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									Vol. 34, No. 7                                                                                                      September 2006

    Association-Wide Online Elections Begin
    September 5
    by Michael J. West                         and a link to the ballot. The ICA web-       tween Younbo Jung (U of Southern
    ICA Headquarters                           site allows you to personally verify, cor-   California) and Mikaela L. Marlow (U
    Beginning September 5, ICA mem-            rect, and/or update the information.         of California - Santa Barbara) for Stu-
    bers will vote for association-wide and                                                 dent Board Member, a 2-year term. In
    division/interest group officers. For the    The association-wide elections include       addition, 15 of the 21 ICA Divisions
    third year, elections will be held using   the 1-year term for President-Elect.         and Special Interest Groups will have
    an online-only ballot. Polls will remain   This year’s candidates for the posi-         officer positions up for election. (See
    open until October 16.                     tion are Patrice Buzzanell (Purdue U)        page 5 for a list of Division/Interest
                                               and Lana Rakow (U of North Da-               Group candidates.)
    The online ballot is easy to use, ex-      kota). Members will have the choice
    pense-free, and has since its introduc-    of Thomas Hanitzsch (TU-Ilmenau,             Additionally, Division 5 (Intercultural/
    tion generated high voter turnout.         Germany) and Gianpietro Mazzoleni            Development) will decide whether to
                                               (U of Milan, Italy) for a 3-year term        split into two Divisions or fully merge
    To access the ballot from the ICA          as Board Member-at-Large (Europe).           into one (i.e., without subdivisions.)
    website (, members          Jennifer L. Bartlett (Queensland U
    will need their ICA login name and         of Technology, Australia) and Juliet         Biographies and statements for presi-
    password. Members should make sure         Roper (U of Waikato, New Zealand)            dential candidates appear in this News-
    that ICA has their correct email ad-       are the candidates for a 3-Year term as      letter. All other statements are on the
    dress so that the association can send     Board Member-at-Large (Oceania-              ICA home page.
    them an announcement of the election       Africa). Members can also choose be-                              (continued on page 5)

    It’s Membership Renewal Time!
    by Sam Luna                                membership:
    ICA Headquarters                                                                               What’s Inside
    Greetings from the Internation-            * Free online access to Journal of Com-
    al Communication Association. You          munication, Human Communication Re-                                                       ICA Newsletter September 2006
    and 4,000 of your ICA colleagues are       search, Communication Theory, and Jour-
    no doubt preparing classes, working        nal of Computer-Mediated Communica-             2 President’s Message
    with students, and taking on any new       tion, every issue as far back as 1951.
    challenges that might present them-                                                      11 News of Interest
    selves during another busy academic        * 10 issues per year of the electronic        12 Division & Interest
    year. Along with this busy time comes      ICA Newsletter, featuring timely arti-
                                                                                                Group News
    a new membership year in ICA. It is        cles; calls for publications and awards;
    now time to renew your membership          announcements of conferences; com-
    for 2006-2007.                             mentary about the discipline and news         15 Calls for Papers
                                               of your colleagues; and listing of faculty    19 Positions Available
    As you consider your ICA member-           openings and fellowships. You will also
                                                                                                & Other Advertising
    ship renewal, please allow us this op-     receive quarterly printed synopses and
    portunity to remind you of some of
    the many benefits that come with your                           (continued on page 3)
                                   PRESIDENT‘S                                                    International Communication Association
                                                                                                        2006–2007 Board of Directors
                                                                                                  Executive Committee
                                                                                                  Ronald Rice, President, U of             Economics
                                                                                                    California, Santa Barbara             Wolfgang Donsbach, Past
                                                                                                  Jon Nussbaum, Immediate Past             President, U of Dresden
                                ICA/Cambridge Scholar’s Press                                       President, Pennsylvania               Robert T. Craig (ex-officio),
                                                                                                    State U                                Finance Chair, U of Colorado
                                Theme Session Series                                              Sonia Livingstone, President-           Michael L. Haley (ex-officio),
                                                                                                    elect, London School of                Executive Director
                                                           by Ronald E. Rice
                                                           ICA President                          Members-at-Large                        Sherry Ferguson, U of Ottowa
                                                           This is my third column intro-         Joseph Man Chan, Chinese U              Ted Zorn, U of Waikato
                                                           ducing and describing the three          of Hong Kong                          Student Members
                                                           new ICA publishing projects –          Dafna Lemish, Tel Aviv U                Qi Wang, U of Maryland
                                                                                                  Karen Ross, Coventry U                  Rebecca Hains, Temple U
                                                           the Communication in the Pub-
                                                           lic Interest series with Blackwell,
                                                                                                  Division Chairs & ICA Vice Presidents
                                                           the Encyclopedia of Communi-           David Roskos-Ewoldsen, Information Systems, U of Alabama
                                                           cation with Blackwell, and the         Beth LePoire, Interpersonal Communication, U of California,
                                                           Theme Session Series with Cam-             Santa Barbara
                                                           bridge Scholars Press. Last time       Holli Semetko, Mass Communication, Emory U
                                                                                                  Cynthia Stohl Organizational Communication, U of California - Santa
                                                           (in the June issue of the News-            Barbara
                                                           letter) I introduced the ICA and       Min-Sun Kim, Intercultural & Development Communication,
                                Blackwell Encyclopedia of Communication. This time I will             U of Hawaii
                                summarize the ICA/Cambridge Scholar’s Press Theme Ses-            Patricia Moy, Political Communication, U of Washington
                                                                                                  Amy Nathanson Instructional & Developmental
                                sion Series.                                                          Communication, Ohio State U
                                                                                                  Douglas Storey, Health Communication, Johns Hopkins U
                                ICA and Cambridge Scholar’s Press have contracted to              Christina Slade, Philosophy of Communication, Macquarie U
                                publish some papers from the annual conference theme ses-         Jan A. G. M. Van Dijk, Communication & Technology, U of
                                sions in a short edited book of approximately six chapters.       Lynn Schofield Clark, Popular Communication, U of Oregon
                                These chapters will be written in an engaging style so that       Hochang Shin, Public Relations, Sogang U
                                members of other disciplines will be interested in reading        Marian Meyers, Feminist Scholarship, Georgia State U
                                this series. As such, these collections are not conference pro-   Vicki Mayer, Communication Law & Policy,
                                                                                                      Pennsylvania State U
                                ceedings, but rather a unique set of essays that capture in-      François Cooren, Language & Social Interaction, U de Montréal
                                sights and agendas of our top scholars.                           Dong Hoon Ma, Visual Communication, Korea U
                                                                                                  John Newhagen, Journalism Studies, U of Maryland
                                The series begins with this year’s ICA conference in Dres-
                                den, with the hope that there will be sufficient interest on        Special Interest Group Chairs
                                                                                                  Katherine Sender, U of Pennsylvania, & David J. Phillips, U of
                                our parts and that of readers and the publisher to continue           Texas - Austin, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies
                                this initiative and develop a series.                             Hiroshi Ota, Intergroup Communication, Aichi Shukutoku U
                                                                                                  Isabel Molina & Kumarini Silva, Ethnicity and Race in
                                The edited volumes will form a collection that provides both          Communication, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                                                                                                  James Watt, Game Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
                                breadth and depth on the cutting-edge scholarship dis-
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                cussed during the theme session panels. The chapters would        Editorial & Advertising
                                represent the scholarship presented in the theme sessions as      Howard Giles, U of California, Santa Barbara,
                                a whole. Some papers could come from a panel, and other              Chair, ICA Newsletter Committee
                                                                                                  Michael J. West, Publications Manager, ICA
                                papers could have individual sections by individual panel-
                                ists, organized around the panel theme.                           ICA Newsletter (ISSN0018876X) is published 10 times annually
                                                                                                  (combining January-February and June-July issues) by the International
                                                                                                  Communication Association, 1730 Rhode Island NW, Suite 300,
                                Each year, the Call for Theme Session panel submissions           Washington, DC 20036 USA; phone: 202-530-9855; fax: 202-530-9851;
                                will include a short statement indicating that a small num-       email:; website: ICA dues include
                                ber (5-7) of papers from the theme sessions would be se-          $30 for a subscription to the ICA Newsletter for one year. The Newsletter
                                                                                                  is available to nonmembers for $30 per year. Direct requests for ad rates
                                lected and published in a series from Cambridge Scholars          and other inquiries to Michael J. West, Editor, at the address listed above.
                                Press. After acceptance and organization of the Theme Ses-        News and advertising deadlines are Dec.10 for the January-February issue; Feb.
                                sions has been sent out to paper and panel submitters, that       10 for March; Mar.10 for April; Apr.10 for May; May 10 for June–July; July 10 for
                                                                                                  August; Aug.10 for September; Sept.10 for October; Oct.10 for November; Nov.10
                                                                                                  for December.
                                                                         (continued on page 5)
Review of the “Congress of the Americas” in Lima,
Peru, August 3-5, 2006
by James A. Anderson                                           An equally important part of the time spent at the Con-
U of Utah                                                      gress was in developing plans for increased cooperation
 Scholars from North and South America met in Lima,            among scholars in the Western Hemisphere. Recommen-
Peru for the Congress of the Americas ‘06, August 3-5 to       dations will be advanced to the ICA Board for two pro-
explore topics in technology, intercultural communication      gram slots to be reserved for Latin American scholars as
and journalism. Rita Kirk from the United States, Raul         well as an interactive session bringing together graduate
Vargas from Peru, Carlos Alberto Montaner from Cuba,           students from North and Latin America.
and Alicia Casermeiro de Pereson from Argentina head-
lined the event with keynote addresses on the future of the    Plans were also laid for an Inter-Americas Forum that
Internet, multicultural communication, journalism eth-         would be charged with developing the framework for in-
ics, and communication and democracy. The Congress was         stitution to institution and scholar to scholar interaction
cosponsored by the U of Saint Martin de Porres (USMP),         across the Western Hemisphere. The Inter-Americas fo-
Lima; Extensión y Proyección U, Lima; the American             rum would be a joint project of ICA, ACA, USMP, and
Communication Association (ACA); and ICA.                      other selected Latin American universities.

International Communication Association members, in-           The success of CA ’06 was immediate and motivated a res-
cluding James Anderson (U of Utah), Derrick L. Cog-            olution adopted by the sponsoring bodies to do it again in
burn (Syracuse U), Peter A. DeCaro (California State           2008 with the Monterrey Institute of Technology serving
U), Susana Ramirez (U of Pennsylvania), Ming Cheung            as host and Dr. Jesús Meza serving as chair of the plan-
(City U of Hong Kong), Subir Sengupta (Marist College),        ning committee. Members of the committee also include
and Lilnabeth Somera (U of Guam) presented papers on,          Tyrone Adams and Peter DeCaro of ACA, Sam Luna and
among other topics, technology in education; ethnicity in      James Anderson of ICA, and Aldo Vasquez of USMP. The
entertainment/media; communication in commerce; and            committee will meet in October to finalize a proposal to be
language barriers in computer-mediated communication.          presented to the sponsoring organizations.

Membership Renewal                                             * With your ICA membership, you can opt to join the
                                                               Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS) at
continued from page 1                                          a discounted rate of $30.00 (USD) annually.
highlights of all important ICA events.
                                                               * 21 divisions and special interest groups that allow you to
* Communication Yearbook, featuring state-of-the-art litera-   network with colleagues involved in research more specifi-
ture reviews and articles providing comprehensive syntheses    cally targeting your area of interest.
of literature.
                                                               ICA values your ideas and membership. We hope that you
* Information and opportunity to attend ICA’s Annual Con-      will take just a few more minutes to renew your member-
ference in San Francisco, May 24-28, 2007, at member rates.    ship. To do so, please go to
* Discipline-specific publications that add value to your                                                                       ICA Newsletter September 2006
membership.                                                    We appreciate your support. Thank you for being an ICA
                                                               member! Best wishes for the coming year.

                           Have You Published a Book Recently?

    Have you recently published a book in communication? If so, your publisher should
    be exhibiting with ICA during the San Francisco conference in 2007 and advertising
    in upcoming Newsletters and conference materials. Maybe your publisher would like to
    schedule a book signing or reception during the conference. Contact Michael Haley at to discuss the possibilities!

                                Publications Committee Seeks Editors for Journal
                                of Communication, Journal of Computer-Mediated
                                PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE SEEKS JOC EDI-                          PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE SEEKS JCMC
                                TOR                                                            EDITOR

                                The ICA Publications Committee is soliciting nomina-           The ICA Publications Committee is soliciting nomina-
                                tions for editor of the Journal of Communication to suc-       tions for editor of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Com-
                                ceed Michael Pfau, whose term ends at the close of 2007.       munication to succeed Susan Herring, whose term ends
                                Self-nominations are welcomed. A completed nomination          at the close of 2007. Self-nominations are welcomed. A
                                package should include a letter from the candidate, two to     completed nomination package should include a letter
                                four letters of support from publishing scholars familiar      from the candidate, two to four letters of support from
                                with the candidate’s work and experience, and a letter of      publishing scholars familiar with the candidate’s work
                                institutional support from the candidate’s home institution.   and experience, and a letter of institutional support from
                                Nominations should be submitted by Dec. 31, 2006.              the candidate’s home institution. Nominations should be
                                                                                               submitted by Dec. 31, 2006.
                                Queries and nominations should be addressed to
                                 Loretta L. Pecchioni, Chair                                   Queries and nominations should be addressed to
                                 ICA Publications Committee                                     Loretta L. Pecchioni, Chair
                                 Department of Communication Studies                            ICA Publications Committee
                                 Louisiana State University                                     Department of Communication Studies
                                 Baton Rouge, LA 70803-3923                                     Louisiana State University
                                 Voice: 225-578-6724                                            Baton Rouge, LA 70803-3923
                                 FAX 225-578-4828                                               Voice: 225-578-6724
                                 Email:                                         FAX 225-578-4828

                                Submissions for ICA’s 2007 Conference in San Fran-
                                cisco Begin on September 15
                                The International Communication Association’s current          neighborhoods, with their Victorian architecture, expansive
                                and prospective members can, beginning September 15,           parks, and vibrant cosmopolitan style that will provide a
                                submit full papers and abstracts—as wel as interactive         breathtaking conference experience. Its cutting-edge arts
                                papers and panel presenation proposals. The online submis-     culture will allow you to see, firsthand, the emerging of
                                sion window will stay open for 6 weeks, closing at 11 pm       new communication content, control, and critique.
                                EST on November 1.
                                                                                               “By focusing on a process—‘creating’—the conference
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                To read about the 2007 Conference setting (San Fran-           theme invites insights across communication scholarship,”
                                cisco), theme (“Creating Communication: Content,               says Sonia Livingstone, ICA President-Elect and Confer-
                                Control, Critique”), and submission guidelines, check the      ence Program Chair. “The conference theme is concerned
                                ICA website at         both with transformations in mass mediated content and
                                2007CFPweb.pdf.                                                with the diversity of ways in which people participate in
                                                                                               complex information and communication environments....
                                The setting of the 2007 conference is the Hilton San           Today, face-to-face communication is increasingly merg-
                                Francisco, located in the heart of the city adjacent to the    ing with—rather than contrasting with—technologically
                                Theater District and Union Square. San Francisco is one        mediated communication, suggesting new ways of concep-
                                of the most important centers of culture in the United         tualizing the role of individuals and groups in the commu-
                                States, including prolific arts and entertainment scenes. It    nication process across political, professional and personal
                                is home to hundreds of theater, opera, ballet, and perfor-     spheres.”
                                mance art companies, as well as its legendary coffeehouses
                                and diverse nightlife. San Francisco is a city of elegant      Submit your papers soon and avoid the last-minute rush!
President’s Message                                               will be requested to provide a draft of their manuscript at
                                                                  the time of the conference.
continued from page 2
year’s Theme Session Chair will send out a notification to         Each year’s Theme Session Chair would edit that year’s book.
each theme session panel organizer to contact his/her ses-        The Conference Planner (President-Elect) would provide a
sion participants about their interest in pursuing the edit-      forward about the conference theme, and the Theme Ses-
ed book. If they are interested, the Chair will need to know      sion Chair would write an introduction. The Theme Session
how they would like to proceed with the collaboration.            Chair would then request final manuscripts to be due about
                                                                  a month or so after the conference. Notification about revi-
In light of ICA’s interest in reaching out to other countries,    sions could be sent out in the beginning of August with final
disciplines, practitioners and the public, this Theme Session     versions due no later than October of each year. The Editor/
series is not restricted to the traditional academic paper for-   Theme Session Chair would review, organize, and prepare
mat. Authors can use powerpoints and discussion points            the materials for submission to Cambridge Scholar’s Press
as outlines for these chapters; indeed, we would hope that        by mid-November. Any royalties will go to the ICA general
chapters would be organized and written in a more acces-          fund. Cambridge Scholar’s Press and ICA could revisit this
sible format than the traditional academic chapter. Authors       series every other year to see how it is working out.

ICA 2007 Elections
continued from page 1

                                                       (2-Year Term)

DIVISION 1 - Information Systems - Vice-Chair                     DIVISION 15 - Language & Social Interaction - Secretary
Cheryl Campanella Bracken; Rob Potter                             Theresa Castor; Evelyn Ho

DIVISION 2 - Interpersonal Communication - Vice-Chair             DIVISION 16 - Visual Studies - Vice-Chair
Walid Afifi; Cindy H. White                                         Marion G. Müller

DIVISION 3 - Mass Communication - Vice-Chair                      DIVISION 17 - Journalism Studies - Secretary
R. Lance Holbert; Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick; David               Peter Gross; Graham McKinley; Donnalynn Pomper
                                                                  SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP 18 - Gay, Lesbian, Bi-
DIVISION 4 - Organizational Communication - Secretary             sexual & Transgender Studies - Cochair
Stacey L. Connaughton; Joel Iverson                               Lynn Comella; Viera Lorencova

DIVISION 5 - Intercultural/Development - Vice-Chair               SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP 19 - Intergroup Commu-
                                                                                                                                 ICA Newsletter September 2006
Jim Neuliep; John G. Oetzel                                       nication - Vice-Chair
                                                                  Margaret Pitts
DIVISION 9 - Philosophy of Communication - Vice-Chair
Nick Couldry                                                      SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP 20 - ERIC - Vice-Chair
                                                                  Travis Dixon; Myria Georgiou; Michael G. Lacy
DIVISION 12 - Public Relations - Vice-Chair
Craig Carroll; Cindy T. Christen                                  SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP 20 - ERIC - Secretary
                                                                  Bradley Gorham; Renuka Suryanarayan
DIVISION 13 - Feminist Scholarship - Vice-Chair
Diana Rios; Sheida Shirvani                                       SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP 21 - Game Studies -
DIVISION 15 - Language & Social Interaction - Vice-               Katherine Isbister
Richard Buttny; John Wilson
                                New ICA Website Goes Live at
                                We are proud to announce the launching of the new ICA         You will now be able to add your own web site address
                                website! Your new website has been designed with func-        (URL) as well as your photograph to your profile if you
                                tionality for you in mind. You will find many new features     wish. Keep track of your ICA account through links per-
                                in the “Members Only” section. For example, a Message         sonalized specifically for you linking you directly to your
                                Center will list recent emails broadcast to you from ICA.     account: your dues invoices, conference registration, event
                                In today’s world of aggressive SPAM filtering, you can         history, the sections you belong to, and much more!
                                now go to your “My ICA” page to see if there is anything
                                you missed!

                                                                        The home page of the ICA website.
                                Our directory search functions have been improved. Col-       Finally, with a goal of increased internationalization as
                                leagues will now be able to locate you not only by name,      mandated by the survey taken by many ICA members in
                                institution, and geographical location, but also by search-   2003, several of the key pages of the ICA pages will be
                                ing for keywords identifying your area of research. Look      translated into Spanish, German, Korean, Mandarin, and
                                in Account Manager to add keywords for up to five main         French.
                                areas of research with which you would like to be associ-
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                                                                 The “My ICA” page.

Candidate Statements for ICA 2007 Presidential
Following are the statements submitted by each candidate for     At our Dresden conference, some continuing needs of re-
president in the ICA 2007 Election. The statements for other     gional communication associations throughout the world
candidates can be found online at .                              came to the forefront of discussion—I would like to make
                                                                 progress toward addressing these and other longstanding
PRESIDENT–ELECT- SELECT                                          concerns.

Patrice Buzzanell                                                Finally, I would like to work on collaborative exchange for-
I would like to build on my prior work for ICA to en-            mats for information sharing and career development that
hance our field’s visibility, internationalization, and collab-   put different members in conversation. ICA’s new mem-
orative exchanges for information sharing and career de-         ber orientation and various divisional and cross-divisional
                         velopment.                              preconferences already work toward developing graduate
                                                                 student and junior faculty’s careers. I would like to expand
                        First, of greatest concern to me is      their format and content so that we can better incorporate
                        the accessibility of our research and    the interests of all ICA members (e.g., midcareer sessions;
                        its perceived importance and con-        information sessions about nonacademic and administra-
                        nection to real-world issues and         tive jobs; sessions to facilitate international research and
                        development of knowledge. If our         teaching collaborations as well as the sharing of instruc-
                        publications cannot be accessed          tional materials). For instance, our graduate student rep-
                        easily by different publics, if our re-   resentatives facilitated connections for students with well-
                        search is not used across disciplines,   known scholars at the Dresden conference. My own divi-
and if we do not publicize adequately our many contribu-         sions have offered speed mentoring, networking and re-
tions to lessening social problems, then it is not surpris-      search advice sessions, and our own awards for interactive
ing that commentary such as that recently leveled against        displays and outstanding contributions. As division chair,
us in the Chronicle of Higher Education should surface. We       I wrote newsletter columns and website postings to better
need to better educate others about our field. We should          inform membership about issues and decisions as well as
continue working toward these aims through our strategic         to solicit ideas and participation. These and other sorts of
planning processes, publication agreements, dissemination        possibilities can lead to greater involvement of our mem-
of theme session panels in readily accessible forms, and         bers and sustained commitment to our conferences and
commitment to enhancing our field’s reputation through            initiatives.
journal acceptance in ISI listings, connections with fund-
ing agencies and the NRC, and engagement with local and          Professional Experience
international communities.                                       Currently a Professor in the Department of Communica-
                                                                 tion at Purdue U, I have also taught at Purdue’s Krannert
The International Communication Association can do               Executive Education Program; at the Consortium in In-
more—or do these things differently. For instance, I want         ternational Management and Business Analysis) in Italy;
to increase efforts to promote members’ activities in mul-        and at Northern Illinois, Michigan State (Communica-
tiple media venues. I will form study groups to examine          tion and MBA), and Marquette U. My research focuses
ICA staff responsibilities (with an eye toward reallocation       on organizing structures, practices, and outcomes with re-
and/or development of PR and/or outreach positions), as-         gard to gendered careers and leadership. I have published      ICA Newsletter September 2006
sess ICA’s current and proposed publications and presen-         on issues such as mentorship, careers among different oc-
tational formats, and investigate peer organizations’ pub-       cupational groups in the U.S. and China, work-life poli-
licity mechanisms and public service activities to locate        cies, leadership and dissent, ethics, and change. I position
best practices.                                                  communication as fundamental for enhancing quality of
                                                                 life, framing issues so that groups are not disenfranchised,
Second, I will embrace the goal of further international-        and involving individuals and groups in decision-making.
izing our divisions, committees, and publication processes.      It would truly be an honor to work on these and other is-
As Division IV chair, I had an internationalization com-         sues as President of ICA.
mittee that worked toward better representation of inter-
national scholars’ interests and better connections among        I have edited Rethinking Organizational and Managerial
members across the globe. I would like to see all of our         Communication from Feminist Perspectives (2000) and co-
divisions have task forces such as these to collect data for
ICA officer decision-making processes and agenda setting.                                                 (continued on page 8)
                                Candidate Statements                                                                    Lana Rakow

                                continued from page 7                                                                   What sets ICA apart? Our mission
                                                                                                                        is “to advance the scholarly study of
                                edited Gender in Applied Communication Research (2004). I                               human communication and to fa-
                                have published in Human Communication Research, Com-                                    cilitate the implementation of such
                                munication Monographs, Journal of Applied Communica-                                    study so as to be of maximum ben-
                                tion Research, Communication Theory, Communication Year-                                efit to humankind.” Said anoth-
                                book, and Management Communication Quarterly (MCQ),                                     er way, it is “intellectual leadership
                                among other journals. I edited MCQ from 1997-2000 and                                   that can make a difference.”
                                co-edited a special issue of Communication Studies.
                                                                                               Implementing our mission isn’t easy. Debates about the
                                I have held leadership and committee positions in ICA          2010 conference site because of Singapore’s laws against
                                and other associations. I have served as chairperson of Di-    homosexuality show the tensions between our knowledge,
                                vision IV and its Academic-Industry Task Force. I have         values, and practice. Selecting a site is a litmus test for how
                                chaired the ICA Nominating Committee and the 2006              we carry out the membership’s desire (expressed in the
                                ICA Theme Sessions. I received the Outstanding Member          2005 survey) to influence political decisions about com-
                                Award from Division IV (1994), the W. Charles Redding          munication and champion humanitarian and democratic
                                Dissertation Award (1988), and top paper awards.               values.

                                With regard to other associations, I currently serve on the    The history of ICA’s intellectual leadership and the
                                Research Board of the National Communication Asso-             strength of its membership—over 3,500 members in 65
                                ciation (NCA). I coordinated the Communication Theo-           countries—give me great optimism that we can link our
                                ry and Research area of the 2006 NCA Doctoral Honors           scholarship to our values of engagement. We can model
                                Conference and presented the keynote on trends in Com-         how a community of scholars addresses local and global
                                munication. In 2005, I was honored with NCA’s Francine         needs for peace, justice, well-being, and understanding. As
                                Merritt Award for outstanding contributions to the lives       a candidate for president-elect select, I would be honored
                                of women in the field. I also have top paper and article        to serve as a catalyst for the processes we need to imple-
                                awards from NCA.                                               ment our values.

                                I have been President of the Organization for the Study        What are our next steps? How will we connect knowledge
                                of Communication, Language, and Gender (OSCLG);                and action? I believe we should:
                                leadership team member for the Anita Borg Institute for
                                Women and Technology; and cochair of Purdue’s Council          1. Set a goal of full participation and representation in our
                                on the Status of Women. I have received the Teacher-Men-       programs, field, and association, inclusive of race and eth-
                                tor Award (OSCLG), Alumnus of the Year Award (Ohio             nicity, gender, class, sexuality, age, disability, religious affil-
                                University), Violet Haas Award (Purdue), Outstand-             iation, nationality, and geography. Internationalization of
                                ing Graduate Faculty Award, and Excellence in Teaching         the association must go hand-in-hand with full inclusion
                                Award from my department at Purdue, and Outstanding            of underrepresented groups. We need a research project
                                Graduate Faculty Teaching Award (NIU).                         (collaborative, multidivisional, multimethodological) that
                                                                                               assesses the status of underrepresented groups and geog-
                                I serve on 11 editorial boards and have acted as an external   raphies, identifies blocks to inclusion, and proposes action
                                reviewer for university programs, governmental and uni-        for the association to discuss and act upon at its annual
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                versity grants panels, and promotion and tenure cases. I       meeting.
                                coadvise a team in Purdue’s Engineering Projects in Com-
                                munity Service (EPICS), and am a faculty affiliate with          2. Increase member engagement in discussion and de-
                                Purdue’s Center for Families, Entrepreneurship Center,         cision-making. I support president-elect Sonia Living-
                                and Women’s Studies program. I have given keynote ad-          stone’s attention to transparency, and further propose that
                                dresses and workshops for corporations, universities, gov-     the website carry a full record of the association’s activities
                                ernment facilities, and not-for-profits. Currently, I am ed-    and history, with reports, minutes, and agendas. Members
                                iting an ICA theme session collection and coauthoring ar-      should be apprised in advance of issues to be discussed
                                ticles on the communicative construction of resilience and     and decided by the Board. The annual meeting should in-
                                workplace dignity.                                             clude association-wide discussion; annual divisional busi-
                                                                                               ness meetings should not be the only means for member

                                                                                                                                         (continued on page 9)
Candidate Statements                                           serving then as director of the School of Communication
                                                               and serving now as director of a new academic-wide Cen-
continued from page 8                                          ter for Community Engagement. Other significant intel-
                                                               lectual and international experiences include implement-
                                                               ing a Ford Foundation grant on women of color in the lib-
3. Channel member interests and concerns into venues for       eral arts curriculum and conducting a federally sponsored
collaboration and action. I propose conference program-        speaking tour in South Korea.
ming include multidivision sessions suggested by members
and divisions around common issues or concepts. These          A member of ICA since 1984, I was able to help found and
might be minisummits (such as on status of class in com-       cochair the Feminist Scholarship Interest Group in 1986,
munication theory), workshops (how to conduct action re-       and I have been a regular contributor to the Philosophy of
search), or deliberative debates (are there basic commu-       Communication Division. I served on the ICA Board of
nication rights for which the association should stand?).      Directors, chaired a President’s Task Force on the Profes-
Let’s discuss significant public matters involving commu-       sional Development of Women, and was appointed to the
nication, modeling deliberative dialogue, and member par-      ICA Nominating Committee and Book Award Commit-
ticipation in taking positions. I propose our annual meet-     tee for several years. My theoretical, methodological, and
ing take up resolutions from divisions and interest groups     teaching interests range across multiple communication
to be heard and debated.                                       contexts. My four books and other publications address
                                                               issues of gender, race, and class; advertising, news, and
The International Communication Association can use its        public relations theory and practice; history and theory of
role as an intellectual leader to make a difference. Our mis-   new and old technologies; community studies and public
sion guides us to find ways to put our knowledge to use         scholarship; and curriculum reform and assessment. I have
while our values guide us to do so respectfully and collab-    been published in and served on the editorial boards of the
oratively. That is what sets ICA apart. It would be a privi-   ICA journals. I currently serve on the editorial boards for
lege to be of service to such an institution.                  Feminist Media Studies, New Media and Society, Journal of
                                                               Public Relations Research, Journalism and Mass Communi-
Professional Experience                                        cation Quarterly, Critical Studies in Media Communication,
What do I bring to this agenda? I value connecting theory      Southern Communication Journal, and the new Communi-
and practice, have experience administering complex orga-      cation Methods and Measures. I have a particular interest in
nizations and collaborative projects, and am a lifelong ad-    collaborative methodologies involving public partners and
vocate for inclusion of underrepresented groups.               connecting knowledge to action.

Born and raised in North Dakota in the US, I have been         Over the years, I have “walked the talk” of engagement,
influenced by my agrarian roots and sense of community.         chairing the Teaching Standards Committee of the As-
My B.A. and M.A. degrees are from the U of North Da-           sociation for Education in Journalism and Mass Commu-
kota. I practiced public relations; taught at Franklin Col-    nication and holding two terms as president of the North
lege in Indiana; earned a Ph.D. from the U of Illinois-        Dakota Professional Communicators. I am an advocate of
Urbana-Champaign with James Carey as my advisor; and           principles and practices of diversity. One such collabora-
served as department chair and associate vice chancellor       tive effort had a significant result: the inclusion of sexual
for undergraduate studies at the U of Wisconsin-Parkside.      orientation along with gender, race, and ethnicity in new
I returned to UND with my husband and children in 1994,        standards for education by the ACEJMC.

                                                                                                                              ICA Newsletter September 2006

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                                      Three of ICA’s journals – Human Communication                                          Research, Communica-
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                                     ����������������French, ���������������������

ICA Newsletter September 2006



                        NEWS      OF
                                        Interest           TO      THE          PROFESSION

In September 2006, Michael Grif-        The Department of Communica-            rum. Student members of the Debate
fin, Macalester College, will be join-   tion Studies at the University of Ne-   Forum will begin intercollegiate pol-
ing a new Department of Cinema          vada-Las Vegas has received a gener-    icy debate competition in the Fall of
and Media Studies at Carleton           ous gift from Dr. Sanford I. Berman     2007.
College. His new email address is:      (Ph.D., Northwestern, 1958) to estab-                    lish the Sanford I. Berman Debate Fo-

                         Journal of Communication                    Human Communication Research
 To Reach ICA Editors

                         Michael Pfau, Editor                        Jake Harwood, Editor
                         Department of Communication                 Department of Communication
                         U of Oklahoma                               U of Arizona
                         101 Burton Hall                             211 Communication Building
                         Norman, OK 73019 USA                        Tucson, AZ 85721 USA

                                        Communication Theory
                                        François Cooren, Editor
                                        Department of Communication
                                        University de Montréal
                                        CP 6128 Succursale Centre-Ville
                                        Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7
                                                                                                                        ICA Newsletter September 2006

                         Journal of Computer-                        Communication Yearbook
                         Mediated Communication                      Christina S. Beck, Editor
                         Susan Herring, Editor                       Ohio University
                         School of Library and                       School of Communication
                         Information Science                         Studies
                         U of Indiana                                210 Lasher Hall
                         Bloomington, IN 47405 USA                   Athens, OH 45701 USA

                                    DIVISION & INTEREST GROUP

                                Instructional & Developmen-
                                                                           The division’s Top Dissertation           portunity to self-nominate your work
                                tal Communication                          Award Winner was Muriel Visser for        for this award when you submit your
                                                                           her dissertation, entitled “The impact    manuscripts. Please note that we ac-
                                I would like to thank and congratu-        of individual differences on the will-    cept integrative reviews as well as tra-
                                late everyone who participated in the      ingness of teachers in Mozambique         ditional papers. Papers solely authored
                                Dresden conference, including our          to communicate about HIV/AIDS in          by students should be marked as such
                                presenters, panelists, chairs, and re-     schools and communities.” Thanks to       when submitted. We have several
                                spondents. We had an unusually large       the committee members who evalu-          awards for top student papers.
                                number of submissions for this inter-      ated the dissertations, Juliette Walma
                                national conference and we were able       van der Molen, Hiroshi Ota, and           Also, we have two highly qualified
                                to schedule more than half of them.        Moniek Buijzen.                           candidates for the upcoming election
                                Congratulations to our top paper and                                                 for the Vice-Chair-Elect in Inter-
                                poster winners! The Top 3 Faculty          Also, congratulations to all of the       personal. Please look for candidate
                                papers were:                               graduate student teachers who were        announcements from Walid Afifi at
                                                                           honored during our business meeting.      the University of California, Santa
                                Moniek Buijzen and Juliette Walma                                                    Barbara, and Cindy White at the
                                Van Der Molen for their paper “Pa-         The submission deadline for the           University of Colorado.
                                rental Mediation of Children’s Emo-        2007 conference in San Francisco is
                                tional Responses to the News,”             just around the corner. Please let me     Respectively Submitted,
                                                                           know if you are interested in serving     Beth Le Poire, Chair
                                Pamela Hayward for her paper “You          as either a chair or a respondent for
                                Never Get a Second Chance to Make          the conference.
                                a First Impression,”
                                                                           Finally, I would like to thank Lynda      Mass Communication
                                And Juliette Walma Van Der Molen,          McCroskey for all of her hard work
                                Wieteke Jongbloed, and Elly Konjon         for us as division Chair over the past    The Mass Communication Division
                                for their paper “Children’s Fears and      two years. Thanks for everything,         had a very successful and well at-
                                Coping with Fears of TV News.”             Lynda!                                    tended series of 48 panels in Dresden
                                                                                                                     at the annual meetings in June. The
                                Our Top Student Paper was authored         Amy Nathanson, Chair                      division was awarded an additional
                                by Mike Ananny and titled “Manag-                       panel because of the number of co-
                                ing Media Ecologies: Relationships                                                   sponsored panels it had arranged. I
                                between Children’s Media Usage,                                                      want to thank the many individuals
                                Rebellious Behavior, and Parental          Interpersonal Communication               who reviewed multiple papers and
                                Regulation.”                                                                         panel session proposals.
                                                                           It is not too early to begin planning
                                And, our Top Interactive Paper went        your submissions to the 2007 confer-      In preparation for the review process
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                to Elizabeth Harzold and Lisa              ence in San Francisco from May 24 to      for the San Francisco meeting in May
                                Sparks for their paper “When the           28. We want to encourage all division     2007, if you are interested in review-
                                Parent has Cancer: Adult Child Per-        members to consider sending papers        ing papers or panel proposals, please
                                ceptions of Communication Compe-           to the Interpersonal Communication        send your areas of expertise and your
                                tency, Humor Orientation, and Rela-        Division and to try to have full papers   contact information to Vice-Chair
                                tional Satisfaction in the Older Adult     and panel proposals ready for the         Robin Nabi at
                                Parent-Child Relationship.”                submission deadline of November 1,        Based on expected submission rates,
                                                                           2006. Remember that we have an an-        we expect to need over 100 reviewers,
                                I would like to extend special thanks      nual Applied Communication Award.         so we hope to hear from many of you!
                                to all of the reviewers for this year’s    This is evidence that the division        If you are interested in submitting a
                                conference. Reviewing for our divi-        welcomes and encourages submissions       panel proposal, and you think it would
                                sion is a big job and I sincerely appre-   that examine interpersonal commu-         be a candidate for cosponsorship with
                                ciate the work our reviewers did.          nication in a variety of contexts and     another division, please indicate the
                                                                           relationships. You will have an op-       potential cosponsoring Division in the

text of the proposal when you submit      divisions, with some 900 to 1100          Communication Studies at the Uni-
it to the Mass Communication Divi-        members, depending on the month.          versity of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg
sion.                                     While the division is home to many,       School.
                                          and while many attend the Mass
At the Mass Communication Busi-           Communication Division panel ses-         Monroe Price and Ingrid Volkmer
ness Meeting in Dresden, voting for       sions, the business meeting tradition-
the position of secretary was complet-    ally has had low attendance. We hope
ed. The Division was pleased to have      that more will be able to schedule        Political Communication
two highly qualified candidates for the    time to meet one another at the busi-
position of secretary: Dana Mastro of     ness meeting in San Francisco where       On June 17, 2006, the Institute of
the University of Arizona and Mar-        we plan to combine a reception (food      Communication and Media Research,
jolein Moorman of the University of       and drink) with the meeting.              Ludwig-Maximilians-University
Amsterdam. Now that all the meeting                                                 Munich and the Political Commu-
and proxy ballots have been counted,      Holli A. Semetko, Chair                   nication Division of the ICA hosted
we want to congratulate Dana Mastro                   a preconference to the annual meet-
as the Division’s new secretary. We                                                 ing in Dresden. The preconference at
want to also extend our sincere thanks                                              Munich, focussing on “Messages from
to Mary Beth Oliver who has done a        Philosophy of Communica-                  Abroad - Foreign Political News in
wonderful job for the Division during     tion                                      a Globalized Media Landscape” had
her time in office.                                                                   been organized by Oliver Quiring
                                          The preconference “Infuencing Out-        and Alexander Haas and was at-
A call for nominations for the posi-      comes: Communications Research            tended by nearly 60 scientists from
tion of vice-chair went out in June       and Global and Regional Policy            Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, New
to members of the Division, and we        Transformations” was hosted by Cen-       Zealand, Poland, Russia, Switzerland,
received the names of many accom-         tral European University (CEU), Bu-       the United Kingdom, and the United
plished individuals. The final three       dapest and cosponsored by the Politi-     States.
candidates standing for election for      cal Communication and Philosophy
the position of vice-chair are, in al-    of Communication Divisions.               After the keynote speech by Bob
phabetical order:                                                                   Stevenson discussing challenges for
                                          The conference was designed to cel-       media effects research four panels
Lance Holbert: U of Delaware              ebrate the rich maturation of media       dealt with ‘foreign political news pro-
                                          and communications scholars in            duction,’ ‘content and patterns of cov-
Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick: Ohio          Central and Eastern Europe. It was        erage,’ and ‘media and international
State U                                   shaped to explore the work of CEU         relations,’ as well as on ‘media use and
                                          and especially its Center for Media       effects on the domestic public.’ In the
Dave Roskos-Ewoldsen: University          and Communications Studies in the         first panel, papers focused on implica-
of Alabama                                context of policy research for the sup-   tions of the changing global media
                                          port of new democratic media land-        landscape on journalistic work (e.g.
You can find more information about        scapes in emerging societies in East-     weblogs becoming a source of infor-
the candidates and read their personal    ern Europe. Presentations given by        mation also for journalists) or the role
statements elsewhere in this issue of     representatives of European organiza-     of news agencies in portraying inter-
the Newsletter.                           tions (such as Council of Europe) ,       national events.
                                          media organizations as well as nation-
I would like to extend a special thanks   al institutions addressed the complex     The next two panels concentrated on        ICA Newsletter September 2006
to Wolfgang Donsbach, past ICA            relationship between communications       content and patterns of foreign news
president, and the local organizing       research and policy implementation        coverage. Papers examined how the
committee for making the Dresden          from a variety of angles.                 national image of North Korea was
meetings so memorable. The extracur-                                                framed in two American newspapers
ricular activities such as the Mayor’s    The preconference set a groundwork        and what happened when Bush called
Reception and the Wine Tasting at         for the presentations of Manuel Cas-      North Korea an “axis of evil” coun-
Weingut Scholss Proschwitz in Zadel       tells as well as Juergen Habermas at      try. Another paper analysed changes
ueber Meissen on the last day of the      Dresden. The preconference built on a     in newspaper coverage of European
conference were very special occasions    network of EU scholars, called “East      countries and issues related to the Eu-
enjoyed by all who attended.              of West: Setting a New Central and        ropean Union between 1988 to 2002
                                          Eastern European Media Research           in two countries – one an EU member
The Mass Communication Division           Agenda.” The event was also greatly       at both times and one entering into
is proud to be the largest of the ICA’s   supported by the Project in Global        membership negotiations in 1998 and
                                finally joining the EU in 2004.            man and American magazine design,         enjoyed the sunset and watched lights
                                                                          accompanied by a special session on       blink on across the city. A very special
                                Further papers focused on media cov-      the history of magazine design with       thanks to Marion Mueller for plan-
                                erage of Germany and Poland which         Patrick Roessler, U of Erfurt; Sam-       ning and arranging this memorable
                                had been at war with each other           mye Johnson, Trinity U; Bob Craig, U      evening!
                                and with this conflict having differ-       of St. Thomas; and Kevin Barn-hurst,
                                ent impact on recent news frames or       U of Illinois; and sponsored a special    Upcoming Elections for Division Vice-
                                examined the relationship between         photography exhibit drawn from            Chair and Secretary
                                the national leadership and national      the “Israeli Folklore Archive Fam-
                                media in a model of media and public      ily Photography Exhibition,” curated      In August elections will be held for
                                diplomacy.                                and designed by Dr. Ruth Oren of          Vice-Chair (Chair-elect) and Secre-
                                                                          the University of Haifa. Thanks to        tary of the Visual Studies Division.
                                The final panel was about media use        all those who put in the extra efforts     Please make sure to vote. Look for the
                                and media effects. Here, papers dis-       needed to enhance the conference          2007 Call for Papers (2007 Program
                                cussed the degree of channel switch-      with these special exhibits, especially   in San Francisco) Check the ICA
                                ing while watching television due to      Ruth Oren who transported the pho-        website for the Visual Studies Divi-
                                the type of news being reported (e.g.     to collection from Haifa and mounted      sion “Call for Papers” for next year’s
                                foreign, political or foreign political   the exhibit herself! A special paper      ICA conference in San Francisco. Th
                                news but also soft news) or examined      session on “Emotion and Visuals,”         e submission deadline for the 2007
                                the correlation between international     was also held in coordination with the    Conference in San Francisco is No-
                                news coverage and political knowl-        Visual Communication Group of the         vember 1, 2006. It is already time to
                                edge from a comparative perspective.      German Communication Associa-             prepare submissions! We are planning
                                After a final chill out in a Bavarian      tion. Thanks to Marion Mueller, the       to make San Francisco a repeat of the
                                Biergarden the participants moved         International University Bremen, and      great success at Dresden.
                                on to the main ICA conference in          Chair of the Visual Communication
                                Dresden.                                  Group of the German Communica-            Changing of the Guard in the Division
                                                                          tion Association, for proposing and
                                Alexander Haas                            organizing this collaboration.            Dong Hoon Ma, Korea U, Seoul,
                                                                                          South Korea is the new Chair of the
                                                                          The Visual Studies Division of ICA        Visual Studies Division. Please direct
                                                                          and the Visual Communication              all communications for the chair to
                                Visual Studies                            Group of the German Communica-            him at
                                                                          tion Association crowned this hugely
                                Dresden 2006 a Wonderful Event!           successful conference with a wonder-      In September 2006, Michael Griffin,
                                                                          ful reception, dinner and get-together    outgoing chair for Visual Studies will
                                The Visual Studies Division received      at the Yenidze Cupola restaurant.         be joining a new Department of Cin-
                                a record breaking high number of          As the sun sank low in the sky over       ema and Media Studies at Carleton
                                submissions for the 2006 Conference       40 participants enjoyed the fresh         College. His new email address is:
                                and enjoyed 13 successful and well-       breeze on the rooftop of the Yenidze,
                                attended paper and panel sessions in      a for-mer tobacco manufacturing
                                Dresden. Presentations were made          plant which was built at the begin-       Michael Griffin
                                by scholars from 20 different nations      ning of the 20th century in the style     Immediate Past Chair
                                representing every populated conti-       of a mosque. As we dined and visited      Visual Studies Division
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                nent. Visual Studies also cosponsored     on the wonderful terrace overlook-
                                a great conference exhibition of Ger-     ing Dresden and the Elbe River, we

                                  Sorry, But When It Comes to Email Addresses, You May Have Only One . . .

                                  Email has become a way of life, and ICA uses it extensively—for billing, program assignments, member-
                                  ship, and just about every other communication we have with our members—and it usually works just
                                  fine. Occasionally, however, we run into problems (or you do) because you use a different email address
                                  from the one ICA has in our records for you. The result can be duplication or miscommunication. Consider
                                  your email address your unique identifier for all ICA purposes and please use only one email address for
                                  all your ICA business. That makes our job easier and results in better service to you.


           Calls for Papers
CALLS FOR PAPERS/AB-                     consin,                                     Dr. Marcus Foth
STRACTS                                  Editors. Web: http://iupjournals.           Australian Postdoctoral Fellow
Journal of Intercultural Communica-
tion Research. James W. Neuliep, Edi-    CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS                        CALL FOR CHAPTER PRO-
tor-elect, JICR, Department of Com-      Special Issue of the Electronic Jour-       POSALS - Handbook of Research on
munication, St. Norbert College, 100     nal of Communication (EJC) Com-             Global Information Technology
Grant St., De Pere, WI 54115. Email:     municative Ecologies                        Editor: Dr. Mahesh S. Raisinghani,                            The concept of ecology has a lot to of-     Texas Woman’s University, School of
                                         fer communication research. Broadly,        Management, USA. The Handbook
Feminist Media Studies. Authors          it refers to the context in which the       of Research on Global Information
in North America, Latin America          communication process occurs. More          Technology will provide compre-
and the Caribbean: submit to Lisa        specifically, we can define a commu-          hensive coverage and definitions of
McLaughlin, Editor; email:               nicative ecology as a milieu of agents      the most important issues, concepts, Authors in          who are connected in various ways           trends and technologies in the field of
Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia:    by various exchanges. Our particular        the emerging sub-discipline of Global
submit to Cynthia Carter, Editor;        interest in the concept stems from our      Information Technology Manage-
email:            study of people in particular places        ment (also referred to within the
                                         with access to many different media.         Information Systems (IS) discipline
Education Review of Business Com-        Using an ecological metaphor opens          as Global Information Technology
munication. Mss. info: http://www.       up a number of interesting possibili-       Management, as International Infor-   ties for analyzing place- based com-        mation Systems, and as Global Man-
index.html.                              munication (e.g., in neighbourhoods,        agement Information Systems). The
                                         apartment buildings, or - on a larger       volume will feature entries of between
Journal of Communication Studies,        scale - suburbs and cities). It can help    8,500-12,000 words covering a wide
National Council of Development          us to better understand the ways so-        range of topics related to the subject
Communication. Soliciting research       cial activities are organized, the ways     of Global Information Technology
papers, abstracts. Email: Shveta Shar-   people define and experience their           Management. Successful contribu-
ma,         environments, and the implications          tions will provide definitions, expla-
                                         for social order and organization.We        nations, and applications of various
Hampton Book Series: Communica-          invite the submission of concep-tual        pertinent topics and issues rather than
tion, Globalization, and Cultural        or empirical (quantitative orqualita-       in-depth discussions of narrow sub-
Identity. Jan Servaes, Hampton Book      tive) work on the theme of commu-           jects. Prospective authors are invited
Series Editor, c/o School of Journal-    nicative ecologies in any place-based       to submit chapter proposals of 200-
ism and Communication, University        setting. The special issue is scheduled     500 words on or before July 31, 2006.
of Queensland, Brisbane QLD 4072,        for publication in mid 2007. Deadline       Authors will be notified of the status
Australia. Phone: +61 (7) 3365 6115      for completed manu-scripts: 31 Oct          of their proposal and sent chapter
or 3088. Fax: +61 (7) 3365 1377.         2006. Submissions should be elec-           organization guidelines by August          ICA Newsletter September 2006
Email:              tronic (.doc or .rtf for-mat only, please   15, 2006. Drafts of chapters will be
                                         avoid .pdf and .html). Inquiries about      due by October 15, 2006. Please send
Manuscripts. Subject Matters: A Jour-    possible topics are welcome. For the        inquiries or submit material electroni-
nal of Communications and the Self.      full call for papers, see http://www.       cally (Microsoft Word, or Rich Text
Email:       files) to Dr. Mahesh S. Raisinghani at
                                         Submissions and in-quiries should be
Submissions. Journal of Middle East      directed to the guest editors:
Women’s Studies ( JMEWS). Info:                                                      Call for Manuscripts – The Journal
Marcia C. Inhorn, Director of            Professor Greg Hearn                        of Native Aging & Health publishes
the Center for Middle Eastern and        Director                                    articles that address Native aging,
North African Studies, U of Michi-                          health and related issues. All theoreti-
gan, and Mary N. Layoun, Chair of                                                    cal and methodological approaches
Comparative Literature, U of Wis-                                                    are welcome. Original research and

                                studies should apply existing theory       to the editorial office via e-mail at        will be considered.
                                and research to Native Americans,, telephone          (2) Short (500 –1500 words) reports
                                Alaskan, Hawaiian, Islanders and First     701-777-2673, or fax 701-777-3955.         of urban governance experiments or
                                Nations Peoples, or should illuminate      Ordering Information: To order a           innovations conducted through
                                how knowledge informs and reforms          copy of the Journal, contact: Dr. Pa-      media (new, old, or both). Reports
                                exiting theories and research on Na-       mela J. Kalbfleisch, Editor, Journal        should include discussion of the im-
                                tive populations, aging, and health.       of Native Aging & Health, School of        plications of the specific case for
                                Manuscripts whose content is within        Communication, University of North         more general issues of media, urban
                                the scope of the journal will be anony-    Dakota, Box 7169, 202A O’Kelly             politics and governance. The dead-
                                mously peer-reviewed, so no mate-          Hall, Grand Forks, ND 58202. $25.00        line for submissions is September 1,
                                rial identifying the author(s) should      a copy / $40.00 year subscription.         2006. Submit three hard copies of
                                appear in the body of the paper. The                                                  your manuscript to Sandra J. Ball-
                                paper must not have appeared in any        Call for Papers – “New and Old             Rokeach and send as an e-mail at-
                                other published form. Each submis-         Media in Contemporary Urban Gov-           tachment. Please use the standard
                                sion should include a separate cover       ernance and Politics”: Special Issue       paper format for Political Communi-
                                page with the name of the author(s),       of Political Communication. Special        cation. Decisions about publication of
                                present academic title or other cur-       Issue Editor: Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach,      your manuscript will be made in Feb-
                                rent position, academic department         Annenberg School for Communica-            ruary, 2007. Visit the Political Com-
                                and university (if appropriate), and       tion, University of Southern Califor-      munication web page at: http://www.
                                complete address, telephone num-           nia, 3502 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA
                                ber and e-mail address (if available).     90089-0281. Espe-
                                The submission also must include a         cially encouraged are submissions that     Call for Papers – Special Issue of
                                single-paragraph abstract of no more       deal with the following themes:            Organization on Managing Identities
                                than 120 words on a separate page.         • civic engagement among urban             in Complex Organizations. Guest
                                Manuscripts, abstracts, references,        dwellers – the roles of new and old,       Editors: Mats Alvesson – Lund Uni-
                                figures and tables must conform to          big and small media                        versity, Sweden; Karen Lee Ashcraft
                                the Publication Manual of the American     • neighborhood voices in urban gov-        – University of Utah, USA; Robyn
                                Psychological Association (2001, Fifth     ernance                                    Thomas – Cardiff Business School,
                                Edition) guidelines. Contributors          • the role of local journalism in bridg-   Cardiff University, UK. Deadline:
                                are encouraged to be familiar with         ing citizens to their government           15th September 2006
                                the Manual’s guidelines for avoiding       • theory-driven evaluations of com-
                                bias in language used to express ideas     munity networking or community             Journal of Marketing and Communi-
                                in the manuscript. By submitting           informatics                                cation Management. The Managing
                                to JNAH, authors warrant that they         • the role of urban governments in the     Editors, JMCM, Department of Mar-
                                will not submit their manuscript to        development of new media systems           keting and Communication Manage-
                                any other publication without first         (e.g., wireless)                           ment, University of Pretoria, Pretoria
                                withdrawing the manuscript from            • media and urban politics in non-         0001, South Africa. Info: http://www.
                                consideration by JNAH, that the work       Western societies                 Email: Professor C H
                                is original, and that appropriate credit   • media, immigrants, and immigration       van Heerden, nheerden@hakuna.
                                has been given to other contributors       – issues of identity in urban politics, or Professor Anske Grobler,
                                to the project. Reports of the original    • the roles of ethnic media in urban
                                research and papers may not exceed         life and politics
                                25 pages (including references, tables,    • the challenges of diversity – media      Submissions. Participations: Journal of
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                figures and appendixes). Copies of          as bridge, media as boundary of urban      Audience and Reception. Info: http://
                                submissions will not be returned to        spaces                           
                                the author(s). Send four paper cop-        • media constructions of urban places
                                ies of complete papers to Pamela J.        This is a call for two types of papers:    Essays. Bad Subjects: Iraq War Culture
                                Kalbfleisch, Editor, Journal of Native      (1) Theory based empirical contribu-       Review Essays. Email: Joe Lockard,
                                Aging & Health, School of Commu-           tions of a length suitable for Political Info: http://bad.
                                nication, University of North Dakota,      Communication, up to 30 pages of 
                                202A O’Kelly Hall, Grand Forks, ND         300 words a page. Studies that incor-
                                58202. Along with your paper copies,       porate theories of mass media, new         Proposals. Alternatives Within the
                                include a disk with your submission        media, civic engagement, urban             Mainstream II: Queer Theatre in
                                in Word document format or attach          dynamics, urban change/dynamics,           Britain. Info: Dimple Godiwala-
                                an electronic copy of your manuscript      immigration, social movements, or          McGowan, Senior Lecturer, York St
                                to an e-mail sent to the editorial         related themes with either                 John College (U of Leeds). Email:
                                office. Questions may be directed            qualitative or quantitative methods
Deadline extended. Papers. Journal of     CONFERENCES                               Physiology; Conception & Contra-
Middle East Media ( JMEM), Center                                                   ception; Sexual Dysfunctions; Sex
for International Media Education         October 6-8, 2006. Michigan State         & Illness; Sex Trauma; Alternative
(CIME) at Georgia State U and the         University’s Department of Commu-         Sexual Orientations; Recent Advance
Arab–U.S. Association for Commu-          nication and the College of Commu-        in Sexology; AIDS & Sexually Trans-
nication Educators (AUSACE). Mo-          nication Arts and Sciences are pleased    mitted Diseases; and Miscellaneous
hammed el-Nawawy, Senior Editor,          to host the 19th Annual Midwest Or-       Issues. For more information please
Department of Communication, One          ganizational Communication Mini-          visit
Park Place South, 10th Floor, Georgia     Conference on October 6-8, 2006 in
State U, Atlanta, Georgia 30303,          East Lansing, Michigan.
USA. E-mail:                                                OTHER OPPORTUNITIES
                                          We encourage Organizational Com-
New Journal - Communication for           munication graduate students to sub-      2007 Biennial Conference of the
Development and Social Change. A          mit original research that is in prepa-   International Academy for Inter-
new journal, Communication for De-        ration – doctoral dissertation propos-    cultural Research, July 9-12, 2007.
velopment and Social Change, is seek-     als and independent research projects     University of Groningen, Groningen,
ing papers that will present empirical    - for presentation at the conference.     Netherlands. Conference Theme:
research, theory, and practice-oriented   Participating faculty from the Big 10,    “Globalization and Diversity: Theo-
approaches on subjects relevant to de-    Big 12, MAC, SEC, and Big East            retical and Applied Perspectives.” The
velopment communication and social        will attend and interact with gradu-      Academy is an interdisciplinary group
change. Authors may submit inquiries      ate students regarding their work.        founded in 1997 to foster high-level
and manuscripts electronically to Jan     Per OCMC tradition, presenting and        research and scholarship on inter-
Servaes, Department of Journalism         non-presenting graduate students are      cultural issues. To submit paper and
and Communication, University of          invited to stay with local MSU gradu-     panel proposals, use the on-line ab-
Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, at       ate students.                             stract form available at the Academy                                                                website: http://www.interculturalacad-
                                          For more information, please go to
September 15, 2006. Call for Papers.
Special Issue of Organization on                                                    Journal of Children and Media is an
Managing Identities in Complex Or-        Questions may be directed to Amber        interdisciplinary and multi-method
ganizations. This issue aims to present   Raile (, Cat King-       peer-reviewed publication that pro-
in-depth empirical research that          sley (, Kate Lee         vides a space for discussion by scholars
explores the construction of identity     (, or Vernon Miller      and professionals from around
amid such struggle. We invite papers      (                        the world and across theoretical and
that examine processes of identifica-                                                empirical traditions who are engaged
tion and identity work, as well as        We look forward to seeing you at          in the study of media in the lives of
their implications for management         Michigan State in October!!               children. Manuscripts (APA style,
practice; Submissions must be sent                                                  8,000 words maximum) should be e-
electronically to organization@wbs.       October 20-22, 2006. New York State       mail delivered to Dafna Lemish, Edi- as Word attachments with            Communication Association Annual          tor, Submissions
“Managing Identities in Complex           Conference, Hudson Valley Resort          for the “Review and Commentary”
Organizations” in the subject line        and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY. Consci-          section (up to 2,000 words) should be
of the email. They should be prepared     entious Objections: Communicating         e-mail delivered Charlotte Cole, Re-
according to the guidelines               Dissent. Submission deadline: June        view and Commentary Editor, char-          ICA Newsletter September 2006
published in Organization and on          1, 2006. For the full call for papers,
the journal’s website: http://www.        submission guidelines and conference          information, visit       The Canadian Journal of Communi-
aspx?pid=105723&sc=1. Papers              or contact Peggy Cassidy, conference      cation (CJC) is a quarterly peer-re-
should be between 5000 and 8000           coordinator, at      viewed journal committed to
words, and will be blind reviewed                                                   publishing outstanding scholarship in
following the journal’s standard pro-     November 1-4, 2006. “Sexuality:           communications, media and cultural
cess. For further information, contact    No East, No West”—The First Asia          studies, journalism and information
Robyn Thomas           Oceanic Federation Conference on          studies. CJC is looking for theoreti-
                                          Sexology, The Emerald Hotel, Bang-        cally innovative and methodologically
                                          kok, Thailand. Topic for presentation     challenging original manuscripts, in
                                          and discussion are: Sexuality, Media,     English or French, for immediate
                                          Art & Culture; Sex Education; Sexual      peer-review. To submit an article for
                                peer-review go to the CJC website         Visiting doctoral fellowships. The        is in English, though awards in Latin
                       and click        Media Management and Transforma-          America, Francophone Africa, and the
                                on the “submit” button. Articles for      tion Centre (MMTC) at Jönköping           Middle East may require proficiency
                                peer-review should be approximately       International Business School,            in another language. The application
                                6,000 to 8,000 words in length. In        Jönköping University, Sweden, in the      deadline for Fulbright traditional lec-
                                addition to the traditional peer-re-      field of media business and media          turing and research grants worldwide
                                viewed article the CJC will develop       economics for advanced doctoral stu-      is August 1, 2006. U.S. citizenship is
                                innovative forms and formats for          dents. Dr. Cinzia dal Zotto, Research     required. For other eligibility require-
                                discussions of current practices in-      Manager, Media Management and             ments, detailed award descriptions,
                                cluding: media reviews, research          Transformation Centre, Jönköping          and an application, visit our website
                                overviews of current projects, and        International Business School, P.O.       at, or send a request for
                                polemical commentaries. These sub-        Box 1026, SE-551 11 Jönköping,            materials to
                                missions are shorter in length and        SWEDEN. Info: http://www.jibs.
                                may be either more descriptive or         se/mmtc.                                  Fellowship opportunity. The Foun-
                                experimental in tone. Please direct       Email for more information: cinzia.       dation for the Defense of Democra-
                                ideas and inquires to editor@cjconline.                       cies is accepting applications for its
                                ca. For information on book reviews                                                 Academic Fellows anti-terrorism
                                please contact our book review edi-       Fulbright Scholar Program for US          training program. This program pro-
                                tor, Leslie Regan Shade, at review_       Faculty and Professionals. The Ful-       vides university professors with a
                       Info on CJC: Kim    bright Scholar Program is offering 61      detailed understanding of the terror
                                Sawchuk, Editor, CJC, editor@cjc-on-      lecturing, research or combined lec-      threat that faces our nation and sister
                                                        turing/research awards in communica-      democracies. Centered on a 10-day
                                                                          tions during the 2007-2008 academic       course taught in conjunction with
                                Visiting Master’s program. The            year, in 150 countries and all regions    Tel Aviv U, the program takes place
                                Central European University (CEU)         of the world. U.S. Fulbright Scholars     entirely in Israel and runs May 27-
                                invites applications from graduate        enjoy an experience of a lifetime, one    June 7 (travel inclusive). Participants
                                students and young professionals to       that provides a broad cultural per-       interact with academics, diplomats,
                                spend the Fall 2006 semester or the       spective on their academic disciplines    military and intelligence officials,
                                academic year 2006 - 2007 in Buda-        and connects them with colleagues at      and politicians from Israel, Jordan,
                                pest, Hungary. The program is spon-       institutions around the globe. Awards     India, Turkey and the United States.
                                sored by the Center for Media and         range from two months to an aca-          They also visit military bases, border
                                Communication Studies (CMCS)              demic year. Faculty and professionals     zones and other security installations
                                at CEU. Duration: For the semester        in communications may apply not           to learn the practical side of deter-
                                program: September 2006 through           only for awards specifically in their      ring terrorist attacks. All expenses are
                                December 2006; For the 1-year MA-         field, but also for one of the many “All   paid by FDD. For more information
                                program: September 2006 through           Discipline” awards open to any field.      please visit: http://www.defendde-
                                July 2007. For application information    Grants are awarded to faculty of all
                                please contact the project manager,       academic ranks, including adjunct and     htm?attrib_id=7403 or call Audra
                                Ms. Nanne Priebs, at    emeritus. In most countries lecturing     Ozols at 202-207-0190.
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                                                                     Cable car turnaround in San Francisco, site of the
                                                                                     2007 ICA Conference.


                                   Positions                  &      OTHER

                                             Faculty Openings Beginning Fall

                                                                                        lescent, or adult health; international
   Department of Communication               2007: Assistant/Associate/Full Pro-        health and the media; new/interac-
Assistant Professor of Communica-            fessor of Communication Studies            tive media and public health; gender,
tion, tenure-track, Fall 2007, Ph.D.;                                                   health and the media; minorities,
teach six undergraduate classes per          Communication Studies—The                  health and the media
year (9 contact hours per semester)          University of Michigan Department
with primary teaching responsibilities       of Communication Studies seeks ap-         Anticipated starting date for all
in (1) electronic/video production and       plicants for tenure track/tenured posi-    positions is September 1, 2007. Ap-
(2) media interpretation and criticism.      tions. Expanding department em-            plicants should identify the position
Candidates also would be expected            phasizes interdisciplinary study of the    and their primary area of interest as
to (a) develop both theoretical and          mass media using qualitative and/or        one of the three listed above or another
applied courses in their area of spe-        quantitative methods. We anticipate        area of specialization in communica-
cialization, (b) be active in teaching       filling three positions, pending autho-     tion studies and send a vita, evidence
core Communication courses, and (c)          rization. All areas will be considered,    of teaching excellence, and a research
contribute to teaching courses in the        with a special interest in the following   statement. Junior applicants should
University’s “Common Curriculum”             areas:                                     send three letters of recommendation;
and/or the University’s introductory                                                    senior candidates should send names
seminar for first-year students. Inter-       International/Comparative Media,           of suggested reviewers. Evaluation
est in film and film studies is a plus.        including global flows of information       of applicants will begin immediately
The department is integrated among           and entertainment; comparative me-         and continue until positions are filled.
media specialties and within the lib-        dia systems; intercultural communica-      Some positions are pending authori-
eral arts and sciences mission of the        tion; relationships between the media,     zation.
university. The faculty is committed         communication technologies and
to linking theory and practice in our        national development; comparative          Send applications to: Search Com-
teaching, research, and service. Trinity     studies of political communication;        mittee, Department of Communica-
University, a highly selective, primarily    communication across cultures and          tion Studies, The University of Michi-
undergraduate liberal arts and sciences      among or between nations; interna-         gan, 1225 South University Avenue,
institution, has an ideal student-facul-     tional media and health; comparative       Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2523.
ty ratio, and excellent facilities, equip-   studies of advertising; communica-
ment, and services. Salary competitive.      tions technologies and globalization;      The University of Michigan is an
Deadline for receipt of applications is      comparative media law and policy.          equal opportunity/affirmative action
November 1, 2006. Women and mi-                                                         employer. Women and minorities are
norities are encouraged to apply. Send       New Media, including emerging me-          encouraged to apply. The University is
letter of application, curriculum vitae,     dia and information technology; new        supportive of the needs of dual career
three letters of reference, graduate         media practices; wireless and mobile       couples.
institution transcript(s), and teaching      communications; effects of new media
evaluations (if not available, additional    on behavior; media law and policy;
letters of reference specifically ad-         media institutions; human-computer               PURDUE UNIVERSITY                    ICA Newsletter September 2006
dressing teaching abilities and experi-      interaction; new media and the work-                   Public Relations
ence) to Dr. William Christ, Chair,          place; new media and social change;        The Department of Communication
Search Committee, Department of              new media and politics; new media          at Purdue University is seeking a ten-
Communication, Trinity University,           and children and adolescents; new          ure-track Assistant Professor begin-
One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX           media and health; comparative appli-       ning in August 2007. We are seeking
78212-7200, Fax: 210-999-8355.               cations and diffusion; new media and        an expert in public relations with a
EEO Employer.                                globalization; new media and sexual-       strong commitment to research and
                                             ity; new media and advertising.            to undergraduate and graduate educa-
                                                                                        tion. The ideal candidate will have
    THE UNIVERSITY OF                        Health and the Media, including as-        the ability to teach effectively in both
         MICHIGAN                            sessments of public health campaigns;      introductory and advanced public re-
  Department of Communication                news coverage of health and disease;       lations courses and will have expertise
            Studies                          effects of the media on child, ado-         in the areas of public relations theory,

                                public relations management, and/or        Steven C. Beering Hall of Liberal           portunity/Equal Access/Affirmative
                                techniques.                                Arts and Education 2114                     Action employer.
                                                                           100 North University Street
                                THE DEPARTMENT                             West Lafayette, IN 47907-2098
                                The Department of Communication            765-494-2587                                   PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY
                                is one of 11 departments, along with                            Seaver College of Letters, Arts, and
                                14 interdisciplinary programs, in the                                                   Sciences Communication Division
                                College of Liberal Arts. The Depart-       Formal evaluation of candidates will        Pepperdine University’s Seaver Col-
                                ment has: 32 tenure-track faculty          begin on October 15, 2006, but ap-          lege of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
                                who span the humanities and social         plications will be accepted until the       Communication Division, situated in
                                sciences; a large and highly-rated         position is filled.                          Malibu, California, invites applica-
                                graduate program with over 80 MA                                                       tions for three tenure-track faculty
                                and Ph.D. students who specialize in       Applications from women and under-          positions (Communication, Public
                                health, interpersonal, mediated, and       represented groups are encouraged.          Relations, Communication/Direc-
                                organizational communication as well                                                   tor of Forensics) and one non-tenure
                                as public relations and rhetorical stud-   Purdue University is an Equal Op-           track position (Public Relations) that
                                ies; approximately 1,250 undergradu-       portunity/Equal Access/Affirmative            may be available for the 2007-2008
                                ate majors; and one of the country’s       Action employer.                            academic year. The successful can-
                                largest multi-section basic courses.                                                   didate for the tenure track positions
                                Purdue’s PR program was ranked                                                         will have a Ph.D. or equivalent, a
                                among 16 “premier” programs for                  PURDUE UNIVERSITY                     preference for undergraduate teach-
                                graduate study in PR in a study con-          Department of Communication              ing, a research agenda, and an ac-
                                ducted by Marquette University.                       Rhetorical Theory                tive commitment to the university’s
                                                                           The Department of Communication             Christian mission. Applicants for the
                                THE UNIVERSITY                             at Purdue University invites applica-       positions listed below should send a
                                Founded in 1869, Purdue Univer-            tions for a tenured position at the         curriculum vitae, three letters of refer-
                                sity is one of the nation’s leading        rank of Assistant Professor. The posi-      ence, transcripts of all graduate work,
                                land-grant and research universities.      tion will begin in August 2007.             a statement of teaching philosophy,
                                The main campus, located in West                                                       and a statement indicating how the
                                Lafayette, IN, is home to more than        The department seeks candidates             candidate will support the Christian
                                38,000 students, 1,700 tenure-track        trained in rhetoric. A desirable candi-     mission of the University to respec-
                                faculty, and library collections of more   date would also have interests in rhet-     tive contact persons identified below
                                than 2.2 million volumes. Many of          oric as it applies to other liberal arts    (see
                                Purdue’s programs are ranked con-          philosophy, political science, sociology,   about/mission/mission.htm).
                                sistently as among the nation’s best.      etc. The candidate would ideally have
                                Greater Lafayette, with a population       training in contemporary or classical       To apply for any of these positions
                                of 130,000, is a growing area with         theory. A primary function would be         please submit materials to: Dr. Bob
                                excellent schools. Lafayette is located    to teach COM 312, Rhetoric in the           Chandler, Chair, Communication Di-
                                approximately one hour north of In-        Western World—a course in the Lib-          vision, Pepperdine University, 24225
                                dianapolis and two hours southeast of      eral Arts core. This candidate would        Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA
                                Chicago.                                   teach rhetorical theory and criticism       90263-4211.
                                                                           courses at both the undergraduate and
                                APPLICATION                                graduate levels as well as other courses    Application reviews will begin De-
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                Applicants should have a Ph.D. in          in their specialty.                         cember 1, 2006 unless otherwise
                                Communication or a related field.                                                       noted.
                                ABDs will be considered. Previous          Address applications to Professor
                                professional and academic experience       Charles Stewart, Department of
                                desired. Interested applicants should      Communication, Purdue University,                   SAN DIEGO STATE
                                send a letter of application, curriculum   100 N. University Street, West La-                      UNIVERSITY
                                vitae, names and contact information       fayette, IN 47907-2098. Evaluation           Director, School of Communication
                                for three references, and copies of        of candidates will begin November           Seeking experienced administrator
                                their teaching evaluations to:             1, 2006, but applications will be ac-       with leadership skills in personnel and
                                                                           cepted until the position is filled.         resource management; undergraduate
                                Mohan J. Dutta, Search Committee                                                       and graduate curriculum develop-
                                Chair                                      Applications from women and under-          ment; budgeting; mentoring faculty;
                                Department of Communication                represented groups are encouraged.          locating sources of external funding
                                Purdue University                          Purdue University is an Equal Op-           and development; supervising person-
nel processes, staff, and facility and       achievement. A program of research          strated commitment to excellence in
equipment resources; making hiring,         with a Latin American or Latino fo-         both teaching and research. An earned
retention, and promotion recom-             cus is especially desired. Ability and      doctorate in media studies, com-
mendations, to serve as Director of a       interest to teach mass communication        munication, mass communication, or
newly restructured School of Com-           theory and research methods at the          an allied field is required. Interested
munication. Position requires earned        graduate level are highly desired.          candidates should submit a letter of
doctorate in communication or an                                                        application, vita, transcript or list of
allied field.                                Candidates should have a demon-             all graduate courses taken, and three
                                            strated commitment to excellence            signed letters of recommendation to:
Review begins October 2, 2006, for          in both teaching and research. An           Dr. Martha M. Lauzen, School of
expected appointment on July 1, 2007.       earned doctorate in communication,          Communication, San Diego State
Candidates should submit letter of          mass communication, or an allied field       University, 5500 Campanile Drive,
application, curriculum vitae, and          is required. Interested candidates          San Diego, CA 92182-4561. Screen-
names of three professional references,     should submit a letter of application,      ing of applications will begin October
and a statement of leadership philoso-      vita, transcript or list of all graduate    1, 2006, and continue until the posi-
phy, vision for the future of the disci-    courses taken, and three signed letters     tion is filled, pending final approval of
pline, and priorities for the future of     of recommendation to: Diane L. Bor-         funding.
undergraduate and graduate education        den, Ph.D., Interim Director, School        SDSU is a Title IX, equal opportunity
to Peter A. Andersen, Ph.D., Search         of Communication, San Diego State           employer and does not discriminate
Committee Chair, School of Commu-           University, 5500 Campanile Drive,           against individuals on the basis of
nication, San Diego State University,       San Diego, CA 92182-4561. Screen-           race, religion, national origin, sexual
5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego,            ing of applications will begin Oct. 15,     orientation, gender, marital status, age,
CA 92182-4561; or fax application to        2006, and continue until the position       disability or veteran status, including
619-594-6246. For complete position         is filled, pending final approval of          veterans of the Vietnam era.
description, please visit the School’s      funding.
Web site at http://www-rohan.sdsu.
edu/dept/schlcomm/index.html.               SDSU is a Title IX, equal opportunity        UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO
                                            employer and does not discriminate                      AT BOULDER
SDSU is a Title IX, equal opportunity       against individuals on the basis of                    Group Interaction
employer and does not discriminate          race, religion, national origin, sexual     The Department of Communica-
against individuals on the basis of         orientation, gender, marital status, age,   tion at the University of Colorado
race, religion, national origin, sexual     disability or veteran status, including     at Boulder seeks a tenure-track As-
orientation, gender, marital status, age,   veterans of the Vietnam era.                sistant Professor in the area of group
disability, or veteran status, including                                                interaction. Possible areas of expertise
veterans of the Vietnam era.                                                            include (but are not limited to) stud-
                                                    SAN DIEGO STATE                     ies of language/discourse/interaction
                                                        UNIVERSITY                      in groups, interpersonal/relational
       SAN DIEGO STATE                       Assistant Professor, Media Studies         processes in groups, or interactions
           UNIVERSITY                       A newly created School of Journalism        between groups. We seek a colleague
    Journalism/Media Practices              & Media Studies at San Diego State          whose teaching and research interests
A newly created School of Journalism        University invites applications for a       complement and contribute to our
& Media Studies at San Diego State          tenure-track position in media studies,     existing strengths. We are particularly
University invites applications for a       at the rank of assistant professor.         interested in those who study natural
tenure-track position in journalism/                                                    groups (ranging from families to com-       ICA Newsletter September 2006
media practices, at open rank.              The successful candidate will teach         munities), from both theoretical and
                                            course work in media theory and ef-         applied orientations. Scholars working
The successful candidate will help de-      fects, criticism and advocacy. Some of      from a variety of methodological tra-
velop the curriculum for a new profes-      these classes are taught in large lecture   ditions will be considered, including
sional master’s degree in investigative     format. The ideal candidate also will       those who use a multi-methodological
journalism, as well as teach graduate       have a demonstrated track record or         approach (e.g., qualitative and quan-
and undergraduate classes in one or         show promise as a scholar in media          titative). Review of applications will
more of the following areas: enterprise     studies. Ability and interest to teach      begin on October 15, 2006. Screening
reporting, law, ethics, literary journal-   mass communication theory and re-           of applications will continue until the
ism, and journalism across cultures.        search methods at the graduate level        position is filled. Send a letter of ap-
The ideal candidate will have profes-       are highly desired.                         plication, curriculum vitae, a copy of
sional experience in investigative                                                      a published article (or an equivalent
journalism and a record of scholarly        Candidates should have a demon-             sample of scholarship), evidence of
                                teaching excellence, and three letters    organization communication.                studies in communication or a related
                                of recommendation to: Prof. Law-                                                     field, a demonstrated commitment
                                rence Frey, Group Interaction Search      To receive fullest consideration, ap-      to Women’s Studies as a discipline (a
                                Chair, Department of Communica-           plicants should apply by November 1,       graduate certificate or advanced de-
                                tion, University of Colorado at Boul-     2006, but applications will continue to    gree in Women’s Studies is desirable
                                der, 270 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-          be accepted until the position is filled.   but not necessary), and a record of or
                                0270. The University of Colorado at       Interested candidates should send a        potential for strong scholarly publica-
                                Boulder is committed to diversity and     letter of application, curriculum vitae,   tion and successful teaching.
                                equality in education and employ-         relevant teaching materials, and three
                                ment.                                     letters of references to: Linda L. Put-    For full consideration, applicants
                                                                          nam, Department of Communication,          should send a letter of application,
                                                                          4234 TAMU, Texas A&M University,           curriculum vitae, statement of research
                                 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-                 College Station, TX 77843-4234.            and teaching interests, writing sample,
                                              PARKSIDE                    Phone: (979) 845-5500; FAX: (979)          and three letters of recommendation
                                Assistant Professor of Communica-         845-6594; email: lputnam@tamu.             by 1 November 2006 to:
                                tion, 2007-2008. Ph.D. required;          edu. The department website is http://
                                ABD considered. Specialization in                             Dr. James Aune, Chair
                                Language and Social Interaction;                                                     Search Committee
                                courses including Communication           The department offers the Ph.D.,            Department of Communication
                                and the Human Condition (social           M.A., and B.A degrees. It has 20 ten-      Texas A&M University
                                constructionism with a diversity          ure-track faculty members, 50 gradu-       TAMU 4234
                                emphasis), Communication Theory,          ate students, and 800 undergraduate        College Station, TX 77843-4234
                                Qualitative Research Methods, Com-        majors. Texas A&M University ranks
                                munication and Ethnicity (African         in the top ten nationally in number of     Texas A&M University is an AA/
                                American, Latino/a, or Native Ameri-      national merit scholars, total research    EEO institution, is deeply committed
                                can focus) among other possibilities.     expenditures, and total endowment          to diversity, and responds to the needs
                                First review on November 1, 2006.         funds.                                     of dual-career couples.
                                For full position description and ap-
                                plication process see         Texas A&M University is an AA/
                                - click on Employment. UWP is an          EEO institution, is deeply committed        UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
                                AA/EEO Employer D/MN/V.                   to diversity, and responds to the needs              - LOS ANGELES
                                                                          of dual-career couples.                       Department of Communication
                                    TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                             The Department of Communica-
                                   Department of Communication                TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                   tion Studies at UCLA has a junior
                                  Position in Organizational Com-             Rhetoric and Women’s Studies           faculty position (Assistant Professor)
                                              munication                  The Department of Communication            available in the field of either Inter-
                                The Department of Communication           and the Women’s Studies Program            personal Communication or Mass
                                at Texas A&M University, College          at Texas A&M University, College           Communication, with preference be-
                                Station, TX, invites applications for a   Station, TX, invite applications for a     ing given to candidates in the former
                                tenure-track position at an open rank     tenure-track position in RHETORIC          area. Of particular interest are ap-
                                in organizational communication.          AND WOMEN’S STUDIES at the                 plicants whose interest is in language
                                Preference will be given to senior-       rank of assistant professor, starting      and social interaction, persuasion and
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                level applicants. Scholars with a vari-   September 1, 2007. We seek candi-          social influence, or communication of
                                ety of theoretical and methodological     dates who have a primary interest in       emotions. Areas of interest in Mass
                                approaches are welcome, but special       women’s social movement rhetoric           Communication include historical,
                                consideration will be given to scholars   both in the U.S. and in international      economic, or legal/regulatory aspects
                                who employ quantitative research          contexts, or who have an interest in       of mass media and/or psychological,
                                methods. We are particularly inter-       the relationship of communication          social or political impacts of mass
                                ested in applicants who specialize in     and gender in everyday contexts.           media. Exceptionally qualified candi-
                                communication technology, organi-         Interests in class, race, and ethnic-      dates may be considered for tenured
                                zational change and innovation, orga-     ity-based social movement rhetoric         level appointment. Review of ap-
                                nizational knowledge, organizational      are also desirable. The candidate will     plications will begin on November 1,
                                identity, group communication, teams      teach courses in Communication and         2006 and will continue until an ap-
                                in organizations, network analysis,       Women’s Studies (including Introduc-       propriate candidate is found. UCLA
                                international or multinational organi-    tion to Women’s Studies). Applicants       is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
                                zations, and/or macro-approaches to       should have a Ph.D. in rhetorical          Action Employer. The Department
has a strong commitment to the              will be responsible for providing intel-   Wichita State University
achievement of excellence and diver-        lectual leadership in advancing the        (An Affirmative Action/Equal Op-
sity among its faculty and staff. Please     study of strategic communication in        portunity Employer)
submit a letter of application, a cur-      the school and the wider community         Women and minorities are especially
riculum vitae, representative publica-      that the university serves, conduct-       encouraged to apply.
tions, and three letters of recommen-       ing an active high profile research
dation to: Chair, Search Committee,         program that leads to regular publica-
Department of Communication                 tion and grant procurement, teaching         THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS
Studies, 2303 Rolfe Hall, University        in an integrated undergraduate and                       AT AUSTIN
of California, Box 951538, Los Ange-        graduate communication program,                         Three positions
les, CA 90095-1538.                         and maintaining and developing re-         Position 1: Tenure Track, Assistant
                                            lationships with the communication         Professor, Interpersonal Communica-
                                            industry, professional organizations,      tion: The Department of Communica-
 WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY                   and funding agencies. Please visit the     tion Studies at the University of Texas
   Faculty Vacancy, Endowed Chair           Elliott School of Communication web        at Austin invites applications for an
 Kansas Health Foundation Distin-           site: for more         Assistant Professor to teach and con-
 guished Chair in Strategic Commu-          about the position and the school.         duct research on topics broadly related
                 nication                                                              to interpersonal issues involved in
  Elliott School of Communication           The Elliott School of Communication        health communication. The appoint-
The Elliott School of Communication         offers the only comprehensive, inte-        ment will begin September 1, 2007.
is pleased to announce the Kansas           grated school of communication in          Applicants must have a Ph.D. in
Health Foundation Distinguished             the state of Kansas. Its programs serve    hand at the time of the appointment.
Chair in Strategic Communication.           more than 400 undergraduate majors         Scholarly publications and some
It is the largest gift to support faculty   and more than 50 graduate students.        teaching experience are preferred. Ap-
in the history of Wichita State Uni-        Wichita State University, which en-        plicants should be interested in doing
versity’s Fairmount College of Liberal      rolls approximately 14,000 students,       field-based or experimental studies in
Arts and Sciences.                          and supports 450 faculty members,          areas such as conflict, adherence and
                                            is the only metropolitan university in     influence in health-related contexts,
This is a full-time, tenured position       the Kansas Regents system. Classi-         health promotions, social support,
for a successful candidate whose            fied by the Carnegie Foundation as          coping, clinical decision-making, re-
qualifications merit the rank of full        a Doctoral/Research University-In-         lational issues associated with health,
professor, though applications from         tensive, WSU is one of three research      or doctor-patient communication. In-
highly qualified associate professors        universities in the Kansas Board of        dividuals with experience in securing
are welcome. The position includes a        Regents system. Wichita State offers        and completing funded research are
highly competitive salary and excel-        undergraduate and graduate degrees         especially sought. The committee will
lent fringe benefits, including an an-       through the doctoral level.                begin considering candidates on No-
nual professional development budget                                                   vember 10, 2006, and continue until a
for travel, research, technology, and       We invite nominations of and ap-           candidate is chosen.
graduate research assistance.               plications from qualified candidates.
                                            Send a cover letter that addresses in-     Application Procedure for Position
The appointment begins August 2007.         terest in and qualifications for the po-    1: Applications should include cur-
Review of applications will commence        sition, a curriculum vitae, and names,     riculum vitae, copies of publications,
Dec. 1, 2006 and will continue until        addresses, e-mail addresses and phone      and three letters of recommendation.
the position is filled. The outstanding      numbers of at least three references to:   Materials should be sent to Professor     ICA Newsletter September 2006
scholar will have a strong program of                                                  John Daly, Search Committee Chair,
research in the broad study of com-         KHF Distinguished Chair Search             University of Texas at Austin, Depart-
munication campaigns. We seek an            Committee                                  ment of Communication Studies, 1
innovative, collegial faculty member        Elliott School of Communication            University Station A1105, Austin, TX
with a commitment to integrated             Wichita State University                   78712.
communication, training in one of           Wichita, KS 67260-0031
several strategic communication sub-                                                   Position 2: Tenure Track, Open Rank,
fields (organizational, health, media or     Please direct additional inquiries to      Organizational Communication:
applied communication, public rela-         Dr. Susan Schultz Huxman, direc-           The Department of Communication
tions, advertising, and marketing) and      tor of the Elliott School, at (316)        Studies at the University of Texas at
expertise in researching communica-         978 6062, or by e-mail: susan.             Austin seeks one open rank, full-time,
tion campaigns from a social scientific Visit us at www.       tenure-track faculty member in the
perspective. The distinguished chair                           area of organizational communication
                                with an emphasis on communica-                                                All methodological approaches and                                                          CARNEGIE-MELLON
                                tion technologies in the workplace to                                         theoretical orientations are welcome.                                                            UNIVERSITY
                                begin September 1, 2007. Applicants                                                                                                                                  Faculty Positions in Learning Sci-
                                must have a Ph.D. at the time of                                              Application Procedure for Positions 2                                                ence, Educational Technology, HCI,
                                the appointment, a strong record of                                           and 3: The committee will begin con-                                                                 CSCW.
                                teaching and scholarship in organi-                                           sidering candidates on November 13,                                                  The Human-Computer Interaction
                                zational communication, as well as                                            2006. Applications should include a                                                  Institute at Carnegie Mellon Univer-
                                demonstrated ability and willingness                                          letter of application, curriculum vitae,                                             sity has up to two tenure-track fac-
                                to actively pursue external funding.                                          copies of publications, evidence of                                                  ulty positions open. For information
                                All methodological approaches and                                             teaching effectiveness, and three let-                                                please see
                                theoretical orientations are welcome.                                         ters of recommendation. Materials
                                                                                                              should be sent to: Professor Larry                                                   Carnegie Mellon is an affirmative ac-
                                Position 3: Tenure Track, Open Rank,                                          Browning, Search Committee Chair,                                                    tion/equal opportunity employer.
                                Organizational Communication:                                                 University of Texas at Austin, Depart-
                                The Department of Communication                                               ment of Communication Studies, 1
                                Studies at the University of Texas at                                         University Station A1105, Austin, TX                                                       TEMPLE UNIVERSITY
                                Austin seeks one open rank, full-time,                                        78712.                                                                               The department of Broadcasting,
                                tenure-track faculty member in the                                            The University of Texas at Austin is an                                              Telecommunications and Mass Media
                                area of organizational communication                                          Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Ac-                                                     at Temple University invites applica-
                                to begin September 1, 2007. Appli-                                            tion Employer.                                                                       tions from senior faculty with dedica-
                                cants must have a Ph.D. at the time                                           Minorities and women are encouraged                                                  tion, vision and leadership skills for
                                of the appointment, a strong record                                           to apply.                                                                            the position of Department Chair
                                of teaching and scholarship in orga-                                                                                                                               beginning fall 2007. Application
                                nizational communication, as well as                                                                                                                               Deadline: Oct. 1. For details, please
                                demonstrated ability and willingness                                                                                                                               see
                                to actively pursue external funding.                                                                                                                               positionsNew.htm

                                                                                                                                                   UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ
                                                                                                                                                                                   Latin American and Latino Studies
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Assistant Professor
                                  FACULTY POSITIONS IN PUBLIC RELATIONS
                                                                                                                                                 The Department of Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, invites
                                  USC ANNENBERG SCHOOL FOR COMMUNICATION                                                                         applicants for a tenure-track assistant professorship in Latin American and/or U.S. Latino Studies of Media
                                                                                                                                                 and Popular Culture. We seek colleagues with strong research experience and interests in the global circuits
                                  Non-traditional applicants welcome                                                                             and flows of culture, digital or broadcast media, and cultural citizenship in the Américas. We invite applicants
                                                                                                                                                 with hemispheric, cross-border and interdisciplinary perspectives on media and popular culture. We are
                                  The School of Journalism at the USC Annenberg School for Communication seeks distinguished scholars and        particularly interested in applicants with expertise in bilingual, bicultural and/or multi-cultural media. The
                                                                                                                                                 campus is especially interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the
                                  professionals for positions in its public relations studies program. Non-traditional applicants from related   academic community through their research, teaching, and/or service.
                                  disciplines (business, sociology, etc.) are welcome.
                                                                                                                                                 RANK: Assistant Professor
                                  ABOUT:                                                                                                         SALARY: $47,200 - $52,700, commensurate with qualifications and experience
                                  USC Annenberg’s accredited School of Journalism is a pioneer in PR research and education.
                                                                                                                                                 MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. in the areas of Communication, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, or
                                    • The School offers B.A. and M.A. degrees in public relations and strategic public relations.                interdisciplinary approaches in Politics, Literature, Sociology, Anthropology or equivalent preferred by July
                                    • The USC Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center researches PR best practices, publish-                 1, 2007; must be conferred no later than June 30, 2008. The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate
                                                                                                                                                 potential for excellent research and excellent teaching ability.
                                        ing the annual Generally Accepted Practices study.
                                                                                                                                                 POSITION AVAILABLE: July 1, 2007
                                  THE POSITION:
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                                                                                                                                 APPLY TO: Applicants should provide a letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of
                                  New faculty members will take advantage of the growth of the graduate strategic PR program by providing a      recommendation (all letters will be treated as confidential documents; please direct your references to
                                  stellar learning environment combining applied theory with job-tested skills.                                  UCSC’s confidentiality statement at, a writing sample (up to
                                                                                                                                                 3 items), a detailed description of teaching experience or ability including syllabi used or proposed syllabi,
                                     • Professional applicants should hold an advanced degree and have broad experience at                       and, if possible, a summary of student evaluations. These materials should be sent to:
                                          senior levels in PR in the commercial, agency, government or nonprofit sectors.
                                     • Academic candidates should hold doctoral degrees and have active research agendas.                        LALS Department Search #590
                                                                                                                                                 LALS Department
                                     • Faculty should be prepared to teach graduate and undergraduate classes.                                   Merrill Faculty Services
                                     • Successful teaching experience is required.                                                               University of California                                        Please refer to position #590-07 in your reply.
                                                                                                                                                 1156 High Street
                                                                                                                                                 Santa Cruz, CA 95064
                                  To apply, send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, research or work sample and three references to:
                                                                                                                                                 CLOSING DATE: For full consideration, applications must be received by September 29, 2006. This
                                                                                                                                                 position is open until filled, but not later than June 30, 2007.
                                          Michael Parks
                                          Director, School of Journalism                                                                           UC Santa Cruz is nestled within 2,000 acres of redwood forest and meadows, overlooking the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary of
                                                                                                                                                                  California’s beautiful Central Coast, about 70 miles from San Francisco and 30 miles from Silicon Valley
                                          USC Annenberg School for Communication                                                                                            Information about UC Santa Cruz is available on our Web site at

                                          3502 Watt Way, Suite 325                                                                                                     UCSC IS AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER
                                                                                                                                                                                    WOMEN AND MINORITIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY
                                          Los Angeles, California 90089-0281
                                                                                                                                                 Inquiries regarding the University's equal employment opportunity policies may be directed to: Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office at
                                                                                                                                                 University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064; (831) 459-2686. Under Federal law, the University of California may employ only individuals who are legally
                                                                                                                                                 able to work in the United States as established by providing documents as specified in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
                                                          The University of Southern California is an EO-AA employer that
                                                                                                                                                 If you need assistance due to a disability please contact the Academic Human Resources Office at 499 Clark Kerr Hall (831) 459-4300. This position description is
                                                                    values and seeks diversity in its workforce.                                 available in alternate formats, which may be requested from Academic Human Resources at (831) 459-4300.

                                                                                                                                                           VISIT THE AHR WEB SITE AT

                     The Ohio State University School of Communication invites applicants for tenured or
                     tenure-track positions in multiple areas. All of our positions involve a large research
                     component. Although we expect that many candidates will have research located within
                     their teaching specialty, we are equally interested in candidates who may have the
                     ability to teach in any of the following areas, but may locate their research in other areas
                     of communication.
                        Advertising                          Organizational Communication
                        Communication Technology             Public Affairs Journalism
                        Health Communication                 Mass Communication
                        Interpersonal or Group               Political Communication Research
                        Communication                        Strategic Communication

About the Positions: We seek colleagues who enjoy doing research, are able to think outside of traditional
boundaries, and can envision both research projects and courses that will be attractive to graduate and
undergraduate students from within the major, and speaks to the interests and needs of non-majors.

All candidates must have a Ph.D. degree in communication or related social science, or have a reasonable
expectation of completing all requirements for the degree prior to August 15, 2007.

Candidates hired for tenure-track positions must have strong research interests and abilities, with a demonstrated
record of publication in top-tier journals in the field commensurate with the stage of their academic career.

Candidates for associate or full professor positions must have both strong research records reflecting
theoretically-driven interests and an international reputation for interesting, high-quality research. For senior
candidates, research grant experience is also highly desirable.

The School is flexible in accommodating the needs of strong dual-career couples and encourages applications
from tenured couples or those near tenure.

To Apply: The deadline for full consideration is November 15, 2006. Interested candidates should send cover
letter, curriculum vitae, samples of research, and a list of at least three references to the search committee chair
at the address below. Informal queries via email are also welcome:
          Daniel G. McDonald
          Search Committee Chair
          The Ohio State University
          School of Communication
          3108 Derby Hall
          154 N. Oval Mall
          Columbus, OH 43210

About the School: The School is a part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and favors empirical
(primarily quantitative) research approaches. The School of Communication offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.
degrees. We currently have 28 full-time, tenure-track or tenured faculty members. Our resources include a
number of research laboratories with state-of-the-art research equipment.

The School is committed to social-scientific research on basic or applied communication processes. Our goal is         ICA Newsletter September 2006
to develop a communication program reflecting a unique and distinct vision driven by intellectual curiosity and
vigor. We are looking for colleagues who have an interest in helping us continue to build this kind of program at
OSU. The School has added new faculty members each year since 2001, and continues to grow.

The Ohio State University is an equal opportunity-affirmative action employer and especially encourages
applications from women, minorities, Vietnam-era and disabled veterans, and other individuals with disabilities.
The campus is strategically located in Columbus, the capital city of Ohio. Columbus is the center of a rapidly
growing and diverse metropolitan area. It is a friendly city with a high quality of life. The area offers a wide
range of affordable housing, many cultural and recreational opportunities, and a strong economy based on
government as well as service, transportation and technology-based industries. Columbus has consistently been
rated as one of the Top U.S. cities for quality of life. Additional information about the University and School is
available via and Information about the Columbus area is at

                                                 COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT -- CHAIR SEARCH                                                                      DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION
                                                  UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AT AMHERST                                                                   UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AT AMHERST

                                                                                                                                        INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES AND PUBLIC POLICY
                                The Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst invites
                                applications for the position of Department Chair, with term of appointment to commence in Fall       The Department of Communication and the Center for Public Policy and Administration at the
                                2007. The appointment will be at the rank of full Professor, with tenure, and applicants should       University of Massachusetts Amherst seek candidates for a full-time, tenure-track position as
                                have scholarly credentials appropriate to that rank at a major research institution. The search is    Assistant Professor of Communication and Public Policy starting September 1, 2007. Salary is
                                open with respect to subfield specialization and methodological orientation. We seek to hire a        competitive and based on qualifications and experience. The particular research focus is open, and
                                distinguished scholar with an outstanding record of research and publication who will be              could include qualitative or quantitative approaches to ICT uses or impacts in local and
                                appointed to the permanent faculty and serve as Chair for an initial term of three years. The         transnational contexts, or investigation of ICTs in relation to identity, diversity, social equality, the
                                Chair is responsible for administering fiscal, personnel, and curricular matters, advocating          public sphere, or political formation. Examples of ICT practices examined may cover computer-
                                departmental interests, and encouraging scholarly productivity. Applicants should have a record       mediated communication, on-line communities, text messaging, blogging, or other developments in
                                                                                                                                      digital media and public policy. Candidates should demonstrate significant promise in scholarly
                                of active and continuing research, proven excellence in teaching and advising graduate and
                                                                                                                                      research and extramural grant activity. The position requires teaching with a broad,
                                undergraduate students, the ability to work effectively with faculty and university administrators,
                                                                                                                                      interdisciplinary approach in both undergraduate and graduate courses in communication as well as
                                strong communication and interpersonal skills, and demonstrated leadership or administrative          undergraduate and graduate courses in public policy and administration. The successful candidate
                                experience. We are a theoretically and methodologically diverse department that offers B.A.,          will be a joint appointment in CPPA and Communication with the tenure line in the Department of
                                M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Communication and a B.A. degree in Journalism. The successful              Communication, and will be expected to participate in a new College initiative in Science,
                                candidate will be a scholar who values creativity, rigorous inquiry, collegiality, and diversity,     Technology and Society in CPPA. Review of applications will begin on October 15, 2006, and
                                and who will contribute to the department's research profile beyond his or her term as Chair.         will continue until the position is filled.
                                Salary will be competitive and commensurate with credentials and experience.
                                                                                                                                      Applicants should send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, an article-length example of
                                The review of applications will begin on October 2, 2006 and continue until the position is filled.   research, and arrange for three confidential letters of recommendation to be sent to: Chair,
                                To apply, please submit a letter of application, a current c.v., sample publications, and the names   Communication and Public Policy Search Committee, Department of Communication, Machmer
                                of three references with contact information to: Chair Search, Department of Communication,           Hall, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003. The University of Massachusetts Amherst
                                Machmer Hall, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 240 Hicks Way, Amherst MA 01003.                   is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer; women and members of minority groups are
                                                                                                                                      encouraged to apply. The department is committed to developing a more diverse faculty, student
                                Questions can be addressed to Prof. Erica Scharrer, search committee chair, by e-mail to              body, and curriculum. For more information, contact Michael Morgan, Chair of Communication, or
                       or by phone at 413-545-4765. For information about the department,            Jane Fountain, Director of CPPA, and visit the websites and
                                go to                                                          

                                The University of Massachusetts Amherst is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
                                Employer. Women and members of minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

                                ICA’s New Contact

                                The International Communication
                                Association’s address and phone/
                                fax numbers, as of August 28,
                                2006, will be:
ICA Newsletter September 2006

                                1500 21st Street NW
                                Washington, DC 20036

                                (01) 202-955-1444 (phone)
                                (01) 202-955-1448 (fax)


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