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					AutoCAD® Map 3D and
Autodesk MapGuide® Enterprise
White Paper

Instant Service and Measurable Savings
with Autodesk MapGuide
“Creating a mailing list of residents in a
                                             AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk
specific area used to take 20 minutes, but
it now takes about a minute. And our map
counter clerks are instantly accessing the
                                             MapGuide Enterprise: Powerful,
                                             Affordable, and Open GIS
information they need to serve residents.
We estimate that Autodesk MapGuide saves
about $20,000 a year in man hours on just
those two processes.”
Charles Kalil,
Information Systems Manager,                 With open data standards, CAD integration, and a shared API,
The City of Garden Grove                     AutoCAD® Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide® Enterprise software
                                             products streamline workflows and maximize the value of
                                             geospatial data seamlessly—from the desktop to the Web.

                                             From small towns to sprawling metropolises and        fully utilize GIS data attributes. Additionally,
                                             from rural energy cooperatives to the largest         organizations that share data over the Web
                                             utilities and telecommunications companies,           needed a more open environment in order to
                                             organizations that depend on geospatial data          affordably develop innovative applications
                                             need a way to edit and manage it efficiently.          that extend the value of spatial data beyond
                                             They must also integrate geographic information       engineering and GIS departments.
                                             systems (GIS) with engineering processes that
                                             use and generate CAD data. Moreover, virtually        With AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide
                                             all organizations that collect and create GIS and     Enterprise as the foundation technologies,
                                             CAD data want to share it with staff or citizens by   Autodesk offers a complete solution that helps
                                             leveraging the Internet.                              organizations to realize efficiencies and optimize
                                                                                                   the value of geospatial data. AutoCAD Map 3D
                                             GIS technology is advancing to help organizations     provides the desktop backbone that supports data
                                             achieve these goals. Traditionally, organizations     creation, editing, and management. Autodesk
                                             have not been able to use preferred tools to edit     MapGuide Enterprise delivers powerful, easy-
                                             and create GIS data because their systems store       to-use online maps and related information in
                                             data in proprietary formats. Bringing CAD and         a development environment that leverages the
                                             GIS data together was possible, but required          advantages of open source technology, including
                                             data conversion processes that can strip CAD          low cost of ownership and easier integration with
                                             data of valuable engineering precision or fail to     diverse databases.
By turning to AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk                AutoCAD Map 3D is a leading engineering GIS        systems, such as customer relationship
MapGuide Enterprise, organizations can:                  platform for creating and managing spatial data.   management (CRM) or accounting systems.
• Integrate spatial data for all geospatial,             Bridging the traditional gap between CAD and       MapGuide Open Source is free, making it the
  engineering, and online needs                          GIS, AutoCAD Map 3D provides direct access         perfect vehicle for the open source community
                                                         to the leading data formats used in design and     to develop innovative applications and for
• Streamline the process of creating, maintaining,       GIS—no matter how the data is stored. It also      organizations to reduce cost of ownership.
  and disseminating data                                 makes maintaining and editing spatial data         Taking advantage of open source benefits
• Leverage CAD-trained staff to keep GIS data            efficient by providing users with a working         while minimizing its risks, Autodesk MapGuide
  current                                                environment based on the familiar AutoCAD®         Enterprise is backed by commercial-grade
• Accelerate business processes with easy-to-use,        software platform. This means that CAD-            support and quality assurance from Autodesk.
  real-time information                                  trained personnel can populate GIS data stores     Organizations can extend their solution with
                                                         with engineering data and keep information         Autodesk MapGuide Studio, an application that
• Realize more value from all investments in GIS         up-to-date as they carry out design projects.      allows map authors to stylize data and preview
  technology and data                                    Additionally, AutoCAD Map 3D enables design        applications as they are created. Designed to
Let’s look more closely at how AutoCAD Map               processes to utilize integrated GIS functions,     be user-friendly, Autodesk MapGuide Studio
3D and Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise work                 such as spatial queries, thematic mapping,         enables organizations to create maps, Web
together to meet the needs of organizations that         and buffer and network analysis, in a single       pages, and applications without extensive
depend on geospatial data.                               environment for more efficient workflows.            technical or programming expertise.
                                                         The result is a more informed design process,
                                                         increased productivity, and better data quality.   In practice: A midsized public works agency
AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide                     Because GIS specialists no longer have to spend    decides to make AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk
Enterprise: Geospatial Foundation                        so much time converting and uploading design       MapGuide Enterprise the foundation for all
Technology                                               information into the GIS, they are able to free    its GIS-dependent processes. Prior to turning
When used together, AutoCAD Map 3D                       their time for data discovery and geoprocessing.   to Autodesk Geospatial solutions, the GIS
and Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise enable                                                                     department was forced to convert engineering
organizations to use data from initial design to         Built on MapGuide Open Source, Autodesk            data to a proprietary format in order to upload
Web deployment more effectively—without                  MapGuide Enterprise allows organizations to        it into the GIS, a time-consuming process that
translation or data loss. The result—a powerful          share spatial data over the Web on dynamically     often stripped the data of intelligence. Then the
foundation for meeting core geospatial needs.            generated maps. Information on maps can be         organization used printed map books created by
                                                         combined with tabular data from business           GIS staff to provide field crews and others with
                                                                                                            system maps. Not only expensive, the map books
                                                                                                            were out of date almost as soon as they were
                                                                                                            printed and did not include the latest information
                                                                                                            from other departments.

                                                                                                            The agency has been able to overcome these
                                                                                                            challenges by:
                                                                                                            • Using AutoCAD Map 3D to combine CAD and
                                                                                                              GIS data in their native formats without having
                                                                                                              to perform data conversions, ensuring accuracy
                                                                                                              and virtually eliminating data snapshots
                                                                                                            • Leveraging engineering staff trained in
                                                                                                              AutoCAD to create, edit, and maintain CAD and
                                                                                                              GIS data in a familiar environment and perform
                                                                                                              core GIS tasks, freeing GIS specialists for data
                                                                                                              discovery and geoprocessing
                                                                                                            • Sharing real-time maps over the Web with all
                                                                                                              staff using Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise,
                                                                                                              which has cut printing costs while increasing
                                                                                                              the quality and accessibility of information

AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise drive the seamless creation, editing, management,
and sharing of data.
Open Data Access and Direct Connectivity            in its GIS easily. Additionally, all new map
Autodesk Feature Data Objects (FDO) Data            and design work is Web-ready as soon as it is
Access Technology is at the heart of many of        created.
the breakthrough advantages of the Autodesk         As a result, the agency can:
solution. FDO allows users to work natively with
                                                    • Help ensure that internal and downstream
a variety of spatial and non-spatial databases
                                                      users have accurate and up-to-date
and file-formats. This minimizes the need for
conversion between formats and helps prevent
data loss. Just as importantly, FDO technology      • Extend the advantages of FDO open source
enables organizations to work with a variety of       technology to data stores not currently
data formats without having to understand the         supported by Autodesk
differences between the underlying data stores,     • Develop innovative and time-saving ways to
reducing the time, cost, and training required        use data online
to use and manage data. FDO is incorporated
                                                    • Realize continued value from legacy data
into all the offerings within the Autodesk                                                             Easily create maps and analyze data with the cartography
                                                      through interoperability and data sharing
Geospatial solution. Autodesk has released                                                             tools in AutoCAD Map 3D. Perform thematic mapping
FDO as an open source project under the Open                                                           and publish the results directly to Autodesk MapGuide
                                                    Unified Data Access + Unified API =
Source Geospatial FoundationTM (OSGeoTM),                                                              software.
                                                    Powerful Geospatial Platform
which makes it easy for developers to extend
                                                    AutoCAD Map and Autodesk MapGuide
its capabilities and achieve faster innovation of
                                                    products share a unified geospatial application
industry-focused solutions.
                                                    programming interface (API) as well as unified
                                                    FDO data access technology that can be used to
Organizations can take advantage of FDO by
                                                    build custom applications which share business
using AutoCAD Map 3D to access, manage, and
                                                    logic and common code.
edit data in variety of data stores, including
SDF, ESRI SHP and ArcSDE®, Oracle® Spatial,
                                                    Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise works with
Microsoft® SQL Server, and MySQL databases,
                                                    leading development platforms, such as PHP,
and to access raster imagery and vector data
                                                    Java, and .Net, through powerful APIs. Enabling
through Open Geospatial ConsortiumTM
                                                    server-side programming and application
(OGC TM) Web Map Services (WMS) and Web
                                                    delivery, these APIs facilitate easy development
Feature Services (WFS). Additionally, data
                                                    without incurring significant development
access can be extended by utilizing open source
                                                    costs. This enables organizations to integrate
and third-party FDO data providers. Visit www.
                                                    information from various sources on maps in for more details.                                                                     Use Autodesk MapGuide Studio to put the final touches
                                                    innovative ways. For example, a utility can
                                                                                                       on maps created in AutoCAD Map 3D before publishing
                                                    create applications that allow field crews to
As engineers and GIS specialists work with                                                             to the internet for distribution.
                                                    submit discrepancies and as-built information
data in AutoCAD Map 3D to create designs
                                                    online, and city planning departments can allow
and maps, this data can be directly shared
                                                    citizens to apply for permits using their home
with Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise and
made quickly available for use on the Web—
without conversion or data preparation. So
                                                    In practice: Simple online applications can
when infrastructure information is updated,
                                                    be leveraged to save significant time and
authorized users are able to access the
                                                    money. The public works agency develops an
information directly. And when proposed
                                                    application that allows customers to report
designs are ready for review, stakeholders
                                                    the precise locations of drainage issues online.
simply go online to view them. With fast access
                                                    And when planned maintenance activities will
to consistent information, everyone involved in
                                                    impact neighborhoods, the agency instantly
a project stays in sync.
                                                    generates mailings that go to all impacted
                                                    customer addresses. Those same customers can
In practice: By using FDO technology included
                                                    go online to find updates about the progress of
with AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide
                                                    projects in their area.
Enterprise, the public works agency is able to
access, manage, edit, and share data stored                                                            Extend the reach and value of spatial information using
                                                                                                       Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise. Build business specific
                                                                                                       applications and deliver your designs and maps created
                                                                                                       in AutoCAD Map 3D directly to users using any Web
Realizing More Value from GIS                   Extend the Value of Investments with Data                          Conclusion
Investments                                     Sharing and Interoperability                                       AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide
“Before we turned to Map 3D and Oracle, it      Through the use of FDO, Autodesk MapGuide                          Enterprise provide organizations with a robust
took about five hours to move project base       technology can be used as a Web Mapping Service                    foundation for all activities that depend on
maps into our design software. It now takes     (WMS) and a Web Feature Service (WFS). As                          geospatial data. From data creation and editing
15 minutes … Being able to access ESRI data     a Web Mapping Service, Autodesk MapGuide                           to management and sharing, AutoCAD Map
with Map 3D is saving our team still more       products support a client/server environment.                      3D and Autodesk MapGuide technology drive
time. It also helps us to get more value from   They can retrieve geospatial data from WFS                         efficiency and effectiveness by making it easier
our investment in ESRI technology.”             and WMS sites, enabling the use of data from                       to work with data—within desktop applications
                                                other organizations that share their geospatial
                                                                                                                   and over the Web. Powered by FDO, these
Greg Braswell,                                  data. Used as a WFS, Autodesk MapGuide
                                                                                                                   foundation technologies allow users to directly
IT and GIS Manager,                             products allow organizations to share their
                                                                                                                   and seamlessly access data in a variety of formats
San Francisco Department of Public Works        data, in vector form, with authorized outside
                                                                                                                   and data storage systems.
Bureau of Engineering                           organizations. Together, these features support
                                                low-cost and widespread sharing of geospatial
                                                data—irrespective of format. Autodesk MapGuide                     By turning to AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk
                                                Enterprise has also been certified by the Open                      MapGuide Enterprise, organizations can:
                                                Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as compliant with                      • Integrate spatial data to serve GIS, engineering,
                                                its WMS 1.1.1 specification.                                          and Web needs
                                                                                                                   • Streamline the processes behind creating,
                                                In practice: The public works agency finds that
                                                                                                                     managing and sharing data
                                                much of the data it has collected complements
                                                data gathered by the county in which it is located.                • Leverage CAD-trained staff to keep GIS data
                                                Working collaboratively, the agency and the                          current
                                                county use Autodesk MapGuide technology to                         • Accelerate business processes by blending
                                                build Web Mapping and Web Feature Services to                        spatial and other information in Web-based
                                                share geospatial data—including legacy data. FDO                     maps
                                                makes this easy even though the organizations
                                                store data in different types of databases and                     • Realize more value from investments in
                                                file formats. This data can then be leveraged                         geospatial data collection and technology
                                                by engineering and GIS staff using a desktop
                                                Web service client such as AutoCAD Map 3D.                         Learn more about how your organization can
                                                Both organizations are able to realize significant                  seamlessly work with geospatial data by visiting
                                                savings on new data collections thanks to the                      us on the Web at
                                                interoperability built into Autodesk Geospatial

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