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					                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

                                         PART I

                          POST NUMBER: IJC CJ2DMC 0050
                         CLOSING DATE: 20 MAY 2010
                 HEADQUARTERS / UNIT: Kabul International Airport
                      LOCATION: KABUL, AFGHANISTAN
                       JOB TITLE: SYSTEMS COLLATOR
                               GRADE: ICC IIIA

                               The benefit package includes:
                - € 6273.00 monthly salary, tax-free in the host country.
                           - € 74.04 per day spent in the Theatre
            (€ 42.31 Hazard allowance + € 31.73 austere living allowance).
                     - Installation allowance equal to one-month salary
       (50% to be reimbursed if not completing two consecutive years of service).
                        - Accommodation in the Camp, free of charge.
                         - Meals of good quality available to purchase.
                                  - Laundry at nominal charge.
                             - Two days of annual leave per month.
                      - Start of Tour & End of Tour paid transportation.
              - 5 + 2 days “Leave from Theatre” plus reimbursement of ticket
                  up to € 1000.00 for every 6 months spent in the Theatre.
          - Medical Insurance from Van Breda International, small fee charged.

                                   PART II – CE DUTIES

A. Post Context:

       The CJ2 Data Management Cell apply procedures in order to ensure that data
       integrity and consistency are maintained, allowing end-users to retrieve the
       information in a timely and proficient manner. These procedures guarantee single
       standard format for generating basic intelligence products on individuals and
       summary presentations on orders of battle or political, criminal and/or law
       enforcement organisations. The centralisation and standardisation of information
       management/collation is paramount to guaranteeing a minimum level of information
       consistency, avoiding data/information duplication and database corruption, thus
       ensuring continued long-term database integrity and information availability.

B. Reports to:

       Deputy Collation Chief.

C. Principal Duties:

   -   Responsible for managing the Allied Command Operations (ACO) intelligence
       database and NATO i2 (link analysis/iBridge) connection to that database.
   -   Ensure a standardised methodology and terminology when collating intelligence in to
       the ACOP database.
   -   Facilitate the sharing of the ACO database with approved national agencies and
       NATO elements.


                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   -   Actively exercises quality control and completeness of the ACO intelligence
   -   Provides expertise in exploitation of the ACO intelligence database through the
       development of queries within the ACO intelligence database or i2 Analyst Notebook
       as directed by the Chief Collation after consultation with elements.
   -   Ensure requested queries used for exploitation of the database are coordinated with
       published methodology.
   -   Assists in the collation of raw intelligence information contained within ACO
       intelligence database used to process information products as directed by the Chief
   -   Works with J2 Geo to gain adequate digital map products to support graphical
       relational order of battle management and ensures the maps used by the ACO
       approved database are correct.
   -   Responsible for attaining updated intelligence from analysts (including Regional
       Commands) and collating into the ACO intelligence database.
   -   Required to provide collation of the information entered/contained within the ACO
       intelligence database in regards to creating links and relationships between the
       information and perform analysis.
   -   Required to produce intelligence products as per the direction of ACO 65-13.
   -   Testing and evaluation of new ACO database software.

D. Additional Duties:

   The incumbent may be required to perform such other related duties as may be directed.

                               PART III – QUALIFICATIONS

A. Essential Qualifications:

   1. Professional/Experience:

       -      3 years experience in a military or intelligence environment with intimate
              knowledge of the Intelligence cycle or applicable civilian experience.
       -      1 year experience in deployed operational military missions preferably with
              NATO or similar international organization.
       -      1 year experience working with Computer Information Systems in relation to
              military operations or applicable civilian experience.

   2. Education/Training:

       -      Completion of Higher Secondary Education.
       -      Completion of Basic Intelligence Systems Core Training Course (BISCT).
       -      Completion of JOIIS Basic User and Database Managers courses.
       -      Completion of Link Analyst Software Training.

   3. Security Clearance:

       -      NATO SECRET.
       -      National authorities are asked to ensure that security clearance is provided
              before the arrival of the individual.


                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   4. Language (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, according STANAG 6001).

       Mandatory Proficiency:
       English: 3333
       The normal working language within the organization is English for all written and oral

   5. Standard Automated Data Processing (ADP) Knowledge:

       a. Word Processing:           Working Knowledge

       b. Spreadsheet:               Working Knowledge

       c. Graphic Presentation:      Basic Knowledge

       d. Database:                  Advanced Knowledge

B. Desirable Qualifications:

   1. Professional:

       -      Previous experience as a database manager and data in putter.
       -      National military intelligence training

   2. Education / Training:

       -      University degree in International Relations, Journalism or Military Studies.

   3. Language:

       Desirable Proficiency:
       English: 4444
       Other European language:

C. Civilian Post

   1. Personal Attributes:

       -      Due to the sensitivity level of the work, the incumbent is required to be
              trustworthy and adaptable.
       -      Ability to work under direct supervision or autonomously to meet requirements
              of the mission.
       -      Self-motivated and able to work with minimum supervision.
       -      Good motivation and an eye for detail is required.

   2. Managerial Responsibilities:

       -      Responsible for managing small groups of personnel.
       -      Able to coordinate the efforts of small groups in the completion of directed
       -      Ability to brief and coordinate with the CoC.


                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   2. Professional Contacts:

      -       On an as required basis maintains regular professional contact with HQ ISAF
              Branches that affect daily operations at all levels to resolve problems and to
              exchange information.

   4. Contribution to the Objectives:

      -       Needs to work to complete the long term objectives.
      -       Is an essential link to the mission of COM ISAF and COM KAIA.

   5. Work Environment:

      -       Multinational, multicutural environment.
      -       Living conditions in Kabul are rudimentary and lodging is arranged on the
              military compound.
      -       may be required to undertake operational deployments and/or TDY
              assignmants both within and without NATO boundaries.

D. Remarks:

      -       Only applications from candidates meeting all essential requirements and
              possessing valid certificates/ diplomas will be taken into consideration.
      -       The successful applicant is required to be proactive in providing the pre-
              deployment documents. These include a full medical pack, with supporting
              reports and signed off by your doctor.
      -       In addition, confirmation is required that the candidate holds a valid NATO
              Secret security clearance; this can take sometime and should be initiated as
              soon as the offer of employment is received.
      -       Contract issued for 12 month period (re-newable).


                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED