Stretches for the Back

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					Stretches for the Back
                     Expected Results
    Reduce fatigue and improve back comfort.
                     Reverse the Curve
                         (for back and hips)

       While standing upright with feet slightly apart...
•   Place palms in hollow of lower back.
•   Focus eyes on a point straight ahead (keeping chin down).
•   Bend backward using hands to support lower back (do not lock
•   Hold for five to ten seconds and return to starting position.

•   Repeat three to five times.
         Stretches for the Back
             Pelvic Press                             Executive Stretch
    (for abdominal muscle strength                  (for upper back, chest and
            and back comfort)                                shoulders)

While sitting all the way back in                While sitting upright in chair...
               chair...                      •     Clasp hands behind head (elbows
•    Tighten/contract abdominal muscles            aligned with ears).
     (when you do this you will feel as if   •     Press elbows back as far as
     you are pulling your belly button             possible, squeeze shoulder blades
     toward the backrest of the chair)             together.
•    Hold this position for five seconds.
                                             •     Relax and repeat three times.
•    Relax and repeat three times.
 Stretches for the Legs
               Expected Results
To improve leg circulation and comfort and reduce
                          Leg Extension
                       (for legs and lower back)

                       While sitting in chair...
 •   Straighten leg directly out in front of you.
 •   Flex foot by pointing toes toward ceiling.
 •   Hold for five seconds, then release and point toward ceiling
 •   Repeat three to five times.

 •   Return foot to floor and switch legs.
Stretches for the Whole
              Expected Benefits
     Reduce fatigue, promote circulation and
                improve comfort.

           While standing with arms at side.....
 •   Inhale and reach up with both arms
 •   Hold position for five seconds
 •   Return to starting position and repeat three times.
    Stretches for the Neck
                Expected Results
     To improve neck, shoulder and upper back

                      Head Tilt and Turn
                        (for head and neck)
      While sitting upright with shoulders relaxed slowly...
•    Lower head to shoulder, hold and repeat to other side.
•    Turn head to look over shoulder and repeat to other side.
•    Lower chin to chest and return to starting point.
•    Repeat sequence three to five times.
          Stretches for the Neck
              Neck Glide                   Shoulder and Arm Rolls
                (for neck)                (for neck, shoulders and upper

    While sitting comfortably upright      While sitting or standing with
       and looking straight ahead...
                                              shoulders relaxed, slowly...
•    Keep head and ears level, glide
     head back, as far as it will go.   • Roll both shoulders backward, down
                                          and around in a circular motion.
•    Now glide head forward.
                                        • Repeat three to five times.
•    Repeat three times.
                                        • Raise.
                                        • Rotate.
                                        • Lower.
                                        • Repeat.
        Stretches for the Arms
                       Expected Results
                To improve comfort and circulation

         Wrist Circles                             Hand Flex
           (for forearms)                      (for hands and fingers)

While standing or sitting upright
           in a chair...                    While standing or sitting…
•   Hold hands out with palms           •   Slowly clench fists.
    down.                               •   Slowly open and spread fingers.
•   Slowly rotate hands (as if
    drawing circles with fingertips).   •   Repeat five to ten times.
•   Rotate inward, then reverse
    motion five times each.
         Stretches for the Arms

    Wrist Flex and Extension                          Arm Massage
       (for forearms and hands)
                                                          (for forearm)

     While sitting or standing...
                                                While sitting upright in chair…
•   Extend both arms in front of you,
    with palms facing down.                 •   Place arm in front of you with palm
•   Slowly bend (extend) both wrists so
    fingers point to the ceiling and hold   •   Using opposite hand and beginning
    for five seconds.                           at wrist, apply gentle pressure with
•   Next, bend (flex) both wrists so
    fingers point to the floor and hold     •   Pressing firmly and slowly, move up
    for five seconds.                           and down arm three times.

•   Relax and repeat.
               Stretches for Vision
                          Expected Results
               To reduce eyestrain, improve visual comfort
                         and increase efficiency.
      Focusing Technique                                  Palming
          (for eye relaxation)                        (for eye relaxation)
       While sitting or standing...           While sitting in a chair with elbows
•   Look out a window or as far away              resting on work surface....
    from work area as possible.           •   Cup hands over eyes, palms resting on
•   Focus on an object at least 20 feet       cheekbones (avoid applying pressure
    away.                                     on your eyeballs).
                                          •   Cross fingers over bridge of nose
•   Then move your eyes around and
                                              (shutting out light).
    look at other objects.
                                          •   Close eyes for 15 seconds while
•   Look back at computer screen.             breathing deeply.
•   Repeat often throughout the
                                          •   Uncover eyes.

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