Application for Biomass Standard Contract by sqd18291


									               Application for Biomass Standard Contract
Please complete (and execute where applicable) this Application for Biomass Standard
Contract and its Attachments (collectively, “Application”). Instructions for submitting a
completed Application to SCE are set forth on page 3.

Name of Company:
Address 2:
State:                                Zip Code:


Generating Facility
Name: [Generating Facility Name].

Location of Site: [Generating Facility Address].

Eligible Renewable Energy Resource Type: Biomass, Fuel: _________.

Description of Plant:

Delivery Point (point of interconnection with transmission service provider):

                          SCE Biomass Standard Contracts - Protocol

Exhibit A                                                                Application – Page 1
Contract Capacity:             [Installed capacity minus station use] MW.

Expected Capacity Factor: ______ % (Applicable only for Less than 1 MW Biomass
                                    Standard Contract).

Contract Term
Length of time from the date of firm operation to the end of the contract:

                Ten (10) years

                Fifteen (15) years

                Twenty (20) years

Plant Status
Existing Plant:
Existing Plant: Yes _______, No___________
Existing Contract Expiration Date: __________
Contract ID or QFID, if applicable __________

New Plant:
• Development to be started: ____________
• In progress: ____________, Tentative completion date: _____________
• Completed: ____________, Date completed: ____________

Interconnection Status:
    • Have not applied yet ________, Expected date of application: ___________
    • Applied _______        Date applied: ____________
       Expected interconnection studies completion date: __________, OR
       If completed, expected interconnection date: _________________

Forecasted On-line Date
Latest date anticipated to begin performing under contract:

Seller’s Debt and Equity Ratio
Debt _______% Equity_________%,

                          SCE Biomass Standard Contracts - Protocol

Exhibit A                                                                Application – Page 2
For Individual Completing Application
Name: __________________________________

Title: ___________________________________

Signature: _______________________________

Date Submitted: _______________________________

Attachment 1 - Milestone Schedule
Attachment 2 - Revenue Calculator (need the entire file electronically; need only the print-
              out pages in hard copy)

Upon Completion of the Application
Please send the completed Application (including Attachments – however you may need to
send the Revenue Calculator in a ZIP file) by e-mail to:

With three (3) hard copies and a CD of the Application (including Attachments) to:
       Renewable and Alternative Power
       Southern California Edison
       Quad 4-D
       2244 Walnut Grove
       Rosemead, CA 91770

       Attn: Manager of Origination and Analysis

                         SCE Biomass Standard Contracts - Protocol

Exhibit A                                                              Application – Page 3
                                       ATTACHMENT 1

                                     Milestone Schedule*

  No.       Date                                            Milestones
 1                 Submits interconnection application.

 2                 Files any land applications.

 3                 Files permit application(s).

 4                 Files a CEC certification and verification application.

 5                 Receives a completed system impact study.

 6                 Obtains control of all lands and rights-of-way comprising the Site.

 7                 Receives a completed interconnection facility study.

 8                 Executes a Transmission Owner Tariff and/or applicable distribution service
 9                 Receives FERC acceptance of Interconnection Agreement and distribution service
 10                Receives all permits.

 11                Receives CEC certification and verification.

 12                Executes an engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) contract.

 13                Completes financing.

 14                Begins construction of the generating facility.

 15                Begins startup activities.

 16                Achieves initial operation.

 17                Demonstrates the contract capacity.

* Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Attachment have the meanings set forth in
the appropriate Biomass Standard Contract.

                            SCE Biomass Standard Contracts - Protocol

Exhibit A                                                                            Attachment 1
                                                 Page A.1
                                  ATTACHMENT 2

                                   Revenue Calculator

The Revenue Calculator is a separate Microsoft Excel file, posted separately on the SCE
                  website under the same name.

                         SCE Biomass Standard Contracts - Protocol

Exhibit A                                                                     Attachment 2
                                          Page A.2

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