Costume Rental Policies

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					                             Brandeis University – Spingold Theater Center
                            Costume Rental and Stock Room Policies and Fees

1. Appointments to rent costumes should be made at least one week in advance and should fall within
    the stock room hours.
         a. Bring a list of pieces needed and performer measurements to the appointment.
         b. The renter is responsible for providing the appropriate crew and containers for transporting
             costumes to insure that items are properly protected. Please keep this in mind when
             scheduling your appointments.
         c. A return appointment must be made on the day that you pick up costumes. Costumes can
             only be returned to the stock room, via appointment. Rental costumes will not be accepted
             at the costume shop.
2. The renter is responsible for cleaning costumes before return. The acceptable cleaning method will
    be included on your rental form. If you are unsure or have questions, please ask the stock manager
    at the time of your rental.
3. All costumes must be returned in original condition.
4. No permanent alterations can be made (such as cutting a hem, replacing hooks and eyes with a
    zipper, dyeing, etc.) without written approval from the Costume Director.
5. For student projects there must be one person assigned to be responsible for proper care and return
    of the costumes.
6. All rentals require a deposit, which will be determined by the stock manager on duty during the
    appointment. A minimum deposit of $50.00 is required. The deposit is due at the time of pick-up.
    The deposit will be held until all items are returned and their condition assessed by the stock
    manager. Cash and checks (made payable to Brandeis University) are accepted. Damage, loss,
    failure to return items as scheduled, or unauthorized alteration, will result in forfeiture of the entire
    deposit. In the event that the repair, replacement or restoration of damaged or lost items exceeds the
    deposit, the renter is responsible for additional expenses and will be billed for the difference.
7. Rental fees can be paid by cash or check (made payable to Brandeis University) and are also due at
    the time of pick-up. Rental fees range from $5.00 to $15.00 per costume and are determined by the
    stock keeper at the time of rental. Rental and deposit fees should be provided separately.
8. Some items from our select stock may be available. Please speak to the stock manager regarding
    specific requests.
9. Note for student projects: Rental fees may be waived for THA class use only. Sponsorship and
    rental by a club or campus organization may nullify eligibility for waiver of rental fees. For rentals
    on behalf of UTC deposit and rental fees are mandatory and must be paid in cash.
10. Department shows take priority and any pieces reserved for those shows cannot be rented. No
    costumes may be put on hold.
11. We reserve the right to refuse lending or renting of costumes to any person or organization that does
    not comply with these regulations. Repeated violations by an individual and/or group will result in
    loss of rental/loan privileges.

 For stock room hours or to schedule an appointment please call 781-736-3393 (6-3393 from campus).
              Please meet at Room 214 on the third floor of Spingold for your appointment.

Updated 7/1/09