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					Social Media: Online Networking

         Let’s Get
         It Started
     Online Networking – Why?
  • Communicate to your current list of contacts or 40,000 instead?

            • Get referrals & introductions or cold call?

• Get listed in Google.

                                      • Free Marketing or Pay for it?

• Find and Select your contacts
or deal with whoever turns up?
(If they turn up that is)            • Give & Take: Help & Advice –
                                     Show your skills if you have them.

                   • Pitch your business – no rules.

         Connect to 30 people, but have access to over 2000.

                          Let me show you HOW.
Where do you fit in?


                Let’s Get It Started


 Professional History    Groups      Add Presentations

   Connections          Updates        Discussions

Recommendations                        Introductions
                        Pitch your
                        business         Blogging

                                     Answer questions
    10 Absolutes of Social Media
•   1. Determine Your Audience…
•   2. Fish Where the Fish Are…
•   3. Develop Topics That Will Give That Audience
      Massive Value…
•   4. Engage Your Audience…
•   5. Be Social…
•   6. Make It FUN…
•   7. You Will Get Out What You Put Into It…
•   8. Be Yourself…
•   9. Listen…
•   10. Put Quality First…
• Define and manage your social media
• Organise photographs
• Produce content for blogs, articles etc
• Monitor your web presence
      Any Questions?
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