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					                   ADV5303: Social Media Marketing
                                           January 2010

        “Advertising is the price of being boring” - Andy Sernovitz
We will explore the game changing nature of social media and its impact on traditional
advertising and marketing. Social media allows customers to interact with each other and the
brands that they use on a daily basis in new ways. These advances / changes / disruptions may
have profound influences on the way persuasion takes place in new media.

We will being our exploration into social media with a primer of word of mouth marketing
including the talkers, topics, and tools available for taking part in and tracking conversations in
the social media.

Social media include networks (e.g., Facebook, MySpace, and Linkedin), wikis (e.g., Wikipedia),
multimedia sharing sites (e.g., YouTube and Flickr), bookmarking sites (e.g., and
Digg), and virtual worlds (e.g., Second Life) among others that allow people to interact with each
other and share information about products and brands. Tools to keep updated include tagging,
RSS, and Twitter which can be used to encourage buzz and facilitate viral campaigns.

Reading List

   •   Word of Mouth Marketing, Andy Sernovitz
   •   Secrets of Social Media Marketing: How to Use Online Conversations and Customer
       Communities to Turbo-Charge Your Business! Paul Gillin
   •   Socialnomics, Erik Qualman

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

   •   understand and define word of mouth marketing and social media marketing.
   •   contrast social media with advertising and know when to use each most effectively.
   •   identify social media influentials.
   •   employ social media for research purposes.
   •   create effective social media content that develops buzz.
   •   locate and utilize social media tools to engage others in the promotion of your brand.
   •   plan and execute social media marketing campaigns.
   •   track the effectiveness of social media campaigns

               Dr. Steven Edwards            Office hours: By appointment
               235 Umphrey Lee     
                                   COURSE REQUIREMENTS

Attendance is mandatory for this class. Each day will be presentations, exams, and activities
which are required. Unless something extraordinary occurs, you must attend.

Assignments: During the semester you will need to complete two presentations. Missed
presentations will receive a grade of zero.

Grade Components: Your final grade will be made up of two class presentations, three exams,
and a final social media marketing presentation.

              Class Presentations (2 @ 15 points)          30 points
              Exams (3 @ 20 points)                        60 points
              Social Media Marketing Presentation          10 points

Grade Scale

                 94 - 100          A                   73 - 76.9          C
                 90 – 93.9         A-                  70 – 72.9          C
                 87 - 89.9         B+                  67 - 69.9          C-
                 83 - 86.9         B                   63 - 66.9          D+
                 80 – 82.9         B-                  60 – 62.9          D
                 77 - 79.9         C+                  Under 60           F

   A Note about Grades: An A is reserved for work that is exceptional in its appearance and
   exceeds the instructor’s expectations of performance for the task/course. “A’s or “Bs” are not
   rewarded for simply doing those things that are expected of every Southern Methodist
   University Student—i.e. coming to class on time, submitting quality work, and respectful
   behavior in the classroom. I will not withhold any earned grade from a deserving
   student but neither will I reward mediocrity. The general grading criteria for assignments
   and quizzes start from a C (which meets the basic required elements and is satisfactory
   work) and either can move down towards an F or up towards an A (which represents an
   answer that clearly exceeds expectations and is excellent work).

              Dr. Steven Edwards           Office hours: By appointment
              235 Umphrey Lee    
   Everyone is to to read Socialnomics before the class begins on January 5 as it will serve as a basis
   for how social media is changing our world.

   Readings to be covered each day are listed below. Note: there are between 2 and 5 chapters
   covered per day, so I strongly suggest getting started with the readings for the first three days before
   class as well.

             CLASS DAY                                 TOPIC                          READINGS


            T – January 5                         What is WOMM?                     WOMM Intro & 1

                                                   Why Engage?                        WOMM 2 & 3

                                                   Why Engage?                          SSMM 1

           W – January 6                       A Social Media Mindset                   SSMM 2

                                     Talkers                                            WOMM 4

                                           Listening                                    SSMM 3

                                           Engaging Influencers                         SSMM 4

                                           Learning from Customers                      SSMM 9

           Th – January 7            Topics                                             WOMM 5

                                          Basics of Social Media Content               SSMM 10

                                          Topics, Voices, & Approaches                 SSMM 11

            F – January 8                 Words & Images                               SSMM 12

                                          Interactive Elements                         SSMM 13

               Dr. Steven Edwards               Office hours: By appointment
               235 Umphrey Lee        
                      CLASS DAY                                                        TOPIC                                             READINGS


                   M – January 11                            Tools                                                                         WOMM 6

                                                                   Corporate Blogs                                                          SSMM 5

                                                                   Social Networks Defined                                                  SSMM 6

                                                                   Big Players                                                              SSMM 7

                    T – January 12                                 Niche Players                                                            SSMM 8

                                                             Taking Part                                                                   WOMM 7

                                                                   Self Promotion                                                          SSMM 14

                   W – January 13                            Tracking                                                                      WOMM 8

                                                                   Measuring Results                                                       SSMM 15

                  TH – January 14                                    Social Media Marketing Plan

      The schedule indicates approximate dates when selected topics will be discussed. Students are responsible for schedule changes announced in class.

                          Dr. Steven Edwards                                 Office hours: By appointment
                          235 Umphrey Lee