IMTC 2010 Tracks and Sessions - by benbenzhou


									Session Code       Day          Time Slot        Duration                Session Name                                                           Session Detail
                                                                                                   The session will take you through how to deliver results from your data warehouse project faster with
DM1344&DM3                                      1 Hr 15      1344 Deep Dive into IBM InfoSphere    IBM InfoSphere Warehouse. It will highlight key approaches and technologies you can leverage to
           Day 1         11:30 AM to 12:45 PM
196                                             minutes      Warehous 9.7 and case study           achieve this goal from new compression and workload management capabilities through our new data
                                                                                                   mining accelerators.
                                                                                                   In this presentation we will discuss the many enhancements added to SQL PL in DB2 Cobra.
DM9998         Day 1     02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes SQL PL in DB2 9.7 - All Grown Up
                                                                                                   Discussed will be MODULEs, global conditions, associative arrays, cursor variables and more.
                                                                                                   Are you responsible for upgrading your database to IBM DB2 9.7? Planning your upgrade is much
                                                             Best Practices for Upgrading to IBM   easier if you know these lessons learned. Are you looking for details about what will change when you
DM1681         Day 1     03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes                                         upgrade? Do you know what will not change? What new features will be implemented when you
                                                             DB2 9.7
                                                                                                   create a new database? Come learn about often overlooked but very important tips and tricks to
                                                                                                   understand before upgrading.
                                                           Moving Applications to IBM DB2 from
DM2246 &                                                                                       IBM DB2 9.7 allows you to run your applications developed for Oracle on DB2 virtually unchanged. In
               Day 1     04:00 PM to 04:50 PM   50 minutes Oracle -- The Easy Way and Success
DM2248                                                                                         this session you will learn the why, the what and the how.

                                                                                                   IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows introduced new database features specially designed for
                                                                                                   running SAP on DB2. Reduced storage costs, improved performance, new autonomic features and
                                                                                                   total cost of ownership reduction are the major business drivers of the new SAP on DB2 9.7 for Linux,
                                                           IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and
                                                                                                   UNIX and Windows solutions. Among the highlights are index and temp space compression, large
DM1107         Day 2     09:30 AM 10:20 AM      50 minutes Windows for SAP: The Success Story
                                                                                                   object (LOB) data inlining, the new DB2 Cobra monitoring, automatic storage extensions, data
                                                                                                   warehouse improvements and automatic space reclaim of multidimensional cluster tables. Learn how
                                                                                                   these features are seamlessly integrated into SAP’s applications, and also hear about first-hand
                                                                                                   experience, lessons learned and best practice developed during integration testing.

                                                                                                   We will start with IBM System z changes. IBM DB2 9 for z/OS data definition on demand and Unicode
                                                                                                   extend themes from DB2 V8. XML is a much larger step than ever before. DB2 9 for z/OS takes the
                                                                                                   next big step to improved SQL consistency. New utility function adds more large object (LOB) and
DM1586         Day 2     10:30 AM to 11:20 AM   50 minutes What's New in IBM DB2 9 for z/OS?       XML support, better performance and improved availability. DB2 9 improves the ability to handle new
                                                                                                   applications with XML, large objects, and many SQL and security improvements. We’ll finish with a
                                                                                                   discussion of what comes next in DB2, trends and directions.

                                                1 Hr 15                                            Join this session for a deeper dive into DB2 pureScale, a new feature that provides unlimited capacity,
DM2628         Day 2     11:30 AM to 12:45 PM                Deep Dive into IBM DB2 pureScale
                                                minutes                                            continuous availability, and application transparency.
                                                                                                   DB2 9.7 makes schema evolution a breeze with a lot more capabilities to alter tables and manage
                                                             Shifting Shapes: Transforming the     dependent objects. In this talk we describe this new world and the best practices that go along with
DM1096         Day 2     02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes
                                                             Way You Evolve Your DB Schema         it.
                                                           Deepdive- DB2, Informix in Amazon       This session will cover the details of operating IBM DB2 and Informix databases in the Amazon cloud.
                                                           Cloud -                                 The session will also cover operational practices, management and security aspects.The session will
DM1557         Day 2     03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes
                                                           Operation,Security,Management           also discuss techniques and configuration to maintain a secure and available database environment in
                                                                                                   the cloud.
                                                                                                   Data governance is an increasingly important area that is directly tied to your company's ability to
                                                           How Integrated Data                     secure, audit, manage, enhance the quality of, and ultimately increase the value of your
DM2735         Day 2     04:00 PM to 04:50 PM   50 minutes Management(IDM) Helps Data              organization's data. IBM Optim Solutions for Integrated Data Management help manage data from
                                                           Governance                              requirements to retirement -- including the ability to work across applications, databases and
                                                                                                   platforms. Come find out why they are a great match -- and how IBM's integrated solutions can help
                                                                                                   enhance your company's data governance capabilities.
                                                           Data modelling using InfoSphere Data
DM9996         Day 3     09:30 AM 10:20 AM      50 minutes                                      TBA
DM9995         Day 3     10:30 AM to 11:30 PM   50 minutes WorkLoad Management in DB2 9.7       TBA

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Session Code       Day          Time Slot        Duration                 Session Name                                                              Session Detail
                                                             Accelerate your business with IDS -
                                                             This topic will comprise the major       Is your Informix database server being used with its full potential? Come and learn how you can
                                                             features of IDS like High Availability   enhance the usability of new IDS 11.50 features to get maximum ROI via various features. This
                                                1Hr 15
DM9999         Day 3     11:30 AM to 12:45 PM                cluster, Compression, Data               session will cover the High Availability with web based administration of the cluster, Dynamic Scalable
                                                             warehouse features, web based            Architecture, Compression of large data, features focussed on ease of application development and
                                                             administration , embedability aspect     self-managing.
                                                                                                      Access to realistic and consistent test databases of enterprise applications is critical to rolling out new
                                                                                                      features to your business users. For many organizations, this is solved by creating clones of the
                                                                                                      production database. With multiple database clones to configure and manage, your costs can quickly
                                                                                                      spiral out of control, and your ability to support application deployments and upgrades can fall
                                                                                                      behind. In this session, IBM Optim client Travelport will discuss how they significantly reduced storage
                                                             Efficient Test Data Management: An
                                                                                                      and operational costs by creating "right-sized" test data in their hosted test environments, all while
DM3041 &                                                     ROI Success Story and Test Data
               Day 3     02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes                                            increasing test data provisioning cycles, accelerating schedules and protecting the privacy of the data.
DM2841                                                       Privacy: A Case Study

                                                                                                      Learn how this company manages test data privacy to solve both business and technical issues within
                                                                                                      their IT environment.

                                                                                                      Introduce the capabilities in the 9.7 release of DB2 on the Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms. Will
                                                                                                      cover the usage scenarios the capabilities are targeting, the business value of these capabilities, and a
DM1879         Day 3     03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes DB2 9.7 Overview and Architecture          deeper view of some of the underlying technologies. Goal is to provide a good business and
                                                                                                      technology overview of the new release and setup for deeper session level dives of the underlying
                                                                                                      technology. Will focus on both IT architects, DBA, developers, as well as line of business users looking
                                                                                                      towards future technology trends.

                                                                         65dd150d-7f1b-497d-a056-daa1e4632de3.xls                                                                                    Page 2
Session Code    Day         Time Slot           Duration              Session Name                                                                        Session Detail
                                                                                               IM, CM, CFS, CE, PE, IMAE, AE -- what do they all mean? What do I do with my current applications if I go to IBM FileNet P8? Is
                                                                                               FileNet Image Services going away? How about FileNet Content Services? How do I get all my documents into FileNet P8? How
CM2859         Day 1 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM   1Hr 15 Minutes         IBM FileNet P8 101
                                                                                               do I make everything work together? What about security? This session will answer your FileNet P8 questions in a simple, easy to
                                                                                               understand way.
                                                             Reduce Your Time to               This session will highlight changes made to IBM FileNet P8 4.5.1 that were specifically designed to reduce your time to
CM1619         Day 1 02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes       Production Using IBM FileNet      production, and simplify the overall product deployment process. Specific examples include substantial improvements to the
                                                             P8 4.5.1                          product installation process and to the application deployment capabilities.
                                                                                               A Bank was in the Early Adopter program for FileNet P8 4.5 and implemented one of the first P8 4.5 production systems. We
                                                                                               were fortunate to have extensive support from IBM for our P8 4.5 deployment. The breakout will cover the design issues and
                                                             High Availability Architecture    technical considerations that we discovered during the implementation of a high availability P8 4.5 system using all of the core P8
CM1626         Day 1 03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes
                                                             for P8 4.5 for a Bank             products; Content Engine, Process Engine and Application Engine. We ll cover the design of our system at a high level, specific
                                                                                               considerations for P8 High Availability and some general considerations for HA and Disaster Recovery. Bring your questions and
                                                                                               share your ideas for during and after the presentation.
                                                                                           This session will provide an in-depth overview of the currently available IBM ECM solutions for SAP ERP and NetWeaver and their
                                                             IBM ECM for SAP Integrations: fit with SAP's own ever-evolving direction. An outlook on future product plans and a preliminary joint roadmap will be covered as
CM1995         Day 1 04:00 PM to 04:50 PM   50 minutes
                                                             Current Offerings and Outlook well.

                                                                                               In this session, you will hear about new products and capabilities that are available today or coming later this year for IBM
                                                             What's New for IBM Enteprise      Enterprise Content Management (ECM) customers. In particular, the session will cover IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager and
CM2113         Day 2 09:30 AM 10:20 AM      50 minutes       Content Management                FileNet Business Process Manager, IBM Content Manager, Content Manager OnDemand, and the compliance and IBM FileNet
                                                             Customers                         eDiscovery suites.

                                                                                               The latest release of IBM FileNet Business Process Manager is focused on rapid solution creation, asset reuse, and improved IT
                                                             What's New in IBM FileNet         and business collaboration through simplified tooling. This release is the first incarnation of the IBM Agile Enterprise Content
CM2114         Day 2 10:30 AM to 11:20 AM   50 minutes
                                                             Business Process Manager          Management (ECM) initiative. In this session, we will review all the new capabilities of IBM FileNet Business Process Manager 4.5,
                                                                                               and discuss how you can leverage them to build robust process applications in your organizations.
                                                             Archive and Records
                                                                                       Comprehensive approach to archive requires a well established relations with records management. A functional, end to end
                                                             Management - Common Areas
CM2153         Day 2 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM   1Hr 15 Minutes                             enterprise archive solution needs to be in sync with records management discipline; the policies and governance need to be
                                                             and Contrasts
                                                                                       aligned and processes should cover both areas

                                                                                           The business continuity of IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions relies on their capability for being resilient against
                                                             Designing Business Continuity component failures. This session will cover the topics of planning high availability and disaster recovery in the context of business
CM2708         Day 2 02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes
                                                             into IBM Content Manager v8.4 continuity for the IBM Content Manager V8.4 server family. Customer scenarios will be shown to demonstrate how real
                                                                                           production environments implement high availability disaster recovery with the IBM Content Manager 8 product stack.
                                                                                               A P8 application is typically developed on one system, tested in another, before being deployed to production. Iterative changes
                                                                                               to the application, flow from one system to the next.

                                                                                               This presentation gives participants a solid understanding of the P8 4.5.x enhancements for easier cross-system deployment. It
                                                                                               covers techniques and best practices for deployment of P8 applications from one system to another. This technical presentation
                                                                                               drills down to discuss deployment of individual P8 object types, and how to navigate the P8 administrative tool UI to perform an
                                                                                               end-to-end cross-system deployment of P8 application. Focus is on deployment of P8 objects rather than installation/upgrade of
                                                             A Deep Dive into P8 4.5.x
CM9998         Day 2 03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes       Cross-System Deployment
                                                                                               - Improve customer/partner understanding of the P8 4.5.x enhancements for improved consumability via easier cross-system
                                                                                               - Improve customer/partner understanding of the techniques and best practices for deployment of P8 applications from one
                                                                                               system to another.
                                                                                               - Get feedback from customers and partners to inform future consumability enhancements

                                                                                               My earlier abstract with Title: Distributed Deployment with IBM FileNet Content Manager is also attached below, just to keep both
                                                                                               the abstracts at one place.

                                                                                              Enterprise Content Management                                                                                            Page 3
Session Code    Day         Time Slot           Duration              Session Name                                                                       Session Detail
                                                                                               Lawyers, regulated companies or just internal policies. Many customers are required to be able to discover e-mails captured and
                                                              IBM Content Collector, IBM
                                                                                               stored in their enterprise content management repository. In this session, you will be able to see an end-to-end solution for
CM2233         Day 2 04:00 PM to 04:50 PM   50 minutes        eDiscovery Manager and IBM
                                                                                               collecting and archiving content through IBM Content Collector, discovering it using IBM eDiscovery Manager, and finally being
                                                              eDiscovery Analyzer
                                                                                               able to analyze and prepare the discoverd documents with IBM eDiscovery Analyzer. Join us and see how the whole story works.

                                                                                               Learn about the features and capabilities of the IBM Classification Module. E-mail volumes are growing. New forms of
                                                              IBM Classification Module        communication and collaboration are popping up. Use advanced content classification methods to cut the costs of your archiving
CM2455         Day 3 09:30 AM 10:20 AM      50 minutes
                                                              Product Update                   project, provide a clear return on investment and make your content easier to find. Reduce costly and inconsistent human
                                                                                               involvement, cut hardware requirements and slim down your archive by filtering out the e-mails we all know don't belong there.
                                                                                               IBM FileNet Business Process Manager includes a rich set of business process management capabilities that enables rapid creation
                                                              Banking Industry: Driving        of content-enabled business solutions. In this session, we will explore how U.S. Bank has leveraged IBM FileNet Business Process
CM2321         Day 3 10:30 AM to 11:20 AM   50 minutes        Process Excellence with IBM      Manager to automate their critical business processes. You will also hear, first-hand, about some of their real-world experiences,
                                                              FileNet BPM                      including useful tips on effectively leveraging the new IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Widgets components for
                                                                                               process solutions.
                                                                                               : "Web portals allow partners, employees and customers to chose their user experience, with personalized applications based on
                                                                                               role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs. IBM WebSphere Portal software has always been
                                                                                               about driving business growth, with platform services that coordinate assembly of Web and IT assets to quickly implement new
                                                              Integration of ECM to            Web 2.0 business designs that are engaging, flexible and offer high performance. These investments can generate revenue and
CM9997         Day 3 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM   1 Hr 15 Minutes   Websphere Portal for Search      efficiency gains for all size organizations through scalable, cost-effective portal platforms that deliver improved customer
                                                              Analytics                        experiences and operating use.

                                                                                               In today's ECM, we can integrate search analytic tools such as OEEE(omnifind enterprise edition) to Websphere Portal server to
                                                                                               provide robust, powerfull intra search for the content, integrated with the enhanced capabilities of WebSphere Portal Server.
                                                                                               Current economic times have enterprises struggling to keep costs down, while a fiercely competitive market demands they
                                                              Optimize Costs and Increase      differentiate their products to attract new customers and keep current customers happy. Whether your company offers a first-rate
CM2368         Day 3 02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes        Agility with Business Process    customer advantage program, an efficient patient billing application or the industry’s fastest online banking service, your key
                                                              Management                       differentiators and competitive advantages are contained in your business processes. Learn how IBM Business Process
                                                                                               Management solutions can help you achieve dynamic business processes that will give you a competitive advantage, while
                                                                                               optimizing costs and providing business agility.
                                                                                               This talk will provide an overview of the recommended best practices, for deploying IBM FileNet Content Manager in a
                                                                                               Geographically Distributed Environment.
                                                                                               The talk will include discussion of WAN versus LAN network trade-offs in a distributed environment. Specific FileNet features such
                                                              Distributed Deployment with      as Request Forwarding, and Content Caching, used in distributed deployment, will also be discussed. The presentation will also
CM9999         Day 3 03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes                                         contain screen shots to implement the distributed deployment.
                                                              IBM FileNet Content Manager

                                                                                               Objectives: Provide Guidance on successfully deploying FileNet Content Manager in Distributed Deployment

                                                                                               Recommended Audience: Data, Content or Information Architect, Enterprise Architect, IT Strategist

                                                                                              Enterprise Content Management                                                                                           Page 4
Session Code          Day         Time Slot         Duration               Session Name                                                           Session Detail
                                                                                                  This session is a deep technical-level presentation into the new and current functionality of IBM
                                                                                                  InfoSphere DataStage. As an industry-leading enterprise extract, transform and load (ETL) solution
                                                                                                  for integrating and delivering information, InfoSphere DataStage addresses the critical need for data
                                                               IBM InfoSphere DataStage Deep Dive transformation, enabling organizations to design an infrastructure for data integration that is scalable,
IP1931 &                                           1Hr 15
               Day 1        11:30 AM to 12:45 PM               and Roadmap and What's New in IBM reliable and flexible for meeting the challenges of today’s dynamic business environments. Learn how
IP1934                                             minutes
                                                               InfoSphere Information Server      to make the most of your investment in InfoSphere DataStage. and With the release of version 8.5 of
                                                                                                  IBM InfoSphere Information Server, IBM has again listened to our valued customers and raised the
                                                                                                  bar in terms of capability. Come see the exciting new features available in this release.

                                                                                                     IBM changed the playing field when IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.0 was released. This
                                                              Tips and Tricks: Upgrading to IBM      session will discuss the techniques customers like you have employed and benefitted from as they
IP1935         Day 1        02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes InfoSphere Information Server V8.X     upgraded to this innovative platform. For customers planning an upgrade in the near future, this
                                                                                                     session is not to be missed.

                                                                                                     Get the most out of your implementation! This technical session provides detail enabling IBM
                                                              IBM InfoSphere DataStage               InfoSphere DataStage performance tuning and DataStage Balanced Optimization for use with IBM
IP2018         Day 1        03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes Performance Tuning and Balanced        DB2, Teradata and now Oracle too. It will review tips and tricks and benefits, including increasing job
                                                              Optimization                           performance, throughput and better utilization of servers.

                                                                                                     This session is a technical-level presentation into the new and current functionality of IBM InfoSphere
                                                              IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Deep       QualityStage. As an industry-leading enterprise data quality solution for ensuring the delivery of
IP1933         Day 1        04:00 PM to 04:50 PM   50 minutes Dive and Roadmap                       trusted information, InfoSphere QualityStage addresses the critical need for data quality whenever
                                                                                                     and wherever needed, enabling organizations to ensure the quality of data that drives critical business
                                                                                                     insight. Learn about the latest enhancements in InfoSphere QualityStage.

                                                                                                    IBM InfoSphere FastTrack takes developing mapping specifications to new levels. FastTrack experts
                                                              Fast Track for Information Server 101 will walk you through how this advanced data mapping and job generation technology can help your
IP2656         Day2         09:30 AM 10:20 AM      50 minutes                                       organization. Learn what FastTrack is, what is new in 8.1.1 and how you can jump-start your

                                                                                                     IBM is taking master data management to the next level of smart. Join the IBM InfoSphere Master
                                                              The Master Data Management             Data Management team to learn about the newest capabilities, including custom data domains and
                                                              Evolution: Making MDM Smarter,         user interface, which meet key business needs and enable faster time to value. Experts will discuss
IP2006         Day 2        10:30 AM to 11:20 AM   50 minutes
                                                              Easier, Adaptive                       key product features and use cases that enable flexibility and choice in InfoSphere Master Data
                                                                                                     Management implementations.

                                                               Functional Overview, Technical Deep Understand the ins and outs with this overview and deep dive into IBM InfoSphere Master Data
                                                   1 Hr 15     Dive: IBM InfoSphere MDM Server for Management Server for Product Information Management. Get a detailed technical overview of the
IP2535         Day 2        11:30 AM to 12:45 PM
                                                   minutes     PIM                                 various components and capabilites.

                                                                                                     This session will discuss IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer and InfoSphere QualityStage integrated
                                                                                                     across the entire IBM Information Management product line to deliver full end-to-end data discovery,
                                                              Adv Data Quality: Impact Your          analysis, quality, standarization, alignment, match, harmonization, deduplication and correction for all
IP2470         Day 2        02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes Enterprise and Drive Your Data         vertical market solutions and IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management. How to set up your data
                                                              Quality Agenda                         quality infrastructure, and tips and tricks for being successful with IBM data analysis and quality
                                                                                                     environments will be discussed at a detailed technical level. Customer examples and typical
                                                                                                     applications across industries will be discussed.

                                                                                        Information Platform                                                                                      Page 5
Session Code       Day         Time Slot         Duration             Session Name                                                             Session Detail
                                                           101 on IBM InfoSphere Identity          IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight (formerly known as Entity Analytic Solutions) experts will walk you
IP2984         Day 2     03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes Insight                                 through a deep dive into this groundbreaking technology.

                                                                                              With the current economic climate, intelligent businesses are quickly taking action to optimize
                                                           Measurable Cost Savings with CDC & computing costs - whether it's to increase business visibility, reduce batch windows, or consolidate
IP1937         Day 2     04:00 PM to 04:50 PM   50 minutes Replication                        applications, they all need a means to quickly capture and deliver data changes. Join this session to
                                                                                              hear from customers why they chose an IBM InfoSphere solution for their change data
                                                                                              capture/replication needs, and how it helps them achieve measurable cost savings.

                                                                                              The explosion of information is creating challenges for business and technology leaders. The
                                                                                              combined solution of IBM InfoSphere Discovery and InfoSphere Information Analyzer accelerate
                                                           Understand Your Data Landscape and project deployment and reduce risk by better understanding data across the enterprise. IBM s new
IP2048         Day 3     09:30 AM 10:20 AM      50 minutes Quality with InfoSphere Foundation offering InfoSphere Discovery uses patented capabilities to create a 360º view of data relationships
                                                           Tools                              across heterogeneous sources. InfoSphere Information Analyzer compliments this functionality by
                                                                                              providing a data quality assessment, monitoring and exception management environment to ensure
                                                                                              data quality standards are maintained for the highest confidence and trust in information. This session
                                                                                              will discuss these products and their impact on the business.
                                                                                              IBM InfoSphere Traceability Server is a platform using which one can build applications focussed
                                                                                              around Supply Chain visibility and traceability. Returnable Container Management solution enables
                                                                                              effective container tracking to improve the availability of an organization's assets.

                                                                                                   This session covers the basic concepts of Supply Chain Visibility and Traceability, the standards in this
                                                                                                   space and some of the use cases solved across multiple industry verticals. It then gets deeper into a
                                                                                                   specific solution viz. Returnable container management, that specifically targets Automotive industry.
                                                                                                   In this part you will know how our solution helps
                                                             Supply Chain Visibility and Returnable
                                                             Container Management using             * Gain a faster, more accurate account of containers, even without line-of-sight access.
IP9995         Day 3     10:30 AM to 11:20 AM   50 minutes
                                                             InfoSphere Traceability Server         * Accrue information with rewriteable RFID tags that have the potential to hold extra data.
                                                                                                    * Track container movements centrally for tight management and consistency of information.
                                                                                                    * Automate container check-in, check-out and accounting processes to avoid human error.
                                                                                                    * Eliminate the need for expensive, one-way, disposable packaging with better planning processes.
                                                                                                    * Synchronize operations with suppliers to satisfy just-in-time manufacturing.
                                                                                                    * Increase collaboration by enabling suppliers to book containers in advance, using a Web-based
                                                                                                    booking system.
                                                                                                    * Leverage historical data to estimate the requirements for each supplier with manufacturing resource
                                                                                                    planning systems.

                                                                                                   India Address Standardization and Cleansing Solution Lack of standards in Indian address definitions
                                                                                                   have resulted in organizations investing large amounts of time and money in standardization,
                                                1 Hr 15      India Address Standardization and
IP9996         Day 3     11:30 AM to 12:45 PM                                                      matching and cleansing efforts in order to efficiently reconcile their connections with their customers
                                                minutes      Cleansing Solution
                                                                                                   and business partners across all their channels. In this session we'll learn about an IBM InfoSphere
                                                                                                   solution offering that solves this problem which is prevalent in the India market place today.
                                                           Enterprise Mashups: Revolutionizing
IP9998         Day 3     02:00 PM to 02:50 PM   50 minutes                                       TBA
                                                           development of Quick Apps
                                                           Enabling better collaboration amongst
                                                           Suppliers & Retailers using IBM's
IP9999         Day 3     03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes                                       TBA
                                                           Global Data Synchronization
                                                           component of MDMPIM

                                                                                      Information Platform                                                                                       Page 6
Session Code           Day             Time Slot       Duration                  Session Name                                                          Session Detail
                                                                       3026 Overview of IBM Cognos 8     The path to higher business performance is littered with obstacles. Tighter budgets. Volatile markets.
                                                                   Business Intelligence and Performance Global competition. In this highly competitive environment, the strategic application of business
BA3026         Day 1         11:30 AM to 12:45 PM   1Hr 15 minutes               Management              intelligence and performance management solutions provides the key to unlocking the business value
                                                                                                         of information to drive maximum performance. In this session you’ll see how IBM Cognos software can
                                                                                                         help you unlock information across the enterprise and deliver on the full promise of business
                                                                                                         In this session, Jim Gross from Texas Tech University will demonstrate how to create a bursting query
                                                                                                         subject based off a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that was originally created as an IBM Cognos report.
                                                                   Utilizing Bursting in IBM Cognos 8 to This process gives a department supervisor the ability to assign work within the department without
BA2350         Day 1         02:00 PM to 02:50 PM     50 minutes
                                                                   Streamline Departmental Reporting     needing to have direct table access or having to contact IT. This is ideal for departmental supervisors
                                                                                                         who may not have SQL skills or access to the database. The outcome is a business process that can be
                                                                                                         managed by the business users, reducing their dependence on IT.

                                                                                                         Midsize companies are not unlike large enterprises in their need for business intelligence (BI) and
                                                                                                         performance management. However, they often have limited budgets, limited IT resources and limited
                                                                                                         expertise in these areas. This session will demonstrate the new IBM Cognos Express solution that
                                                                     IBM Cognos Express: BI and Planning
                                                                                                         provides the essential BI and planning capabilities midsize companies need. We will explore features
BA2351         Day 1         03:00 PM to 03:50 PM     50 minutes     for Midsize Organizations
                                                                                                         and capabilities, including: - Simplified data modeling and creation of dimensions. - Building a self-
                                                                                                         service environment for reporting and analysis. - "What-if" scenario modeling. - Transforming
                                                                                                         spreadsheets for planning, budgeting and forecasting. - Creating actionable dashboards. - Benefits of in-
                                                                                                         memory OLAP. - Administration and management highlights.
                                                                                                           Business intelligence (BI) and performance management dashboards have traditionally relied on OLAP
                                                                                                           style analytics to provide descriptive insights from data. While descriptive insights provide a good
                                                                                                           perspective on what has happened, business users can also significantly benefit from predictive insights
                                                                                                           (what is expected to happen) and prescriptive insights (what should happen). Predictive insights
                                                                     Advanced Analytics Extensions for IBM
                                                                                                           require statistical modeling, machine learning and data mining in BI platforms, while prescriptive
BA2914 &                                                             Cognos 8 Business Intelligence
               Day 1         04:00 PM to 04:50 PM     50 minutes                                           insights require optimization in BI platforms. This session describes how advanced analytic extensions
BA3018                                                               and Predictive and Advanced Analytics
                                                                                                           for IBM Cognos 8 BI provide all three -- the descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights you need to
                                                                     with IBM Cognos Software
                                                                                                           drive better performance. This session will demonstrate how IBM Cognos 8 software can be used with
                                                                                                           complementary advanced analytical tools such as IBM InfoSphere Warehouse and SPSS to provide
                                                                                                           predictive analytics for your organization. The session will present some of the available algorithms and
                                                                                                           demonstrate their use in the context of customer applications.
                                                                                                             Effectively managing your business intelligence (BI) application throughout its lifecycle is critical to
                                                                                                             responding quickly to the business while managing costs. Join this session to hear about IBM Cognos
                                                                     Streamline the Application Lifecycle of lifecycle management capabilities that will ensure you can cost-effectively manage your performance
BA3013         Day 2         09:30 AM 10:20 AM        50 minutes
                                                                     Your IBM Cognos 8 BI Solution           management solution in its initial deployment and as it changes over time. This session will show you
                                                                                                             how to author, model, administer and test to ensure a solution can be deployed quickly, easily
                                                                                                             managed and rapidly evolved to meet changing business demands for information.

                                                                                                        Learn how IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) helps automate the strategy management process
                                                                                                        by linking strategy to execution. In this session, you'll see how to determine your organization's
                                                                                                        performance against strategic goals and objectives. Whether you need to monitor key performance
                                                                     Strategy Management and Scorecards
                                                                                                        indicators (KPIs) in a dashboard or simply manage overall strategy more effectively, this session will
BA3015         Day 2         10:30 AM to 11:20 AM     50 minutes     with IBM Cognos 8 BI
                                                                                                        show you how IBM Cognos 8 BI Scorecarding can: Communicate strategy and provide employee focus
                                                                                                        and accountability; Define consistent KPIs within a common metrics framework; Use IBM Cognos 8 BI
                                                                                                        dashboards to monitor KPIs and deliver scorecard information across the organization. This session
                                                                                                        also includes a case study from Daimler Trucks North America.

                                                                     3021 Flash, Mobile and Extranet         In this session you will learn how IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can be created
                                                                     Dashboards with IBM Cognos 8 BI         quickly and delivered to all stakeholders in the organization, providing an at-a-glance view of the
BA3021         Day 2         11:30 AM to 12:45 PM   1Hr 15 minutes
                                                                                                             business. This session will include demonstrations of Flash-based personalized dashboards, dashboards
                                                                                                             on mobile devices and extranet dashboards. The session will also include a customer case study

                                                                                        Bus. Analytics & Optimization                                                                                            Page 7
Session Code           Day             Time Slot       Duration               Session Name                                                            Session Detail
                                                                                                        Attend this session to learn about and discuss proven practices that will help you build and develop the
                                                                                                        best model for your performance management solution. You?ll learn about functionality in IBM Cognos
                                                                   3035 Modeling with IBM Cognos 8
BA3035         Day 2         03:00 PM to 03:50 PM    50 minutes                                         8 Framework Manager that can help streamline your modeling process from initial design to the
                                                                   Framework Manager
                                                                                                        introduction of new business requirements once deployed. Understand how to improve the quality of
                                                                                                        the model and how to asses the impact that changes to the model will have downstream

                                                                                                        " Senior architects from the IBM Cognos Now! team will demonstrate their recently patented in-
                                                                                                        memory architecture that serves as a real-time data source for IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence.
                                                                                                        You’ll see how the in-memory engine supports high data volumes, real-time operational decision
                                                                   3028 Streaming In-Memory Analytics
                                                                                                        making and business process optimization. This session will also discuss the architectural advantages
BA3028         Day 2         04:00 PM to 04:50 PM    50 minutes    with IBM Cognos Now!
                                                                                                        and differentiating possibilities of real-time analytics. You’ll see how event streaming and monitoring
                                                                                                        across transactional and business process management systems enables your organization to achieve
                                                                                                        rapid return on investment with an appliance model and streaming analytics. This session also includes
                                                                                                        case studies of IBM Cognos Now! being used for monitoring call centers
                                                                                                        "XML today is one of the primary means of exchanging data and metadata between applications, also
                                                                                                        Web services are being increasingly used for application integration.
                                                                                                        Enterprise Customers will have several such situations where they would want to include third party
                                                                                                        in thier reports for monitoring and analysis. More often than not this third party data would be available
                                                                   Querying and reporting on XML        in the
BA9999         Day 3         09:30 AM 10:20 AM       50 minutes    datasources and web services in      form of either Web services or at the least XML.
                                                                   Cognos 8                             Therefore, any Enterprise Business Intelligence solution should have the capability to query and report
                                                                                                        top of XML datasources including web services with minimal or no plumbing code .
                                                                                                        This session illustrates with a demonstration, how IBM Cognos 8 provides these key capability in a
                                                                                                        flexible, performant and easy to implement manner by leveraging the features provided by IBM Cognos
                                                                                                        Virtual View Manager thereby providing the customers with an out of the box integration mechanism."
                                                                                                        Business intelligence is hot and an IT priority for many enterprises. Are you using it and leveraging it
                                                                                                        with your enterprise content management (ECM) solutions? Extend the value of your investment in IBM
                                                                   IBM Cognos 8 BI with IBM FileNet     FileNet Business Process Manager by understanding how you could integrate it with IBM Cognos 8
BA3000         Day 3         10:30 AM to 11:20 AM    50 minutes    Business Process Manager and         Business Intelligence (BI). Learn about major integration points between the two products, how you
                                                                   Analyzer                             could use and configure FileNet Process Analyzer for Cognos 8 BI for enterprise reporting. Tap into the
                                                                                                        combined value of these solutions to drive better decision making, performance visibility and business
                                                                                                        agility across the enterprise.
                                                                                                        Masses of unstructured content can be found inside and outside almost any organization—in customer
                                                                                                        call notes, documents, insurance adjuster notes, case worker notes, web pages and more. All this
                                                                                                        content contains a wealth of insight that can help a company or public sector organization work
                                                                                                        smarter, serve customers better, control costs and plan effectively for the future. IBM's content analytic
                                                                                                        offerings provide clients with the ability to access, assess and analyze unstructured information that can
                                                                                                        be found inside and outside of their organization. The analytic offerings allow business users to find
BA9996         Day 3         11:30 AM to 12:45 PM   1Hr 15 minutes Cognos Content Analytics Overview    and gain insight from virtually any type of content - in any format - by extracting, sorting, filtering and
                                                                                                        categorizing key information and making the content relevant so organizations can more effectively
                                                                                                        make market-driven business decisions. IBM Cognos Content Analytics is a complete solution that
                                                                                                        provides organizations with the necessary tools to discover the business value contained within
                                                                                                        unstructured content. Working through a dynamic, highly visual interface, this solution discovers
                                                                                                        important information by identifying and surfacing correlations enabling organizations to discover
                                                                                                        hidden trends, augment BI reports, or enhance business processes with unstructured content .
                                                                                                        Infosphere Warehouse includes advanced analytics such as Cubing Services and leveraging cubes
                                                                   Leveraging Infosphere Warehouse
BA9995         Day 3         02:00 PM to 02:50 PM    50 minutes                                         deployed via this service can be hugely beneficial. This session will be a walk-through of how to
                                                                   Cubing Services and Cognos
                                                                                                        connect to these cubes via Cognos and the business benefits of doing that.

                                                                                    Bus. Analytics & Optimization                                                                                           Page 8
Session Code           Day             Time Slot     Duration                Session Name                                                             Session Detail
                                                                                                       The objective of the topic is to introduce the concepts surrounding data mining algorithms and further
                                                                                                       showcase the capability of SPSS PASW Modeler. The topic also covers the scenarios from the industry
                                                                 Advanced Analytics [Data Mining] with where these mining algorithms are put to use to solve a specific problem. I will also introduce the
BA2072         Day 3         03:00 PM to 03:50 PM   50 minutes   SPSS PASW Modeler [Clementine].       Cross-Industry Standard Process (CRISP-DM) methodology for a data mining project. I will also cover
                                                                                                       in-database mining from within SPSS PASW Modeler, introduce the PMML technology for in-operability
                                                                                                       of data mining tools and advantages of accessing database-native algorithm from SPSS PASW Modeler.
                                                                                                       The session is targeted at developer and architect communities from Data Warehousing & Business
                                                                                                       Intelligence practice.

                                                                                   Bus. Analytics & Optimization                                                                                       Page 9
Hands On Lab No.   Track     Lab Code    Day            Time Slot      Duration            Hands on Lab Name                                                         Hands On Lab Detail
                                                                                                                          Explore the new compatibility features in IBM DB2 that reduce the time necessary to enable Oracle
                                                                                  1010 PL/SQL Support: Enabling Your      applications to DB2 from months to days. You will learn all the necessary steps, best practices and
       1           DM      HL1010       Day 1 11:30:00 AM to 1:30 PM   2 hours
                                                                                  Application on IBM DB2 Made Easy        recommended tools by performing the enablement of a real-world, open source enterprise resource
                                                                                                                          planning (ERP) system to DB2.
                                                                                                                          This session will look at the new capabilities that have been released for several IBM Optim products,
                                                                                  1195 What's New: IBM Optim Data
                                                                                                                          including Optim Data Growth Solution, Optim Test Data Management Solution and Optim Data Privacy
       2            DM     HL1195       Day 1 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm       2 hours    Growth, Test Data Management &
                                                                                                                          Solution. You will get hands on experience learning the new capabilities, how to interface with other
                                                                                  Data Privacy
                                                                                                                          products and understand the capabilities that have been added over the past year.
                                                                                                                        You need to do more with less. Your business processes need to be repeatable, accountable and
                                                                                  1105 Build Content-Centric Solutions:
                                                                                                                        automated, yet flexible. Your business areas need to be able to respond to changes in the business
       3           CM      HL1105       Day 2 9:30 AM to11:30 AM       2 hours    IBM FileNet Business Process
                                                                                                                        environment without months of waiting for your turn at limited development resources. Come see
                                                                                                                        how IBM FileNet Business Process Manager can help you succeed!
                                                                                  1120 An End-to-End Overview of IBM
                                                                                  InfoSphere Information Server and
                                                                                  Foundation tools (foundation tools    Step into various user roles in a fictitious company to discover how JK Life and Wealth solved its data
       4            IP     HL1120       Day 2 11:30:00 AM to 1:30 PM   2 hours
                                                                                  has been added make sure that         integration challenge using IBM InfoSphere Information Server.
                                                                                  Vmware has been modified to take
                                                                                  care of foundation tools)
                                                                                                                          IBM InfoSphere Entity Analytic Solutions and IBM InfoSphere Global Name Recognition technologies
                                                                                  2981 Account Opening with IBM
                                                                                                                          are being used every day by leading customers to streamline the account opening process and spot
                                                                                  InfoSphere Identity Insight Solutions
       5            IP     HL2981       Day 2 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm       2 hours                                            fraud before it happens. This hands-on lab will put you in the driver's seat, and show you how your
                                                                                                                          organization can utilize advanced identity insight solutions from IBM to detect fraudulent accounts
                                                                                                                          before they cause real losses to your bottom line.
                                                                                                                          "InfoSphere Master Information Hub is a "smart and active" trusted information management server
                                                                                  Leveraging the Master Information       containing core features and tools for building operational data stores/custom domains. The session
       6            IP     HL9998       Day3   9:30 AM to11:30 AM      2 hours                                            will discuss best practices for building a custom domain with hands on examples leveraging key
                                                                                                                          features of the product such as entity subtyping, entity standardization, trust factors, extensions, Multi
                                                                                                                          time zone support and pluggable persistence layer among others."
                                                                                                                          This session provides a high-level overview of the important features of IBM Cognos 8 Business
                                                                                                                          Intelligence (BI) V8.4. In this session you will learn: - The difference between reporting, querying,
                                                                                  3003 IBM Cognos 8 Business
       7            BA     HL3003       Day 3 11:30:00 AM to 1:30 PM   2 hours                                            analysis, scorecarding and event manageme. - How the "analyze, then query" approach provides the
                                                                                  Intelligence V8.4 Overview
                                                                                                                          BI solution for an enterprise. - Different categories of users. - How to choose the appropriate IBM
                                                                                                                          Cognos product to meet your requirements. - IBM Cognos 8 BI architecture and security.

                                                                                                                          This session will cover an overview of InfoSphere Change Data Capture (CDC) and hands on lab. Lab
                                                                                                                          provides an opportunity for the users to
                                                                                  Infosphere Change Data Capture          try the following aspects of InfoSphere CDC:
       8            IP     HL9999       Day 3 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm       2 hours
                                                                                  hands on                                  1. Setup different kinds of replication - Refresh, Continuous Mirroring and Netchange Mirroring.
                                                                                                                            2. Different transformation capabilities including derived columns and expression.
                                                                                                                            3. Monitoring of Replication.

                                                                                               Hands On Lab                                                                                                      Page 10

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