TRAVEL TIPS Your airline travel can be fun economical and by whoodeewhoo


									              TRAVEL TIPS

Your airline travel can be fun, economi-    6. Determine exactly what the price cov-    of the area you wish to visit. However,
cal, and made a lot easier with a little    ers, particularly when purchasing a trav-   the price you pay for your flight may be
advance planning. To help consumers         el package. For example, does the pack-     sometimes slightly higher than the on-
learn more about their various options,     age include taxes, surcharges, airfare,     line Electronic tickets.
rights and responsibilities as an airline   hotel, or mileage charges for a rental
passenger, here are a few Tips on Airline   car? Notice whether the ticket you are      UNEXPECTED DELAYS
Travel.                                     buying has particular restrictions that     Airlines do not guarantee their schedule.
                                            affect its use and the cost, if booking     Bad weather, air traffic delays and me-
HOW TO GET THE LOWEST AIR FARE              changes are necessary. For example, is      chanical difficulties are beyond an air-
1. You can search on one or more of the     it non-refundable?                          line’s control. Nevertheless the airlines
many low-fare Web sites that will allow                                                 do attempt to help stranded passengers
                                            7. Be wary of extremely low prices that
you to comparison shop. But to have a                                                   when schedules are not met. If a flight
                                            seem too good to be true. They probably
travel agents involvement in organiz-                                                   is canceled, an airline will attempt to
                                            are. Remember that an advertised price
ing your trip can always be helpfull and                                                place passengers on its next available
                                            may not always be available or may have
trouble free. As you will always have                                                   flight. The airline may also attempt to
                                            numerous restrictions and limitations
an agent to discuss your problems and                                                   place the passenger on another airline
                                            that offset the discount.
provide the remedies if something goes                                                  when necessary.
wrong.                                      8. Always carry Passport/visa and valid
                                                                                        Travel Industry Council of Ontario
                                            ID’s for interna-
2. Check with several travel agents; not
                                            tional travel, and
all agents will have access to the same
                                            only ID’s for do-
                                            mestic travel.
3. Do not grind the travel agent too
                                            9. It’s highly ad-
much for discount as you may lose some
                                            visable to have
important services. Be reasonable.
                                            an insurance with
4. Always remember that you must get        “trip cancellation
what you pay for.                           and health cover-
5. Get your tickets early, since there      age” policy or even
may be a limited number of lower priced     a simple “health
seats. Many airlines require advance        coverage”      plan
booking of at least two to four weeks       before embarking
in order to get the largest discounts. Be   on a trip. It costs
sure to check for any limitations or re-    very little but is
strictions that may apply on an advanced    a source of tre-
booking should you need to change your      mendous peace of
plans.                                      mind.
                                            TRAVEL AGENTS
                                            Travel      agents
                                            promote and sell
                                            transportation and
                                            related services
                                            including    travel
                                            packages.      They
                                            can be of assis-
                                            tance in planning
                                            your trip and often
                                            have knowledge


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