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Social Media Stats Quotes - August 13, 2009 by pqp10557


									Social Media Stats & Quotes – August 13, 2009


    •   Facebook is growing by 700,000 users a day
    •   Facebook is growing by 5 million users a week, worldwide
    •   Facebook is growing by over 1 million users a week within the US
    •   One billion photos are uploaded to Facebook per month
    •   10% of global internet population visit Facebook

Facebook Statistics

    •   There are more than 225 million active Facebook users
    •   More than 100 million users log on every day
    •   30 million users update their statuses every day
    •   8 million users become fans of Public Profiles each day
    •   10 million videos are uploaded every month
    •   1 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, photos, notes, etc) are shared each week
    •   More than 2/3 of Facebook users are out of college
    •   70% of Facebook users are outside of the US
    •   The average user has 120 friends
    •   There are more than 20 million active user groups
    •   More than 2 million events are created each month
    •   More than 35 translations of the site available, with an additional 60 in development
    •   More than 52,000 applications on the Facebook platform
    •   More than 95% of Facebook users have used at least one application
    •   Over 200 applications maintain a monthly user base of more than 1 million
    •   More than 30 million users access Facebook from their mobile devices


    •   In July 2009, Facebook attracted 87.7 million unique visitors in the US (up 13.9% over June)
    •   Time spent on Facebook increased 36% in July, to a total of 15.8 billion minutes
    •   Facebook is now the fifth largest media property in the US
    •   In July 2009, Twitter attracted 21.2 million unique visitors in the US (up 6% over June)
    •   Time spent on Twitter increased 26% in July to a total of 4.75 million minutes


    •   As of June 2009, Facebook has seen Y/Y growth of 248.2%
    •   MySpace attracted 59.6 million unique US visitors in July 2009
    •   Facebook has a 6.5% overall share of time spent online in the US
    •   Over 40% of the US Internet population logs into Facebook every month
    •   MySpace has 1.74% overall share of time spent online in the US
eMarketer / Cone

    •   41% of the US Internet user population visited a social network in 2008
    •   44% of Internet users will visit a social network monthly in 2009
    •   Nearly 6 out of 10 Americans who use social media interact with companies on social media sites
    •   85% of social media users thought companies should interact with their consumers through social

Average Advertising CPM’s, by medium:

    •   TV - $10.25
    •   Magazines - $6.98
    •   Newspaper - $5.50
    •   Online Video (Pre-roll) - $25.00
    •   Buddy Media’s App-vertisements - $0.28


    •   Facebook’s unique audience has grown 177% YOY
    •   Average time spent on Facebook has increased 187% YOY
    •   US time spent on Facebook has increased 700% YOY (April 2008 – April 2009)
    •   US time spent on all social networks has increased 83% YOY (April 2008 – April 2009)

Insight Express

    •   40% of social network users support the use of “opt-in” advertising
    •   Only 20% of social network users condone behavior-based campaigns

Mobile Advertising

    •   The average iPhone owner downloads over 20 apps
    •   Silicon Alley Insider is estimating that in-app advertising has an average CPM between $20 and $30
    •   Sanford Berstein predicts that world-wide mobile advertising will "mushroom" from $700m in 2009 to
        $7.2b in 2012.

Buddy Media

    •   App-vertising campaigns yield 398% more engaged users than social media display advertising
    •   Users spend an average of 2 minutes and 35 seconds engaged with our applications – five times
        greater than the average time spent watching a TV commercial, and seventy five times greater than
        the average time spent interacting with banner ads.
    •   85% of our users return to the applications multiple times.
    •   On average, 59% of our users return 9 times or more.

“This is clearly the direction where social media campaigns are headed – going beyond simply having a
presence on key social sites and also doing something creative that engages customers with your brand.”

- Adam Ostrow, Mashable

“Consumers base their buying decisions on reputation, repeat exposure to the brand and being able to relate
to the brand. And that's what this app does. It allows the consumer to go beyond the 30-second television
commercial and interact with brand itself.”

- Joe Couceiro, Busch Entertainment Exec VP CMO

“Regardless of which site is in the lead, 2009 is the year of building social marketing strategy. 2010 and
beyond will see increased activity and deployments.”

- Debra Aho Willimson, eMarketer

“A downturn opens up rare opportunities to outmaneuver rivals.”

“Companies that injudiciously slash marketing spending often find that they later must spend far more in order
to recover.”

- David Rhodes and Daniel Selter, Harvard Business Review

“Basically, in a recession, the consideration phase is more important than awareness -- and that's where
advertising flops and social applications succeed.”

- Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research

“Social networks are where consumers feel comfortable expressing their feelings—good or bad—about
companies, products and services. Marketers, retailers and social networks have an opportunity to tap into
this stream of information-sharing.”

- Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer

"Social media is perhaps the most powerful communications platform of the future. Making it viable is more
than a VivaKi priority: it is an industry imperative."

- David Kenny and Jack Klues, VivaKi Managing Directors

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