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					                                                 Your guide to Italy and beyond

Feb. 15, 2008
Aviano Air Base, Italy

                         Aviano ski club
                         hits the slopes
                             Easter in Rome
                           “The Eternal City”

                          Around Aviano:
                            3-0n-3 Basketball
                           Digital Photography
                               Bubba’s BBQ
                              Country night

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  a sequence for a
  colors ceremony
  here. The Honor
  Guard       holds                                                                                                           Awards
  a      week-long
  training course                                                                                                                  The
  to certify new                                                                                                        2007 Annual Awards
  Honor      Guard                                                                                                              Banquet
  members. This                                                                                                        takes place 6 p.m. March
  course     allows                                                                                                      7 at the La Bella Vista
  Airmen to be                                                                                                            Club. See your first
  certified quick-                                                                                                        sergeant for tickets.
  ly, which greatly
  increases Honor
  Guard manning.                                                                                                           The Annual Awards
  Airmen interest-                                                                                                          Ice breaker has
  ing in joing the
  honor guard, or                                                                                                            been cancelled
  for more infor-
  mation, e-mail
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                                                                                                                any questions please call Staff Sgt. Tobi C.
                                                                                                                Erskine at 632-5097 or 632-7843.

                                                                                                                Volleyball tournament
                                                                                                                   The 2008 Aviano Pasta Bowl Invita-
                                                                                                                tional Men’s and Women’s Volleyball tour-
                                                                                                                nament takes place Feb. 22-24 at the Drag-
                                                                                                                on Fitness Center. Cost is $100. Call Jessica
                                                                                                                Jackson at 632-7971.

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                       31st SERVICESREAD ME
Special Announcements!                                                HRO
                                                                      632-5747 | Area 2, Bldg. 256
Adult Talent Show Winners—                                            See the most recent job listings! Job details at
The show on 2 February was a great success. Please help us in
congratulating our winners!                                           Youth Programs
                                                                      Recreation Aid (Student Trainee), Recreation Assistant. (Teen
                 1st place, winner of an Apple iPod – A1C Adam        Programs), School Age Program Assistant, Operations Clerk
                 Collier, 31 AMXS, performing an original comedy
                 routine, “One Egg Short of an Omelet”.               Child Development Center
                                                                      Child Development Program Assistant, Training and Curriculum
               2nd place, winner of a $100 Amazon gift card –         Specialist
              Mr. Fred Oliver, retiree, performing “Lonely Girl” by
             Eddie Holman, a vocal rendition.                         Golf Course
               3rd place, winner of a $50 Amazon gift card –
                 SSgt Onisuru Awobo, 31 MXS, performing a             La Bella Vista Club
                  Fusion Belly Dance routine.                         Cook, Lead Cashier, Cashier, Food Service Worker, Lead Waiter,
                                                                      Operations Clerk, Caterer, Club Operations Assistant

Child Development Centers                                             Lodging
                                                                      Laborer (Grounds Maintenance), Custodial Worker, Lodging Clerk
632-8246 | Area 1, Bldg. 170
632-5199 | Flightline, Bldg. 1476                                     Outdoor Recreation
                                                                      Recreation Assistant
Give Parents a Break—
23 February, 930 am-2 pm, CDC Area 1. Children ages 6 weeks           Resource Management
to Kindergarten. No charge with a referral from a Commander, 1st      Information Technology Specialist
Sergeant, Family Readiness or Chaplain. $3/hour without referral
on a space available basis. Register by 20 February.

Youth Programs                                                        Here’s a closer look under the spot light!
632-7575 | Area 1, Bldg. 116
                                                                      Lodging Clerk
Youth Sports—
3-24 March, Get your gloves ready! Baseball/Softball registration     Duties: Receives and confirms room reservations by letter,
is just around the corner. Youth must have a current physical on      telephone, personal contact or email. Registers and assigns
file prior to registration.                                           rooms to guests. Accepts payment and presents departing
                                                                      guests with checkout statements. Required to work rotated shifts
Baseball & Softball coaches needed. Contact the YC Sports staff       to include days, swings, and night shift. Qualifications: Must have
to volunteer.                                                         experience in general clerical work. Must be at least 18 years of
                                                                      age because alcoholic beverages are sold at Lodging.
FitFactor is a web-based program that encourages youth ages           All Positions are open until filled. You must be a military or civilian
6-18 to get up, get out and get fit! You can get points for being     dependent and a U.S. citizen or a citizen of a NATO member country
active in a variety of ways! From team sports to household            (other than the host country Italy) to apply for a Services U.S. NAF
                                                                      position. Active duty military members are also eligible to apply.
chores; you can start earning points to achieve the five FitFactor    Applications need to be submitted to the NAF Human Resources Office
levels. For each level you reach you earn valuable prizes! The        located in area 2, Bldg. #256, Room #213. Hours of operation are
FitFactor levels are energy, strength, agility, adventure and         Monday-Friday 0730-1630. For additional information call
endurance. Sign up at the YC to start earning points today.           632-5747. *Flexible positions 0-40 hours per week is not guaranteed
                                                                      **Regular positions 20 hours per week is guaranteed.
Give Parents A Break—
23 February, 930 am - 2 pm. 1st-6th Grade. No charge with a                                    A publication of the 31st Services Squadron
referral from a Commander, 1st Sergeant, Family Readiness or
Chaplain. $3/hour without referral on a space available basis.

Youth Talent Show—                                                                 COMMANDER                  DEPUTY COMMANDER
8 March 2 pm. Coming soon! Youth Programs welcomes Aviano’s                       Maj David D. Kretz            Capt Jeffrey E. Elliott
talented youth. Compete in different categories like best male or
       female vocalist, dance, performing arts and much more!                    Marketing Director          Marketing Asst & Webmaster
          Deadline to sign-up is 22 February.                                    Annick Schoenthal                Mary Ann Lauro

                                                                                  Graphic Designer                    Publicist
                                                                                 James Dillon Wright               Chrisinda Swede

 TC        www.31svs-aviano                                                                                         Feb. 15, 2008              5
                        Information, Tickets & Tours
                                     February & March 2008                     632-3107/632-5026                            Area 1 Bldg. 106

    Excursion in Friuli : Villa Manin, Udine & Cividale
    Date: 23 February     Cost: € 47.00 (min 30)

    Guided Verona
    Date: 23 February     Cost: € 37.00 (min 30)

    Pisa & Bologna
    Date: 23 February     Cost: € 49.00 (min 30)

    Guided Florence
    Date: 01 March        Cost: € 49.00 (min 30)

    San Marino & Gradara Castle
    Date: 01 March        Cost: € 49.00 (min 30)

    Guided Lubiana Shopping, SPA, wine tasting, Pleterje & Carthusian
    Date: 01-02 March     Cost: € 125.00 (min 30)

    Guided Trieste & its Castles
    Date: 08 March        Cost: € 44.00 (min 30)

    Guided Milan “Art of Fashion” in honor of Women’s History Month
    Date: 08 March        Cost: € 49.00 (min 30)

    Tarvisio Leather Market
    Date: 08 March        Cost: € 29.00 (min 30)

    More coming up in March ........
    Siena & San Gimignano, Wine Tasting in Veneto & Balsamic Vinegar & Ferrari Museum, Venice by Train
    & Gondola Ride, Parco Zoo & Natura Viva, Castles in Bavaria, Rome for Easter, and more!!!

    *Deadlines for one day trips are 4 days before departure and 3 weeks before overnight trips. For both types
    of tours there may be the option to extend the deadline depending on bus seating availability.

6      Feb. 15, 2008                                                                  www.31svs-aviano        TC
                          632-5072/5026 | Area 1, Bldg. 106

                           ITT ITINERARY
                  ITT TRIPS - FEBRUARY 2008
                             Rome for Easter - “The Eternal City”
   The 31st Services ITT offers trips that will broaden your horizons! This month ITT has planned a trip with
special significance, a few days after the International Memorial Day for Victims of the Halocaust, January 27:
     Date:     21-23 March 2008
Munich and Dachau Concentration Camp. Dachau was a 3-10 50% off in room
     Price:     €279.00 (minimum 35 people), children: 0-2 free and Nazi German concentration camp, and the first one
                with two adults. €45.00 grounds of an abandoned munitions factory near the medieval town of Dachau,
opened in Germany, located on the single supplement.
     Deadline: 07 March 2008
10 miles northwest of Munich in Bavaria. The camp has been turned into a testimonial of the Halocaust, with a
museum, restored archives, buildings and replicas of the original barracks. In addition to Dachau, you will be able to
     Method of Payment: US$ currency, Visa/Mastercard, checks, calculated at the daily Services exchange rate. We do not
      the beautiful Bavarian
visitaccept euro at this time. city of Munich. A must to see is the Marienplatz where the city hall building is located
that houses the famous bell clock with life size typical Bavarian figures which dance to the hour!
     Rome, the “Eternal City”, is the capital of Italy and of the Lazio (Latium) region. It’s the famed city of the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita, Vatican City
     and Three Coins in the Fountain. Its Historic Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vatican City, is the last Papal state in existence and the tem-
     poral seat of the Pope, head of the worldwide Catholic Church. Situated within the city of Rome in Italy, the Vatican is the world’s smallest state.

     1st Day – March 21 Friday
     0400 Departure from Aviano Area 1 Bus Stop. ITT Customers please park in lot across from laundry mat.
     1130 Approximate arrival in Orvieto where you can visit the town cathedral and admire one of the most beautiful samples of medieval architecture
          (the main church) and the St Brizio Chapel. (Entrance fees not included, approx €5)
     1600 Approximate arrival in Rome. Visit of the Catacombs. (Entrance fees not included, approx €5)
     1900 Check in at the hotel and dinner (not included). After dinner you will have free time to explore Rome by night on your own.

     2nd Day – March 22 Saturday
     0700 Early Breakfast at the hotel (included)
     0830 Approximate departure from the hotel for a guided tour of the archaeological center of the town. In the afternoon you will have free time for
          lunch, shopping and to explore the Vatican City on your own. We suggest you to visit the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square
          and basilica.
     1730 Approximate departure to the hotel to get ready for dinner that will be in a typical restaurant, included.

     3rd Day – March 23 Sunday
     0730 Approximate time for breakfast at the hotel and check out
     0900 Departure to St. Peter’s Square for the Holy Mass held by the Pope. Please note that the attendance inside the Basilica for the Holy Mass is
          not guaranteed. After the Mass or ( for those who do not go the religious service) there will be a guided tour of the Baroque heart of the city.
          Sights to visit are the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Venice, Navona, and Pantheon squares.
     1430 Departure for Aviano
     2000 Stop for dinner on the highway (not included)
     2330 Approximate arrival time in Aviano.

     THE PRICE INCLUDES: Two nights in a B&B, three star hotel. Transportation in a first class bus. Guided tours with a certificated tour guide. Bus
     Tour by night. A dinner in a typical Roman restaurant. Maps, a tour escort for the entire tour, information on the city.

     EXPENCES NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: First/last night dinner. lunch /snacks. Monuments which approximate fees are: Coliseum €11,
     Catacombs €5, Funicular ride in Orvieto RT €2, St. Brizio Chapel in Orvieto €5 and the Sistine Chapel €14.

     PLEASE NOTE: Arrival and departure times are approximate and based on normal road conditions. Tour bus will make necessary stops for your
     comfort and convenience. Itinerary is subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. On this particular trip, we remind
     you that this is an International event for the Catholic Community worldwide. Please be aware that it will be crowded and the itinerary will be subject
     to change without notice (ITT and Contractors are not responsible). Bare shoulders, short skirts, and shorts are not accepted by churches. Be respect-
     ful with sacred places. They reserve the right to turn you away if your dress is inappropriate so please dress accordingly. It is strictly prohibited to
     film or photograph the Sistine Chapel. Security is allowed to remove and destroy the film. There is plenty of walking involved in this tour and it is
     advisable to wear comfortable shoes! Punctuality is a must. This is not a shopping tour...some stores will be closed due to the Easter Holidays.
     Be aware of your belongings, pickpockets, your surroundings and always keep a low profile.

                                                            Tel: 0434-303107 DSN: 632 3107
 8       Feb. 15, 2008                                                                                                www.31svs-aviano                 TC
        Culture, History, People

                       le borse * bags                                                 la cinghia
                                                                                          i manici

                        il portafoglio     il portamonete    la borsa a tracolla
                             wallet              purse           shoulder bag

                         la sacca da viaggio               la valigetta              la borsetta
                               dufflebag                     briefcase                 handbag

                       le scarpe * shoes
                                         il laccio               la lingua
                                            lace                  tongue

                       l’occhiello                                                       la scarpa da
                          eyelet                                                           trekking
                                                                                          walking boot

                                                                          il tacco
                      la suola

                                     la scarpa con i lacci                             la scarpa di cu
                                            lace-up                                        leather shoe

                      la scarpa con il           lo zatterone        il sandalo          il mocassino
                         tacco alto              platform shoe          sandal               slip-on
                      high-heeled shoe

 10   Feb. 15, 2008                                                                         www.aviano.
                               Ski, carve or slide
      la bretella
     shoulder strap

                           The Aviano Ski and Snowboarders Club is open to all U.S. citizens and local na-
                           tionals that are employed with the U.S. Government and their dependents. Visit
          lo zainetto
           backpack        Club open to all snow-craved skiers, ‘boarders

                                                   By Senior Airman Justin Weaver
                                                     31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

                                                 he Aviano Ski Club is      the club make their tour at Aviano that
                                                 looking for skiing and     much better.
                                                 snowboarding enthusi-          "There are some really good benefits
                                asts who share a passion for the slopes,    to being part of the club," Cross said.
                                want to meet new people and most of all,    "Logistically, everything from the re-
a         la scarpa da          who enjoy the snow-capped mountains         search and reservations to directions
            ginnastica          throughout Europe.                          and driving tips are completed for you.
           athletic shoe           The ski club offers weekend ski trips    Socially, you meet people who ski at the
                                throughout Italy, Slovenia, Austria and     same level and ability as yourself, and
                                on longer holiday breaks, to Switzerland    if you're single, or don't want to drive
                                and France. A membership with the           by yourself, you can always carpool on
                                Aviano ski club also includes merchan-      the trips."
                                dise discounts throughout the Aviano            All trips are "U-drive" trips unless
                                area and at outdoor recreation.             otherwise indicated. The ski club is open
                                   "The ski club is a great place to meet   to all U.S. citizens and local nationals
                                new people with common interests,           that are employed with the U.S. Gov-
                                whether it's boarding, skiing, shopping,    ernment and their dependents.
uoio        la ciabatta         going to a spa, or just relaxing," said         "Trips usually include breakfast and
e             flip-flop         club president Gina Cross. "Over the        dinner and a special treat - Wine, choco-
                                last four years, I have made some re-       lates or round of drinks, courtesy of the
                                ally great friends, and I love knowing      club," said Cross.
                                I'm going somewhere to ski, even when           Upcoming trips include Lake Bled,
                                I don't have time to make my own ar-        Slovenia, Sesto/Bad Moos and Moltaller
                                rangements."                                Glacier, Austria.
                                   The main benefit of the Aviano Ski           Skiers and snowboarders interested
                                Club is just that. Not worrying about       in joining can contact any of the officers
                                your travel plans and hotel arrange-        located on the Aviano Ski Club Web site
                                ments.                                      at Cost is $15
                                   "Someone else does all the leg work      for a year-long membership. For chil-
o   la scarpa da uomo           and all a member has to do is sign up,      dren ages 7 to 17 years old, cost is $5.
           oxford               pay and get to the resort," said Jim            The next club meeting takes place at
                                Sajo, ASC trip coordinator.                 6:30 p.m. March 5 at the Western House
                                   For most members, the benefits of        in Aviano.    TC                                                                                        Feb. 15, 2008       11
TC   www.31svs-aviano   Feb. 15, 2008   13
       Camp Darby
   Setting sun transforms historic city
       Story and Photos by
          Joyce Costello
  USAG Livorno Public Affairs

   I’m the kind of tourist that likes to
travel during the off season. I don’t like
battling my way through the crowds
or finding out that since I didn’t make
a dinner reservation in advance, I will
once again have to eat a sandwich for
dinner at a cafe.
   While visiting a museum in Rome
during a dreary January weekday, I
found myself surrounded by school kids
shouting with glee and jumping in front      St. Peters Square in Vatican City is lit up at night. Aviano ITT will be
of the masterpiece I was trying to reflect   making a trip to Rome, Easter weekend.
on. Exasperated, I left and went to go       I decided to take the metro back to the        chambers and could see a lone tourist
find an outdoor cafe to sit and mope at.     Vatican City to see if I could get some nicer snapping photos and jumping back and
   As the day settled into night, I no-      photos then those I took earlier in the day. forth between the pillars.
ticed the crowds were quickly vanishing.     After switching the metro line twice and          I smiled, waved, said “Ciao” and went
I could finally see the Trevi fountain in    getting off one stop too early, I made my      off to find the metro line back to my
front of me. The gypsies and peddlers all    way into St. Peter’s Square. Two Carabin- hotel. Exploring Rome at night made me
packed up and took the no. 64 bus home.      ieri, Italian military police, glanced over at feel giddy. I was almost positive that I
The waiter actually brought me the           me to make sure I wasn’t a delinquent.         would find a restaurant that wouldn’t re-
check without me asking five times.              I had visited the Vatican earlier in the   quire a reservation for dinner that night.
   As the sun slipped past the horizon, I    day and had seen it
suddenly felt rejuvenated. I was ready       many times on TV, but
to explore Rome and see it through a dif-    this was the first time I
ferent light, which was mostly amber due     could actually really see
to the halogen street lights.                it. I looked at all of the
   I made my way to the hill overlooking     different statues on the
the Colosseum. As I wandered down to the     doric-pillared colonnade
ground level, the pure scale of the Colos-   without worrying once
seum was overwhelming. Standing under        about getting pick-
the Arch of Constantine, I fully expected    pocketed. I finally got
to see the cast from HBO’s “Rome” series     to test the theory that
to stroll out of the Roman Forum sharing     if you stand centered on
the political gossip of the day. Instead,    one column, then you
a biker drove by and rang his bell 100       wouldn’t see the three
meters away so I could move out of the       columns behind it. I
street.                                      wondered if the Pope           During the day, the Trevi Fountain is elbow to el-
   Feeling particularly, adventurous,        was walking around in his bow with tourists, but a peaceful place at night.

                                                                                   Rome After Dark Dinner Tour
                                                                                USO Rome offers a        vere, and the magnifi-
                                                                             Rome After Dark Din-        cent Colosseum. Enjoy
                                                                             ner Tour on Friday or       a stroll through the fa-
                                                                             Saturday nights and         mous Piazza Navona.
                                                                             only requires a mini-       The bus is limited to
                                                                             mum of six people.          14 people maximum.
                                                                                Enjoy a tradition-       The tour cost 65 euro,
                                                                             al full Italian meal.       15 euro for children age
                                                                             (Drinks not included)       2-4. For safety reasons
                                                                             Then relax, while USO       all children must have
                                                                             drives you around the       an assigned seat on the
                                                                             Eternal City to view it’s   Van/Bus. Reservations
                                                                             major monuments, ar-        can be made online at
                                                                             tistically illuminated by,
                                                                             the Comune of Rome.         by emailing inforome@
                                                                             See the Tiber River, St. or by calling 0039
No trip to Rome is complete without visting the Colosseum. Camp Darby        Peter’s Basilica, Traste-   06 -39727419.
ITR is offering a trip to Rome on March 22.

 14     Feb. 15, 2008                                                                             TC
                                                                      READ ME
                       31st SERVICESREAD ME
La Bella Vista                                                       Arts & Crafts
632-4303 | Flightline, Bldg. 1404                                    632-2989 | Flightline, Bldg. 1464

Texas Hold’em Championship—                                          Digital and Still Photography—
1 March. The final round of the USAFE Texas Hold’em Base             Learn the art of digital and still photography. Learn how to
Tournament! The program consisted of two months of open play         download photos to your PC. Learn depth of field, f stop, ISO
           with the top three winners from each week of open         ratings, histograms and much more. Classes are filling up fast,
               play to compete for the honor of base champion        so sign-up now through Arts & Crafts. Framing, quilting, doll
                  during the final round. Base champions will        making and other classes are also available. Call 632-2989 for
                  be sent on permissive TDY to Spangdahlem           info.
                 AB, GE from 14 March-16 March to compete in
               the USAFE Championship. Travel and lodging
            expenses will be provided by HQ USAFE up to              Alpine Golf
         established limits.                                         632-7386 | Flightline, Bldg. 1391

2-4-1 Steaks—                                                        Bubba’s Grand Opening!—
Buy one get one free! Members only.                                  29 February, 4 pm-7 pm. Join the Alpine Golf Center for fun
                                                                     and entertainment! There will be jumpy castles, a chipping &
                                                                     putting contest, giveaways, and much more. Bubba’s will offer
Outdoor Recreation                                                   sample tastes of its Bodacious Vittles Menu. Be there for a
632-8623/8625 | Flightline, Bldg. 1479                               great time!

Exciting New Programs!—                                              Interested in winning a golf bag? Well in the month of February
Enjoy snow shoeing, olympic course taxi bob, and starlight           anyone who spends over $4.00 in the grill may write their name
sledding...                                                          on the back of the receipt and drop it in the box provided. On
                                                                     1 March we will draw the name of a lucky golf bag winner.
Dog Sledding in Piancavallo-
This popular sport is gathering more and more aficionados in
Italy. Outdoor Rec is offering a fantastic excursion for just 13     Community Center
euro. Don’t miss out this season for a chance to drive a dog sled    632-5479 | Area 1, Bldg. 106
from the Antartika Club of Piancavallo! The price includes a brief
familiarization with the dogs and a 1.5 km run on a course.          Classical Winter Concert—
                                                                     22 February, 7 pm. Admission is free! Enjoy an evening of
Free Ride To Ski Piancavallo—                                        classical and contemporary music.
Project Cheer Event
The snow has landed and you need a ride!?! FREE                      Leap Year Country Night—
Transportation to Piancavallo for E1-E4. Departs Outdoor Rec         Project Cheer “Survivor”
at 9 am and leaves Piancavallo at 3 pm. Must sign-up by the          29 February. Open to all, come out and dance to a live country
Wednesday prior.                                                     DJ & ride the bull! ($3 per ride) Event begins at 8 pm. Adults
                                                                     only please.

Fitness & Sports Center                                              Flea Market—
632-7574 | Fitness Center, Area 2                                    29 March. Get ready for Aviano’s next Flea Market! $12 per 8ft
632-7459 | Dragon Fitness Center                                     table, $10 per 6ft or round table. Must pay and reserve tables
                                                                     by COB 26 March. Call CC at 632-5479.
Racquetball Tournament—
23 February, 8 am-12 pm. Single player, double elimination. Skill
levels include beginner, intermediate and advance. Get a copy of     Bowling Center
the rules at the Dragon Fitness Center. Sign-up by 16 February.      632-7487 | Area 1, Bldg. 179
Rewards go to top 3 players!
                                                                     Wednesday Night Mixed Handicap Team—
Biggest Winner Combat Relay Race—                                    12 March, 6 pm, league begins. League sign-ups are now
23 February, 9 am. Stay tuned to the Biggest Winner events!          accepted. Cost per person is $10.00 for Teams of 4. Team
                                                                     meeting on 5 March.
                      3 On 3 Basketball Tournament—
                        22 March, 6 pm. 3-4 players max per          Spare Time Grill Lunch Time Specials—
                        team, the event is self officiated, and
                        awards will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd     Try our yummy specials at only $4.95 per meal with a drink
                       place teams. Sign-up by 14 March.             included....

Marathon Packets Now Available—                                      Monday       - Cajun Chicken Philly Wrap W/Fries
Start training physically and mentally for Aviano’s second           Tuesday      - Chicken Fried Steak W/Mashed Potato
Marathon just around the corner! Marathon packets are now            Wednesday    - Pasta special W/seasoned toast
available for pick up at the Dragon Fitness Center or on the home    Thursday     - Taco Salad
page of our website, Stop by or call our staff     Friday       - Chicken Cesar Salad
for more information.

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