Gwinnett-Dekalb Seniors Softball by benbenzhou


									                        Gwinnett-Dekalb Seniors Softball, Inc.
                            General Membership Meeting
                         December 1, 2007 - Meeting Minutes

                                Meeting Date, Time and Location

December 1, 2007 - 9:30 a.m. - Gwinnett Senior Center at Bethesda Park

                                         Call to Order

President Gary Mastrodonato made the call to order

                                        Opening Prayer

Curtis Caldwell led the membership in an opening prayer.


The following 2007 Executive Committee members were in attendance:
    President, Gary Mastrodonato
    Vice President, Bert McDade
    Treasurer, Frankie Baldwin
    Secretary, Doris Warpole
    Past President, Peter Mariolis
    Past President, Ed Davis
    Under 60 League Commissioner, Ben Wiechman
    60+ League Commissioner, Norm Lebedin

Association By-Laws state that all members in good standing in the current calendar year
are eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting; and 20% of the eligible membership in
attendance shall be considered a quorum. Sixty-one (61) members signed in, representing
37.7% of the current active eligible membership of one hundred and sixty-two (162).

Recognition for Help with Annual Meeting

Gary acknowledged several individuals for their help during the year or loaning equipment
and/or helping with the Annual Meeting:

       Jim Nisewonger – Use of projector for the presentation
       Harry Harrison and Ben Wiechman - Set up for meeting
       Pam Hoffman, Senior Center – Use of screen for presentation; Coffee
       Curtis Caldwell – Opening prayer
       Doris, Gary and Peter – Refreshments for meeting

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                  1                              5/5/2010
                                Old/Unfinished Business

Gary asked if there was any old/unfinished business to discuss. No old/unfinished business
was brought up.

2006 Annual Meeting Minutes

Gary stated that at last year’s Annual Meeting a member recommended not to read the
previous year’s Annual Meeting minutes but to ask members present to take a vote and
approve minutes as written. Gary pointed out that copies of the 2006 minutes were
available on each of the tables for members to review; and members can also download a
copy from the League web site.

There were no questions or discussion about the 2006 minutes. Dick Hamel made a motion
to accept the minutes as written; Eric Tarnow seconded the motion. Motion Carried –
Minutes accepted by all members present.

                                  New Business - 2007

2007 Membership Demographics

Doris reviewed the membership demographics and changes over the past six years.

      Membership by Age: With younger players coming in and older players moving to
       different age groups, the number of members in each age group remained relatively
       stable, except for the 12.3% increase in members in the age group 45-59.

      Membership by County: The number of Metro Atlanta counties represented by
       members increased in 2007 to 15 versus 10 in 2006, 12 in 2005, 15 in 2004, 16 in
       2003, and 22 in 2002. The majority of members (69%) are from Gwinnett and
       Dekalb. It was noted that Dekalb County had the largest drop in members down 10
       in 2006 over 2005 and that Gwinnett had an increase of 9 in 2006 over 2005.
       However, in 2007, Dekalb had a 23.5% increase (8 members) and Gwinnett only
       increased by 1 member.

      Active Playing Members: The number of active playing members (162) is up 5.9%
       or 9 members over 2006. Membership had been declining - 170 in 2002, 156 in
       2003, 143 in 2004 but then started to increase - 146 in 2005, 153 in 2006 and 162 in
       2007. The Executive Committee feels that the recruiting of new members by current
       members and the League web site, flyers, AJC article attributed to the increase.

      New Members: We had 46 inquiries about the League in 2007 with 35 (76%) of the
       inquiries resulting in the individuals being added to the League database. For the
       year, we signed up 37 new players with 18 being recruited by current players who
       received the $10 Recruiting Incentive off their Summer Season fees. Doris
       mentioned that we had 2 current members get $20 off their Summer Season fees
       and 1 member who recruited 3 new members to get $30 off his Summer fee.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                2                               5/5/2010
2007 League Overview

Gary asked the League Commissioners, Ben Wiechman and Norm Lebedin, to come up to
the front to review the 2007 Spring and Summer Seasons and recognize the winning teams
and managers.

Both Ben and Norm commented on the fact that for both Spring and Summer seasons in
both Leagues it virtually came right down to the last week of play to determine the winners.
Several members commented that they felt the teams were well balanced this year and that
Ben and Norm did a great job in setting the teams. Copies of the Spring and Summer
Season results were available at the meeting.

2007 Tournament Teams

Doris recognized League Tournament Teams and reviewed their results in Regional
Qualifiers, National Championships and World Series play. Copies of each team’s results
were available at the meeting. Members who play on other tournament teams were also

Doris recognized the following teams for winning National Championships:
    Southern 60’s – ASA Nationals in Burlington, NC
    Georgia Nuggets (65+) – ASA Nationals in Burlington, NC
    Georgia Peaches (75+) – SPA Nationals in Dalton, GA

Doris recognized that Jim Patterson “Dirt” who plays on Dirt’s All Stars/Old South
tournament team had been inducted in the Senior Softball Hall of Fame in June.

Doris also mentioned the following teams:
    Georgia Classics (65+) team has a senior baseball team that plays in the Roy Hobbs
       World Series in Fort Myers, FL every year.
    GA/AL Masters 55s AAA has 3 League players and won both the SPA Nationals in
       Dalton, GA and the NSA World Series in Gadsden, AL.
    Birmingham 55s AA has 3 League players and won the NSA World Series in
       Gadsden, AL.

2007 Financial Report

Frankie Baldwin, Treasurer, reviewed the 2007 Financial Report. Frankie pointed out that
the League purchased a Pitching Machine for $1,981.70 (one time expense) to be used
during practice and donated $1,000 to the Gwinnett Senior Center at Bethesda Park from
the proceeds of the Memorial Tournament ($1,550). A copy of the Financial Report will be
included in the minutes. Members will be also able to view the 2007 Financial Report online
at the League web site.

Gary stated he had asked Frankie to look into moving $5,000 from the League checking
account into a CD to get interest. Norm recommended putting the money into a money
market checking account. Gary and Frankie will pursue one of these options for 2008.
There was no further discussion.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                3                               5/5/2010
Dick Hamel made a motion to accept the financial report as presented. Eric Tarnow
seconded the motion. Motion Carried - 2007 Financial Report was approved as
presented by a unanimous vote of the members present.

Special Recognition – Treasurer and Secretary

Gary recognized Frankie and Doris for their work with the League and presented them with
League jackets that had their names and officer status.

                                      New Business - 2008

Nominations and Election of Officers

Gary, Bert, Doris and Frankie agreed to be re-nominated for their respective offices. Gary
asked if there were other nominations from the floor. No candidates were nominated.

The election of officers for the 2008 operating year was held as required by the association
by-laws. The officers ran unopposed. There was no further discussion. Dick Hamel made a
motion to approve the officers. Eric Tarnow seconded the motion. . Motion Carried - The
officers were elected by a unanimous vote of the members present.

       President                Gary Mastrodonato
       Vice-President           Bert McDade
       Treasurer                Frankie Baldwin
       Secretary                Doris Warpole

Meeting with Gwinnett County

Ed, Peter, Ben and Doris met with Gwinnett County officials and Best Friend Park Athletics
and Maintenance personnel on Tuesday, October 30, at the Best Friend fields to discuss
field availability, contracts, condition of fields and recommended improvements for 2008.
Ed provided an overview of the meeting to members.

Gwinnett County officials stated that there is no place for adult soccer play so the soccer
players get on any available fields at any park. They stated if the League would utilize the
fields more it would keep the soccer players off the fields.

Availability of Best Friend Fields
 Gwinnett County agreed to give the League the softball field at Best Friend Park:
     o Monday through Thursday from 6:00-10:00 p.m. for Spring season,
     o Saturday from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. for practices, and
     o Sunday from 1:00-5:00 p.m.
 Each League would play 2 nights during the week.
 Gwinnett County would use the baseball field for multi-purpose play (football practice,
  adult soccer League, adult softball League, etc.) Gwinnett is trying to move all softball
  from Lucky Shoals to another park.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                   4                              5/5/2010
Ed stated that our League is one of the few Leagues that play a double header format. In
order to keep the DH format and the start time of 7:00 p.m., it was in the League’s best
interest to utilize 1 field 4 nights a week and pick up Sunday afternoons. Gwinnett County is
working with the League and by giving them back 1 field, it allows the County flexibility to
work with the various groups looking to use the baseball field.

Gwinnett County agreed to have a Field Supervisor, a County employee, at the field each
night to keep from having any problems between the groups if the League would agree to
pay the cost. Ed stated that this would keep League members from having to confront
soccer players, etc. and trying to get them off the softball field.

Field Conditions at Best Friend Park

JW Austin asked if Gwinnett County was going to do anything about the field conditions –
holes in the outfield, sand unacceptable, etc.; someone could get hurt. Larry Milleville
asked if the infield could be made softer – it’s hard as a rock and the ball takes a bad

Ed stated that the Gwinnett County officials walked both fields with us, and we pointed out
where the problems were and asked them what they could do to correct them before the
Spring season starts. The County cannot re-seed because they cannot water the fields.
They asked if we would agree to move to Lucky Shoals for practices on Tuesday and
Saturday, and they would close the fields during the winter and look into other options to get
the fields ready for Spring.

Playing Nights

Ron King asked what nights each League would be playing.          Peter reminded members
that a vote was taken at last year’s Annual Meeting that the Leagues would rotate the nights
of play to equalize the players who can play on certain nights. For 2008, the Leagues will
switch nights.
      o Under 60 League - Monday and Wednesday
      o 60+ League – Tuesday and Thursday

Sunday League

Peter stated he agreed to be the Commissioner for a Sunday League if we could get
enough players for 2 or 4 teams. Larry Milleville asked if there would be umpires. Peter
said it would depend on if we have 2 or 4 teams. Peter asked for a show of hands of how
many members would be interested in Sunday play. Almost half of the members present
indicated they would be interested. Peter said that Doris would add a statement on the
2008 Application so members could sign up and a blast email would also be sent to
members notifying them of the Sunday League.

Eric Tarnow asked if there was a possibility that we could schedule makeup games on
Sunday. Jim Arey suggested that we set aside 1 Sunday each month for makeup games
taking into consideration 2008 Tournaments. The Executive Committee will discuss further
at their January meeting and make a final decision on Sunday makeup games.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                 5                                5/5/2010
Makeup Games

Jim Arey asked if rain outs could be made up during the week rather than having the games
added to the end of the season so teams are not playing into November. Tom Pressley
suggested makeup games be scheduled on Saturday during practice time or scheduled on
Sunday or have 2 four innings makeup games before or after regular League play.

Ed stated it’s hard to schedule makeup games during the week or on Sunday unless the
League has contracts for the fields. This year we could not schedule makeup games during
the week because we only had 1 field on Tuesday/Thursday, both fields on Wednesday and
no contract for Sunday. Peter also mentioned that a lot of players could not make 2 games
a week or play on Saturdays (i.e., tournament players).

Gary stated that the Executive Committee would discuss further at their January meeting
and make a decision on how to handle makeup games in 2008, including looking at
scheduling make up games 1 Sunday out of the month.

Rainout Notification

JW Austin asked if there was a way to notify members earlier in the day if there was a rain
out on game day. He said there were a couple of games that when he got to the park the
sun was out and the games were cancelled. Gary apologized and said he knew which
games he was talking about. He relied on park staff to let him know about field conditions
and called the games when the fields were actually okay. Gary stated that we need
volunteers who live or work near Best Friend Park to give us an accurate assessment of
field conditions. Don Cline and Carl Roberts agreed to help and will give us updates on
what the weather is like on game days.

Norm and Gary said that they try to get something on the Rain Out Number as soon as they
can and notify Doris to post on the web site and/or send out a blast email to players with
email addresses. Then they call the Team Managers so they can contact their players.
Team Managers stated they felt it was Gary, Norm and Doris’ responsibility to call the
managers as soon as they knew if games were being called. Then it was the manager’s
responsibility to call their players. If players have not heard from their manager on game
day, it was their responsibility to call their manager or the Rain Out Number.

Following some additional discussion on what could or could not be done to improve the
process, the members in attendance agreed that the current protocol will be used in 2008
and managers could implement their own way to notify their players.

2008 Practice Schedule

Norm stated that practices will be at Lucky Shoals Park until the renovation of Best Friend
fields is completed. Practices will be on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Scheduled
completion of renovation is targeted for March, 2008. After renovation, practices will be
back at Best Friend Park.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                6                               5/5/2010
Starting time of practices will depend on the weather – the colder the weather (i.e.,
December), a later start time and the warmer the weather (i.e., July), an earlier start time.
Depending on the number of players, who show up, practices will generally last 2-3 hours.

      October through March - practices generally start at 10:00 a.m. in October and
       November and 11:00 a.m. in December through March.
      April through September - practices generally start at 10:00 a.m. in April through
       May and 9:00 a.m. in June through September.

When the practice time changes, the web site is updated and a blast email is sent to
members with email addresses announcing the change. Norm said that members could call
him if they have a question about practices.

Earlier Spring Season Start Date

Gary stated that the Executive Committee is considering an earlier Spring start date of
either the 3rd or 4th week in March for 2008 and asked for comments. The only discussion
was around rain outs and scheduling of makeup games. There was no further discussion or
mention about moving the start date to April. The Executive Committee will discuss further
at their January meeting and make a final decision on the start date.

Official Complete Game

Jim Arey suggested that the length of an official game be changed. He said his team had 2
nights where due to weather the games were called and 1 night where the lights would not
come on. JW Austin said they had a player injury that resulted in the game being called.

Jim stated the current rule is based on 9 innings, not 7 - a complete game is 4 ½ innings if
home team is ahead; 5 innings if home team is behind.

Jim made the motion that the rule be changed to state that if an umpire calls a game due to
inclement weather, injury that stops the game or reasons outside the control of the teams, it
is considered a complete official game at 3 ½ innings if home team is ahead and 4 innings if
home team is behind. John Calhoun seconded the motion. Motion carried – All members
present voted for except 1 voted against.

Catch Up Rule

Jim Arey recommended that the Catch Up Rule be eliminated. JW Austin asked for
clarification of the rule. John Calhoun stated the rule was just implemented last year. JW
Austin asked if all innings were open innings or just the last inning. Gary stated that only the
last inning is considered an open inning. Peter reviewed rule and stated it applied to both
Leagues. The following discussion took place regarding the rule and parity of teams.

Pros - Norm felt that it was fair for both teams and helped to keep the teams competitive.
Peter explained that it gives a losing team hope so they don’t feel out of a game if they are
down by a lot of runs. Ed said he felt it kept the teams in the game. Tom Koenig said just
because you can score 8 to catch up doesn’t mean that you will.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                  7                                 5/5/2010
Cons - Russ Greer stated that if there is parity among the teams why do we need a catch
up rule. Jim Arey felt the teams are playing by different rules and it’s a disadvantage to
teams that score early.

Curtis Caldwell made a motion that each League vote on dropping the Catch Up Rule for
2008 and going back to the 5 run rule per inning with last inning being the open inning. Dick
Hamel seconded the motion.
 Under 60 League: Motion carried – 11 yes; 6 no.
 60+ League: Motion carried – 21 yes; 13 no

Middle Infielder

Dean Eklund recommend that the Middle Infielder be eliminated from the under 60 League.
Bert explained that this rule allows an extra player to be on the field and not sit on the
bench. It also offers the Pitcher more defense up the middle. In the under 60 League, the
extra player can play IF or OF. In the 60+ League, the extra player is a Middle Infielder.

JW Austin stated that it causes a lot of confusion when one team has 10 players and the
other has 11 players. John Calhoun agreed that when one team is short player, the extra
player causes dissatisfaction and confusion on when to loan the other team a player.
Harvey Schulman said he is all for safety and everyone hitting in the game but it takes away
the hits up the middle and confuses the defense on who takes the throw at second base.

Walt Clingenpeel stated that it’s a recreational League and the middle fielder allows a
manager to play an extra player. Jim Arey felt there were more pros than cons with the
extra fielder. He felt more games are lost because of defense than offense. Ron King
stated a team can always use another defensive player.

John Calhoun made a motion to eliminate the Middle Infielder and called for a vote for both
Leagues. Jim Carr seconded the motion.
 Under 60 League: Motion carried – 13 yes; 5 no - Middle Infielder eliminated
 60+ League: Motion failed – Unanimous yes, no issues – Middle Infielder remains

Team with 10 Players versus Team with 11 Players

Dean Eklund asked for clarification about the number of players to play a game and when
should a player be loaned to the other team. Gary stated that a team needs 8 players to
start or they forfeit the game. Peter stated that it’s not a rule that a manager has to give the
other team enough players to field 11 but most managers do it as a courtesy to the other
team. It also allows more players to be in the game and not sit on the bench.

Jim Arey disagreed and said if a team only has 9 players he felt a manager should only give
the other team 1 player so they could field 10 but not also give them a player (i.e., Catcher)
so they could field 11 players.

Ed Davis recommended that this issue be reviewed by the Executive Committee at their
January meeting and come up with clarification to assist managers.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                  8                                 5/5/2010
Change Start Time

Jerry Brooks recommended changing the start time of the games from 7:00 to 6:30 or 6:45
because it’s harder to see when it gets dark. Dick Hamel said that an earlier start time
would be hard for the guys who work and have to drive a long distance to get to the games.

Following a discussion among the members, a “straw” vote was taken. Under 60 League, it
was unanimous not to change the start time; 60+ League, 4 in favor and 26 against. Start
time will not change.

Courtesy Runners

JW Austin (under 60) asked what the rule was for courtesy runners. Gary reviewed the
courtesy runner rule for the under 60 League.  Doris reviewed the 2007 rules for both
Leagues (see below). Norm mentioned that after the rule was implemented for the 60+
League in 2006 he has not had a problem; and the rule has worked better than previous
courtesy runner rules that have been used.

2007 Rules
    Under 60 Play - Players will run for themselves at all times. If a player is unable to
      run due to injury, the courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out in the
      inning or the previous inning, whichever applies. If the player who made the last out
      cannot run, the original player has to run for himself or he will be considered out.

      60+ League Play - Players will run for themselves at all times unless they request a
       courtesy runner. Managers cannot take out a player and replace with a courtesy
       runner unless the player requests one. A courtesy runner cannot run in
       consecutive innings. For example, if a player runs in the third inning, the player
       cannot be a courtesy runner in the fourth inning, but could run again in the fifth

Following a discussion of the above suggestions, it was decided to take a vote among the
under 60 League members only for a rule change. Over 60 League would continue to use
the current courtesy runner rule in 2008. After further discussion, the under 60 members
decided they would like to have the same rule as the 60+ League. Harvey Schulman
recommended clarifying the rule to add that a player cannot run twice as a courtesy runner
in an inning. A player can run once for himself and once as a courtesy runner in an inning.
In addition, a player cannot be a courtesy runner in consecutive innings.

Danny Watson made the motion for the under 60 League that players will run for
themselves at all times unless they request a courtesy runner. Managers cannot take out a
player and replace with a courtesy runner unless the player requests one. A courtesy
runner cannot run twice in an inning or run in consecutive innings. Eric Tarnow
seconded the motion. Under 60 League: Motion carried – 18 yes; 1 no.

Example: If a player runs in the second inning, they cannot run as a courtesy runner again
in the second inning. If a player runs in the third inning, the player cannot be a courtesy
runner in the fourth inning, but could run again in the fifth inning.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                9                               5/5/2010
Ball/Strike Count

Jim Arey asked if the 60+ League would consider going to a 1-1 count on a batter when he
steps into the batter box like the under 60 League. Dick Hamel and Fred Magin said they
prefer the standard 4 balls and 3 strikes on a batter. John Calhoun mentioned that a 1-1
count speeds up the game for the under 60 League.

Norm stated that this has come up almost every year and the over 60+ members have
consistently voted to keep the 4-3 count. There was no further discussion and no motion

Same Rules Being Brought Up Every Year

Jim Carr asked why we are going over the Courtesy Runner and Strike/Ball Count rules
again. Chuck Taylor agreed and stated that the League cannot legislate everything and this
is recreational League. Depending on who is at the Annual Meeting, a rule gets brought up
every year and it changes every year.

                                General Information/Discussion

60+ Players Playing in Both Leagues

Larry White asked if over 60 players will be allowed to play in both Leagues next year. He
stated that he would be willing to pay twice if he could play in both Leagues. Gary stated
that other over 60 players has asked to play in both Leagues.

For 2007, the Executive Committee decided it would present additional scheduling problems
for managers and League Commissioners and would open the door for under 60 players
who may want to play in both Leagues. The Executive Committee did not feel that the fee
was the issue as much as the scheduling of players to make sure teams had enough

Ben and Norm voiced their opinion that allowing players to play in both Leagues would be a
“headache” for managers and League Commissioners. An issue would be space availability
in each League and the % of games the player says he will play. If there are enough
players in each age group who have signed up and paid their fees, it would not be fair to
have someone under 60 sit the bench and someone over 60 play 2 nights a week. Plus an
over 60 player could decide to play only 1 night during a week, and the other League
manager would need to be notified to make sure he/she is not short players.

Larry White sent his proposal to the Executive Committee prior to the meeting. Gary asked
for a show of hands of how many over 60 players would like to play in the under 60 League.
There were 5 players (Larry Milleville, Ron King, Peter Mariolis, Mike Monsen and one other
member) who are interested.

Gary stated that the Executive Committee would review Larry’s proposal and discuss further
at their January meeting. A trial period in 2008 might be a possibility to see how his
proposal works.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                 10                              5/5/2010
Team Bats

JW Austin asked if the League ever considered purchasing team bats (Miken, etc.). He said
some players come out with only a glove and uses another player’s expensive bat. Gary
asked for a show of hands about purchasing a team bat. It was unanimous among
members present that the League not purchase team bats. If a player doesn’t want his bat
used during a game, he needs to put it in his bat bag.

Under 60 Players in 60+ League

Mike Monsen asked how many players who were under 60 are playing in the 60+ League.
Norm stated that under 60 players can play in the 60+ League depending on their skill level
and vice versa. Doris stated that she thought it was only 3 or 4 but would follow up with
Mike and let him know how many players were under 60.

Size of Home Plate

Ron King asked if the League would consider expanding the home plate by 1 inch for
pitchers. Ed Davis and Jim Arey stated that ASA is already using the larger home plates.
Ed clarified that new home plates are actually 2 inches larger. Gary said the League will
look into purchasing the larger home plates for 2008.

2007 Special Recognition

Gary stated that the League could not run efficiently without the help of Team Managers,
Commissioners, and Past Presidents. He thanked everyone for their hard work.

Past Presidents - Gary recognized 3 Past Presidents for their term of service and
presented them with a specially designed jacket that has their name and “Past President”.

      Ed Davis – 2001 and 2002
      Walt Clingenpeel – 2003 and 2004
      Peter Mariolis – 2005 and 2006

Jim Carr asked if Charlie Blackburn who started the League and Curtis Caldwell were also
going to get a jacket since they served as Presidents. Gary said he would contact them
after the meeting and make sure they get a jacket. Curtis said he would prefer a T-shirt.

Commissioners - Gary recognized Ben Wiechman and Norm Lebedin and presented them
with a specially designed T-shirt that says “Commissioner”.

Managers – Gary recognized the nine 2007 Team Managers and presented each with a
specially designed T-shirt that says “Manager”.

      Under 60 League – Jerry Brooks, Jerry Falce, Mack Roper, Dean Eklund, Arnie
      60+ League – Ed Brown, Ron King, John Adams, Doris Warpole

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                11                               5/5/2010
Octogenarians (80+) - Doris recognized the Octogenarians (80+) who are still “active”
members in the League. Gary asked those present to stand – George Bond, Al DiFiore,
Rick Prigmore, Joe Stevens, Norm Lebedin, Marty Maddox, Martin Broadwell and Buster

Ill or Injured Members

Doris announced that we had 19 members that were ill or had surgery this year – more than
any previous year. A list of these members was available at the meeting.

League Commissioners for 2008

Gary announced that Norm Lebedin agreed to continue as the 60+ League Commissioner
and Ben Wiechman as Under 60 League Commissioner for 2008. Gary stated that it is the
responsibility of the League Commissioners to recruit Team Managers and assign players to
teams to ensure parity among the teams. They will also make decisions on which League a
player may need to be in based on skill level.

Team Managers Need for 2008

Gary mentioned that we need Team Managers for 2008 and if interested, contact Norm or
Ben. Flyers were on the tables with information on the benefits of being a Team Manager.


Gary mentioned that basketball is open to members and friends to help stay in shape during
the winter and to contact him if anyone is interested in playing. Basketball is every
Wednesday night at Rhodes Jordan Park in the Community Center from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00
p.m. at 100 Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, through the end of February. Flyers with
directions were available at the meeting.

2008 Tournament Team Schedules

Doris asked that tournament team managers notify her of their 2008 tournament schedules
and also let her know the results after each tournament.

New 50 Tournament Team

Doris mentioned that Tom Pressley and Mack Roper were trying to form a 50 tournament
team in 2008. If any one was interested, they could contact Tom or Mack directly.

Gwinnett Senior Olympics

Doris gave a quick overview of the Gwinnett Senior Olympics and the dates for 2008 - April
16 through May 14. Jim Carr asked about if they would be having a softball team. Doris
explained that Gwinnett County does not have softball as part of their events, if any one was
interested, they could contact the State Senior Olympics Committee about participating in
the state games in September at Warner Robbins.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                 12                               5/5/2010
2008 Memorial Tournament

Gary announced that the Memorial Tournament at Bethesda has been tentatively scheduled
for Saturday, April 5. Managers and players need to contact Norm Lebedin for more
information. Volunteers are also needed to help with the tournament.

Doris mentioned that Jim Carr’s wife, Barbara, passed away on November 16 after an
extended illness. Jim thanked everyone for the cards and phone calls.


No benediction was given

                                      Door Prizes

Bert and Peter awarded door prizes to the members that were present. Two pairs of cleats
(size 10 and size 11) were donated by Glenn Austin. Danny Watson won the drawing for
the size 11 cleats and Bobby Morrison for the size 10 cleats.

                                    Meeting Closed

President Gary Mastrodonato declared the meeting adjourned.

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting               13                             5/5/2010
                                           2007 Door Prizes

                      Door Prize                                           Member
                   Gift Certificates
$100 Gift Certificate –                      Tom Koenig
$60 Gift Certificate – Action Awards                      Howard Wilcox
$25 Gift Certificate – Jocks & Jill                       Charlie Banks
$25 Gift Certificate – Jocks & Jill                       Ron King
XL – Bank of America Heavy Pullover Shirts – Gray         Jim Arey
XL – Bank of America Heavy Pullover Shirts – Gray         Emmett Vollenweider
XL – Russell Heavy Pullover Shirt - Red                   Kathy Walker
XL – Russell Heavy Pullover Shirt – Red/White/Blue        Harry Harrison
XL – Bank of America All Baseball Teams T-shirt - White   J. W. Austin
XL – Bank of America All Baseball Teams T-shirt - White   Harvey Schulman
XL – Gear Guard T-Shirt - Gray                            Larry Milleville
XL – Bank of America ¾ Sleeve T-shirt - Gray              Joe Stevens
XL – Georgia T-shirt - Red                                John Wallace
XL – Georgia T-shirt - Red                                Chuck Taylor
XL – Surf School T-shirt - Green                          John Adams
XL – College Game Day T-shirt - Gold                      George Bond
XL – College Game Day T-shirt – GA Tech - White           Randy Albrecht
XL – Final Four March Madness - White                     Harry Mansell
XL – League Championship Shirts - Gray                    Jerry Falce
XL – League Championship Shirts - Gray                    Jim Carr
XL – League Championship Shirt – Navy V-Neck              Brent Binkley
XXL – Atlanta Braves T-Shirt - Navy                       Tena Stanfield
XXL – Bank of America ¾ Sleeve T-shirt - Gray             Tom Koenig
XXL – Express Gear T-shirt - Red                          L. A. Smith
L - Bank of America ¾ Sleeve T-shirt - White              John Head
L - Bank of America ¾ Sleeve T-shirt - Gray               Bill Burns
L - Bank of America ¾ Sleeve T-shirt - Gray               Ed Davis
L – Georgia T-shirt - Red                                 Fred Magin
L – Georgia T-shirt - Red                                 Glenn Austin
L - Puerto Rico T-shirt - Green                           Eric Tarnow
Louisville Slugger Bat Bag                                Ed Brown
Large - Duffle Bag                                        Keith Kieffer
Black Attaché Bag – Donated by Gary Mastrodonato          Ed Brown, Jr.
Medium Shoulder Totes – Black/Red                         Earl Babbitt
Medium Shoulder Totes – Black/Red                         Jerry Brooks
Large - 3 Point Sling Bag – Gray/Black                    Peter Mariolis

    2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                    14                             5/5/2010
Bank of America Stadium Seat with Arms - Red             Harold Carlsen
Bank of America Stadium Seat with Blanket - Black        Sam Clemmons
Jumbo Checker Game – GA Bulldogs                         Tom Pressley
                 Miscellaneous Items
Desktop Darts                                            Bobby Morrison
Texas Hold Them Poker Set                                Norm Lebedin
Golfers Putter Pool                                      Josh Duncan
Glove It License Frame / Calculator / NBA Sweatband /
                                                         Wayne Henck
Mini-Keychain Recorder
Glove It License Frame / Calculator / NBA Sweatband /
                                                         Charlie Blackburn
NationsBank Duffle Bag / Calculator / NBA Wrist Bands    Ben Wiechman
2006 NCAA Men’s National Champions - Beige               George Shortreed
2006 Year of the Gator - Navy                            Russ Greer
No Errors – Defense Wins Championships - Black           Dean Eklund
Georgia Bulldogs - Red                                   Buster Harris
NBA League Hat                                           Chuck Dupree
NBA League Hat                                           Danny Watson
NBA League Hat                                           Dick Hamel
NBA League Hat                                           Larry Wilson
NBA League Hat                                           Mike Monsen
NBA League Hat                                           Keith Guernsey
NBA League Hat                                           Gary Mastrodonato
Minor League Baseball Hat – Donated by L.A. Smith        Larry White
Minor League Baseball Hat – Donated by L.A. Smith        John Calhoun
Minor League Baseball Hat – Donated by L.A. Smith        Bert McDade
Minor League Baseball Hat – Donated by L.A. Smith        Walt Clingenpeel

    2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                   15                       5/5/2010
                                   2007 Financial Report
                          Presented by Frankie Baldwin, Treasurer

Balance Forward from December, 2006                             $12,858.29

      League Fees – Spring and Summer                           $17,240.00
      Memorial Tournament                                         1,550.00
      Check Cancelled                                               100.00
         Total Income                                           $31,748.29

      Umpires                                                       $ 4,857.50
       Memorial Tournament
          Umpires                                                      675.00
          Coffee, donuts, flowers, etc.                                 86.73
          Donation to Gwinnett Senior Center                         1,000.00
          Donation to Daniel Ashworth, Photographer                     50.00

       Pitching Machine                                           1,981.70
       Softballs                                                    899.03
       Face Masks (4)                                               144.93
       Gwinnett Senior Softball Signs (2)                            66.34
       League and Championship Shirts                             2,736.67
       Keys                                                          55.08
       Refunds to Players for Spring and Summer Fees              1,225.00
       ASA Registration                                             200.00
       Secretary of State – Name Change                              90.00
       Liability Insurance                                          904.00
       Directors and Officers Insurance                             385.00
       Mailings and Door Prizes                                   2,216.43
       Treasurer and Secretary Stipend                            1,400.00
       Telephone                                                    159.72
       Return Check                                                 125.00
       Bank Charge                                                    8.00
       Flowers and Memorial Donations                             1,504.54
            Total Disbursements                                 $20,770.67

Balance on Hand as of December 1, 2007                          $10,977.62

2007 GSS/MASSL Annual Meeting                 16                                 5/5/2010

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