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									 January 2008

   Being Heard
 In This Issue                         IABC February Lunch – Online Communication Tools #2
 Online Communication Tools Series
 The Process of Accreditation
                                      Generational Marketing and Online Media
 IABC International News              Learn how to reach generational target audiences and determine what
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 Parity and your IABC Dues
 IABC Teleseminars and Webinars       The method of marketing to a specific generation is affecting the way that
                                      we promote and sell products and services. Baby Boomers, Generation X
 How Communication Fuels Leadership
                                      and Generation Y each hold a unique set of characteristics and beliefs that
 Member Profile                       influence how they react to an organization’s marketing mix.
 and much, much more...
                                      IABC’s third luncheon in our Online Communication series presents a
                                      glimpse into the world of generational marketing. Join Jen Pilsner, Senior
                                      Marketing and Communications Consultant at SIAST, to hear how she
                                      reached Generation X and Y through online media, and discover how SIAST
                                      has incorporated generational marketing into its communication strategy.

                                      Date: 11:45AM - 1:15PM Wednesday, February 20th
                                      Location: TCU Place, 35 - 22nd Street East, Saskatoon, SK
                                      Cost: $20 for members, $28 for guests, $15 for students.

                                      E -mail your RSVP to
                                      If you have special dietary needs, please include that in your RSVP.

                                      Cancellations must be received at least 48 hours before the event or partici-
                                      pants will be invoiced. RSVPs will be accepted as received and will not
                                      receive a confirmation.

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                                      Looking forward to seeing you there.

 Name The Newsletter Results
As mentioned in last months newsletter, your local IABC Board is looking to put a more appropriate name to this
monthly communication. After a democratic vote on the names put forth, the one receiving the most support was
“Being Heard”, as seen in the new masthead above. As you know, Be Heard™ is IABC International’s brand
positioning line, and we are glad to name our newsletter in support their brand.
 IABC Podcasts?

Speaking of podcasts…
Did you know that IABC has a monthly podcast? Every month, IABC President Julie Freeman and IABC Chair
Todd Hattori are joined by a new notable leader in business communication to discuss what’s happening in our
industry and in our association.

Visit to catch up on past podcasts, including the December discussion on charitable
giving and volunteer activities.

 Social Media: Extend your Reach
The January/February issue of Communication World, IABC’s member magazine, examines the ins and outs of
social media – and complements our January Learning Luncheon topic quite well!

Read about working with Web 2.0, and how new media tools can help (or hinder?) your communication efforts.
Members will have received the magazine in the mail, but you can also read it online at

Looking for more about social media? The October 2007 edition of CW Bulletin, the magazine’s online compan-
ion, focused on social media measurement. Find it and more at

 January’s Luncheon Informative                                                             By Steve Rennick
Useful. Updated. Unique.

Those are the three U’s, according to Rawlco Interactive’s Ted Farr, when it comes to the Saskatchewan media
powerhouse’s online strategy. The senior executive with the Rawlco Group of Companies was one of two keynote
speakers at the Saskatoon IABC monthly learning luncheon on January 16, 2008. He and Rawlco Interactive
program director John Himpe were there to talk about successfully re-imagining and re-launching their web
presence. Established in 1946 in Prince Albert by Edward Rawlinson, Rawlco is now one of Canada’s most
powerful broadcasting companies. In 1975, Rawlinson’s sons, Doug and Gordon, took over the reins. Today, the
company owns 13 radio stations (soon to be 15) in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Internet seemed to be the
next logical progression; thus, Rawlco Interactive was born. At present, they are currently operating 9 online

I sat down with John Himpe, Rawlco’s technical guru, after his presentation. Mostly self-taught, Himpe’s
enthusiasm for the medium is infectious. He is plugged-in, powered-up, and always thinking about the trend that’s
just around the corner. Rawlco has had an on-line presence for years now. But Himpe says it was the big blizzard
of January 2007 that really started the wheels turning.

“When the blizzard hit Saskatoon, we looked at what we were doing on-line and that day a number of things
came together. We realized that we definitely needed some better solutions for doing websites. We also realized
the power of our user base. We were flooded with photos; we were flooded with videos. People really wanted to
contribute to the website. From there it just kind of snowballed…pardon the pun.”

User interaction became a buzzword. Self-admittedly, many of Rawlco’s websites weren’t built in a way that
allowed that. So the focus shifted to making them: a) more usable and b) unique. “If you’re not interacting with
your user base, you’re missing a huge opportunity,” says Himpe. “Being interactive with the user-base allows you
to learn stuff from them you may not know about yourself…it’s so critical. And it’s something a lot of companies I
don’t think do enough of.”

Himpe also says fostering a sense of community is another critical component. He points to some of the biggest
brands in the world, like Apple or Harley Davidson, as excellent examples.
“[They] allow communities to spring up around them. If you can achieve even a hundredth of what they have,
you’ll have an army ready to preach the word about your service or product.”

So between January and September ’07, the Rawlco websites were “re-imagined.” From meetings to outsourcing
to getting staff to “buy-in,” it was a busy but productive 8 months. Working with staff was a very important part of
the process. Himpe and his team had to get everyone from the owners and senior managers down to the
front-line staff who (would actually be managing the data) onboard. It worked. In September 2007, Rawlco official-
ly flipped the switch, making the new website for its flagship property, Saskatoon’s C95, live. Following that
successful launch, the re-vamped websites for six other Rawlco radio stations were brought on-line: Rock 102 in
Saskatoon, Z99 and Jack-FM in Regina, both of the company’s Newstalk operations, and Magic in Edmonton.

It’s been five months since then. An eternity in the world of the inter-web. The last thing you want to do is stand
still. Not a problem for John Himpe. While stressing how important the latest, greatest content is, there are other
factors. “…you also have to be mindful of trends and usability; how people want to interact with your site, how
people want to use it…it can be as simple as changing a menu item’s name. Listen to feedback from the user-
base, then tweak as needed.”

Now you would think maintaining seven websites that evolve as rapidly as the ones maintained by Rawlco
Interactive would be a huge job involving a team of hundreds. Not exactly. It’s more a case of it is, and it isn’t,
according to Himpe. “The interactive team is made up of four people. But the day-to-day work is done by [front-
line staff]; people who are already doing it. The web content just gives them another platform,” says Himpe. “Most
of our online personalities in both Saskatoon and Regina are doing some sort of on-line content, be that a blog or
what have you. For those people, the amount of time they spend on it depends on how much they want to
develop a relationship with the user-base.”

So what about those companies that throw up a static picture with infrequently updated information and a couple
of contact numbers and maybe an e-mail? Himpe says the lack of inactivity is a bad thing and doesn’t understand
the attitude of it’s just too expensive. “For any company to put it off and say it’s just an expensive proposition, we
don’t have the time, energy or resources to be there, that’s just a wrong answer in this day and age. Because
then you’re basically conceding market-share to someone else.”

What does the future hold? Himpe says it will be dictated by users themselves. He think it’s other platforms,
pointing to things like web-based social networks (can you say Facebook?). But…“While I think it’s probably too
early to predict the death of Facebook, there is a question that needs answering: where do we need to be if [it]
dies or changes? Are [you] thinking about mobile devices like the iPod touch or iPhone? How about video
podcasts or cell phone-friendly websites?”

Alrighty then…so you know it’s important to make your website interactive, do everything you can to get users
involved, and stay on top of emerging trends. Who do you turn to? For Himpe there was a simple answer: find out
who the geeks are in your company. It’s not that easy though. They don’t have glasses with tape on them these
days, and they definitely aren’t into pocket protectors. But they’re there, and they’re key to your company’s web
strategy. According to Himpe, “They’re the ones who see where the critical mass is starting to gather. Using C95
and Z99 as examples, getting those stations onto Facebook was part of our design process. We sat back and
said why shouldn’t these stations be on Facebook? The result? Both stations are on Facebook today, both have
groups, and both are doing fairly well in memberships. You gotta think about where the critical mass is starting to
gather and can you get there in time with everybody else? You don’t necessarily need to be ahead of the curve,
but you definitely don’t want to be behind it.”

But Himpe says don’t stop there. “On a broader level, maybe more organizations need to… consult with people
who are in the under-30 set. There’s an emerging workforce of under-30s in companies across Canada and
these people live very different lives than their colleagues who have a mortgage, kids and a spouse. As a result
those people can throw out some beacons as to what some emerging technologies are, give some clues as to
where marketing needs to go for the company.”

Himpe and I stand up. We shake hands. As he walks away, I think, “There goes the future.”
And it’s in pretty good hands.
  Accreditation - What is it?
Continue in you professional development with accreditation. It is a way of demonstrating your ability to think and
plan strategically and to successfully manage those skills essential to effective organizational communication,
which could include internal communications, media relations, crisis communications and external relations.

To assist in your decision or to help you through the process of undertaking accreditation, please take note of the
following seminars:

Upcoming Accreditation Teleseminars                                                        Interested in Pursuing Accreditation?

Preparing for your Accreditation Exam - 31 January                                         Contact our local liaison:
Presenters / Mark Estes, ABC, and Jo Langham, ABC                                          Jill Cope, ABC*
                                                                                           Communications Manager
Developing your Accreditation Portfolio - 20 March                                         City of Saskatoon
Presenter / Nick Durutta, ABC                                                    

Preparing for your Accreditation Exam - 22 May
Presenter / Jo Langham, ABC

Developing your Accreditation Portfolio - 4 December
Presenter / Nick Durutta, ABC
IABC Accreditation Readiness Quiz

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As of January 28, 2008 IABC Saskatoon has: 81 active members
Recent Joins: Please welcome our 2 new members.
Carla Trobak - UMA Engineering                 Sara Detenshen - Innovation Place

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IABC offers monthly teleseminars led by top-rated IABC conference speakers with downloadable handouts.
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Complimentary Web Seminar for IABC members on Social Media from Dow Jones
Dow Jones is offering a complimentary web seminar for IABC members on 31 January with Jeremiah Owyang,
senior analyst at Forrester Research and Glenn Fannick, product development manager at Dow Jones. In this
session, you'll discover how social media is being deployed and how listening to the conversation can help you
identify your audience and their drivers while seizing opportunities and mitigating risks. They'll also provide insight
on how to easily monitor and understand the latest news, market trends, and business challenges relevant to your
organization and your customers.

February 21 - Putting social media to work: Seven practical ideas for taking your intranet to the next level
Presented by Jerry Stevenson, Buck Consultants, an ACS Company

March 13 - Corporate social responsibility: From buzzword to conversation
Presented by Meryl David, ABC, Zurich Financial Services and Alice Cahill, Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd.

IABC Webseminars
Presented by James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR

These seminars are telephone seminars with visuals presented on the web.
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February 27 – Why should the boss listen to you: The seven disciples of the trusted strategic advisor

March 26 – Media coaching for media coaches: Insights on shaping the spokesperson’s character, content
and charisma

April 22 - Becoming a Resonant Leader: Increasing Your Effectiveness and Impact. Presented in association
with Harvard Business

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 Canadian Dollar Parity and IABC Membership Dues
As the US and Canadian dollars have reached parity, a recent e-mail from IABC International was sent to clarify
the issues around Canadian dues. If you have further questions after reading this, please feel free to contact them

1) IABC sets the exchange rate annually (instead of more frequently) in order to communicate a consistent dues
rate for a meaningful period of time. This practice has been proven to reduce confusion about dues amounts.

2) Canadians can pay in either US or Canadian dollars, which allows Canadian members the benefit of whichever
currency is stronger. Canadians are the only members allowed to pay in either their own or US currency. All other
members are required to pay in US currency.

3) IABC’s exchange rate can never match market rates, because IABC incurs costs in accepting Canadian dollars
(e.g., maintaining a Canadian bank account). Thus, IABC’s rate is set conservatively, but still based on market
rates and forecasts for the coming year.
4) Canada is at the Tier B dues level. To price dues fairly in countries around the world, IABC collects data each
year from objective sources (e.g., the World Bank) on purchasing power parity of individual countries. Based on
this data, each country is assigned to one of four tiers. Canada is currently assigned to Tier B. Hence, Canadian
member international dues are lower by US$39 than those of members in Tier A countries, such as the USA.

5) If members prefer to pay in Canadian dollars, they experienced a dues decrease on January 1, 2008 (despite
the overall dues increase), because we changed the exchange rate from CDN$1.16 = US$1 to CDN$1.10 = US$1

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 IABC International News                                                                           Be Heard      ™

Membership record
IABC continues to set new records for membership numbers. As of 30 November, IABC membership is at an all
time high of 15,175 members. Several new companies have signed up for corporate membership packages.
We now have more than 220 corporate member companies with more than 2,300 members.

2008 Gold Quill Awards®—Final deadline to enter: 12 February 2008
The Gold Quill Awards represent a mark of global distinction and the highest level of professional
acknowledgement within business communication today. Visit for more information on how to enter!

Communication World
The February issue of CW Bulletin will focus on online reputation management. Articles in this issue will examine
how to protect your organization’s reputation from harmful blog posts as well as offer tips for what web sites to
monitor and other ways to effectively manage your reputation online.

New look and new features at
In late January, IABC’s international website will get a new homepage design that will better reflect the IABC
brand while making it easier than ever to find what you need on the site.
Better still, we’re launching an exciting new tool to help members meet and share ideas, opinions and best
practices online. You’ll have the ability to instantly create your own blog, form private groups, post documents and
create your own personalized profile. And you get to decide if you want to make your pages open to the world, to
IABC members only or to individual members you invite. Collaborate on chapter program planning, create a
chapter blog, or form special interest groups. The official launch will be held at the 2008 Leadership Institute,
21 – 23 February in San Antonio, Texas.

February 2008 is a worldwide membership month
During the month of February, when any new or lapsed member joins or re-joins IABC, we’ll waive the application
fee (US$40/CDN$44 for faxed/mailed/phoned enrollments; US$30/CDN$33 for Internet enrollments).

2008 Leadership Institute
San Antonio, Texas
21 – 23 February 2008
Join IABC leaders from around the world for two and a half days of networking, sharing best practices,
leadership development and fun! All current and potential IABC chapter, regional and international leaders are
encouraged to attend.
  Awards, Seminars and Conferences

Topic: How Communications Fuels the Leadership Engine
A full-day workshop and luncheon with Merge-Gupta-Sunderji, a leadership and workplace
communication expert from Calgary.

Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Location: Hotel Saskatchewan, 2125 Victoria Avenue

RSVP by email to (IABC members or others) or to (CPRS
members or others). Provide name, organization, daytime phone number, CPRS or IABC membership number
and any dietary restrictions, and indicate whether you are registering for the full-day workshop or luncheon.

Deadline for cancellations is February 12, 2008. After this date, registrants will be responsible for paying the full cost of the event. Substitutions are welcome.

Workshop: The Secrets of Today’s Most Successful Leaders - Keeping good employees and grooming future
leaders in the communications profession

“Management is what you do, leadership is how you do it.” – Merge Gupta-Sunderji

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, keeping good people can be difficult. In addition, as the public
relations/communications profession in this region of the country matures, it becomes even more critical to groom
the leaders of the future so that we can sustain our businesses and organizations into the future. Are you taking
action to build people for tomorrow and create a leadership and workplace environment that makes you the
employer of choice? Join leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji in a fast-paced and energizing session as she
gives you practical and specific tools and strategies to not only develop your people, but also establish yourself as
a credible and respected leader and trusted communications advisor within your organization.

Time: Registration 8:45 a.m., Workshop 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $195 IABC/CPRS members, $265 non-members (includes luncheon keynote).

Prepayment is required and must be received by February 12, 2008. Send cheque to Loanne Myrah, CPRS
Regina, P.O. Box 472, Regina, SK S4P 3A2

RSVP by January 31, 2008

Luncheon Keynote: Millenials Exposed: Insights into the Psyche of a New Generation of Workers - How to
understand and bridge generational differences in the workplace and how to lead them.

Time: Registration 11:45 a.m., Luncheon 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Cost: $25 IABC/CPRS members, $35 non-members RSVP by February 12, 2008

If you’re aged 28 years or older, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a whole new breed of worker making its way
into the Canadian labour pool. And likely, your reaction to them has ranged from bewilderment to frustration.
Dubbed “Millenials” and already over three million strong, they’ve brought different values and a different work
ethic to the workplace. If you’re a Baby Boomer or Gen X’er, then successfully working with these youthful
employees will require an adjustment in what you think they should say, do and look like. Join leadership expert
Merge Gupta-Sunderji in a light-hearted and entertaining session as she introduces you to the Millenials, tells you
how they came to be, and more importantly, gives you some specific ideas on how love ‘em and live with ‘em. If
you’ve ever shaken your head and bemoaned “kids these days!”, then this keynote will give you some insights into
how you can lead them.

About the speaker: Merge Gupta-Sunderji is an international professional speaker, author, radio commentator and consult-
ant since 1988. Merge gives people specific and practical tools to help them achieve leadership and communication success.
 Member profile

Three Questions with Erin Taman Athmer
- Communications Specialist, Cameco Corporation

Three Questions is a new monthly newsletter feature that will help you get to know your fellow IABC members better.
Each month, a member is randomly chosen to answer three questions about their work and life. You could be next!

1. How did you end up in the communications field?
My first communications position was as a summer student at the University of Saskatchewan. During my four
months in the central communications department, my eyes were opened to the intriguing world of
communications. Two years later (after finishing my journalism degree at the University of Regina), I was hired on
full-time at the U of S in a media relations role.

2. What was your highlight of 2007?
My husband and I spent ten days in Ireland on our honeymoon. I took more than 900 photos and filled a journal
with stories and anecdotes while we were there.

3. What's your favourite book? And for bonus points, can you draw business communications
lesson from it?
My favorite book is The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. I love this book because it has
short “leadership stories” (case studies) which demonstrate the importance of clear, concise communication in all
areas of leadership and management.

 IABC Saskatoon 2007- 08 Board Members
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President                  Leanne Nyirfa                        292-9868       
Past-President             Carey Robertson                      956-6317       
Vice-President             Michelle Nelson (on maternity leave)
Administrator              Erin Taman Athmer                    374-7933       
Treasurer                  Iv Kane                              528-4405       
Prof. Dev.                 Jodie Robulak                        667-1196       
Prof. Dev.                 Chelsea Fleischhacker                653-4747       
Membership                 Colleen Gnyp                         343-7778       
Membership                 Rachael Kenny                        242-9222       
Communication              Wes Fyck                             374-0220       
Communication              Jolene Vanthuyne                                    
Website                    Deborah Hanley                                      
Volunteer Chair            Kerilyn Voigt                        664-1056       
Student Rep.               Mark Feader                          260-5704       

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