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									                                   Soccer Rhode Island
                               Olympic Development Program
                                    2009 - 2010 Season
Who should be involved in the Olympic Development Program?
Any player who wishes to develop as a player, who is interested in competing at a higher level, who aspires to
play in high school, college or the Olympics should participate in the Olympic Development Program (ODP).

What is the commitment and what is the cost?
Each age group coach selects a pool of 24 – 30 players (depending upon the age group) and trains once per
month during the winter and then weekly on Wednesday nights from April through June. Players are expected
to attend at least 80% of all scheduled events. The event calendar is posted on the Soccer Rhode Island
website www.soccer-ri.com under ODP. This calendar once posted in December, will not have mandatory
events added to it. We may on occasion cancel an event, but for planning purposes, all players and their
respective clubs will have the ODP calendar available in December. ODP events take priority over all other
soccer functions except the Region 1 Director’s League.

The Developmental Age Group (1998/99) is a flat fee of $415. This fee covers all training both indoor and
outdoor. In addition, the fee includes, uniform socks, shorts, 2 training shirts and a sweatshirt. This group does
not travel to any tournament events. The goal of this age group is to get the player acquainted with training at a
higher level.

There is a $25 registration fee for the U18/19 Girls (1991 & 1992) age group. This group does not travel to
events. Players can apply to go to the Regional Camp at the end of the season.

The fee for the U17 (1993) age group is $500. This fee covers training sessions November – June. In
addition, the fee includes, uniform socks, shorts, uniform jersey (or keeper jersey), 2 training shirts and a
sweatshirt. An additional fee will be charged for individual events (for players selected to attend). If the
player is a returning player and does not need to order the full uniform kit, the fee is $425. During the
registration process returning players may purchase individual replacement pieces. This fee also includes
the $50 fundraising fee to support the ODP Player Biography book published each spring (See ODP
Fundraising Program).

The fee for the U13 – U16 (1997 – 1993) age group is $650. This fee covers all training sessions November –
June, a round robin event with New Hampshire and a Mini-Camp with the Region 1 Staff in May. In addition,
the fee includes, uniform socks, shorts, uniform jersey (or keeper jersey), 2 training shirts and a sweatshirt.
This fee also includes the $50 fundraising fee to support the ODP Player Biography book published each
spring (See ODP Fundraising Program). The fee does not include bus transportation to events. If the team
travels by bus, there will be a separate fee assessed. If the player is a returning player and does not need
to order the full uniform kit, the fee is $575. During the registration process returning players may
purchase individual replacement pieces.

Fees for the three major events (the Soccer Scramble in Massachusetts for the girls, the ODP Tournament held
in June at Rider University in New Jersey for all the teams and the Regional ODP camp) are separate and are
charged to only those players who are selected for those events.
Where is the training held?
Training sessions will be held at an indoor facility in North Smithfield, and also the Wheeler School Farm
Facility in Seekonk, MA during the months of November, December, January, February and March. Outdoor
sessions will be held at both the University of Rhode Island in Kingston as well as other locations throughout
the state. Information on training times and locations will always be available on the Soccer Rhode Island
website www.soccer-ri.com.

When do the players train?
Training sessions are held on one Wednesday evening during the winter months and on Wednesday nights
from April through June.

Why should players become a part of this program?
Each player is given the opportunity to develop as a player and to train and play with the best players in one
age group. Each player receives quality instruction from licensed coaches. The competition against other state
ODP teams in excellent. Each player has the opportunity to be selected to the regional, national or Olympic
teams from this program. All players are exposed to college coaches both at the state level and at the regional
level. This year, the 1993 and 1994 birth year groups will be exposed to over 200 college coaches over the
course of the season. Their opportunities to play before these coaches will give them the chance of being
recruited to a collegiate team.

The program is administered by Soccer Rhode Island. As the ODP Director, I handle the administrative end of
the program. I am also a member of the USYS Region 1 Girls Olympic Development Staff. John Tomlinson
is the Coaching Director.

Each player is registered to a club, which belongs to a State Association such as Soccer Rhode Island. Soccer
Rhode Island in turns belongs to United States Youth Soccer who belongs to the United States Soccer
Federation, who belongs to the United States Olympic Committee. This is how each player, through this
program is eligible to be selected to a National or Olympic Team.

Tryout Process:
Each player is the given the opportunity of two tryout dates. Players are evaluated by various coaches and
final selections are based upon both the evaluations of the coaches and the head coach. Understand that we do
not give out 1’s, 2’s or 3’s rather the coach simply rates them as Yes, they should be in the program, No, they
are not eligible at this time, or Maybe , meaning we would invite them back to a third tryout. All the age
groups may have as many as 30 field players and 6 keepers selected. Some parents will argue that this is too
many players; however, these children develop so quickly, that it is important to include as many potential
talented players as possible. Keep in mind, that there are over 25,000 registered players in Rhode Island.
This program will select approximately 375 players out of the 25,000 or roughly 2% of the entire youth soccer
population in RI. These are deemed to be the best players in RI. No question that we miss some players or
players who chose not to participate, or who just don’t know about the program.
During the season, players may be added to the age specific player pools as coaches have the opportunity to
watch premier and competitive games. What I mean by this, is that as an Olympic Development Coach, if
he/she identifies a player that he/she believes has the potential to reach the regional, national, Olympic or
collegiate level, that coach may invite the player to become a part of the age player pool.

Each team, once selected, is assigned a coach and an assistant coach as well as a team administrator. The
coach’s coach, the team administrator is responsible for getting all information to the players and parents.
Players are encouraged to communicate with the coaches regarding training and playing issues. It is
important that players learn to communicate their concerns to their coaches without the assistance of their
parents. If the player has difficulty with this, we ask that the parent accompany the player to meet with the
coach, but ask that the parent encourage the player to “do the talking” and remain present for moral support.

Selection To The Player Pool/Tournament/Camp:
Players are notified in writing via e-mail when they have been selected. The notification will include all
important information and a link to register for the event. If a player, using the registration link, accepts the
event and fails to participate, the family is still responsible for all fees associated with that event. It is
important to read and understand all communication that comes from the Soccer Rhode Island Office. In
addition, there are Weekly ODP Updates posted to the website and emailed to the players. Selection to
Tournaments and Regional Camp are based upon the coach’s decision and player’s participation through out
the year.

What is the Soccer Scramble?
This event is held the weekend of Easter at a location selected by the Region 1 ODP Director, for the U15 and
U16 girl’s age groups and is an additional fee. Both groups will compete against other State ODP teams on
Friday (Good Friday) during the day, and Saturday morning. The teams travel to the event by bus on
Thursday afternoon/evening and returning home Friday evening. This event gives these age groups a jump on
the identification process and is a fun event.

What is the Olympic Development Tournament?
This tournament is held for only United State Olympic Development State teams at Rider University in New
Jersey. It is traditionally held on the first or second full weekend in June. The tournament is a three game
tournament with the U15 and U17 age groups going on to play in semi-finals and finals later on in the season.
This tournament is attended by much of the Region 1 Staff who spend their time watching and evaluating
players on every field. From these evaluations, begins the identification process for the opportunity to play on
the Region 1 Team. This tournament is also highly attended by college coaches from all over the country.
The coaches are provided with team rosters and spend the entire weekend watching all of the U16 and U17
games identifying potential players for their schools. This is an important weekend for those selected (each
team from RI will take a roster of 16 – 18 players with the exception that the U17 age group may roster up to
24 players). There is a separate fee for this event which covers the cost of the tournament fee, coach’s fees and
room and board. If the team stays together in a hotel, the fee will also include travel, lodging and food as well.
What is Regional Camp?

Every player participating in Soccer Rhode Island ODP is eligible to attend Regional Camp. The dates and
locations of these camps are posted on both the Soccer Rhode Island website www.soccer-ri.com and also on
the Region 1 website www.Region1.org . This camp is geared around providing all the players with intensive,
high level training. The camp is also the final process in identifying players to be selected to the Region 1
ODP team. The camp provides several hours of training as well as games each day. Each player has the
opportunity to work with other State ODP coaches (who are most often college coaches), Regional ODP
coaches and National ODP coaches. Often members of the National Team Staff are at the camp evaluating as
well. The cost of the camp is equivalent to any area overnight camp that players might attend. The difference
between other camps and the Region 1 Camp is that individual improvement is stressed during this camp, and
players have the opportunity to make level of this program. Last year in RI, 22 players were selected to these
Regional pools. Of the 22, at least 2 are well on their way to the National ODP pool. Of the 22, 5 players
were from the U18 age group and have gone on to receive scholarships to play at the collegiate level. Many
others in the U16 age group have already been identified by potential college teams and are well on their way
to securing their place at a college in the Fall.

Opportunities to Fundraise:
Each year we publish a year book containing information about our players. This book is distributed
throughout the state, and a portion of it is used at the ODP Tournament to distribute to college coaches. Each
player (except in the U12 age group) is required to participate in the preparation of this book. Meaning that
each player is required to sell a minimum of $50 in ads to help fund the production of the book. All money
beyond the $50 is applied directly to each players account. If a player sells $300 in ads, they receive $250 in
credit to their account.

Players also have the opportunity to simply seek individual sponsors to help fund the fees associated with the
program. Many players are able to obtain $10, $25, $50 in sponsorships simply by approaching relatives,
known business associates, etc.

Player pools also have the ability to organize team fundraising events such as car washes, raffles, spaghetti
dinners, etc. The only qualification is that the event is coordinated with the Administrative staff first. Money
raised from events of this type are credited directly to those who participate.

Does the Program Require Chaperones?
Chaperones are required to attend the ODP Camp. If not enough parents, from an age group, volunteer to
chaperone at camp the ODP program will hire chaperones for that age group. The players in that age group
will pay the chaperone’s fee. This year for the first time, the child of a chaperone who stays overnight at
camp, will receive a small discount on their camp fees in an effort to entice more parents to help out.

Chaperones may also be needed for the ODP Tournament. However, this year for the first time, we may allow
players and their families to travel to the event rather than requiring everyone to travel and house together.
Parent’s who chaperone this event receive their travel, lodging and a $35 per Diem.
If a player is selected to this program, participates in even one training session, and then decides it is not for
him/her, the fee is not refundable. Any unpaid fees at the point the player leaves the program are still the
responsibility of the player’s family.

If a player is selected to an event, and does not decline to participate before the event’s deadline date, the
player is responsible for the entire fee.

If a player is selected to an event and is injured after selection, and after the deadline date, the fee will be
waived, if a doctor’s note is provided. If a doctor’s note cannot be provided, the fee will not be waived, and
the player is responsible for the entire fee.

This document is meant to give an overview of the program and some of the policies. Information regarding
the Calendar, Staff, Policies and Updates can be found on the Soccer Rhode Island website and should be used
as one of your first sources for information. Team Administrators will also provide information as they

If you have any questions, concerns, and suggestions, please let me know at Flarry4814@aol.com. It may take
me a day or two to respond, but I do respond to all emails.

Phyllis Fish, Vice President
USYS Olympic Development Program
Soccer Rhode Island

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