Proposed Format XML Format for Social Media Releases Developed by ebz12558


									Proposed Format XML Format for Social Media Releases
Developed by Sean Jackson from Lead Maverick
October 31, 2008| Updated Nov 3, 2008

The purpose of this XML specification is to build upon the hRelease and PRX work done by the social
release community.

The goal of this proposed format is to provide a self-contained transportable format for inclusion in
other computer media, with benefits including:

    •   Using standard element names found in other common XML formats like RSS
    •   Compartmentalize content elements
    •   Provide flexibility for future additions
    •   Provide simplified ways to integrate into websites and other interface systems

Additional considerations where made for:

    •   Release may be for media only and not text
    •   Copyright and rating information included
    •   Additional resources can be added for future social media systems
    •   Comments for the release could be included within the XML structure
    •   Contact types are normalized to provide more flexibility for future communication mediums.
    •   Geo coding information standardized
    •   Source information designed to be more flexible than pure company designation
    •   Rating and copyright information added
    •   Quotes normalized to remove the need for embedding ASCII encoded bullets
    •   Inclusion of disclosure elements for financial information or other usage information outside of
        copyright issues.
    •   Tracking Code added for additional reporting (Nov 3, 2008)
    •   Source TYPE added for display of additional sources (Nov 3, 2008)

Potential issues related to this format include:

    •   Consistent designation of Type attributes for elements: will need to define a common set of
        standardized types for each element to improve the efficient consumption of data while
        providing a common framework for expansion.
    •   Flexibility for additional elements that conform with the NewsML v2 specifications.
    •   Flexibility for additional elements that conform to new social media designations that have yet
        to be developed.

The following is an overview of the elements. In addition a completed and commented XML schema is
included at the end of the document.

Proposed XML Format for Social Media Releases (Page 1)                 
Element Summary

Req Element     Sub Element             Attributes     Notes
X   <smRelease>                         version        Container for xml information and version info
X     <item>                                           Container for all elements inside hRelease
X               <title>                                Title or headline for the release
X               <description>                          Sub headline or summary of release; 256 char.
                <summary>                              Summary line; 256 char.
                <image>               type             JPG, GIF, PNG image corresponding to release
                <language>                             RSS specific language codes
                <copyright>           source           For use with Creative Common license.
                                      type             Property of element to include text. Attributes
                                      descriptionUrl to site source name (ie Creative Commons),
                                      imageUrl         type of usage, location of usage text and
                                                       location of image to use.
X                 <guid>              isPermaLink      Permalink URL location
                  <notificationUrl> type               Trackback or Pingback URL
                  <location>          type             Based on the Geo Meta information.
                     <position>                        Container for location info
                       <latitude>                      Latitude coordinate
                       <longitude>                     Longitude coordinate
                    <placename>                        City code
                    <region>                           State and Country code
                  <category>                           User defined
                  <generator>                          User defined text; could include URL and/or
X                 <pubDate>                            Publication data; RFC 822 spec
                  <lastBuildDate>                      Date last changed; RFC 822
                  <expireDate>                         Date of expiration; RFC 822
                  <rating>                             PICS rating
X                 <source>            type             Container for the source of the release, could
                                                       include company. TYPE could include author,
                                                       reviewer, agency, etc.
X                    <name>                            Source Name
                     <description>                     Description of source
X                    <reference>      Type             Property to include URL. Types include
                                                       website, blog, etc.
                     <category>       type             User defined, could include SIC code for type.
X                    <contact>        Type             Property to include number or URL, type to
                                                       include email, telephone, IM, etc.
                  <newsBody>                           Body text; may include XHTML, links, images,
                  <quotes>                             Container for quotes
                     <quote>          Id               Unique ID for each quote; no bullets needed
                  <contacts>                           Container for contacts
                     <contact>        Type             Types may include Press, Company,
                                                       Background, etc. Each contact type should
                                                       only be used once.
                      <name>                           Person name
Proposed XML Format for Social Media Releases (Page 2)               
Req Element         Sub Element        Attributes        Notes
                      <title>                            Title
                      <orgName>                          Organization Name
                      <picture>        type              JPG, GIF, PNG
                      <shortBio>                         256 char text
                      <comm>           type              Multiple communication points can be listed
                                                         including telephone, fax, email, twitter, IM,
                       <address>       type              Multiple addresses can be included based on
                                                         Work, Home, MailBox
                        <street>                         Street address
                        <box>                            Second address line
                        <locality>                       City info
                        <region>                         State or province
                                                         Postal Code
                        <country>                        Country
                      <reference>      Type              Additional links to Facebook, MySpace, etc
                                                         with property elements to include URL.
                    <media>                              Container for media files
                     <file>            Id                Element for including media with release.
                                       Type              Each file contains unique ID. Type can include
                                       Size              common media formats, Size include file size
                                       url               and URL indicates the location of the media.
                    <related>                            Container for related links
                      <link>           Id                Property includes the name of the resource
                                       url               and the URL attribute indicates its location.
                    <tags>                               Container for tags
                      <tag>            Id                Property includes the name of the tag with
                                       url               each tag element containing a unique ID. The
                                       type              URL indicates a location reference and the
                                                         TYPE indicates the type of tag (ie Related
                                                         Keyword, Category, etc.)
                    <comments>                           Container for comments
                      <comment>        Id                Unique comments associated with the release
                       <title>                           Title of the comment
                       <dateTime>                        Date and time of comment; RFC 822
                       <author>                          Person’s name
                       <details>                         Details of the comment.
                    <resources>                          Container for additional resources that could
                                                         be defined – for future use including vCard or
                                                         hCal links, etc.
                      <resource>       Id                Property to include name or text with each
                                       type              resource uniquely ID. Type and URL open.
                    <disclosure>                         Text element whose property includes XHTML
                    <trackCode>                          Tracking code to be included with release.

Proposed XML Format for Social Media Releases (Page 3)               
Sample XML file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<smRelease version=".22">
    <image type="jpg"></image>
    <copyright source="" type="" descriptionUrl="" imageUrl=""></copyright>
    <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
    <notificationUrl type="Trackback"></notificationUrl>
    <location type="geo">
    <source type="company">
      <reference type="website"></reference>
      <category type=””></category>
      <contact type="Telephone"></contact>
      Text here
      <quote id=""></quote>
        <contact type="">
          <picture type=""></picture>
          <comm type="Telephone"></comm>
          <address type="work">
Proposed XML Format for Social Media Releases (Page 4)
           <reference type="Facebook"></reference>
           <reference type="LinkedIn"></reference>
       <file id="" type="" size="" url=""></file>
       <link id="" url=""></link>
       <tag id="" url="" type="TagCloud"></tag>
       <comment id="">
       <resource id="" type="" url=""></resource>
       Text here

       Text here




Proposed XML Format for Social Media Releases (Page 5)

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