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									Satellite TV for PC - is it for Real?
Author: Esa Jemis
Watching TV has become a very prominent entertainment of day-to-day with the world population, developing and developed countries
included. Digital TV technology has come up very far from its birth. Television programs first caught up the audience in the European
countries telecast from local and State-level TV stations. People who had to move physically to visit theatres and cinema halls for
viewing their favorite plays and movies were thrilled to the core, when these were brought to them by their television sets inside their
drawing rooms.

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The mass-appeal for these television sets was so overwhelming that people were glued to their TV sets, when their favorite shows,
sports events, cartoons, or comedy plays were telecast. Because of the invasion into homes and aggression on the youngsters, there
were comments from scholars calling TV satirically as "Idiot Box".
The growing appetite for TV viewing paved way for newer and innovative technologies being invented and commercialized. From
regional and territorial limitations of beaming telecasts, satellites in the orbit were used as the next generation for transmissions to be
sent and received by the audience. Thus Dish TV technology was born, crashing all the worldly barriers to reach the population of all
On finding the conveniences of having a Dish TV, a lot of people world-wide are changing over to this concept. Along with the immense
favorable factors of viewing more than 200 channels from the same TV set, quality of video images and audio sound effects being clear
and perfect, there are some other shortcomings as well - Installation of a Dish TV antenna, decoder/receiver, set top box, wiring it to the
TV set, selecting the TV channels preferred for registration with the service provider, paying subscriptions every month for all those
channels - viewed or not - and getting disturbances in receiving signals during bad weather conditions etc.
PC Satellite TV technology is the latest brainchild of scientific researchers. With computers occupying every nook and corner of this
world and Internet connecting all the computer users into one category as "netisans", PC Satellite TV technology is a wonderful and
workable solution for all the shortcomings mentioned above in viewing satellite TV channels.

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PC Satellite TV technology works on the basis of compiling all the TV channels that are aired into the sky, including radio signals of
various countries, into one access through a software design. Once this PC Satellite TV technology-based software is downloaded and
installed into a computer, the end-user can activate reception of the required TV channel of any country, into the computer system used.
Thus the Computer under use is transformed into a Dish TV set, sans its hassles and demerits.
tA perfectly designed and marketed PC Satellite TV technology software (beware - there are scammers and cheaters selling sub-
standard and defective ones too), if bought and installed, can make TV viewing a pleasure with unlimited access to thousands of
channels out there, with crystal clear video and audio effects. Comparatively less expensive - only one time payment for permanent TV
viewing and no installments of every month to pay huge sums; no hassles of installing unlike a Dish TV with instruments and accessories
etc. are the other plus factors.
The best part of it - by installing a PC Satellite TV technology software in your Lap-top computer, you can carry your TV set wherever you
go - uphill on hiking, deep jungle on a safari or relaxing in a beach resort enjoying the sea-breeze - to have unlimited fun.

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