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The basement

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									Inspiration • Downloadable plans • Advice • Step-by-step

                           The basement
                           as part of your home
                           A mix of style, comfort and fun
                           for the whole family.

  Global village style 2
  Oasis style 5
  Spirit style 8
  Planning: the essential step 11
  Test your layout 12
                           Bring Hollywood to your home!
                           This room is so snug and soundproof, you’ll really feel part of the action.

                                                                                                   wall lighting and
                                                                                                 recessed lights give
                                                                                                the room a cozy feel.
                                                                                               Install dimmers so you
                                                                                                 can adjust the light
                                                                                                 levels to create the
                                                                                                   right ambience.
                           features like doorways
                          or stairs behind drapes is
                         an excellent way to muffle
                          loud noise and enhance
                                  the theatre

                                                                                                           Focus on
                                                                                                      comfort. Cushions,
                                                                                                      throws, ottomans,
                                                                                                     side tables and area
                                                                                                   rugs help create a cozy
                                                                                                    atmosphere in which
                                                                                                          to unwind.

    wall unit
     plan                                                                  Raise the
                                                                      floor at the back of
                                                                    the room and arrange
                                                                  the seating so that every-
                                                                 one has a good view of the
                                                                 screen. Use the same floor
                                                                  covering throughout the
                                                                      room for a harmo-
Sound control

                                                                          nized look.
   The key to an effective home theatre is to suitably prep the floor,
walls and ceiling. The walls and ceilings should be properly insulated with acoustic batts
and panels. Wood is the ideal choice to cover the floor, once it too has been soundproofed.
Add area rugs to keep feet warm and prevent sound from reverberating on the wood floor.
Furnish with comfy armchairs, soft throws and pillows, and, last but not least, ensure you

have good lighting – you might even want to splurge on remote-controlled dimmers.
Enjoy the movie!


 RONA info

 Difficulty level:

 Rough time estimate: 1 week
Step-by-step guide to creating your very own movie theatre.

Backlit valances                                                              Raised floor
Build three boxes, one measuring 120” long x 22” high x 6” deep, and two       1   Build the new raised floor
others measuring 44” long x 22” high x 6” deep.                                    frame on top of the existing
                                                                                   subfloor. Use 2” x 6” boards to
 1   Cut the boards to the required sizes. Cut 45-degree angles where the          obtain a sufficient height
     front and side pieces meet, for a neat finish.                                difference.

 2   Perforate holes in the back pieces for the recessed lights.               2   Check to make sure the frame
                                                                                   is level and use shims to adjust
 3   Assemble the boxes using brackets. The underside of the box should            if necessary.
     be positioned 4” from the bottom edge of the front board.
                                                                               3   Fasten the frame to the subfloor.
 4   Sand and varnish.
                                                                               4   Screw the 5/8” plywood panels
 5   Push the boxes up against the ceiling and fasten them to the wall.            to the frame.
 6   Install the curtain rods and curtains.                                    5   Cover the entire surface with acoustic panels, leaving a space of 3/8”
                                                                                   to 5/8” around the edges and all openings. Fill all the spaces with
                                                                                   backer rod and apply acoustic sealant.

                                                                               6   Install your floor covering over the entire surface.

                                                                              If you are working directly on the concrete slab, you can build both floor
                                                                              levels from the start.

                                                                              Soundproofing the walls and ceiling
                                                                               1   Insulate the wall between the
                                                                                   timber studs. Install the acoustic
                                                                                   panels with the perforated side
                                                                                   facing the studs.

                                                                               2   Seal the edges with acoustic

                                                                               3   Mount the resilient bars
We used cherry-finish particleboard for the parts that required varnishing,        horizontally.
i.e. the front, sides and underside. You could use another type of wood or
stain the valances a shade other than brown. We used MDF for the back          4   Install the drywall, tape the
sections and supports.                                                             joints and paint.

                                                                              Does your home theatre room have
                                                                              windows? If so, cloth curtains will
                                                                              muffle any sound bouncing
                                                                              off the glass.

To successfully carry out your project, log on to                                                   rona.ca
You’ll find complete guides and step-by-step instructions.

     Building a subfloor                                                           Reducing noise levels within the home
     Insulating the ceiling                                                        Installing a dimmer switch
     Insulating a wall                                                             Installing recessed lighting
     Installing a floating floor                                                   Painting your interior
     Installing an interior door                                                   Installing mouldings                                                     3
Home theatre room planner




  13’                                                 D




                                      Dimensions: 17’ x 13’
                                      Ceiling height: 8’
                                      Step height: 9“

                                Multi-purpose room
                                 Laundry room, craft studio and storage centre: this room has it all!

                                                                          Use sturdy
                    Who said                                              adjustable
               the laundry room                                      shelving on the walls
            should be drab? Liven                                    above work surfaces.
           things up a little! Bright,                               Keep everyday items
            crisp hues can give it a                                  within easy reach.
           squeaky clean look. Con-
           trasting stripes of colour
              at odd intervals are
               eye-catching and

                                                                                                           lighting over the
                                                                                                         main island and near
                                                                                                               the sink is
                                                                                                        important — you’ll find
                                                    Bye bye                                               it a big help while
                                                back-ache! Go                                                  you work.
                                             easy on yourself —
                                            have bar stools around
                                              the counter so you
                                               can sit and work
                                                                               cabinet plan

A laundry room and craft studio rolled into one…

«   Ingenious! Proper planning is essential here, so as to take full advantage of every inch
of space. From the ground up, storage is the name of the game. Closets, shelves, hooks,
drawers, baskets — the possibilities are endless! After all, it is much more pleasant to work
in a tidy, well-organized laundry room where everything, right down to the smallest

accessory, has its place. Finally, so that you don’t spend hours cleaning up around you,
opt for low maintenance materials such as ceramic tile, melamine and stainless steel.

     235-11                 206-21          053-31
    White shirt           Supernova        Soft azure

 RONA info

 Difficulty level:

 Rough time estimate: 1 weekend
Step-by-step guide to creating your work surfaces and storage units.

A curtain to match                                                            Orderly organizer
If you can’t find a ready-made curtain that matches your decor,               If you like home crafts, you’ll love this
then make your own!                                                           organizer board!

 1   Buy an ordinary white cotton                                              1    Cut a piece of pegboard to the
     curtain. Cut it to fit the opening                                             same width as the utility table
     you want to cover, allowing                                                    and attach it to the wall, taking
     enough fabric for pleats.                                                      care to leave about 1” of space
                                                                                    between the board and the wall.
 2   Use masking tape to outline                                                    To do this, use shims or small
     the stripes to be painted.                                                     pieces of wood and fix them to
                                                                                    the back of the board at each
 3   Paint the stripes with coloured                                                corner.
     acrylic paint.
                                                                               2    To make the wrapping paper dispenser,
 4   Install the curtain rod under the                                              insert closet rods into rod clips installed at regular intervals
     counter. Slip the curtain onto                                                 up the pegboard.
     the rod.
                                                                               3    Add hooks and baskets to your board to hold tools and items you
You can decorate the curtain with any pattern you choose — it doesn’t               use frequently.
have to be stripes. Be creative and have fun!
                                                                              The dispenser can also be used for rolls of ribbon or fabric. Put the
                                                                              finishing touches to your board by painting or decorating it to match
                                                                              your decor, or perhaps even framing it.

Ingenious island                                                              Handy craft table
This island is made from two                                                   1    Cut a 1”-thick melamine panel
easy-to-assemble cubby units topped                                                 24” wide by 48” long.
with a home-made ceramic counter.
                                                                               2    Stick pre-glued melamine edge
 1   Cut a 5/8”-thick plywood panel                                                 banding to the three outer
     42” wide by 66” long.                                                          edges.
 2   Apply tile adhesive to the whole surface.                                 3    Use brackets to fasten a 44”
     Cover with 6” x 6” tiles. Grout the tiles.                                     length of 1” x 3” board under the
                                                                                    back edge of the table so you can
 3   Apply pre-glued white melamine edge banding around all four                    secure it to the wall.
     edges of the counter.
                                                                               4    Attach two metal legs to the front underside of the table top.
 4   Assemble the two cubby storage units. Fasten the counter to the two            Fasten the table to the wall.
     units with brackets.
                                                                              Affordable and easy to work with, melamine is also very easy to clean.
You don’t have to use small white tiles — choose any colour and size you      However, if you prefer a more natural look, use wood or particleboard
like that will match your decor. Use grout that easily wipes clean, such as   that you can stain or varnish.
epoxy grout.

To successfully carry out your project, log on to                                                    rona.ca
You’ll find complete guides and step-by-step instructions.

     Fitting up a laundry room                                                     Painting your interior
     Installing a sink                                                             Installing mouldings
     Installing a faucet                                                           Laying ceramic floor tiles
Laundry and craft studio room planner





                    H                         E


                                                  Dimensions: 12’ x 11’

                                A bright, fun-filled family room
                                A cheerful and inviting space where everyone can do their own thing.

                   colours help spark                                                                                               Include
                   children’s imagina-                                                                                        plenty of storage
                  tions. Put your own                                                                                       — use all the available
                  decorative stamp on                                                                                        space, from floor to
                  cubbies and shelves                                                                                       ceiling. Make sure the
                    with fun stickers.                                                                                      shelves and units are
                                                                                                                              firmly secured to
                                                                                                                                   the wall.

                                                                                                        Bring the
                                                                                                    room to life by
                                                                                                  painting a cheery
                                                                                                mural. Show off the kids’
                                                                                                 artwork by hanging
                                                                                                 pictures on a string
                                                                                                    with coloured

             A wash-
         stand near the
       play area is handy
     for cleaning up spills
       or washing paint
        off little hands.
                                                                   theatre plan

Divide the space

«   It’s easy to create separate zones in a large open floor plan by simply using different
types of flooring for each area. Easy to clean, ceramic tile is perfect for the vanity, while
wood laminate is a kid-resistant choice for the playroom. A rubber mat is a practical option
for the exercise area. Experiment with colour to accentuate the room’s divisions.
Choose lively hues for the playroom and a softer palette in the gym. Building a half-wall

is also a smart way to partition two areas while making the whole room look bigger
and brighter.

     044-31                  010-54      140-44           114-55
   Angel’s tear           Green thumb    Mariachi         Bolero

  RONA info

  Difficulty level:

  Rough time estimate: 1 weekend
Step-by-step guide to building the key elements of this decor.

Playful activity table                                            Framed chalkboard
 1   Cut a piece of 1”-thick MDF to the size and shape desired.    1    Mark out a four-sided area for the
     Round off the corners.                                             chalkboard using masking tape.

 2   Cut the four legs to a suitable height                        2    Paint this area with chalkboard paint
     and fasten them to each                                            (a roller works best).
                                                                   3    Use masking tape to mark the edges
 3   Prepare and paint the                                              of the inner border and paint this border
     surfaces in colours to match                                       one colour. Repeat step 3 for the outer
     your decor.                                                        border, this time using a different colour
                                                                        to make the ‘frame’ stand out.
You can decorate this table with
fun stickers, or paint your own patterns                          For a more textured effect, you could frame
freehand or with stencils.                                        the board with painted moulding. Use
                                                                  gloss paint for best results.

Colourful bulletin board                                          Ultra-simple table
 1   You can buy cork in precut squares                            1    Cut a 2” x 10” wood board into three 48” lengths. Glue the lengths
     or in a roll.                                                      together along their edges to create the table top. Cut three 24”
                                                                        lengths of 2” x 4” wood and screw them
 2   Trace and cut out the circles                                      perpendicular to the underside of
     or shapes of your choice.                                          the table top to reinforce it.
     Tip: use a plate to help you
     draw the circles.                                             2    Use brackets to
 3                                                                      attach a 44” length
     Paint with brightly coloured                                       of 1” x 3” board under the
     acrylic paints.                                                    back edge of the table so you
                                                                        can secure it to the wall.
Mix and match shapes and colours.
Try different layouts to fit your space.                           3    Sand and varnish the table top.

                                                                   4    Attach two metal legs to the
                                                                        front underside of the table.
                                                                        Fasten the table to the wall.

                                                                  Alternatively, you could stain or paint
                                                                  the table the colour of your choice, or decorate it with stickers.

To successfully carry out your project, log on to                                       rona.ca
You’ll find complete guides and step-by-step instructions.

     Building a half wall                                              Laying ceramic floor tiles
     Installing a vanity                                               Installing ceramic wall tiles
     Installing a faucet                                               Painting interior surfaces
     Installing a floating floor                                       Installing mouldings
Playroom and exercise area room planner










                                              Dimensions: 12’ x 20’

         Planning: the essential step                                MANAGE YOUR PROJECTS
                                                                     MORE EASILY
                                                                     Make the most of our two-step
         Planning is the key to any successful renovation project.   renovation plan with
         First, determine exactly what you will be building and      the RONA VISA Desjardins card.
         draw a plan of the space to scale. Before you begin
         your project, remember that other important steps
         must be completed, such as insulating, soundproofing,                            AT YOUR SERVICE
         building the subfloor, etc. For expert advice on planning                        Need some guidance to help your
         your basement makeover, visit the Projects – Finish the                            projects go smoothly?
         basement section on rona.ca.                                                      We have what you need; check
                                                                                           out these really useful resources!

         Scale: 1 square = 1 foot                   wall 1
                                                                                                          Insulate your
                                                                                                          Build an interior wall
                                                                                                          Install a floating
                                                                                                          Build a subfloor on a
                                                                                                          concrete slab
                                                                                                          Finish the ceiling with
                                                                                                          acoustic tiles

                                                                                                          Measure your entire
                                                                                                          basement space.

                                                                                                          Note down all
wall 4

                                                                                                 wall 2

                                                                                                          distances between
                                                                                                          walls as well as the
                                                                                                          position of stairs,
                                                                                                          doors and windows.

                                                                                                          Show the location
                                                                                                          of plumbing fixtures,
                                                                                                          electrical outlets,
                                                                                                          telephone and cable
                                                                                                          jacks, as well as
                                                                                                          heating vents.

                                                                                                          Cut out the pieces
                                                                                                          of furniture shown
                                                                                                          on the next page
                                                                                                          and test your layout.

                                                    wall 3
Test your layout

        Audio/video wall unit to build                  Leather armchair                   Shelves

                        A                                                                     C

                                                                                                                    A Audio/video wall unit
                                                                                                                      to build
                                                                                                                    B Leather armchair
 Side table — large               Side table — medium               Side table — small                              C Shelves
                                                                                                                    D Side tables

          D                                D                                D

                Island to build                              Washer/dryer counter to build

                                                                                                                    E Island to build
                                                                                                                    F Washer/dryer counter
                                                                                                                      to build
                                                                                      Sink unit to build            G Craft table to build
                                                                                                                    H White melamine shelf
      Craft table to build               White melamine shelf
                                                                                                                    I Sink unit to build

                                                    H                                         I

Children’s table to build           Utility table to build                 Wall shelves                    Vanity

                                                                                  L                          M
                                                                                                                    J Children’s table
                                                                                                                      to build
                                                                                                                    K Utility table to build
                                                                                                                    L Wall shelves
   Storage cabinet - 82”             Storage cabinet - 28”                     Metal basket                         M Vanity
                                                                                                                    N Storage cabinet
              N                                O                                      P
                                                                                                                    O Storage cabinet
                                                                                                                    P Metal basket


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