms. Thank you for
your attention to this matter.

Costume Payments:
The final payment for costumes was due by Saturday, February. 6th, 2010. All
families must begin to make a deposit on your child’s costumes. No costume
will be ordered without partial payment. Please see the schedule of payment
listed below (later in the newsletter).

Reminder: Payments for African, Acrobatics, Tap, Pointe and Hip-Hop Costumes
will be $75 each and due payable by March 6th, 2010. Your attention to this
matter is greatly appreciated. Please remember that costume fees must be
purchased prior to choosing recital seats.

Upcoming Events

         -Join us for fitness, laughter and fun at DIP’s Creative
         and Performing Arts Camp beginning June 28th through Aug. 6th
         2010. DIP performing arts camp begins June 28th through
         Aug. 6th 2010. Students will receive weekly instruction in
         dance arts, theater arts, visual/creative arts, Brazilian
         martial arts, circus arts and swim. Camp T-shirt and snacks
         included! Registration begins March 15th through June 1st.
         The cost of camp is $600. A registration fee of $25 and
         $100 deposit due at time of registering and ensures your
         child’s place. Receive $10 off registration fee if
         registered before June 1st.

AD Book Campaign: Our annual ad book campaign has begun! Families purchasing
more than one ad will receive $20 off each additional ad (beyond the first).
Send congratulations, shout outs, encouraging words or advertise your
business in our student recital booklet. Ads will be due by Saturday, May 1,
2010 (February newsletter stated that ads were due on 5/15. Please take note
of the change). Please look at tri-fold poster board located in the lobby
area for ideas.

*Restrictions do apply*
                                 Recital Fees
         Each family is required to pay a recital fee toward the
         student’s annual performance. All recital fees must be
         paid prior to your child performing. Each family is
         required to pay a recital fee of $200. Each family will
         receive 8 tickets. The recital fee must be paid in the form
         of cash, money order or certified check.

         All Recital Fees must be paid in full by Saturday May 8th,
         2010. Once your recital fee is paid in full you may choose
         seats and pay for extra seats. The date for tickets to be
         picked up will be forthcoming.

                         “DIP Next Top Model Contest”

         It’s that time of year to sell those recital tickets. The
         number one top selling student will have the chance to
         become D.I.P’s next Top Model for the 2010-2011 school

         The top ticket seller will earn the prestigious honor of
         being crowned the 2010 Mr. or Miss D.I.P. This entitles
         you to free registration for upcoming dance year, 1 free
         costume, a Photo shoot and representation on
         D.I.P advertisements, publications and web page! Who will
         be crowned the next D.I.P. Model???

Tuition and Fees:
Tuition fees are to be paid on a monthly basis (Due the 1st. of each month)
prior to child/children taking classes. If tuition is not paid before 5th of
each month, a late fee of 25.00 will be attached to your account. Parents
will receive a reminder notice of tuition due by the 2nd Saturday of the
month. If the account is not settled by the student’s next scheduled class,
upon receiving the notice, they will be asked to sit during instruction. The
parent or guardian will receive a phone call if this occurs. Please see Ms.
Shante, Director of Finance, or the office clerks with questions regarding
billing or concerns.

         The student’s annual recital will be held at the Keswick
         Theatre in Glenside on Saturday, June 19, 2010.    (Take
         Easton Rd. to Keswick Ave. going towards Willow Grove, and
         make a right- theater is on your left. You can park in the
         lot behind the theater) Show time is 2:00 pm. Call time
         for dance students will be determined. The stage rehearsal
         is Thursday, June 17th at 5:00pm at the theatre. Please
         arrive at the Keswick Theatre for the stage rehearsal no
         earlier than 4:45 pm. Enter at the stage door. Please do
         not leave children unattended until they have safely
         entered the building. Parents must leave children at stage
         rehearsal, (We are saving our best stuff for June 19th, the
         day of the show!!!) Let’s show are children that we show up
         and support their efforts!

Registration and add/drop period has now ended. Please adhere to your
child’s current dance schedule and make every effort to attend class on a
consistent basis. In case of an absence, please contact the office as soon
as possible. Thank you.

Health Alert: Parent, please encourage children to practice proper hand
washing and use the hand sanitizer located near the snack cart before eating,
after toileting, and when exiting the studio. We want to ensure that all
children and families remain healthy during this flu season. If children are
sick, please do not send them. Students will have opportunities later in the
season to get additional classes as mass rehearsal begins. Thank you.

   If you have any questions feel free to contact Ms. Carli at the
following e-mail address she will direct your question to wherever it
 needs to go. Just a reminder Ms. Shante handles all concerns about
billing and Ms. Tia handles all concerns about the dance schedule and
            facilities operations. The email address is:

                       DANCE PROGRAM POLICIES

Expectations and Procedures
Students are expected to attend class on a consistent basis, as old
techniques are refined during each class session and new techniques are
introduced on an ongoing basis.

All children between the ages of 3-10 who have a class on Saturday must be
signed in and out. A parent/guardian must escort the child/children to the
classroom. Do not drop students off and leave without coming into the

All female students are required to take a Ballet class.   Additional classes
may also be taken.

Students participating in the annual recital are required to purchase
costumes and related accessories for each class taken.

Class Etiquette and Attire
Female students are required to wear a black bodysuit and suntan tights no
exceptions. A dance skirt is not required.

Female students must wear their hair pulled back away from faces and up off
of their necks. They should not wear dangling hair barrettes to class. This
reduces the possibility of accidents occurring during practice. Please limit
the number of barrettes. All students must wear proper dance shoes for each

Male students are to wear black sweat pants and a white t-shirt.

Children and young adults who enroll as students of Dance Institute of
Philadelphia are expected to have an interest in developing their performing
arts skills. Students are expected to come to class with a positive attitude
and commitment to doing the best they can to fully develop their skills.

Students are expected to respect themselves, fellow students, teachers and
all members of the DIP Staff. Students should notify his/her teacher
immediately if a problem arises with other student(s).

Students using profanity, fighting, stealing or being purposefully rude to
fellow students, teachers and members of D.I.P Staff may be dismissed from
the Institute. Generally, no refund of tuition and fees paid will be issued
for students dismissed from D.I.P for the aforementioned reasons.

Cell phones, eating, or excessive talking is not permitted while in
the dance areas. Please remind your children of these guidelines as
they will be strictly enforced. Students not adhering to these
instructions may be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the
lesson, and the parent will be notified at once.

Costume Payments

Costume payments are due beginning Saturday November 7th, December 5th,
January 9th and final payment due February 6th 2010. All costumes include
body stocking. Please refer to the following payment schedule:

Level 1-2: Ms. Shaquen, Ms. Jackie, and Ms. Lonnie pay a fee of $170.00 and
receive 2 costumes.

**Your payment schedule is as follows:
Saturday November 7th, $42.50
Saturday December 5th, $42.50
Saturday January 9th, $42.50
Saturday February 6th, $42.50

Level 3, Intermediate, Junior 1, Junior 2, and Senior pay a fee of $250.00
and receive 3 costumes.

**Your payment schedule is as follows:
Saturday November 7th, $62.50
Saturday December 5th, $62.50
Saturday January 9th, $62.50
Saturday February 6th, $62.50

Additional costumes or costumes for classes outside of the dance package are
$75.00 each. This costume fee applies for Tap, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, African,
and Pointe. All costume fees must be paid before seats for the recital can
be chosen.

***Paying all tuition, costume, and ticket fees on time is greatly
appreciated!!! All families should have received a costume bill.


All students are expected to attend class on a regular basis. All lessons
must be paid for. In the event of a student absence, please notify the
school in advance.   In the event of extended absence (more than two weeks)
due to illness or other reason acceptable to the school and previously

discussed with the Director of Finance, a pro-rated fee will be charged for
the missed classes.


As a reminder, all students are to arrive on time for class. Students
arriving after the 15 minute grace period will not be allowed to participate
in class. The “warm-up” period is very important because it helps the
muscles and the mind prepare for what is going to be taught that day. Please
assist us in ensuring that the flow of instruction is not interrupted. Thank

Cancellations and Refunds:

Registration fees are non-refundable. Students who choose to drop classes
after the drop period will be assessed a fee comparable to the cost of the
student’s costume. Please be sure to adhere to deadlines for drop periods of
classes. Students who choose to drop classes after costumes have been
ordered will assume the cost of the costumes, and will be able to receive
those costumes upon arrival.

Calendar and Holidays

Class lessons are provided 4 times per month and begin Saturday, September 12
thru the 2nd Friday in May. After such time, students will begin the revised
Mass Rehearsal Schedule, in preparation for the annual student recital.
(Mass Rehearsal schedule will be issued later in the year).

Dance Institute of Philadelphia will be closed for instruction on the
following dates:

Monday, March 29th through Sunday, April 3, 2009- Easter Break
Monday May 31st, 2010- Memorial Day

Weather Closings
To ensure the continuity of instruction, DIP will close only when there is a
true emergency. Please allow extra time when cold weather or snow conditions
make travel difficult. A general rule of thumb: When the School District of
Philadelphia closes FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER, so will DIP.


Please be prepared for class, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!Please check your child’s dance
bag to ensure that shoes are proper fitting, and tights are without holes.
The standard of excellence is the bar that we set for each of our students.

***If you would like to have your birthday recognized in March’s newsletter
please e-mail me at:

            March Birthdays

Siani Brewer- March 10

Pearls of Wisdom
You may encounter many defeats,
but you must not be defeated.
In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,
so you can know who you are,
what you can rise from,
how you can still come out of it.
~ Maya Angelou ~


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