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academic Program search
This year, ISA is launching a new way to search for programs that best match your interests and academic needs.
Now students and advisors can search by academic subjects and narrow down the results using a subset of criteria.

Here is an example:

                      a r t his tory                           engl ish                          a rgen t in a                        fa l l

       1.               biology
                                                2.             spa nish
                                                                                3.                 bel gium
                                                                                                                    4.               w in t er

                       business                                f rench                             br a zil                          spring
  subject                                  language of                      destination                             term
                   communic at ions
                                           instruction         ita l ia n                           chil e                          summer

                      economics                                a r a bic                         cos ta ric a                   ac a demic y e a r

                  educ at ion his tory                          c z ech                       c z ech republ ic                in t ensi v e mon t h

Now you can find a destination that offers courses for your major or minor instructed in English and/or the host country language. With course offerings
in over 100 subjects, students can continue their path toward graduation without skipping a beat. Look for the Academic Program Search button on the
ISA Homepage.

Happy searching!

locating course information online

            As you look through the catalog, you will find
            helpful information about each academic
            program that ISA offers. For each program,
            the courses or subjects available are listed.
            In order to access complete and updated
            course descriptions, visit the ISA website at
   and follow the steps

   1        From the home page click on the city of
            interest (e.g. Barcelona)...
            Click on the academic program that you are
   2        interested in (e.g. Language, Culture and

   3        Click on the Courses tab.

            You will see a list of available courses on this
   4        page. From here, click on the specific course to
            bring up a course description or syllabus.
      isa's commitment to education
    ISA’s mission is to provide high quality education abroad opportunities to U.S. and Canadian university students at an affordable price. Our programs are
    designed to maximize our participants’ learning abroad, as we understand that most university students need support and expert guidance before, during
    and after their time abroad. ISA is a Global Associate of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, a charter member of the Forum on Education
    Abroad and adheres to the professional standards and ethics set forth by these organizations.

    recognized foreign universities
    ISA works exclusively with recognized institutions abroad. These universities have been recognized nationally and internationally for their excellence in teach-
    ing and research and have a demonstrated commitment to receiving international students and incorporating them into campus life.

    educational enhancement activities
    Twenty-three years of experience have taught us that we must provide students with valuable academic opportunities both inside and outside the classroom
    to maximize their education while abroad. By offering program orientations, homestays with local families, cultural excursions and language exchanges, we
    are able to reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom.

    academic support team and resources
    Our U.S. advisors help students find the program that best fits their academic needs and goals. ISA’s website also provides a wealth of information pertaining
    to academics, including course and university descriptions. While abroad, students enjoy the support of ISA resident staff. Nearly all of our resident staff mem-
    bers hold advanced degrees or have worked either as instructors or support staff at universities. At the majority of our sites, ISA provides tutoring services to
    students and arranges language exchanges between our students and students from the host country to practice conversation skills in a casual setting. Upon
    completion of the program, the ISA staff in the U.S. is ready to provide support during the re-entry process. Students can visit the alumni section of the ISA
    website for information about credit transfer, filing insurance claims, requesting additional transcript and the Global Ambassadors Program.

    strong relationships with academic institutions
    Our U.S. staff is dedicated to addressing the questions and concerns of advisors and faculty members at U.S. and Canadian universities. Additionally, ISA resi-
    dent directors work tirelessly to ensure that we maintain strong relationships with the foreign academic institutions with whom we have partnered. These
    relationships allow students to have a smooth transition into life at a foreign university and facilitate the resolution of academic issues that may arise.

    transfer credit
    At the time of application, ISA asks that all students receive academic approval from an advisor at their home institution. We advise students of the impor-
    tance of meeting their universities’ internal requirements for studying abroad and of receiving pre-approval for the classes they plan to take while on an ISA
    program. To simplify this approval process, our website provides course information, including contact hours and course descriptions, and our advisors are
    available to answer questions. After the program has concluded, ISA sends an official transcript from the host institution to the student’s home university,
    along with a cover letter that translates the course titles, as necessary, and provides a suggested grade conversion scale.

    academic advisory Board list
    ISA’s Academic Advisory Board serves as a means to understand and respond to the needs of the institutions and students with whom we work. The board
    has been able to provide valuable advice regarding matters such as academic development and crisis management. The board is of tremendous value to
    ISA, and we applaud each member for the time and effort that they contribute to ISA’s advancement in the ever-evolving world of international education.

    Bi l l Ba r nh a rt                                   da n h a rt                                           edwa r d Sm it h, Ph.d.
    Director of International Center                      Assistant Director, Study Abroad                      Director of NJSCIS and
    University of Utah                                    Arizona State University                              Director of the International Center
                                                                                                                Rowan University
    l a r ry Bel l                                        SuSa nne hi l l , Ph.d.
    Director of International Education                   Executive Director of International Center            Br i a n SouderS, Ph.d.
    University of Colorado, Boulder                       University of Florida                                 Associate Director, International Education Services
                                                                                                                University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    K i m Bu rton                                         Ba r Ba r a h a r r iSon
    Assistant Director of Programs Abroad                 Director of International Programs Office             liSa tau Fer ner
    University of California, San Diego                   Rice University                                       Program Coordinator, Study Abroad Programs Office
                                                                                                                Texas A&M University
    C a ndaCe Chenow eth                                  r eBeCC a h a mBleton
    Director of Education Abroad                          Director of Study Abroad and                          h a r r iet t u r ner, Ph.d.
    Washington State University                           International Partnerships                            Director of International Affairs and
                                                          Grand Valley State University                         Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
    m a ry da ndo                                                                                               University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    Director of Study Abroad Programs                     Chr iSta Joy
    University of Colorado, Boulder                       Director of Study Abroad Programs                     ter ry u h lenh a K e
                                                          University of Nebraska, Lincoln                       International Links Coordinator and
    Sa r a h eger er                                                                                            Study Abroad Advisor
    Director of International Programs                    C a r l J uBr a n, Ph.d.                              Luther College
    Berry College                                         Associate Provost for International Affairs
                                                          University of San Diego                               roBert watK inS
    C a rol Fa irw e ather                                                                                      Assistant Director of Graduate and
    Director of Study Abroad Programs                     ti moth y m C elh a n non                             International Admissions
    University of Denver                                  Director of International Programs                    The University of Texas, Austin
                                                          Virginia Military Institute
    m a r K ga l lov iC                                                                                         Si mona w r igh t, Ph.d.
    Director of Education Abroad                          w endy SheetS                                         Chair of Department of Modern Languages
    University of North Carolina, Wilmington              Assistant Director of Center for Global Education     The College of New Jersey
                                                          University of Tulsa

                              isa's commitment to student health & safety
While ISA cannot guarantee a risk-free environment, all efforts are made to best ensure the safety, security and well-being of our students throughout the
duration of their programs. ISA follows prudent measures to provide a safe environment for the study abroad program participants.

student health
Prior to departure, students submit a medical history form to ISA so that our staff can be prepared to accommodate any health concerns. The ISA resident
staff is equipped to help students receive quality medical care in the event of illness or injury.
Clear, concrete and emphatic information concerning health and safety is first and foremost on the resident staff’s checklist for orientations and on-site
follow-up meetings in small groups. Among the first things given to each student arriving at any ISA site throughout the world is a laminated card with
emergency phone numbers, including local hospitals, police, fire, taxi and, of course, the cell phone numbers of resident staff. During the meetings that
occur upon arrival to a program site, students are given extensive information about the kinds of dangers that tourists and foreign students typically face
in the host country.

code of conduct
In accordance with NAFSA recommendations, in our code of conduct we lay out clear guidelines that are designed to empower students to behave in a
manner that decreases their risk and enriches their experience.

medical insurance
Comprehensive medical insurance is also included in the program price and covers the student for the official on-site period of the program. Detailed
information about medical insurance can be found in the admissions section of the ISA website.

global awareness
The ISA resident staff is in close contact with the U.S. Embassy in each program country at all times and is ready to respond to situations that might arise.
ISA also closely monitors the information and guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of State, OSAC and on-site experts, and will support students
throughout the process of returning to the U.S. in the case of a crisis.

risk management
No activity is risk-free; however, study abroad programs may involve unique risks to participants. ISA is committed to providing a safe and secure envi-
ronment in which the academic instruction can take place. ISA resident directors provide in-country support throughout the entire time the group is in
country during program dates. They will play the lead role in providing advance information, guidance and advice during the program, and immediate
response and support during any form of emergency situation.

isa on-call
While abroad, students can contact their resident staff at any time. The ISA resident staff is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help
any student in the event of an emergency. ISA also has a staff member on-call at all times in the U.S. Students, parents and home university staff who need
urgent assistance outside of regular office hours can call the ISA office in Austin at 800.580.8826 to access emergency contact information.

accommodating students with disabilities
Our site specialists, admissions staff and resident directors work together to find appropriate locations that meet each student’s needs regardless of what
the student’s disability might be. Additionally, our staff works in coordination with students’ home institutions’ study abroad offices and departments
for students with disabilities in an effort to collaborate on pre-departure advising and preparation for abroad opportunities. We believe that all students
should have the opportunity to study abroad, and that disabilities should not prevent them from pursuing the opportunity. We convey this to every
student during the advising process.

isa on-site orientation
Upon arrival at each ISA location, our resident staff provides a thorough on-site orientation which includes information about academics, health and
safety, housing, transportation and money. This orientation also includes a brief introduction into local culture and history, suggestions for adjusting to
life abroad and details about what to expect from daily life as a foreign student.

    weB resources

    isa realizes the value of embracing new technology.                                          In an effort to better serve our students, ISA has extended our online
    presence. In addition to the ISA Culture Corner and the ISA Student Portal, we are proud to introduce the ISA Blog, ISA Facebook and ISA Twitter online pages. With
    these informational resources, ISA is now able to more effectively connect with our prospective, enrolled, abroad and alumni students.

        isa BloG
        The ISA Blog was created in spring 2009 as an
        open forum for students to discuss all aspects
        of the study abroad experience. This online
        network connects students through the shar-
        ing of first-hand accounts where current ISA
        students and alumni can exchange their expe-
        riences, photos and other media.

        This blog also allows prospective students to
        get an inside view of what life is like as an ISA
        participant to help them make an informed
        decision as to which study abroad location
        may best suit their academic and personal

        Link to the ISA Blog directly from the ISA
        homepage, or go to


                                                                                                              isa facebook
                                                                                                              Students are encouraged to become a fan of
                                                                                                              the ISA Facebook page to see what’s new with
                                                                                                              ISA and view photos and videos of past partici-
                                                                                                              pants from all of ISA’s program locations. Alumni
                                                                                                              reviews and discussion boards of ISA programs
                                                                                                              are also available. Additionally, ISA students are
                                                                                                              able to connect with other classmates participat-
                                                                                                              ing on their program before their abroad experi-
                                                                                                              ence begins.

                                                                                                              To become a fan of ISA on Facebook visit www.
                                                                                                     and type “International Studies
                                                                                                              Abroad” in the search field.

                                              isa twitter
                                              Students can follow ISA on Twitter and instantly receive updates on their computer or mobile device.
                                              This enables students to become aware of the latest ISA news, program changes, and
                                              "Final Forms and Payment" information.

                                              To follow ISA on Twitter, log in to your twitter account and search

                                                        weB resources

isa culture corner
The Culture Corner is a city specific sec-
tion on our website dedicated especially
to those little details that make each site
unique. The Culture Corner also contains
general site information, details about
on-site cultural activities, transporta-
tion options and examples of how much
things will cost in your host city.

To access the Culture Corner section of
a specific site, visit the ISA website at and follow the
steps below:

1. From the home page
   (, click on
   the city of interest (e.g. Granada).
2. Click on the Culture Corner link in
   the left navigation bar (see right).
3. Explore the various tabs available:
   City Overview, Life & Leisure, Neigh-
   borhood Notes, Crossing Cultures,
   Transportation and Money Matters
   (see right).

                                              isa online orientation
                                              ISA has created a comprehensive Online Orien-
                                              tation to help each of our students ensure that
                                              they are prepared to make the most of their time
                                              abroad before they go. The orientation assists stu-
                                              dents through each stage of preparation, from fill-
                                              ing out necessary paperwork, to packing, to what
                                              to expect the day they step off the plane in a new

                                              Having our orientation materials available online
                                              will allow students to easily access important infor-
                                              mation before beginning their ISA adventure. As a
                                              supplement to the text, podcasts will also contain
                                              useful tips on safety, health and preparation for
                                              study abroad. Students will receive access when
                                              they become enrolled in an ISA program.

         housinG oPtions
    On average, 85% of ISA students live in a homestay. Each homestay is carefully selected by ISA staff and provides a great avenue for practicing the language
    of the host country at home and becoming more immersed in the local community. All homestays include a room, but the number of students per room, the
    number of meals and the method of laundry vary by site. For sites where students share a room, there may be the option of paying an additional fee to secure
    an individual room. For sites where students have their own room, there may be the option of paying extra to be the only ISA student in the home. Lunch and
    dinner are not provided on ISA excursion days.

        Location                              Room occupancy                 BReakfast              Lunch                   DinneR            LaunDRy

        ArgentinA                                   individual                 included                   n/a               included        weekly service

        Belgium                                       shared                   included                   n/a                Mon-Fri           Facilities

        BrAzil                                        shared                   included                   n/a               included        weekly service

        Chile                                       individual                 included             included                included        weekly service

        CostA riCA                                  individual                 included                   n/a               included        weekly service

        DominiCAn repuBliC                          individual                 included             included                included        weekly service

        FrAnCe                                        shared                   included                   n/a               included        weekly service

        itAlY1 (Florence)                             shared                   included                   n/a                Mon-Fri        weekly service

        mexiCo                                        shared                   included             included                included        weekly service

        moroCCo2                                      shared                   included             included                included        weekly service

        peru                                        individual                 included                   n/a               included        weekly service

        spAin                                         shared                   included             included                included        weekly service

        in Florence, italy, homestays are dependent upon availability and an additional fee will apply.
        in Morocco, homestays are an option dependent upon availability.

    A $750 refundable security deposit is required for all locations listed below, with three exceptions. Madrid, Spain requires a $900 deposit and Brazil requires
    a $300 deposit. Morocco requires no deposit. Rent is included in the program price, but meals are not, with the exception of Morocco, where meals are
    included. Apartments are not available for the Intensive Month programs in France. All apartments have a kitchen, are fully furnished and are either a short
    distance from the university or are convenient to public transit routes. Students will share a bedroom with another ISA student. Some apartments will have
    computers and internet access.

    (Deposit amounts are subject to change based on exchange rates. Please contact ISA if you have any questions.)

        Location                                  occupancy                  avaiLaBiLity                              meaLs                   LaunDRy

        BrAzil                                          2-7                       liMited                       no (kitchen available)        not included

        CzeCh repuBliC                                  2-5                         yes                         no (kitchen available)          Facilities

        FrAnCe                                          2-5                       liMited                       no (kitchen available)        not included

        moroCCo                                         4-6                         yes                         yes & kitchen available         Facilities

        itAlY                                           2-6                         yes                         no (kitchen available)          Facilities

        spAin (barcelona, Granada,
        Madrid, sevilla, valencia)                      3-7                       liMited                       no (kitchen available)        not included

                                                                                                               housinG oPtions
student housing
     Residencia: An off-campus cross between a small dorm and a boarding house.
        Pensión: Each pensión houses 4-10 Chilean, Latin American and international students, providing a comfortable setting to meet local students.
            Dorm: Similar to a dorm in the U.S. but may not be located on campus.
             Riad: Traditional Moroccan home, converted into a guest house. It is designed with all rooms facing the central courtyard.

    Location                    type         Room occupancy               BReakfast                 Lunch                 DinneR           LaunDRy
                                                                        included Mon-Fri       included Mon-Fri       included Mon-Fri
    ArgentinA1                residencia             shared              kitchen sat&sun        kitchen sat&sun        kitchen sat&sun    not included

    Chile                      pensión              individual               included               included              included        weekly service

    englAnD (london)             dorM               individual          kitchen available      kitchen available      kitchen available      Facilites

    englAnD (readinG)2           dorM               individual               included               included              included          Facilities

    FrAnCe3                      dorM               individual               included                 n/a                 included          Facilities

    moroCCo4                     riad                shared                  included               included              included          Facilities

    peru (cusco)              residencia             shared                  included          kitchen available      kitchen available      Facilites

    peru (liMa)               residencia             shared                  stipend                  n/a                 stipend           Facilities

    spAin (bilbao)            residencia      individual or shared           included                 n/a                    n/a            Facilities

    spAin (Granada)           residencia      individual or shared      included Mon-sat       included Mon-sat      included Mon-sat     weekly service

    spAin (Madrid)            residencia      individual or shared      kitchen available      kitchen available      kitchen available        varies

    spAin (salaManca) 5       residencia      individual or shared           included               included              included        weekly service

    spAin (san sebastiÁn)     residencia      individual or shared           included                 n/a                    n/a            Facilities

    spAin (santander) 6       residencia      individual or shared           included               included              included          Facilities

  in argentina, residencias are available for an extra cost.
  in reading, the meal plan includes 19 meals per week.
  in France, dorms are only available to summer (excluding sM 3) and september intensive Month students.
  in Morocco, riads are an option dependent upon availability.
  in salamanca, students can pay extra per month to have their own room and bathroom.
  in santander, residencias are available for an extra cost. Meals are not included in the summer, but meal tickets may be purchased on campus.

independent housing
Students may opt out of ISA housing and secure housing independently. Students who select this option receive a discount equal to the
housing portion (room, board and laundry) of the program price. By choosing to opt out of ISA housing, the student is solely responsible for
researching, reserving and paying all fees, deposits and rent directly to the housing facility chosen.

                  please contact isa For More inForMation reGardinG any oF the housinG options.
    naviGatinG the isa cataloG

    information                                                                    Semester/Academic Year
                                                                                   hispanic studies
    in the academic
                                                                                   at u ni v ersi t y o F s a l a M a n c a

                                                                                   Language of Instruction: SpaniSh
                                                                           1       Language Requirement: advanced
    sections of the                                                                Minimum GPA: 2.50

    catalog                                                               2         •	 Courses are held at the University of Salamanca and are taught by
                                                                                       host university faculty.
                                                                                    •	 Classmates are international students.

                                                                                   Language LeveL PLacement
                                                                                   All students take a placement exam upon arrival to determine language
                                                                                   proficiency level. Exam results may determine eligibility for course enrollment.
                                                                                   Students who arrive having completed the following number of semesters/
                                                                                   quarters of college-level Spanish, or the equivalent, typically place into the cor-
    1      program reQuirements                                                    responding language level:
           Listed directly under the program title, you will find
           the general requirements for each academic program,                     semesters                   Quarters                              language level
           including Language of Instruction, Language Require-                     4-5                           6-8                                 advanced
           ment and Minimum GPA.
                                                                                   academic credits
    2      overview                                                                Credits earned may vary according to the policies of the student’s home institution.
           Listed in the Overview section are important notes                      For visa regulations, and according to ISA policy, students must maintain full-time
                                                                                   enrollment status for the duration of the program, as determined by their home institution.
           specific to each program. Please review this section                    Students may be required to obtain a student visa and should inquire with the corresponding
           carefully, as you will find that the information varies                 consulate.

           from program to program.                                                term                contact hours              semester credits            Quarter units
                                                                                   wr2                      225                        15                              22
    3      contact hours & academic credits
                                                                                   Fl2                    180-225                      12-15                          18-22
           The academic credits section of each program lists the
                                                                                   yr2                    405-450                      27-30                          40-45
           total number of contact hours for each session and the
           estimated number of semester/quarter units each stu-
           dent will receive. Please verify with your home institution              prices & dates       (wr= winter, fl=fall, yr=year)
           on how credits earned on ISA programs will transfer.                      teRm                 pgm Dates                   pRm coDe            pRice       app Due

    4      prices & dates
                                                                                     wr2                01/20/10-05/21/10               islw2110         $10,500       10/01/09

           The program information section lists session dates, the                   Fl2           l ate sep-l ate dec 2010              islF2110        $8,800       06/01/10
           program code for each session (used in the application                     yr2         l ate sep 2010-Mid May 2011             isly2110       $18,500       06/01/10
           process), prices and the application due dates. Please
           note that prices and dates are subject to change.

    Program comparison worksheet
    Once you have found an ISA program that best suits your academic and personal goals,
    you may refer to the Program Comparison Worksheet on the inside back cover of this catalog.

    This worksheet can be used to compare the prices and offerings of ISA programs with other study abroad options.

      International Host Universities
a rgen tina                             m e x iCo
BUENOS AIRES                            GUADALAJARA
University of Belgrano                  Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente
University of El Salvador               GUANAJUATO
                                        University of Guanajuato
Br a Z i l                              XALAPA
FLORIANóPOLIS                           University of Veracruz
Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
Belgi u m                               MEkNèS
BRUSSELS                                Moulay Ismail University
Vesalius College
Chi le                                  CUSCO
VALPARAíSO/VIñA DEL MAR                 University of San Ignacio de Loyola
Adolfo Ibáñez University
Pontifical Catholic University          Pontifical Catholic
Viña del Mar University
                                        University of the Pacific
CoSta r iC a                            University of San Ignacio de
HEREDIA                                 Loyola
Inter-American University
SAN JOSé                                SPa in
Latin American University of Science    BARCELONA
and Technology                          Autonomous University of
Veritas University
                                        Menéndez Pelayo
CZ eCh r ePuBliC                        International University
PRAGUE                                  Pompeu Fabra
Charles University                      University
                                        University of Barcelona
dom iniC a n r ePuBliC
SANTIAGO                                BILBAO
Pontifical Catholic University          University of Deusto
“Madre y Maestra”                       GRANADA
                                        University of Granada
engl a nd, uK                           MADRID
LONDON                                  Antonio de Nebrija University
King's College London
                                        Complutense University of Madrid
London South Bank University
University of Westminster               University of Malaga
READING                                 SALAMANCA
University of Reading                   University of Salamanca
                                        SAN SEBASTIáN
Fr a nCe                                University of Deusto
The American Business School Paris      SANTANDER
                                        Menéndez Pelayo International University
Catholic University of Paris
                                        University of Cantabria
The Sorbonne
                                        Menéndez Pelayo International University
ita ly
FLORENCE                                Pablo de Olavide University
Florence University of the Arts
                                        University of Sevilla
American University of Rome
                                        University of Valencia


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