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									ProQuest Environment Abstracts
(formerly Environment Abstracts, published by LexisNexis)
Focusing on the impact of people and technology on the environment
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   ProQuest Environment Abstracts provides access to more than 650 English-language
   journals published in the U.S. and abroad, from 1975-current. All aspects of the impact
   of people and technology on the environment and the effectiveness of remedial policies
   and technologies are covered. Started in 1994, the database also provides expanded
   coverage of energy-related issues.

   The database covers 75 key energy journals, hard-to-find conference papers
   and proceedings, special reports from international agencies, non-governmental
   organizations, associations and private corporations as well. Other selectively indexed
   materials include significant monographs, government studies, and newsletters.
   The database also includes records that appeared in the print journal Environment
   Abstracts, now discontinued.

   Sources include:
   • BioCycle
   • Canadian Journal of Forest Research
   • Environmental Science & Technology
   • Orion
   • Science of the Total Environment
   • Waste Age
   • Water, Air & Soil Pollution
   • Wildlife Research

    Indexed and abstracted for easy searching
    ProQuest Environment Abstracts allows the user to search thousands of environmental
    journals, conference papers, Federal government reports, major daily newspapers,
    consumer and trade magazines.
    • Indexes offer access by subject, geographic area, author, source journal/conference,
      and title.
    • Abstracts describe the focus and conclusions of each article
      or report, and summarize search reports.
    • Full bibliographic information for all indexes and abstracts.

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    Updates to ProQuest Environment Abstracts are made
    biweekly, and an average of 500 new records are added
    each time. Over 491,665 records have been loaded
    as of July, 2009.

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ProQuest Environment Abstracts’ customers will also receive access to Sustainability
Science Abstracts and EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements.

The Sustainability Science Abstracts explore the management of human use and
conservation of the natural resource base, ensuring the attainment and continued
satisfaction of human needs in the present, while maintaining the potential to meet
the needs and aspirations of future generations. This involves the maintenance of
species diversity and genetic diversity within the species, and protection of the
habitats and ecosystems they rely upon. Updated monthly.

EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements are documents that help the
government and the general public understand the effects of development on
the environment and to decide whether development should proceed. NEPA does
not prohibit the federal government or its licensees/permittees from harming the
environment, but requires that the prospective impacts be understood and disclosed
in advance, and may mandate various modifications and safeguards designed to
protect the environment. Updated quarterly.

Subject Categories
• Air Pollution                                   • International
• Energy                                          • Land Use and Pollution
• Environmental Eduation                          • Noise Pollution
• Environmental Design and Urban Ecology          • Non-Renewable Resources
• Food & Drugs                                    • Oceans and Estuaries
                                                  • Population Planning and Control
                                                  • Radiological Contamination
                                                  • Renewable Resources – Terrestrial
                                                  • Renewable Resources – Water
                                                  • Toxicology & Environmental Safety
                                                  • Transportation
                                                  • Waste Management – Solids
                                                  • Water Pollution
                                                  • Weather Modification
                                                    and Geophysical Change
                                                  • Wildlife

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Learn more about the earth and its precious resources
Get the whole picture of how people and technology affect the earth we live on with ProQuest Environment
Abstracts—along with Sustainability Science Abstracts and EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements
—which covers just about every topic on the subject of environmental sciences.

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