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Claremont McKenna College Alumni

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									                      Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association
                                      Board of Directors
                                    Friday, March 28, 2009
              5:30 pm reception, 6:00 p.m. meeting & dinner (and teleconference)
                     Cabrillo Room, Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, California


I.      Call to Order & Introductions                                 Ryder Todd Smith ’96

II.     Approval of Minutes, January 21, 2009                         Ryder Todd Smith ’96

        1.     Alumni Trustees Report                                Sue Matteson King ’85
                                                                         Lorraine Bains ’88
                                                                         Mike Rothman ’72

IV.     New Business
        1.   Nominating Committee Report: 2009-10 Officers & Awards       Rick Voit ’78
        2.   Board Giving                                          Ryder Todd Smith ’96
        3.   Board Survey Results                                  Ryder Todd Smith ’96

V.      Old Business

        1.     Bylaws Amendment                                            Fred Merkin ’67
        2.     Association Metrics                                       Adam Aparicio ’00

VI.     Committee & Liaison Reports
        1.   Chapters                                                   Jessica O’Hare ’00
        2.   Class Liaisons                                 Anne (Samuelson) Williams ’95
        3.   Giving                                        Dave Denenholz ’73 P’09 P’11 &
                                                                    Kirthi Narasimhan ’08
        4.     History                                                  Mike Rothman ’72
        5.     Marketing                                                 Angela Zhang ’07
        6.     Admissions                                                  Evan Rutter ’06
        7.     Career Services                                  Carol (Oliver) Hartman ’86
        8.     Student Relations                                        George Swaner ’06
        9.     Travel                                                        Bob Long ’52
        10.    International                                              Alexis Piazza ’07
        11.    Technology Committee                                    Tauseef Rahman ’07

VII.    Other Business

VIII.   Adjourn to the Post-party at Ciudad

                     Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association
                          Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                             Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association
was held on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 in the Shevlin Conference Room at 400 North
Claremont Boulevard, Claremont, California.

Present: President Ryder Todd Smith ’96, Naomi Bagdonas ’09, Gigi Birchfield ’82, David
Denenholz ’73, John Faranda ’79, Carol Hartman ’86, Boyd Hudson ’73, G. David
Huntoon ’65, Laura Lulejian Klein ’92, Robert E. Long ’52, Jessica O’Hare ’00, Evan
Rutter ’06, Darrell Smith ’74, John Sprouse ’88, Elenor Taylor ’81, Richard Voit ’78, Robert
Walker ’64, and Tiffany Williams ’07. Teleconference: John Anthony ’87, Joseph
Fayyad ’97, Laura Grisolano ’86, Susan Matteson King ’85, John McDowell ’79, Frederick
Merkin ’67, Kirthi Narasimhan ’08, Luis Carlos Pelaez ’04, Robert Poy ’90, Michael
Rothman ’72, Jeffrey Simonetti ’05, Anne Samuelson Williams ’95, Eugene Wolver, Jr. ’51,
and Heidi Zoerb ’95. Guests: Bill Lowery, Angelica Pfeiffer, Robert Smith P’96.

Absent: Adam Aparicio ’00, Lorraine Bains ’88, Geoffrey Baum ’85, Taryn Benarroch ’05,
Kevin Blair ’06, Jeffrey Cashdan ’87, Russell Chung ’67, Jacquelyn Dadakis ’05, Gary
Grant ’87, Brandi Hoffine ’06, Hayes Humphries ’06, Troy Johnson ’85, Robert McCrary ’58,
Tina Milstead ’92, David Niehaus ’96, Alexis Piazza ’07, Tauseef Rahman ’07, Jerome
Schwartz ’82, Dana Silkensen ’86, Kirk Smith ’81, George Swaner ’06, Arthur Swerdloff ’60,
Steven Tao ’85, Bradley Walters ’08, and Angela Zhang ’07.

I.     Call to Order

President Ryder Todd Smith called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. and asked for self-
introductions. He welcomed the Board members to the CMC campus.

II.    Minutes

It was moved by Mr. Huntoon, seconded by Mr. Long, and passed by unanimous vote to
approve the minutes of November 8, 2008 as submitted.

III.   Alumni Trustees Report

President Smith reviewed the written report of the December Board of Trustees meetings,
including a detailed discussion of the College’s investment fund during unsettled market
conditions and the plans for an eighth Claremont College in Singapore.

                      Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association
                           Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                Wednesday, January, 2009
                                         Page 2

IV.    Bylaws Amendment

Mr. Merkin introduced the topic of a Bylaws amendment, which is required to include
graduates of the new Robert Day School Master’s Program in Finance as voting members of
the Association. The Board discussed how to implement its desire to enfranchise the Master’s
students upon graduation without disenfranchising the CMC alumni who enroll in the Master’s
program. After continued deliberation, it was moved by Ms. Hartman, seconded by Dr.
Denenholz, and passed by voice vote to table the discussion until the next meeting.

V.     Old Business

1.     Campaign Report
Ms. Grisolano presented the current thinking about CMC’s comprehensive campaign, which
has reached a “pause” due to the economic conditions. The Board discussed various ideas of
how to proceed, including consensus about continuing outreach and stewardship events even if
Campaign “asks” are not prudent at present.

She also noted that the Fund for CMC roll-out is challenged by the economy. The annual fund
is about 25% behind in donors and even more behind in dollars compared to last year. She
asked the Board to focus on personal appeals this spring as one way to address the need. Mr.
Lowery noted the need for additional cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Mr.
Narasimhan promoted the Alumni Welcome Dinners as a great way to bridge the gap with
young alumni who need to feel a close relationship with their alma mater.

2.     Operation Linked-In and Facebook
President Smith reported that 15% of the alumni population has joined the Linked-In alumni

3.     Succession Planning
Mr. Voit reported on the ongoing work that Ms. Bains is undertaking to develop leadership
planning guidelines.

4.     Alumni Athenaeum Retreat Weekend
Mr. Voit noted that Marylou Ferry has been retained to develop a series of electronic
newsletters promoting the weekend. Attendance is building and the program is being

VI.    Committee and Liaison Reports

1.     Chapters
Ms. O’Hare reported that three very successful events have been concluded recently and many
more interesting items are on the calendar for the semester.

                     Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association
                          Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                               Wednesday, January, 2009
                                        Page 3

2.      Class Liaisons
Ms. Williams reported that the license plate frame gifts were well-received by the class
liaisons. The Board discussed the merits of posting the Class Notes on the CMCAA website
inside the password-protected area. There was general consensus that this was a useful idea.

3.     Giving
Mr. Narasimhan reviewed the giving reports, which show that the efforts of Greg Gallagher to
contact Res Publica prospects before calendar-year end were successful. He also reminded the
Board of the importance of their personal commitment to the College’s fund-raising efforts.

4.    History Project
Mr. Rothman is on track to obtain a space commitment by the end of the year.

5.     Admission
Mr. Rutter proudly announced that 4,236 applications have been received this year, an increase
of 1.5%, at a time when most liberal arts colleges are down compared to last year. He asked
for additional alumni volunteer interviewers, especially internationally.

6.      Career Services
Ms. Hartman updated the Board on the push by the Career Services Center to look beyond
accounting, banking, and consulting. The winter break networking trips were a successful part
of this. She noted that students have received access to the online alumni career contacts.

The Board discussed the culture of the College and our niche in the financial services world.
The impact of the meltdown on the industry and the need to be relevant to our alumni and
students in a time of change were noted. The senior dinners and Mentor Café are good ways to
discuss responses to changing times.

7.     Technology
The Board discussed the idea of starting a CMCAA blog; ideas are being collected by Mr.
Rahman. is a new website designed by the Admission Office to provide
student content to prospective students.

8.    Nominating
Mr. Voit asked the Board to approve a slate of members to serve on this year’s Nominating
Committee. It was moved by Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Huntoon, and passed by
unanimous vote to appoint Ms. Birchfield, Ms. Bains, Ms. Hartman, Ms. O’Hare, Mr.
Rothman, Mr. Voit, and President Smith to the Nominating Committee.

                     Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association
                          Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                               Wednesday, January, 2009
                                        Page 4

VII.     New Business

1.      Board Giving
President Smith mentioned that only 75% of the Board has made gifts so far this fiscal year. It
would be preferable if even June donors made a participation gift in the summer. He hopes to
be able to report 100% Board participation in his report to the Board of Trustees in February.
He is drafting a policy to encourage early participation and will present it at the next meeting.

VIII. Other Business

Ms. Bagdonas, the Class of 2009 president, presented a student update. She is planning the
100 Days to Graduation party and is working with the Senior Class Gift Committee.

IX.      Adjournment

There being no further business to come before the Board, at 5:10 pm, it was moved by Ms.
Hartman, seconded by Mr. Voit, and approved by unanimous vote that the meeting be

                                              Respectfully submitted,

                                              John P. Faranda ’79
                                              Vice President for Alumni & Parent Relations


                                CMC Board of Trustees Meeting 
                                     March 12‐13, 2009 
CMCAA Attendees: 
Ryder Todd Smith ’96 
Sue Matteson King ’85 
Lorraine Bains ‘88 
Mike Rothman ‘72 
The third meeting of the College’s Board for this academic year was held on campus mid‐
March.  This meeting normally is held in a retreat setting, but the Board and campus leadership 
made the decision that the funds saved by meeting in Claremont set the appropriate tone, 
given other steps the College is taking to reduce its budget.  The primary topics at this meeting 
included the various ways in which the College is affected by the problems of the nation’s 
economy.  The Board’s opening dinner was followed by an informative panel discussion on the 
current national financial and political climate chaired by Dean Greg Hess and including Dr. Paul 
Hurley and Dr. Charles Kesler.  Board members were invited to tour the recently completed 
Biszantz Family Tennis Center.  A highlight of the meeting was an address to the Board by senior 
Eric Hansell at the invitation of the Academic Affairs Committee.  Mr. Hansell urged a 
strengthening of the academic advising program.  The relationship of the College’s varsity 
athletics program to our overall educational mission was the topic of an excellent plenary 
session of the Board on Friday afternoon. 
Buildings & Grounds 
The campus is much changed in recent months because of the demolition of Pitzer Hall, the 
Pitzer classrooms, and 890 Columbia, the former admission office.  A fence now closes off this 
construction site and excavation is complete for the future Kravis Center.  South of Sixth Street, 
the new Biszantz Family Tennis Center is now the hub of recreational and intercollegiate Tennis 
and will be the site of NCAA Tennis Finals later this year.  The Buildings & Grounds Committee 
met and reviewed progress on these and other projects.   
        Project Architect Rafael Vinoly Menendez presented the final designs and discussed the 
        intended uses of the Kravis Center project.  Construction documents are now complete 
        and bidding for the project will be completed in the coming weeks.  College staff are 
        optimistic that the current construction bidding climate will work to the advantage of 
        the College. 
        The Biszantz Family Tennis Center final costs were reported and Committee members 
        expressed their appreciation for the successful completion of the project.  
        Progress on a new Fitness and Athletic Center, to consist of 112,000 square feet on the 
        site of Ducey Gym, is on hold at the completion of schematic design.  Further work on 
        this project is dependent on an upturn in the College’s current financial challenges.  
        Current cost estimates place the project in the neighborhood of $50 million. 

       The College is still pursuing acquisition of land east of Claremont Blvd and north of Sixth 
       Street for an expansion of athletic and recreational facilities.  The land, located in both 
       the City of Claremont and the City of Upland, is currently owned by Claremont 
       University Consortium and held for future expansion of the Colleges.  Negotiations with 
       CUC and the cities continue. 
       The Committee recommended the appointment of Moore, Ruble and Yudell as 
       architects for the Campus Master Plan to be developed under an agreement with the 
       City of Claremont permitting the completion of the Kravis Center.  Development of this 
       plan is to include broad consultation with both College and community stakeholders.   
Academic Affairs 
Dean Hess reported on current searches for academic appointments, including four recently 
concluded in economics, government, philosophy and Spanish.  The high cost of housing in 
Claremont continues to complicate the hiring of junior faculty.  Work is continuing on the 
formation of a sixth undergraduate Claremont College in Singapore.  This work, primarily under 
the leadership of the Claremont University Consortium, is moving more slowly than expected 
earlier because of the global economic slowdown. 
A visiting team from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the entity which 
accredits the College, will be on campus October 8 – 9, 2009, for one of their regularly 
scheduled visits which are expected to lead to WASC reconfirming the accreditation of the 
College.  The focus of this visit will include general education goals, departmental goals as well 
as student learning outcomes. 
The Committee had a lengthy discussion of the research institutes programs, finances, and 
organization.  All agreed that the institutes are an important element of the College’s academic 
programs.  Recent declines in endowment and giving levels have lead to increased financial 
strains for the institutes, and the Committee supported renegotiation of some of the terms of 
the institutes’ operations to adjust for the current economic realities. 
Dean Hess discussed potential expansion of the Washington DC program and new programs for 
non‐degree seeking students and a summer academic session.  The Dean also proposed 
consideration of growth of in‐Claremont enrollment to the 1,200 students previously approved 
by the Board and a year‐round academic calendar similar to that in use at Dartmouth College.   
Finance Committee 
College staff presented revisions to the long term forecasting model and budget reports 
intended to assist the Board in understanding and monitoring the College’s financial position.  
The Committee discussed recent changes in the outlook for the College’s primary financial 
planning variables (endowment return, gift levels, expense growth, etc.) and steps under way 
on campus to ensure the College’s finances remain in equilibrium.  Finally, the Committee 
heard a report on the completion of the sale of bonds totaling $83 million related to the 
construction of the Kravis Center.   

Campaign and College Advancement Committees 
By the end of February, nearly $12 million in gifts and pledges had been received by the 
College, down from levels in recent years.  Of the total $42.9 million goal for the year, $24.1 
million is expected from alumni.  The College is recalibrating fundraising expectations in light of 
recent economic events. 
Associate Vice President Richard Rodner, CMC’s new Public Affairs and Communications 
Director, shared a presentation in which his vision for CMC will begin with building and 
extending the reputation of CMC.  Mr. Rodner will focus on identifying and prioritizing 
strategies and messages to key audiences by: 
      • Increasing CMC’s visibility 
      • Delivering “Jewels” (the best of CMC) and integrating CMC’s intellectual capital 
      • Unifying and Integrating the CMC message 
      • Connecting to “What Stakeholder’s Value” 
      • Aligning communications to meet information and access needs 
      • Establishing measurable objectives and desired results 
  John Faranda presented some preliminary statistics about the outcomes of alumni who were 
  varsity athletes; additional data is being gathered before firm conclusions can be reached. 
Investment Committee 
At the end of January, the College’s investment returns were down 29.2% and were roughly at 
the same levels on the day of the meetings.  The Committee discussed asset allocation and the 
deferred giving programs.   
Student & Alumni Affairs Committee 
The Committee discussed changes to the College’s Basic Rule of Conduct and Judicial 
Procedures intended to accommodate the first graduate student class, and reviewed the data 
from the UCLA Freshman Survey.  Dean Vos reported that applications for admission are 
currently up about 2% over the prior year, in contrast with other highly selective liberal arts 
colleges, many of which are reporting lower levels of applications in the current year.  Pomona 
College applications are currently down 1%.  In addition CMC’s Early Decision I program saw a 
28% increase in the number of applications this year (209) compared to last year’s number 
(163).  Coach Mike Sutton escorted the Committee on a tour of the Ducey Gym facilities and 
the group discussed the various options being considered for developing a new 
Recreational/Gym Facility.   
The CMC Networking Trip to Silicon Valley 2009 was again a big success, with 18 students 
participating, out of 39 applicants.  Visits were made to Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Infosys, 
EMC2, Atlassian, FibroGen, Google, and KKR.   

Alumni Association 
Ryder Todd Smith presented a quarterly report highlighting the Class Liaison program, the 
importance of Class Notes, and recent increases in participation in the program.  Mr. Smith 
noted that the Class Notes volume has increased significantly and more class liaisons are active. 
Technical innovations around use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and the potential launch of a CMCAA 
blog were highlighted.  Participation in the first ever Alumni Athenaeum Retreat Weekend was 
promoted by Messrs. Smith, McMahon and Biszantz, who encouraged all trustees to 
participate.  Finally, Mr. Smith noted the numerous ways in which the Association is supporting 
fundraising for the College.   
Parents Network 
Jan Soderstrom reported on the activities of the Parent Network on the Road program, bringing 
the College to parents in various geographic areas.  Parents Weekend 2009 was completed on 
campus in February, and the Network has email addresses for over 80% of parents and using 
those to promote activities.  As of the end of January, the Network had 897 donors and 
$476,000 in gifts received for CMC.  John Doyle P’11 has been nominated as Network President 
for 2009‐10. 

                         CMCAA Nominating Committee 
                            March 21, 2009 Update 
2009 – 2010 CMCAA Officer Nominations 
       Ryder Todd Smith ’96, President 
       Rick Voit ’78, President‐Elect 
       Adam Aparicio ’87, VP / CFO 
       Gene Wolver ’52, Parliamentarian 
       John Faranda ’79, Secretary 
       Alumna Trustee Nominee:  Laura Grisolano ’86 
CMCAA Board Nominations 
(According to By‐laws, we may nominate 12 for 3‐year terms, with up to 24 
additional alumni for 1‐year terms.  Alumna trustee automatically is a Board 
Three­Year Nominees to Appear on Ballot: 
    Name & Year               Type 
1  Adam Aparicio ‘87          Renewal 
2  Kevin Blair ‘06            Renewal 
3  Russ Chung ‘67             Renewal 
4  Dave Denenholz ’73         Renewal 
5  Gary Grant ‘87             Renewal 
6  Laura Lulejian‐Klein ‘92  Renewal 
7  Bob McCrary ‘58            Renewal 
8  Dave Niehaus ‘96           Renewal 
9  Carlos Pelaez ‘04          Renewal 
10  Jeff Simonetti ‘05        Renewal 
11  Ryder Todd Smith ‘96      Renewal 
12  Rick Voit ‘78             Renewal 
Alumna trustee nominee, three­years: 
1  Laura Grisolano ‘86        Renewal/Alumna 
One­year nominee to fill vacancy caused by resignation 
1  Carol Hartman ‘86          Renewal 

One­Year Nominees 
     Name & Year             Type 
1  Reid Dabney ‘73           New 
2  Tim Galbraith ‘87         New  
3  Alex Hodgkin ‘97          New 
4  Adam Kates ‘95            New 
5  Sue Matteson King ‘85  Renewal 
6  Michael Lang ’87          New 
7  Tao Li ‘02                New  
8  Mustafa Mirza ‘76         New  
9  Catherine Powers ‘08      New 
10  Callae Snively ‘08       New 
11  Elenor Taylor ‘81        Renewal 
Board members not standing for re‐election:  Tina Gentile ’92, Art Swerdloff ’60. 
One‐year appointees not being reappointed:  John Sprouse ’88, George Swaner ’06 and 
Steve Tao ‘85. 
George Benson Distinguished Achievement Award 
       Ray Remy ’59 
Jack Stark Distinguished Service Award 
       Professor Marc Massoud P’89 
CMCAA Honorary Life Membership  
       Christopher Chalian, MD 
       David Edwards 
       Janet Smith 
       Bonnie Snortum 
Gene Wolver Lifetime Service Award 
       Jack Goddard ‘50 
Chapter of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and Class Liaison of the Year suggestions 
are welcome but the awards will not be finalized until the end of the year. 

                      CMC Alumni Association
                    2009-2010 Board Nominations

Adam Aparicio ’87
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                 Adam C. Aparicio, Glendale, CA, served as a Kravis Leadership
                 Institute Fellow at CMC and graduated in ‘00 with a degree in
                 Government with Leadership Sequence. He graduated from UC
                 Hastings College of the Law with a Tax Concentration in 2003.
                  He married his CMC sweetheart, Suzi (Ajalat) Aparicio '00.
                  From 2004-2006, he handled all the negotiations and contract
                 development for Edison ESI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of
                 Southern California Edison. He currently heads the Risk
                 Management Department at Edison ESI.

Kevin Blair ’06
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee

                 Kevin Blair, Los Angeles, CA, served as ASCMC President at
                 CMC and graduated in '06 with a degree in Economics and a
                 Leadership Sequence. He is currently working at Desmond,
                 Marcello, & Amster in Los Angeles as a Financial Analyst for this
                 business valuation and litigation consulting firm, primarily
                 engaging in loss of goodwill analyses for eminent domain matters.

Russ Chung ’67
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee

                  Russell Chung, Sunland, CA. Following graduation, Russ served
                  in the United States Army and United States Army Reserve as a
                  helicopter pilot, aircraft maintenance office, aviation logistics
                  officer, contract administrator, operations and training officer,
                  platoon leader, company commander and battalion commander.
                  In civilian life, he served in a number of operations, lending and
                  branch management positions at Security Pacific Bank and Bank
                  of America. He is currently a self employed computer network
                  consultant specializing in planning, design, implementing and
                  supporting secure messaging systems.

                           CMC Alumni Association
                         2009-2010 Board Nominations

Reid Dabney ’73
New - One-Year Nominee
                       Reid Dabney is a seasoned financial executive with roughly 35
                       years of senior financial management experience with several
                       major multinational corporations and Investment Banks and has
                       operated as a financial consultant to small and mid-sized
                       corporations. Reid has held senior financial management positions
                       with Philip Morris, Pillsbury and Ecolab, has worked as an
                       investment banker at Dain Rauscher Wessels and Keefe, Bruyette
                       & Woods and is a founding member of the CFO 911 financial
                       consulting firm. Reid earned a BA in Literature and Economics
                       from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA in Finance from
the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Reid lives in Newport Beach,
California with his long-time girlfriend, Anne Gritzer. His only child, Craig, is a
sophomore at Stanford University.

David Denenholz ’73 P’09 P’11
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                      David Denenholz, Pasadena, CA, lived in Beckett and Claremont
                      while graduating with a Biology major in '73. He graduated from
                      the UCLA School of Medicine in 1977 before doing residencies in
                      Pediatrics (Harbor UCLA Medical Ctr.) and Dermatology
                      (USC-LAC Medical Center). He currently heads a 4 person
                      dermatology private practice in Pasadena where he lives with his
                      wife (Judy). Their two daughters, Heidi '09 & Laura’11, currently
                      attend CMC.

John Faranda ’79
                          John Faranda, Claremont, CA, graduated from CMC in 1979 as
                          a political science major, having completed the Washington, DC
                          internship program. After graduating, he joined the CMCAA
                          Board and joined the CMC staff in 1985. Since then, he has
                          been intimately involved in all aspects of alumni and parent
                          relations, fund raising, and Board of Trustees activities. John
                          also serves as the CMS sailing coach, is the president of
                          Community Friends of International Students, the immediate
                          past president of the Inland Empire/Orange County Unit of
                          Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, the preceptor for Berger
Hall, and the proud faculty advisor to the Claremont Cougars Men’s Lacrosse Club.

                            CMC Alumni Association
                          2009-2010 Board Nominations

Tim Galbraith ’87
New - One-Year Nominee
                        Tim Galbraith is a Managing Director with Bear Stearns Asset
                        Management, a JP Morgan company. He oversees HedgeSelect,
                        Bear Stearns' hedge fund platform business, with primary sales and
                        marketing responsibilities. He was an analyst with the Bear
                        Stearns Fund of Hedge Funds group providing risk management
                        and due diligence on underlying fund managers, originally coming
                        to BSAM in 2001 as an equity research analyst overseeing
                        software and technology with the New Castle Funds. Prior to
                        BSAM, Mr. Galbraith was Director of Strategy at Concrete Media,
                        an internet systems integrator in New York. Having held several
senior financial positions with the Antelope Valley Transit Authority and another post
with the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission, he has also served as a
logistics consultant to several presidential campaigns. Mr. Galbraith received his B.A.
from Claremont McKenna College and his M.B.A. is from Columbia University.

Gary Grant ’87
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                     Gary Grant, of Aliso Viejo, California, graduated from CMC in
                     1987 as a government major. Following CMC, Gary worked as a
                     computer consultant for two years. Subsequently, Gary went on to
                     obtain a Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher
                     School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, administered in
                     cooperation with Harvard University, and later a Juris Doctorate
                     from the Santa Clara University School of Law. Gary worked for
                     various law firms after law school, and in 2003 started The Grant
                     Law Corporation, which specializes in business litigation. In 2001,
                     Gary also joined the United States Army Reserves, Judge
Advocate General Corps. He is currently a Captain, and serves variously as Trial
Counsel and a Legal Assistance Advisor.

Laura Grisolano ’86
Renewal/Alumna Trustee
                      Laura (May) Grisolano, South Pasadena, CA, served as an
                      Athenaeum Fellow and Head R.A. at CMC and graduated in '86
                      with a degree in American Studies. Laura served at CMCAA
                      President from 2006-2008. She worked in politics and fundraising
                      before getting her law degree, and is now taking a break from her
                      law practice at Sidley Austin Brown & Wood to spend time with
                      daughters Dana (14) and Claire (11).

                            CMC Alumni Association
                          2009-2010 Board Nominations

Carol Hartman ’86
One-year nominee to fill vacancy caused by registration
                        Carol has twenty years of recruiting and consulting experience for
                        a variety of corporate and executive search clients. Her work has
                        included assignments in financial services, life sciences,
                        healthcare, and consumer products, not for profit and government
                        affairs. Prior to founding her own business, Carol worked at
                        Oppenheimer in the Asset/Liability Management Group and also
                        held positions at Kidder, Peabody, Dean Witter Capital Markets
                        and Sutro & Co. As a CMC Alumna, Carol was the San Francisco
                        Chapter President for 4 years in the ‘80’s, has hosted several New
                        Student Parties and had an evening with Professor Massoud at her
home. This is her second one-year term on the CMCAA Board. Carol was selected to
participate in the UNOVA President’s Leaders Forum; The President’s Advisory Board
and has been an active volunteer with Career Services at the College. In 2006, Carol
joined the Associate Board for the Financial Economics Institute. Presently, Carol serves
on the Board of the Make a Wish Foundation in San Francisco, CA. Carol has been an
invited speaker and has published on leadership selection strategies. In 2005, she
contributed an article “The Positive Effects of Building Corporate Leadership through
Executive Search” to Leadership Review, a publication of the Henry Kravis Leadership

Alex Hodgkin ’97
New - One-Year Nominee
                        Alex’s rich experience in the realms of valuation and investment
                        banking make him the ideal director of Arcstone’s valuation
                        services section. Prior to forming Arcstone, Alex spent his career
                        valuing companies in transaction-rich environments, such as the
                        investment banking division of Salomon Brothers, Headwaters
                        Merchant Bank, and Nexus Advisors, a boutique M&A advisory
                        firm. With over a dozen years experience in valuation, Alex
                        participates in industry-leading groups such as the Appraisal
                        Issues Task Force and the Silicon Valley Fair Value Forum.
                        Outside of work, Alex takes full advantage of everything
Colorado has to offer, including four seasons of adventure sports. In addition to being a
huge fan of skiing the bumps at Mary Jane and exploring the powdery recesses of
Blackcomb Glacier, Alex has participated in both marathons and half-ironman distance
triathlons. When not deep in CapitalIQ or putting miles on his bike or shoes, Alex can
often be found enjoying the mountains with his wife Ashley and their dog Jackson.
Alex holds the ASA designation in business valuation with the American Society of
Appraisers, as well as degrees in Economics from Claremont McKenna College, and
Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

                            CMC Alumni Association
                          2009-2010 Board Nominations

Adam Kates ’95
New - One-Year Nominee
                          Adam has been involved with the Claremont McKenna College
                          Alumni Association since 2000, serving as Co-President of the
                          CMCAA Chicago Chapter.
                          Professionally, Adam has 14 years of experience in providing
                          consulting, financial advisory and strategic advisory services to
                          clients, primarily within the healthcare industry. His experience
                          includes strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, leveraged
                          buyouts, securities issuance and recapitalizations. Adam has
                          been involved in over 50 healthcare transactions representing an
                          aggregate enterprise value of over $200 million. Additionally, he
has worked with hospitals across the country on more than $1.4 billion of tax-exempt
debt issuances, while advising hospitals on rating agency and bond insurer strategies.
Adam graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 1995 with a B.A. in Philosophy,
Politics and Economics. He received an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of
Management and a J.D. from the Northwestern University School of Law in 2002. Adam
is admitted to the Illinois Bar and is a member of the Healthcare Financial Management
Association and the American Health Lawyers Association.
In his free time, Adam enjoys tennis, guitar, hiking, running and watching college

                             CMC Alumni Association
                           2009-2010 Board Nominations

Michaels Lang ’87
New - One-Year Nominee
                       Michael Lang is Executive Vice President, Business Development
                       and Strategy for Fox Entertainment. In his role, Lang identifies and
                       negotiates potential acquisitions, joint ventures as well as supports
                       various strategic initiatives across Fox’s assets in television, cable,
                       film and digital entertainment. These include Fox Television
                       Network, Fox Sports, extensive collection of global cable channels
                       such as Fox Sports Net, FX, Fox News and National Geographic,
                       Twentieth Century Fox Film and TV Studios, 27 local TV stations
                       and Fox’s emerging digital businesses such as MySpace and hulu.
                       He also works closely with News Corporation’s Senior Management
on strategic projects across the company.
Lang joined the company in 2005, with his first major effort being the acquisitions of
MySpace and IGN, which formed the basis for Fox’s Internet efforts. In retrospect 3-
years later, MySpace is viewed as a ground-breaking, web 2.0 transaction with
worldwide traffic of 125M uniques and revenue approaching $1B. Remarkably,
MySpace represents close to 10% of U.S. page views.
In addition to helping build new initiatives for Fox’s traditional businesses (such as the
Big Ten Cable Network), Lang was instrumental in formulating the company’s wireless
strategy via the acquisition of Jamba, a leading mobile entertainment company. He also
led the creation of hulu -- a JV with NBC Universal to develop a dominant premium
online video site, with ground-breaking distribution agreements with Yahoo and
Microsoft and $100M capital infusion from Providence Equity Partners. Recently Lang
led the negotiations on the MySpace Music JV, bringing-in the world’s leading music
labels (Universal Music, Sony, Warner Music and EMI) as partners to create a
meaningful competitor in the digital music space.
Before Fox, Lang ran his own consulting firm, working with clients in media and retail as
well as assisting private equity and VC evaluate investments. In the late 90’s, Lang was a
founding executive for the Internet start-up,, backed by idealab!, Brillstein-Grey
and Jerry Bruckheimer. Lang began his media career in Strategic Planning at The Walt
Disney Company, working on theme park/resort projects and broader company
acquisitions. From there, he was one of the original hires in Disney’s Regional
Entertainment Division, where he helped develop and manage such innovative concepts
as DisneyQuest and ESPN Zone-themed restaurants.
Lang attended the Harvard Business School, graduating with high distinction as a Baker
Scholar, and is also a graduate of Claremont McKenna College, where he is still actively
involved in the school’s Alumni efforts and Basketball program. In his spare time, he
serves as an Advisor to Cal State Dominguez Hills University and is active in local
politics in the City of Manhattan Beach. He and his wife Laura have three children
including 5-year old twin girls and a year old baby boy.

                           CMC Alumni Association
                         2009-2010 Board Nominations

Tao Li ’02
New - One-Year Nominee
                      Tao Li, Managing Director of Tiger Asia Management L.L.C., a
                      New York-based investment firm that specializes in equity
                      investments in China, Japan and Korea. Prior to joining Tiger in
                      2004, Tao worked for JPMorgan Investment Bank in New York in
                      the Telecom, Media and Technology Group. Tao received a B.A.
                      in Economics/Accounting and Computer Science from Claremont
                      McKenna College.

Laura Lulejian-Klein ’92
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                     Laura Lulejian Klein, Pasadena, CA, graduated from CMC with a
                     degree in Economics in 1992. During her tenure at CMC, she
                     served as both Junior and Senior Class President. Not only has
                     Laura been working at Accenture in their Resources practice for
                     the past 16 years, she has also served on the CMCAA Board of
                     Directors for the same duration. Having chaired numerous
                     committees over the years and fulfilling the role of Class Scribe,
                     Laura most recently completed her term as President of the
                     Alumni Association (2005-2006). When not traveling for work,
                     Laura, her husband Andy Klein and son Jonathan reside in

Sue Matteson King ’85
Renewal - One-Year Nominee
                      Sue was responsible for overseeing the US Distribution Marketing
                      department for asset manager Legg Mason Inc. through January
                      2009. The Marketing department is comprised of five teams
                      including Product Communications, Value-Added Marketing,
                      Brand Strategy and Communications, Registered Principal’s office
                      and the Business Initiatives Group. Sue joined Citigroup Asset
                      Management in February 2005 from Alliance Capital where was
                      employed for seven years, most recently running the Cash
                      Management department. Prior to Alliance Capital, Sue was an
                      investment banker for 13 years at PaineWebber (now UBS) in
Hong Kong and New York.
She holds a B.A. degree in economics from Claremont McKenna College where she also
serves as a member of the Board of Trustees and the CMC Alumni Association. She is
also an associate member of the Financial Economics Institute. Sue and her husband
David live in Rye, NY and have two children, Danny and Diana.

                           CMC Alumni Association
                         2009-2010 Board Nominations

Bob McCrary ’58
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                      Bob McCrary, South Pasadena, CA, graduated in 1958 with a
                      Business Administration Degree, and served in the U.S. Army for
                      two years. Bob was employed by 3M Company for four years and
                      thereafter worked in the real estate and construction industry
                      doing industrial sub divisions and construction of new industrial
                      buildings. He currently owns his own company through which he
                      manages industrial properties and conducts industrial real estate
                      brokerage. Bob’s hobbies include golf and his classic automobiles.
                       He and his wife Carol and have been married 48 years and have
                      three married sons and six grandchildren.

Mustafa Mirza ’76
New - One-Year Nominee
                      Mustafa Mirza is currently Senior Managing Director, International
                      for GE Corporate Financial Services (CFS), a unit of GE Capital.
                      He is located at CFS headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. He is
                      currently responsible for CFS’ Europe and US distressed and
                      alternate investment business. Previously, Mr. Mirza also led the
                      Corporate Finance Asia business.
                      During 2001-2004 Mr. Mirza was Chief Investment Officer of
                      GE’s Global Financial Restructuring Group, working with
                      customers and internal teams in Asia, Europe and the Americas’.
                      From 1997-2000, he started and led, GE’s International distressed
investment and non-performing loans (NPL) business, with a major focus in Asia.
Prior to that Mr. Mirza was responsible for the start-up of the Corporate Finance
International Group, with major emphasis in Europe and Mexico. His past responsibilities
have included U.S. healthcare finance and the start-up of GE’s U.S. non-investment grade
securitization business.
Mr. Mirza came to GE in 1991 after a 12-year career at Citigroup/Citibank in corporate
finance at various locations in Europe, the Middle East and North America.
Mr. Mirza has an MBA from the Drucker School of Management and a BA in Economics
from Claremont McKenna College, both located in Claremont, California.
Mr. Mirza lives in Westport, Connecticut.
Mr. Mirza’s wife Elizabeth Cairns-Mirza is also a Claremont Graduate Alumni, with a
Master’s in International Relations.
Their elder son, Akbar Mirza, will attend CMC as a freshman in Fall 2009.

                      CMC Alumni Association
                    2009-2010 Board Nominations

Dave Niehaus ’96
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee

                  David Niehaus, Manhattan Beach, CA, graduated in 1996 with a
                  degree in Economics. He has worked as an analyst, portfolio
                  manager, and investment associate for the last 11 years for JP
                  Morgan and Merrill Lynch Private Banking Group. He has been
                  happily married to his wife Leah since 2002, and has a daughter
                  Cassidy born in 2005. He is a Stags tennis fanatic.

Carol Palaez ’04
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                 Carlos Pelaez graduated from CMC in 2004 as an International
                 Relations and Economics-Accounting major. After graduation, he
                 joined Deloitte & Touche until 2007. Since then, he embarked on
                 a career as an entrepreneur to start Celerity Solutions LLC in
                 2007, developing proprietary forensic software. In 2008 he started
                 Nexos Solutions LLC, a boutique firm focusing on small business
                 solutions, as well as The Pelaez LLC, a consulting firm providing
                 services to Global 1000 companies. Carlos speaks five languages,
                 trains Olympic lifting, and looks forward to serving on the
                 CMCAA board.

                            CMC Alumni Association
                          2009-2010 Board Nominations

Catherine Powers ’08
New - One-Year Nominee
                      Originally from Bainbridge Island, Washington, Catherine Powers
                      graduated in the spring of 2008 with honors in an Economic-
                      Mathematics dual major with the Financial Economics Sequence. At
                      CMC, Catherine played goalie for the Athens soccer team her
                      freshman year before she shifted her focus and became an analyst at
                      the Financial Economics Institute (FEI) during the Fall of her
                      sophomore year. Catherine’s involvement with the FEI was central
                      to her CMC experience, and the close relationships she developed
                      with its faculty, staff, and alumni network played a crucial role in
her academic and professional development. Initially a research analyst for Professor
Janet Smith, Catherine also worked as a summer research analyst, attended the FEI NYC
Networking Trip her sophomore year (and again as an assistant to Brian Dennis her
junior year), and was a BGI-Asset Management Fellow her senior year. Additionally,
Catherine was the CMC representative for the 5-C Wall Street Weekend (Fall 2008), an
event that brought students, alumni, and friends of the college together to recognize the
colleges’ accomplishments in finance.
A devoted Boswellian, Catherine spent time as Boswell’s community service and
intramural sports representative and was a member of its Championship inner-tube water
polo team in 2007. Catherine’s favorite CMC memories include the overwhelming
excitement on campus the first week of school, Madrigal feasts (Wassail wouldn’t be
accepted for any other occasion), dinners at the Athenaeum, treasured lunches with
Professor Massoud, Saturdays on the Green Beach, CMS Athletics (particularly against
the Sagehens), Ward Elliot’s singing parties, homecoming festivities, thesis week in
Poppa Lab, and the subsequent celebration in Bauer fountain (except when I was thrown
in fully clothed en route to a probability quiz), the spirit of the CMC community… and of
course, the day a Ferris wheel (that would’ve failed the most lenient of safety
inspections) was both delivered to and removed from the center of North Quad before
Since graduation last May, Catherine spent time with her Aunt in Ireland before she
began Citigroup’s investment banking training program in July. She is currently an
analyst in the M&A/Generalist in the Los Angeles office.

Ryder Todd Smith ’96
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                      Ryder Todd Smith, Tustin, CA, was ASCMC President and Vice
                      President at CMC and graduated in '96 with a Dual in PPE-
                      Economics. He has worked in government relations and
                      technology and currently is senior vice president of operations at
                      Mavent, a provider of technology services to the mortgage
                      industry. Ryder currently resides in Tustin, CA with his wife
                      Nicole (Tripepi '96) and daughter Reagan (4).

                           CMC Alumni Association
                         2009-2010 Board Nominations

Callae Snively ’08
New - One-Year Nominee
                    I graduated in May 2008 from Claremont McKenna College with a
                    dual degree in Molecular Biology and International Relations. I was
                    raised in Englewood, Colorado. I am passionate about the sport of
                    lacrosse and competed for CMS all four years of college, three years
                    of which I was captain and a member of the NCAA all west region
                    team. I have experienced some of my most memorable occurrences
                    traveling in 3rd world countries. I have lived in Costa Rica, Hong
                    Kong and Peru and I am in the process of obtaining my Irish
                    passport. I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, hiking, being
                    active, taking risks and trying new things. I have a diverse work
experience background including working as a Tropical Rainforest Small Rodent
Researcher and an International Space Policy Analyst at NASA HQ. I currently live in
San Diego and I am working as an associate consultant at Clarkston Consulting.

Elenor Taylor ’81
Renewal - One-Year Nominee
                     Elenor Taylor, La Verne, CA, graduated from CMC in '81 with a
                     double major in Political Science and Religion. She worked in the
                     U.S. Senate while earning her law degree from George Washington
                     University. She has served in the not-for-profit sector as a teacher,
                     as a director at the Constitutional Rights Foundation in Los
                     Angeles for ten years, and as CMC's Director of Alumni Relations
                     for eight years. She was a Visiting Professor in CMC's Questions
                     of Civilization and Freshman Humanities Seminar programs from
                     2004 to 2008. She currently is writing and teaching online. Elenor
                     is married to Ernie Silva, and they have one son, Robert.

Rick Voit ’78
Renewal - Three-Year Nominee
                    Rick Voit, his wife Emily (Scripps '79) Voit and their two sons live
                    in Wilmette, IL. Rick graduated from CMC in 1978 with a degree in
                    Economics, earned an MBA from Northwestern in 1991, and has
                    since done postgraduate work in investments at the Wharton school.
                    Rick is a banker in the Private Banking division of Merrill Lynch,
                    working with families and foundations and endowments. Rick joins
                    the CMCAA board with a particular interest in strengthening career
                    and internship ties between CMC students and CMC alums

Date:   March 15, 2009 
To:      CMCAA Board 
From:  Ryder Todd Smith ‘96 
Subject:  CMCAA Board Giving Policy 
Monetary contributions, while not the primary purpose of the Claremont McKenna 
College Alumni Association (CMCAA), are a significant component of the overall mission 
and purpose of the Association.  Donations, particularly current unrestricted donations, 
help the College operate and maximize the student experience.  These same donations 
defray the costs of running the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, which provides 
the backbone of staffing for the CMCAA. 
All directors should be in the business of “friendraising” and fundraising for the College.  
Directors of the CMCAA are expected to lead by example and by action.  This leadership 
comes in the form of volunteering time, offering counsel, and making financial 
contributions to the College. 
The CMCAA should adopt a policy that specifically outlines a timeline and expectation 
for each Board Member to make a gift to the College.  By adopting and conveying this 
policy to all directors, it is my hope that we will clearly identify the expectations we have 
for directors and reduce the busy work associated with soliciting their annual donation.  
The Association has significant outward‐facing work to execute in a given year, and 
should not spend its time chasing down donations from CMCAA directors. 
A giving policy that emphasizes early giving and 100% participation should have the 
following benefits: 
    1. It positions each director to look fellow alumni in the eye and ask for them to 
          donate just like they have done. 
    2. It indicates to the Board of Trustees the commitment and enthusiasm of the 
          CMCAA Board of Directors to support the College. 

   3. 100% participation sends a message to all alumni about the importance of 
      participation across all generations of CMC Alumni. 
For your consideration, I have attached a DRAFT policy that I believe, if adhered to, will 
achieve the above‐described benefits.  The draft is based largely on the CMC Guidelines 
on Trustee Roles and Responsibilities Regarding Fundraising. 
I am seeking adoption at the CMCAA Executive Committee and eventual adoption of the 
policy by the full CMCAA Board.  It would be my hope that this policy will be reviewed 
and reapproved on an annual basis at the Board Meeting that takes place during Alumni 
Weekend so that it can be reintroduced and reaffirmed by all Board directors.  Further, 
this policy should be incorporated into the orientation packet given to new and 
returning directors. 

                            The Board of Directors of the 
                    Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association 

1.       Introduction and Purpose 
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all CMCAA directors have the same 
information and understanding in respect to their responsibilities for giving and 
participation in fundraising for the College.  The financial stability of the College is 
critical to its long‐term success.  A high level of alumni participation (as measured by 
donations) is a critical metric that is used to measure the effectiveness of the College 
and the Alumni Association.  Each director of the CMCAA should expect to be called 
upon to make on‐going gifts at a level consistent with his or her financial ability.  These 
guidelines are not intended to be rigid, however, and consideration will always be given 
to each director’s own unique circumstances and relationship with the College.  
Ultimately, these guidelines should help ensure that gift expectations are consistent 
with each director’s financial capacity. 
2.       Statement of Guidelines 
              a) As the initial threshold for giving, every director should make an annual 
                  gift to the College.  100% participation is expected. 
              b) All directors should make a gift to the College by October 1st of each year.  
                  This initial gift may only be a portion of their total gift planned for the 
                  fiscal year. 
              c) It is expected that CMC will be among the director’s primary 
                  philanthropies with respect to gifts and attention. 
              d) A director’s annual gift may be in the form of an unrestricted or restricted 
                  donation.  The Board recognizes, however, that gifts to the Fund for CMC 
                  or other unrestricted gifts are vitally important to the College’s operating 
                  budget and that such gifts are an important indicator of institutional 
                  commitment to both the College’s alumni and others.  It is therefore 
                  preferred that each director designates all or a substantial portion of his 
                  or her annual gift to the Fund for CMC or other unrestricted account. 
              e) Directors are also strongly encouraged to assist in other advancement 
                  activities of the College by identifying, soliciting, and thanking potential 
                  and current donors, as well as hosting and participating in College events. 

Survey Results
               March 2009

    Respondent Demographics

•   25 Board Members Responded
•   Years on Board Average: 8.2
•   Graduation Year Average: 1989
•   Weekly Hours Volunteered: 2.98

If asked to return the CMCAA Board,
             would you?
     Yes       No       Not Sure



     Are the meetings productive and
     Yes   No       Hit or Miss




Tell me how you feel about the duration of
 the Board Meetings you have attended?

       Too Long    Just Right     Too Short




     Do you enjoy volunteering for the
             CMCAA Board?
         Yes       No           Sometimes




            Tell me about the content of the
                Valuable                Hit or Miss         Useless




            Top Issues for CMCAA Board to
•   Chapter Activity
•   Giving to the College
•   Connecting with Young Alumni and Students
•   Other Unique Comments:
        –   Getting “Active” Board Members
        –   Specific Plans to Increase Rank/Participation
        –   Enhance CMCAA Brand
        –   Standardize on Technologies
        –   Succession Planning
        –   Keep Meetings and Materials Efficient

   Top Challenges for the College

• Dealing with Near Term Budget Issues
   – Physical Infrastructure Improvements Need Funding
   – Endowment Spending will Decrease Significantly
   – Low Giving is Hurting Current Operating Budget
• Maintaining CMC’s Heritage in a Changing World
• Weak National Brand Recognition
   – Reconcile Financial World Realities with CMC’s Focus
• Other Items
   – CMC Presidential Succession Planning
   – CMC Washington Semester Program at Risk

      How to Improve CMCAA Board
• Board Members Want More Direction from
  Committee Chairs
• East Coast Members Feel Like Second Class
• Meeting Materials Should be Sent Earlier
• President Needs to Communicate More Broadly to
  the Board

Date:   March 24, 2009 
To:      CMCAA Board of Directors 
From:  Fred Merkin ’67, Gene Wolver ’51, Ryder Todd Smith ‘96 
The creation of the Robert Day School of Economics and the new Masters in Finance 
program has created the need of the CMCAA to reevaluate the definition of “Alumni” to 
include the new graduate level students. 
With that in mind, the Executive Committee has considered the following provisions of 
our bylaws: 
           1. Under the current bylaws, voting membership in the CMCAA is earned by 
              having successfully completed a semester at Claremont McKenna College 
              (“the College”). 
           2. Under the current bylaws, voting membership earned as an 
              undergraduate student is suspended during the period of any further 
              undergraduate education at the College.  Thus, under the current bylaws, 
              the first‐year undergraduate student who completes the first semester 
              and simply continues with the second experiences suspension of the 
              voting membership earned the first semester but only so long as the 
              undergraduate study continues.  Thus, a current undergraduate student is 
              not a voting member. 
After considering these provision, the following objectives are to be achieved by 
modifying the bylaws to accommodate future graduate level students at Claremont 
McKenna College: 
           1. Consistent with the current bylaw rules for undergraduate students, 
              voting membership earned as a graduate student is suspended during the 
              period of any further graduate education at the College. 
           2. However, in the expressed opinion of many Directors at our last Board 
              Meeting the results under 3 as then written was unfair to graduate 
              students who had previously earned voting membership status by having 

             successfully completed a semester as an undergraduate at the College.  
             Therefore, under the below new proposed bylaw modification, a CMC 
             graduate student who earned voting membership as a CMC 
             undergraduate cannot suffer a suspension by graduate study, continuous 
             or otherwise. 
          3. The student undergraduate  who after at least one semester leaves the 
             College,  and then thereafter returns for more undergraduate study, will 
             similarly experience suspension of voting membership during the course 
             of that resumed study but only for the duration thereof.  The situation 
             described in 3 would likewise be true for a CMC graduate student who 
             solely obtained his/her CMCAA voting membership by having been 
             enrolled for graduate study at CMC (not as a CMC undergrad) for at least 
             one semester.  But, if that CMC graduate student became a CMCAA voting 
             member because of being enrolled at CMC at least one semester as an 
             undergraduate, then there would be no suspension of his/her voting 
             membership rights.  [Thus, this is the same result as if the CMCAA voting 
             member had enrolled in another (non‐CMC) university/college grad 
             program, viz., voting membership would not be suspended.]   
Therefore, the Executive Committee has approved proposed new language, which is 
submitted for your approval: 

“Voting Members” shall be those persons who have successfully completed one 
semester enrolled in undergraduate or graduate collegiate study at Claremont 
McKenna College (“College”) but are not then students (undergraduate or graduate) at 
the College.  During the period of any enrollment as a undergraduate or graduate 
student at the College after obtaining Voting Members status, the voting membership 
of that person shall be suspended; provided, such suspension of voting rights shall not 
apply to a graduate student enrolled at the College who became a Voting Member as 
a result of having completed at least one semester enrolled in undergraduate study at 
the College.

              CMC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 2008-2009

TO:                   CMCAA Board of Directors
SUBMITTED BY:         Jessica O’Hare ‘00
DATE:                 February 27, 2009

                         CHAPTER COMMITTEE
Committee Members
Members of this year’s Chapters Committee include: John Anthony ’87, Jeffrey
Cashdan ’87,Dave Denenholz ’73, P’09, P’11, Gary Grant ’97, Hayes Humphreys
’06, John McDowell ’79, Evan Rutter ’06, Stephen Tao ’85, Angela Zhang ‘07

Goals for Coming Year
  o Succession Planning
          o Continue on excellent progress from last year.
          o Add to series of handouts “How to Manage Your Chapter’s
            Succession Planning”
          o Ensure that each Chapter has a President and a Co-President.

  o Volunteer Recognition
        o Continue to find ways to recognize volunteer contributions.
        o Encourage use and create guidelines for use of Thank You postcards
           by Chapter leadership.
        o Develop creative incentives for chapters to compete – possibly add
           chapter awards for “most improved”, “chapter on the move”,
           “quickest event to sell out”, “most unique event”, etc.

  o Diversity in Programming
        o Foster more alumni demand for chapter events through varying
            programming activities.
        o Add unique programs options across the chapters.

  o Chapter Sustainability
        o Ask each chapter to develop a list of possible programs to offer
            throughout the year. This forward planning will also help manage
            the effort and support required by the Alumni Affairs office. Still
            working with Chapters to develop calendars for upcoming events.

         o Give chapter presidents more tools to be able to operate more


  o Past events
      o January 6, 2009 – Annual Mathematics Meeting in Washington DC
      o January 6, 2009 – 4th Annual ITAB Alumni Reception in Silicon Valley
          featuring YouTube News & Political Director, Steve Grove ’00.
      o January 13, 2009 – Economics and Finance Reception in New York
      o January 20, 2009 – Washington DC Inauguration Reception
      o February 7, 2009 – Santa Barbara Chapter lecture with Professor
          Jennifer Perry
      o February 8, 2009 – Santa Cruz Island Hike with professors Dan
          Guthrie, Jennifer Perry and Catherine McFadden.
      o February 12, 2009 – Phoenix Chapter Presentation of the CMC Campus
          Master Plan
      o February 19, 2009 – Lecture by Professor Tomas Summers Sandoval ’94
          in Monterey
      o February 20, 2009 – Los Angeles Chapter and Robert Day School
      o February 20, 2009 – Inland Empire Chapter – Lewis Black Live
      o February 21, 2009 – Sacramento Chapter concert “Of Great and Mortal
          Men, Songs for Presidents”
      o February 22, 2009 – Portland Chapter at the Trailblazers SCIAC Night

  o New leaders for Los Angeles have been identified giving LA a Tri-President

  o Subcommittee of Jessica O’Hare ’00, Steve Tao ’85 and Evan Rutter ’00 has
    been developed to work on an overall analysis of all of the CMCAA Chapters
    to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement.

  Upcoming Events

     o March 4, 2009 – Orange County Chapter Power Breakfast
     o March 4, 2009 – Boston Young Alumni Lunch with President Gann
     o March 11, 2009 – The Claremont Colleges Worldwide Happy Hour Night
       in 30 cities around the globe
     o March 16, 2009 – Denver Chapter Evening with Professor Eric Hughson
     o April 23, 2009 – Hawaii Chapter Alumni Panel moderated by Professor
       David Yoo ‘85
     o April 1, 2009 – New York Chapter with Kravis Prize winner Dr. Yacoobi
     o April 2, 2009 (tent.) – Los Angeles Chapter with Kravis Prize winner Dr.

o April 9, 2009 (tent.) – Orange County Chapter Evening with a Professor
o April 18, 2009 – Inland Empire Day of Service Project with SARC
o June 10, 2009 – Next CMCAA Chapter Presidents Call, preceded by
  CMCAA Chapter Committee Call
o June 26-28, 2009 – Europe Chapter, Euromeet XX in Paris
o July 2, 2009 – Los Angeles Chapter at the Hollywood Bowl Fourth of July
o Summer 2009 – New Student Parties

Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association Chapter Event List for 2008-2009
Chapter         President               NSP                                            Faculty Lectures                            Young Alumni Focus             Community Service Project             Social Event                        Family Focus                     Special Events               Other Networking, etc.
Tier 1
                Stacey Fong '99         LA host Casey Borman '97                       Evening w/ S. Brock Blomberg                WW Happy Hour X2               Adopt-A-Family at LA Diocese          RDS Reception                       Boat Cruise                      Entertainment Mafia          Power Lunch
Los Angeles     David Murphy '04        8/10/2008                                      11/5/2008                                   9/10/2008                      12/6/2008                             2/20/2009                           8/2/2008                         11/13/2008                   4/22/2009
                Chelina Odbert '99      Pasadena host David Denenholz '73 P'09         Transportation Panel                        WW Happy Hour X2                                                     Play & Dinner                       Hidden LA Tour                   Hollywood Bowl
Pop. 2,269      Leadership Team         8/10/2008                                      10/28/2008                                  3/11/2009                                                            3/29/2009                           4/25/2009 Tentative              7/2/2009
Tier 2
                                                                                       Terra Cotta Warriors w/ Art Rosenbaum       WW Happy Hour                  Orangewood Children's Home            Evening of Jazz                     Holiday Boat Parade              Campaign for CMC Reception   Power Breakfast
Orange County        Kyle Theodore '91        Hosted by John Faranda '79 and Kay       9/27/2008                                   9/10/2008                      12/6/2008                             3/20/2009                           12/18/2008                       10/26/2008                   3/4/2009
                                              Faranda P'79                             Evening w/ Marc Massoud                     WW Happy Hour                                                                                                                                                          Power Lunch
Pop. 872             Jessica O'Hare '00       7/27/2008                                4/23/2009                                   3/11/2009                                                                                                                                                              4/1/2009
                                                                                       Evening w/ Manfred Keil                     WW Happy Hour                                                        Evening w/ Carlos Garcia
San Francisco        Dan Freeman '96                                                   6/28/2009                                   9/10/2008                                                            11/12/2008
                                              Hosted by Bart Evans '70                                                             WW Happy Hour
Pop. 679             Jori Hayner '95          7/26/2008                                                                            3/11/2009
                                                                                       Post election Video-Conf. w/ Jack Pitney    WW Happy Hour                  Service Project with Freshman Class Lewis Black & Pre-Show Reception      Fourth of July Parade
Inland Empire                                                                          6/3/2008                                    3/11/2009                      8/30/2008                           2/20/2009                             7/4/2008
                                              Hosted by Robert Moore '88               Athenaeum Events
Pop. 693             Rob Poy '90              8/9/2008                                 Multiple dates throughout the year
                                                                                                                                   WW Happy Hour                  Beach Clean up and BBQ                                                    Camping Trip                                                  Fourth Friday
San Diego                                                                                                                          9/10/2008                      7/20/2008                                                                 10/10 - 10/12/08                                              On hiatus
                                              Hosted by Mittermillers '75 P'06 '10                                                 WW Happy Hour                                                                                                                                                          New leader Jay McCabe
Pop. 440             Jack Goddard '50         8/10/2008                                                                            3/11/2009
                                                                                       Evening with Dr. Yacoobi                    WW Happy Hour                                                        FEI/RDS Reception                   NY botanic Garden Tour
New York             Sue Matteson King '85                                             4/2/2009                                    9/10/2008                                                            1/13/2007                           4/18/2009
                     Debbie Jones '01         Hosted by Brian Badertscher '96                                                      WW Happy Hour
Pop. 424             Ahkil Sharma '00         8/10/2008                                                                            3/11/2009
                                                                                                                                   WW Happy Hour
Seattle              Dan Mayer '82            Hosted by Carrie George '80 and Ditman                                               9/10/2008
                                              Johnson '79                                                                          WW Happy Hour
Pop. 510             Beth Omar '04            7/27/2008                                                                            3/11/2009
                                                                                       Post election Video-Conf. w/ Jack Pitney    WW Happy Hour                  Service Project                       Inauguration Reception              American History Museum Tour     Math Conference Reception    "Back to College Night"
Washington, DC       John McDowell '79                                                 6/3/2008                                    9/10/2008                      12/6/2008                             1/20/2009                           4/?/2009                         1/6/2009                     9/24/2009
                                              Hosted by Brent Hanson '73               Newseum Tour and Media Panel                WW Happy Hour                                                        Team Trivia Night                   Basketball Game w/ new Interns   RDS Reception
Pop. 372             Leadership Team          8/3/2008                                 11/1/2008                                   3/11/2009                                                            5/?/2009                            1/22/2009                        3/4/2009
Tier 3
Oakland                                       Hosted by Carol Hartman '86
Pop. 346             Steve Kahn '01           8/9/2008
Portland                                      Hosted by David Beck '73                                                             WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour                       Blazer Bball Game & Lunch        Campaign Reception
Pop. 296             David Rosengard '00      8/9/2008                                                                             9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009                           2/22/2009                        9/11/2008
Colorado                                      Hosted by Arkel and Price Families       Eveni ng with Eric Hughson                  WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour                       Picnic                           Campaign Reception
Pop. 246             Mark Mehringer '98       8/12/2008                                3/16/2009                                   9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009                           Tentative                        11/20/2008
Silicon Valley       David Mahler '02         Hosted by Noah Mesel '83                 Prof. Sandoval in Monterey                  WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour                                                        ITAB Reception
Pop. 227             Chris Cheung '03         8/3/2008                                 2/19/2009                                   9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009                                                            1/8/2009
Santa Barbara                                                                          Prof. Perry                                 WW Happy Hour                                                                                                                             Santa Cruz Island Hike
Pop. 194             David Ossentjuk '83                                               2/7/2009                                    3/11/2009                                                                                                                                 2/8/2009
Phoenix              Geoff Semro '94          Hosted by Hugh Hallman '84               Campus Master Plan with John Faranda        WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour                                                        Campaign Reception
Pop. 194             Andy Abraham '79         8/9/2008                                 2/12/2009                                   9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009                                                            11/19/2008
Sacramento                                    Hosted by Christiana Dominquez '01                                                   WW Happy Hour                                                        Songs for Presidents
Pop. 195             Christiana Dominquez '01 8/9/2008                                                                             9/10/2008                                                            2/21/2009
Hawaii               Lisa Nakahara '96        Hosted by Chapter Pres'                  Prof. Yoo '85 and Alumni Panel              WW Happy Hour                                                                                                                             Campaign Reception
Pop. 192             Ann Teranishi '96        8/3/2008                                 4/3/2009                                    9/10/2008                                                                                                                                 10/21/2008
Chicago              Adam Kates '96           Hosted by Rick Voit '78                  Post election Video Conf. w/ Prof. Pitney   WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour                       Cubs Roof Party
Pop. 177             Will Dorsey '96          8/9/2008                                 6/3/2008                                    9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009                           Tentative
Tier 4
Europe/UK            Jim Donohue '94                                                                                               WW Happy Hour                                                        Happy Hour                          WW Happy Hour                    Euromeet XX
Pop. 100             Hadley Beeman '01                                                                                             9/10/2008                                                            12/3/2008                           3/11/2009                        6/26 - 6/28/09
Japan                                         Hosted by Leonard Co '02                                                             WW Happy Hour
Pop. 34              Leonard Co '02           7/13/2008                                                                            12/6/2008
Altanta, GA                                                                                                                        WW Happy Hour
Bangalore, India                                                                                                                   WW Happy Hour
Bejing, China                                                                                                                      WW Happy Hour
Boston, MA                                    Hosted by Jane Mi '00                                                                WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour                                                        Lunch with President Gann
                                              8/3/2008                                                                             9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009                                                            3/5/2009
Chapel Hill, NC                                                                                                                    WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour
                                                                                                                                   9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009
Dubai, UAE                                                                                                                         WW Happy Hour
Eurgene, OR                                   Hosted by William Service '83                                                        WW Happy Hour
Hong Kong            Robert Yih '77           Hosted by Robert K. Yih '77
Pop. 45                                       7/26/2008
Juneau, AK                                                                                                                         WW Happy Hour
Jakarta, Indonesia                                                                                                                 WW Happy Hour
Las Vegas, NV                                                                                                                      WW Happy Hour
Madison, WI                                                                                                                        WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour
                                                                                                                                   9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009
Minnesota                                     Hosted by Thomas Handley '77                                                         WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour
                                              8/17/2008                                                                            9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009
Nashville, TN                                                                                                                      WW Happy Hour                                                        WW Happy Hour
                                                                                                                                   9/10/2008                                                            3/11/2009
New Dehli, India                              Hosted by Professor Ananda Ganguly                                                   WW Happy Hour
                                              6/29/2008                                                                            3/11/2009
New Orleans, LA                               Hosted by James Weiss '81
Portland, ME                                                                                                                       WW Happy Hour
Pittsburg, PA                                                                                                                      WW Happy Hour
Singapore                                                                                                                                                                                               7C Gathering at the American Club
St. Louis, MO                                 Hosted by Jacob Zimmerman '96                                                        WW Happy Hour
                                              8/10/2008                                                                            3/11/2009
Sydney, Australia                                                                                                                  WW Happy Hour
Texas                                         Hosted by Andrea and Larry Smith P'08                                                WW Happy Hour X2                                                     WW Happy Hour X2
                                              8/17/2008                                                                            9/10/2008 (Austin & Houston)                                         3/11/2009 (Austin & Houston)
Key                                                                                    Planned Activity                            Required Activity              Required activity: one or the other
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        as of 3/25/2009

                         CMC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 2008-2009
                            Class Liaisons Committee Report

TO:              CMCAA Board of Directors
                 Ryder Todd Smith, President

FROM:            Anne Samuelson Williams ’95
                 Class Liaisons Committee Chair

DATE:       March 4, 2009

I.      With vacancies (mostly) filled, time to strengthen the weak class years

        In the last quarter of 2008, we filled 5 out of 7 vacant Class Liaison positions.
Currently, we are working on identifying class years that are not particularly active,
determining whether the current Liaison would like assistance or to step aside, and then
working to supplement or replace (so far, replace) those CLs. People have been gracious
when approached (1965, 1986, 1991, 1998), and seem to have appreciated being relieved
of duty.

        Once we obtain consent, we have sent an email to that class year, soliciting
volunteers for the newly-vacant CL position. Unlike the never-successful “individual
ask” approach, sending mass e-mail solicitations to the classes has been a very effective
strategy. * The text of that email reads as follows:

[subject line] WANTED! CMC Class Liaison for the Class of [year]

“Dear Members of the Class of _____:

The CMCAA Alumni Survey confirms what we've all known forever: Class Notes
are the most-valued service that the Alumni Association delivers. Yet
some class years- including yours! - currently do not have a Class Liaison
to solicit and collect these important snapshots of your classmates' lives.

If you have any interest in volunteering to serve as your year's Class Liaison,
please contact me directly at for details.

Crescit cum commercio civitas,
Anne (Samuelson) Williams '95
CMCAA Class Liaisons Committee Chair”

  We filled 1998 within hours, after receiving a half-dozen volunteers. Right now we have 7 volunteers for
the class of 1986- this is a good problem to have!

Class Liaisons Committee Report to CMCAA Executive Committee 3/4/09 meeting

II.     National Class Liaisons Conference Call: held January 22nd

        Turnout for the quarterly CL conference call was excellent, with approximately
30 participants. Calls have been kept to under 1-hour, at lunchtime (PST), and seem to be
effective in allowing people to share information, give feedback, and build community.

III.    Next National Class Liaisons Conference Call: Thursday, April 16

       In anticipation of a May 1st deadline for submission of Class Notes, the quarterly
National Class Liaisons Conference Call will be held on Thursday, April 16th at noon

IV. Going Forward

       Going forward: Class Liaison of the Year award will need to be determined. The
development of a spreadsheet, (unscientifically) translating CL contributions into some
semblance of metric analysis, should be very helpful in the selection (also unscientific)

Class Liaisons Committee Report to CMCAA Executive Committee 3/4/09 meeting

                       Giving Committee Report
               CMCAA Board Meeting-March 27, 2009

Great news!! Steve Siegel has been temporarily assigned to be the
interim director of annual giving.

We continue to try to get 100% participation from the CMCAA Board.
We are currently at 83 % participation.

With Steve Siegel’s help we have started bi-monthly Giving
Committee conference calls

Current and Recent Giving Numbers:

FY09(July-Mar)-$2,272,203 and 2247 donors

FY08(July-Mar)-$2,458,826 and 2660 donors

Current Initiatives:

Repeated updates in the Internet and CMC magazine related to
alumni participation and the Crown Challenge(Thermometer

Starting this in February, Development plans to send a monthly email
to each young alumni class with class specific content.

Development will be reaching out to volunteers to reactivate peer-
peer solicitations.

Development will be increasing phone room staff and making more
calls to alumni

Development, specifically Andrew Carrillo, will be updating our web
presence (Facebook, Linkedin , emails) and utilizing the Alumni

Development, specifically Greg Gallagher, will be organizing an effort
to call and thank Alumni who have donated to CMC.

                                           Gift Summary Report
                                           Report Date- March 23rd, 2009

                                                 FY07           FY08            FY09         FY09
                                                Jul-Mar        Jul-Mar      Jul-Mar 23rd     Goals

Alumni Fund Dollars: Budget Relieving           $1,992,021     $1,931,193       $1,394,327    $5,000,000
Alumni Donors                                        2,993          2,660            2,247

Parents Fund Dollars: Budget Relieving           $408,922        $307,119        $303,914       $500,000
Parent Donors                                       1,133           1,171             977

Friends Fund Dollars: Budget Relieving            $42,375         $25,956         $24,106       $250,000
Other Dollars: Budget Relieving                  $537,028        $194,558        $549,857       $250,000

Grand Total                                     $2,980,346     $2,458,826       $2,272,203    $6,000,000

Donors are annual and capital combined

                                         Fund For CMC: Alumni and Parents

                                             FY07 - March FY08 - March FY09 - March 23

Alumni Dollars:Fund for CMC                    $3,724,657      $2,833,403      $2,160,253

Parents Dollars:Fund for CMC                    $622,610        $635,476        $484,498

               CMC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 2008-2009

TO:                    CMCAA Executive Committee
SUBMITTED BY:          George Swaner ‘06
DATE:                  March 27, 2009


Goals for Coming Year
The Association continues to focus on “Students in Residence” through a variety
of programs designed to increase student awareness of the Association, to
promote the visibility of alumni, to create ties between alumni and students, and
to educate students about the transition to the “real world” through careers,
internships, and graduate education.

Past Events

      Thursday, February 26, 2009
      100 days to Grad. Seniors meet at Dave and Busters in Ontario to count
      down their days until graduation. 94 gifts were given that night with a
      total of $2,545 at a $27 average gift. This brings the Senior Campaign to
      approximately 35% participation rate as of March 1, 2009.

      Tuesday, March 3, 2009
      Student Alumni Relations Council (SARC) hosted a career dinner with
      alumnus Casey Borman ’97 to discuss the topic of “Beyond Investment
      Banking.” 26 students attended along with Ryder Todd Smith ’96. The
      students expressed their appreciation for Casey attending the dinner and
      for the advice he gave about banking and managing hedge funds.

      Wednesday, March 4, 2009
      “Life after CMC: Personal Finance and Retirement Planning.” Students
      Rachael Maltiel ’09 and Kira Tamashiro ’09 planned a dinner at the
      Athenaeum with CMC Professor Jerome Garris P’01 and his son Alex
      Garris ’01. Professor Garris spoke about life experiences in planning
      personal finance and retirement. Alex Garris ’01 offered information about
      his experiences after graduating from CMC. 27 seniors were in attendance.
      This is one of three dinners that will take place in the month of March. Each
      dinner will feature a new topic about life after CMC.

     Thursday, March 5, 2009
     Sophomore Class Dinner with Jack Stark ’57. President Stark spoke to the
     Class of 2011 about the history of CMC and how life was when he was an
     undergraduate. 39 sophomores were in attendance.

     Friday, March 6, 2009
     Student Alumni Relations Council (SARC) joined Bob Walker ’64 at Walker
     Foods, Inc. Students had the opportunity to tour the facility with Bob
     followed by a lunch with an informal question and answer session. 9
     students were in attendance and Bob offered samples of his product, which
     students gladly accepted.

     Tuesday, March 10, 2009
     “Life after CMC: Housing and Insurance” Bob Sunshine ’61 and Kelly Arft,
     Senior Property Manager at The Renken Company in Claremont, joined
     seniors in a discussion about housing, what to look for in a lease and the
     implications of signing a lease. Bob Sunshine '61 former employee of
     Lincoln Financial Group spoke about personal insurance and offered advice
     in choosing different types of insurances. 21 seniors were in attendance.

Upcoming Events

     Tuesday, March 24, 2009
     “Life After CMC: PWC Etiquette Presentation.” The last of the three dinners
     at the Athenaeum will be attended by Ilona Moizesch ’07, tax associate at
     PWC, Michael Ai, Recruiting Coordinator for the Claremont Colleges at
     PWC, and Frederick Wentzel ’85, partner at PWC. All three guests will be
     offering their advice and knowledge to seniors on dining etiquette.

     Thursday, March 26, 2009
     “Life after CMC: Wine 101” students Rachael Maltiel ’09 and Kira
     Tamashiro ’09 will invite Sal Medina, owner and manager of The
     Packinghouse Wine Merchants, for an educational evening on what a
     young professional needs to know about wine. Seminar will include six
     varieties of wine with excellently paired cheese and crackers. This event is
     offered to seniors who are 21 years or older. This event will also be offered
     on April 2 and 6.

     Thursday, April 2, 2009
     “Life after CMC: Wine 101”

     Monday, April 6, 2009
     Junior Class Etiquette Dinner with John Faranda ’79

Monday, April 6, 2009
“Life after CMC: Wine 101”

Thursday, April 23, 2009
SARC Career Dinner: Government

Thursday, April 29, 2009
Senior Class Dinner

Saturday, May 16, 2009
1 Year Reunion: 2008

                        CMCAA Travel Liaison
                         March 2009 Report

                              Bob Long ’52

The Travel Committee, having heard rumors that Pomona College had to
cancel not one but two of their alumni excursions, is taking a hiatus in
planning additional adventures until the unsettled economic conditions

Instead, we are encouraging everyone to participate in the domestic
adventure offered by the CMC Alumni Athenaeum Retreat Weekend, July
23-26, in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

In addition, the traditional CMC-Oxy family camping trip should come in
at a good price point. Plans are now being formed to visit Montana de
Oro State Park, south of Morro Bay, the weekend of October 16. Mark
your calendars!

Of course, other adventures await CMC alumni…suggestions are always
welcomed by the Travel Committee.

                                                                                  March 25, 2009

                   Claremont McKenna College Alumni Association
                                 Technology Committee Update

                                       Chair: Tauseef Rahman
                                 Members: Luis Carlos Pelaez, Rob Poy,
                        Tauseef Rahman, Russ Chung, Ryder Smith, Troy Johnson

This document discusses the initiative to create a CMCAA Blog.

At the last Board of Directors meeting, I shared with you the initiatives of the Technology
Committee. The five initiatives were as follows:

   1. Promote CMCAA Board Members to join Facebook or LinkedIn, and to use their status
      messages to promote CMCAA-related items;
   2. Instruct CMCAA Board Members to standardize on Google Docs for file sharing;
   3. Investigate and standardize on an IM solution for every Board Member, where possible;
   4. Investigate a screen sharing solution (e.g., WebEx) to allow Board Members to
      coordinate and collaborate meetings and presentations online;
   5. Developing a CMCAA Blog.

Troy Johnson has undertaken Initiative #1, Rob Poy Initiative #2, and Tauseef Rahman Initiative

Initiative #5 in particular has received a lot of focus. The remainder of this document discusses
the Technology Committee’s effort surrounding the creation of a CMCAA Blog.

Reasons and Frequently Asked Questions
The reason the CMCAA Technology Committee is supporting the creation of a CMCAA blog is
because CMC is too slow and too disorganized to maintain a strong web presence. Alumni are
more likely to get news from an opinionated blog run by the students or student newspapers, well
before the college issues a press release (if it does issue one). Given this fact, I believe it is
worth taking a measured and conservative approach to at least establishing a consistent and
reliable web presence for Alumni that at least informs and engages them.

Several questions were raised regarding the CMCAA Blog. These questions were answered by
me in an informal shorthand manner as the discussion was facilitated via email. I personally
apologize for the nature of the responses.

1. Do we possibly have the capacity to get this done with volunteers?
   Yes. CMCAA Directors and CMC Alumni Relations staff can be asked to/tasked with
   covering news and writing entries (though not posting them; see response to question below).

2. How do we avoid posting bad content?
   There can be one to three CMCAA bloggers with posting privileges. They can edit what the
   volunteers above write, and post accordingly.

3. Who will carry this on going forward?
   Having a core team of specific CMCAA Director positions and CMC Alumni Staff whose
   role it is to oversee this, just like it were the budget. I recommend the CMCAA President,
   VP Alumni Relations, and the Technology Committee Chair are members of this core team
   tasked with maintaining the blog, especially the Technology Committee Chair.

4. If we don't enable comments, do we really engage our alumni?
   We can enable comments, but have it such that it requires approval for it to be displayed
   (approval by the same people named in point #2.)

5. Can we accomplish the same objective using the note feature in Facebook?
   Not necessarily. First, the Note feature is limited to Facebook users. On the other hand, blog
   entries can automatically be posted to Facebook through RSS feed integration. For example,
   Donald McKenna's profile could be set up to automatically post as notes CMCAA blog
   entries. People could then click on the link to go to the blog to get the full content. Second,
   the note features has limited formatting and embedding capabilities, i.e., text can't be
   highlighted, centered, made a larger font size, nor a video be included as part of the post.

6. Can we leverage the website updates of the Office of Alumni Relations to accomplish
   the same thing?
   Possibly, but that limits the updates to two things: employees of CMC, and then the website
   administrator posting the update. With a CMCAA-run blog (albeit with limited people with
   posting privileges), whoever we decide can post can do so at any day at any time. The blog
   has the feature to post-date an entry, so that a post entry can be set to coincide with a specific

7. Do we really think people will come to this blog when there is so much content in the
   Yes, if we drive content to it through links where we provided additional content on the blog
   that can't be found elsewhere, e.g., embedded video, and exclusive commentary/notes that are
   not published by the college. Currently, the CMC website issues press releases as if it were
   1953. There's no option for alumni to comment on it and feel engaged, or share additional
   resources and external links which can add value to the content, e.g., a links to several user-
   generated image galleries of the upcoming Euromeet.

8. How can we get people to come to the blog?
   Kindly see response to answer above. The key is additional content/value, and ability to

9. Can we get a core group of 3-5 alumni together who will blog about CMC and CMCAA
   related items?

   I would like to think so. CMC alumni are an entrepreneurial bunch, so as long as we have
   some guidelines set and don't rush into it, we should be alright. Let's start small, but not
   small enough so that there isn't at least one post per week. The key to blogging (especially
   when starting a blog), is quantity, i.e., consistent updates. If CNN updated its website every
   week, we'd never visit it. When you have the readership, then one can focus on quality, but
   not sacrifice quantity.

10. How will we manage the legal and public relations aspects?
    Administering this blog will require consistent skill and knowledge. I hope to develop a
    Policy Manual in consultation with legal- and marketing-minded members of the Board of
    Directors to be agreed upon by the CMCAA Board of Directors and shared with the Alumni
    Relations staff to guide those responsible for the blog.

Next Steps
We plan to accomplish the following:
1. Draft the CMCAA Blog Policy Manual;
   The goal is to prepare a draft document to share in time for the next Board of Directors
   meeting. If anyone is interested in assisting in this process, kindly contact myself. I kindly
   ask that legal- and marketing-minded Directors volunteer some of their time towards this

2. Select four contributors to write content;
   As we need sufficient blog content to carry this forward, we recommend at least four
   contributors participate in creating at least 26 weeks worth of content. Such content can
   include prepared interviews, Director biographies, history discussions on the CMCAA, and
   other value-added content that is not available elsewhere in the CMC/CMCAA network. For
   example, an entry could be created regarding the upcoming Euromeet with images, videos,
   and links to the location of the meeting, surrounding activities, and solicit any comments
   from Alumni in the region.

3. Agree upon the contributor/administrator structure of the CMCAA blog.
   I recommend the following approach, and seek your input:
              VP Alumni Relations
              Alumni Relations professional staff selected by VP Alumni Relations
              CMCAA President
              CMCAA Technology Committee Chair
              Four contributors selected by CMCAA
              Administrators may also serve as contributors.

The CMCAA Technology Committee and I kindly request your input and support for the
CMCAA Blog initiative. In my physical absence at the meeting, kindly direct your questions to
Ryder Smith. Alternatively, kindly contact me via email. Thank you for your time.


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