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									                                             THE GRAY
                           A DESIGN HOTEL IN THE HEART OF MILAN

The Gray Hotel the design hotel of the SINA chain chaired by Bernabò Bocca, opened its doors in
May 2003.

The Gray stands out for its international and contemporary character. Perfect for those
cosmopolitan types that can find here traces and elements from different cultures, ideal for the
young aristocrats looking for the trendiest hotel in town or for the business man that will not go
without his comforting luxuries.

The Gray is ideally located right in the heart of Milan, a city that never sleeps. From its privileged
position in Via San Raffaele, it is just round the corner from the Duomo and La Scala or even a
short walk to the Galleria (Vittorio Emanuele).

Unmistakable is the style that characterises the Hotel: the façade decorated with columns and
altorilievi in Liberty style from the beginning of the 18th century. To this has been added a modern
wing covered in green diorite and crystals.

From the outside it becomes clear that the hotel has a double identity, divided between history
and tradition and the continuous search for new and more contemporary architectures. Inside,
though, one can find rooms with fantastic atmosphere, together welcoming and exiting and
characterised by a great attention to details.

The hotel, one of the most innovative in the city, is the creation of the architect Guido Ciompi from
Florence. His vast experience ranges from interior designing to renovation of private residences to
show rooms around some of the most famous streets in Italy and Europe. His idea for the project,
the interior and the name was the desire to introduce a new concept in the hospitality world, one
that would easily remind of the fashion industry that has made Milan one of its capitals in the

Here the design translates into senses and feelings that are meant to shock guests but also to be
enjoyed by them. Inside the hotel The Gray one can find hey and led hanging on walls which play
colourful tricks on the eye as well as stucco resembling waves towering shelves on which huge
mother of pearl shells rest. More surprises are hidden inside niches in the walls containing antique
Chinese vases from the end of the 18th century or near the entrance, old evening gowns that
belong to famous international stars.

At the bar one can enjoy the famous Mojito made by our barman Pedro Fiol, lounging on soft
velvet sofas or sitting at our lamp tables, whilst at the restaurant the tables run on lit up rails, like
an amusing game of domino.

It doesn’t go without saying that the hotel The Gray is most of all luxurious and capable of
surprising even the most spoilt of customers.

The twenty one rooms, each unique, amaze with four poster beds hanging from the ceiling,
private gym, Turkish bath and large Jacuzzi bath with built in TV sets, not to mention hi-fi’s and
32” plasma screen TV’s. More to the point, bathrooms enriched with travertine, wooden floors in
ebony, silk covers everywhere as well as velvet, crystals, zebra and ostrich skins and rich African

Background to all this hidden universe of lights, colours and emotions is Milan and its greyness,
referred to in the choice of the name intentionally chosen with the dual purpose of colouring this
term and to cross beyond the European borders and across the ocean.

Once through the front entrance we are immediately introduced into modern and innovative
surroundings. Great the use of oxidised iron all over: in the floors and the gueridonnes to the side
of the compass at the entrance.

What captures immediately everyone’s attention however is the hanging, swinging seat at the
centre of the lobby area. The large cushion made of shocking pink silk shantung dressed with red
velvet, is suspended by a rope covered with red material which disappears in the false ceiling and
is also lit by ever changing lights. Beside the hanging seat, guests have also the use of red velvet
sofas dressed with shocking pink silk shantung.

The reception desk in screen glass is also suspended and creates a visual continuity along the wall
to then delimit the bar area which is separated by a large glass slab illuminated by colourful lights.
The glass separation wall is dressed with a silk curtain which keeps the adjoining room private.
The tables in the bar area are conic lamp shades dressed in white silk with sandblast crystal
shelves. One can seat at this tables comfortably resting on the red velvet sofas or on small brown
leather chairs with a very low back.

Everything is arranged to give the feeling of closeness like the low mirrors astutely positioned at
eye level once sitting down, or the light fabric suspended above the bar on which suggestive
images of natural environments are projected.
The back wall is decorated with bronze dust and contains at the centre a rectangular niche framed
with led lights all around.

The base of the bar counter is in stucco which has been engraved and lacquered and then covered
with screen glass, whilst the bar stalls are in oxidised iron with the seat in red leather.
To the other side of the hall is situated another brown lacquered stucco wall.
This time the decorations reproduce the movement of the sea and together with large shells
remind guests of far away lands.
The wall that runs along the staircase to the first floor is full of small niches decorated with old
Chinese vases.

The style and design of the hotel The Grey is inspired as much by the past as it is by
contemporary history making a unique property characterised by many different influences and
because of this it will always stand out as one of the trendiest places to be seen in.

                                      Room description

     Gray – 5
is a french bedded room, facing in a quiet pedestrian street. It can be available among its
features: TV, DVD and CD players High speed wireless internet connection, 2 lines phone with
voicemail, Radio, Safety Box, Minibar, Hydro Shower or Hydro Tub etc. We suggest for single

    Gray – 4
Among the Gray 4 we offer a possibility to choose as follows: hanging bed, bath tub in the bed
room or special disable bathroom. In all this rooms with their particularly you will find all the
comforts as TV colour, DVD and CD Players, High speed wireless internet connection, 2 lines
phone with voicemail, Radio, Safety Box, Minibar etc. After a long shopping day you can relax in a
Hydro Tub and be prepared for another day.

     Gray - 3
Is a king bed room with two large window from where you can enjoy the marvellous view of the
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in front of this romantic atmosphere you can be lost. The room is
equipped with all the comforts and the latest technology including flat and Plasma screen, DVD,
CD Players, High speed wireless internet connection, 2 lines phone with voicemail, Radio, Safety
Box, Minibar, Shower Box, Round Hydro Tub that is created to give you relax from where you can
enjoy a good music or watch a movie.

     Gray - 2
This room is mended to satisfy the needs for those who want to stay fit. Separate from the bad
room this accommodation offer a cool area with cardiovascular equipment. The bed room with the
particularly furniture and colours make you fill in another dimension, equipped with all the
comforts and the most modern technologies as Plasma TV, High speed wireless internet
connection, 2 lines phone with voicemail, Radio, Safety Box, Minibar, Shower Box, Hydro Tub etc.

     Gray-1
Gray 1 is a be level accommodation with living room, bed and bath room on
the upper level, one of the Gray 1 performs steam bath. Equipped with all
the comforts as Plasma TV, HI-FI, High speed wireless internet connection, 2
line phones with voicemail, Radio, Safety Box, Minibar, Hydro Shower, Jacuzzi.

                                    “LE NOIR” RESTAURANT

In perfect keeping with the hotel’s style and design the “Le Noir” Restaurant, situated on the first
floor, has a totally black look, in a post-modern oasis where one can enjoy Mediterranean dishes
skilfully revisited by the Chef.

The unique surroundings of the “Le Noir” Restaurant resembling a black box where a special
atmosphere is created by lights coming from unusual fonts.

The lights pour out of large Chinese red silk lamps, or from hanging cutlery containers made of
nickel silver or from crocodile leather frames with no picture just led lights. The tables slide on rails
made of lights, running sideways on the shiny black parquet floor.

The whole environment is characterised by the presence of geometrical shapes like the square,
present in the form of lacquered shiny tables, leather frames, square holes in the centre of the
tables engineered to house plants or the square picture on the travertine wall created with the
leftovers of marble-cutters, leftovers that often are used as a work surface. A touch of elegance is
given by the black velvet sofa-bench that runs along the whole length of the wall and by the black
and white horse-skin capitonnè cushions.

Guests can also sit on kquadrat chairs or on small leather armchairs with legs covered with the
black and white horse-skin. On the walls, again lit niches housing 18th century Chinese boxes,
cushions and drums. On the tables lay bright white linen cloths dotted with Rosenthal pales and

An original and exclusive environment where absolute star is the cuisine prepared by the Chef: a
cuisine based on fresh and light products, like hand made pasta, fresh fish and vegetables.
Our Chef proposes every week a selection of his recipes studied to surprise every time even those
with more demanding palates. A menu always evolving that bring to the table products and
delicacies from the best Mediterranean tradition rendered by our chef’s talent.

Amongst our favourites: asparagus and pecorino cheese timbale with herbs sauce, Gragnano
tagliatelle sautéd with rabbit ragù and vegetables, small Milanese veal steaks in three-bread
crumbs with rocket salad, zatterini baby tomatoes with parmesan cheese shavings, tuna steak in a
sesame seeds crust laid on a bed of crunchy potatoes. Last but not least, the desserts: zabaione
and rum ice cream with caramelised pineapple, saffron and chilly pepper. Coffee cream brulee with
amaretti and frollini biscuits foam.

Creativity and care for details as well as personal touch in the use of traditional Italian recipes are
key to the success of the “Le Noir” restaurant.

The restaurant also offers every day a business lunch menu, thought for those who live lunch as a
business meeting, thus without forgoing the pleasure and flavours of the good cuisine.

A vegetarian menu is also available on request for those who love healthy and light recipes.

The wine list includes a wide choice of the best Italian names, with attention to some organic


Conic shaped lamps dressed in white silk with sandblast crystal shelves, red velvet sofas with
shocking pink finishing, small brown leather chairs with contrasting buttons and buckles and sofas
with a very low backs are all engineered to encourage closeness and intimacy amongst guests, like
the low mirrors astutely positioned at eye level once sitting down, or the light fabric suspended
above the bar on which suggestive images of natural environments are projected.

This is the exclusive “GBAR” at the “The Gray” hotel.

The perfect keeping with the hotel’s style and design in which is situated, the “GBAR” offers an
original and modern environment, dictated by a profound attention to details.
Nothing is left to the case. Everything is created to shock and surprise.

Bridge between the hotel and the never still Milan, the “GBAR” is the ideal meeting place where
anyone can have a rest whilst sipping an excellent Mojito or choosing from the many ideas of the
barman, true artist of flavours, capable to surprise with his young, creative and hip style.

Eclectic artist by passion, our Head barman transforms every drink in a true object d’art, where
every ingredient finds a perfect balance. Every cocktail is a personal creation: unique and original,
an experience only available at the “GBAR”.

                                  The Gray presents ARIA
                               Luxury, style and design in terrace

In July 2006 The Gray has inaugurated the new external terrace ARIA: a corner of refined design
in the heart of the city.

The concept luxury-design continues to be a protagonist at The Gray: after the international and
contemporary style created by the architect Guido Ciompi who realized the interiors, another
prestigious Italian designer signs the new external terrace endowing it with an innovative and
unmistakable soul.

ARIA is an elegant open-air lounge with a deep attention for any details.

The revolutionary beauty of the “Alveo”, whom soft lines invite to relax, soft colour sofas and
armchairs propose a new dimension of external comfort to enjoy luxury under the stars. Pouf and
low tables with different shapes and sizes give a touch of exotic originality to the ambience,
creating sensations of far away atmospheres.

The ARIA philosophy is simple and effective: created in the centre of Milan, it is an exclusive and
intimate lounge to enjoy under the open sky, where innovation and a particular attention to new
trends find the right dimension.

ARIA is the ideal place for who wants to live Milan from a special point of observation, outside the
noises and society rates of the city, where to stay in different moments of the day: for breakfast
or for a lunch with creative and original recipes. Moreover the best specialities of the
Mediterranean tradition can be enjoyed at ARIA terrace for dedicated dinner.

After the eccentric GBar and the elegant Restaurant Le Noir, The Gray with ARIA continues to
distinguish itself by an international and contemporary character, ideal for the cosmopolitan here
can find elements from different cultures.

At The Gray there is ARIA of…
Ambience and atmosphere
Relax and comfort
Interesting meeting under the stars
Art, style and design

                                      SINA FINE ITALIAN HOTELS
                           THE SYMBOL OF HOSPITALITY MADE IN ITALY

  Presided over by Bernabò Bocca and his sister Matilde Salvo Bocca, Sina Fine Italian Hotels was
  fuonded in 1958 by Count Ernesto Bocca.

  The hotels belonging to the group SINA are:

          -   Grand Hotel Villa Medici in Florence, completely restored, with a beautiful garden and
              pool in the city center;
          -   the Hotel Bernini Bristol in Rome, famous for its roof garden with view over the city;
          -   Palazzo Sant’ Angelo facing Canal Grande in Venice;
          -   Hotel De la Ville, close to the Theatre La Scala;
          -   The Gray, the design hotel meeting point for the fashion and show business industry;
          -   The Hotel Brufani Palace, luxurious hotel in the centro of Perugia;
          -   Palace Maria Luigia in the center of Parma, appreciated for its gourmet cuisine;
          -   Hotel Astor facing the coast on the famous promenade in Viareggio;
          -   Relais Villa Matilde, noble residence of the XVIII century close to Turin;
          -   The new Centurion Palace on Canal Grande in Venice, unique hotel featuring
              contemporary design opened in 2009.

  For further information

Press Office Sina Fine Italian Hotels:
Lucilla De Luca, ph. (+39)335.5839843 -


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