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Social Media Intern

Founded in 1999, iMentor has quickly become one of the largest and most                              iMentor Snapshot
innovative mentoring organizations in New York City. Over the last ten years,
                                                                                           During the 2008-09 program year, iMentor
iMentor has developed and refined a new kind of mentoring model, combining                 matched 1,000 pairs (2,000 participants)

email communication and in-person meetings to prove (1) that even the busiest,             95% of mentees think that getting to know their
                                                                                           mentors through iMentor has been a positive
most successful New Yorkers have time to be quality mentors and (2) that formal            experience

mentoring programs can flourish in NYC's most underserved communities.                     85% of mentees report that they have higher
                                                                                           expectations for themselves after participating in

iMentor partners with schools and after school programs to match high school-              97% of mentors would recommend iMentor to a
                                                                                           friend or coworker
aged youth one-to-one with volunteer adult mentors (matches range between
                                                                                           70% of volunteers have never been mentors
one and four years in length). Beginning with one classroom in the South Bronx,            before joining the program

iMentor has matched and supported over 7,000 mentor-mentee pairs in the last              AFTER COMPLETING THE 2007-08 IMENTOR PROGRAM

ten years. iMentor currently has a waiting list of both volunteer mentors and              95% of mentees graduated high school

partnering schools waiting to join iMentor’s vast network of participants and is           72% enrolled in college

preparing to embark on an ambitious five-year growth plan (including national
expansion through iMentor Interactive and growing the core mentoring program in New York City).

iMentor’s core mission – to improve the lives of young people from underserved areas of New York City through
innovative, technology-based approaches to youth mentoring and education – is dependent on the iMentor’s ability to
get the word out about our organization and attract a diverse pool of volunteers, non-profit organizations and
companies to get involved in our cause.

Reporting to the Director of Volunteers and working closely with the Volunteer Coordinator, the Social Media Intern
will monitor iMentor’s presence online, contribute to discussions that feature iMentor, evaluate the usefulness of a
possible viral campaign and create an online publicity strategy that will best work with iMentor’s model. iMentor seeks
a dynamic individual with initiative, enthusiasm, and a demonstrated commitment to the community. This is a part
time summer internship, beginning in June and ending in August.

                   •   Investigate a Social Media Technology-enabled viral recruitment campaign
                   •   Track how iMentor is received on third party websites, blogs, Social Networks, etc
                   •   Lead group of volunteer mentors in strategic blog posting
Social Media Intern
                  •   Monitor and facilitate discussion postings on Facebook
                  •   Monitor mentions of iMentor online, manage responses
                  •   Explore and implement open source marketing strategy
                  •   Create multi-media and written communication wiki
                  •   Identify key bloggers and online affinity groups
                  •   Create and present final report in Social Media Technology project

Intern should have strong written communication skills, fluency in and passion for online media and social networking
and a sense of humor. Intern should demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a commitment to serving underserved and
represented communities. Coursework should include classes in (or related to) marketing, online media, youth
development and/or non-profit management. We will conduct a criminal background check on final candidates.

This is an unpaid position.

    Please send a detailed cover letter and a resume to indicating “Intern” in the subject line.
    No phone or fax inquiries will receive a response.

                                            IMENTOR, INC. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

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