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					 Building and Sustaining Coalitions: Finding Common Ground for Education,
                 Environment and Human Rights Advocacy

                                  TRACK 2 ENVIRONMENT
SATURDAY, May 15, 2010

                   From Conflict to Collaboration: A new model for                      Facilitator:
 11:00 am             sustainability in the Great Bear Rainforest             Ross McMillan, Tides Canada
 -           Canada's Great Bear Rainforest is one of the largest                       Foundation
 12:30 pm    remaining coastal temperate rainforests on earth, and its rare   Panelists:
             ecosystem has been home to First Nations communities for          Art Sterritt, Coastal First
             millennia. Over the past few decades, the "Great Bear" has         Nations – Great Bear
             become a testing ground for competing interests trying to          Initiative
             create new models of economic and ecological sustainability.      Merren Smith, Forest
             It is a remarkable story of creative collaboration among           Ethics
             indigenous people, environmentalists, philanthropy, forest
             companies, and government. Come listen to the leaders who
             helped to forge this watershed agreement.

                Building Indigenous and Environmental Partnerships:                    Facilitator:
 2:00 pm -            Community voices from Russia and Canada                 Ruth Richardson, Co-Founder
 3:30 pm     Indigenous leaders in the Arctic have partnered successfully         – Small Change Fund
             with environmental groups as they deal with development          Panelists:
             activities from mining to oil and gas. Ekaterina Evseveva         Ekaterina Evseveva,
             from Russia, Gladys Netro from the Gwich’in Nation, and            Director – Eyge
             Galina Angarova from Pacific Environment will bring you            Environmental Education
             deep insight into their work on building effective coalitions      Center
             and raising indigenous voices for land rights across the          Gladys Netro, Advisor –
             circumpolar north. This session will explore critical              Small Change Fund
             questions: How have they built trust and dialogue? What            (Vuntut Gwich’in)
             strategies for funding and collaboration work best? What’s        Galina Angarova, Pacific
             next?                                                              Environment
                                                                               Ginger Gibson, University
                                                                                of British Columbia
SUNDAY, May 16, 2010

 10:30 am                                                                        Michael Marx, Tar Sands
 -                          Fighting Alberta’s Tar Sands:                                Foundation
 12:00 pm         A cross-ENGO, cross-First Nations collaboration              Panelists:
            Participants will learn about one of the largest collaborative      Tara Marsden, Executive
            efforts ever that is emerging between ENGOs and First                Director – Headwaters
            Nations to slow the expansion and minimize the impacts of            Initiative
            Alberta’s tar sands operations. First Nations and ENGOs will        Jack Woodward,
            explain the collaborative lessons learned along the way, and         Indigenous Rights Lawyer
            how challenges became opportunities to work together in new          – Woodward & Company
            ways. Presenters will describe their campaign strategies and        Chief Al Lameman, Beaver
            share lessons from past collaborations, good and bad, and            Lake Cree Nation
            how they are being applied to the current campaign.                 Clayton Thomas-Muller, of
                                                                                 the Mathais Colomb Cree
                                                                                 Nation, IEN
              Dueling Designations: Supporting official recognition of                  Facilitator:
 2:00 pm     indigenous participation in community protected areas and          Gary Martin, GDF Director
 –                                 sacred natural sites                        Panelists:
 4:30 pm    Efforts to implement designations such as World Heritage            Jamili Nais, Deputy
            Sites, Biosphere Reserves and other forms of landscape               Director – Sabah Parks
            protection have diversified in recent decades. After reviewing      Elis Enns, Political
            progress in recognizing diverse models of protected area             Scientist (Tla-o-qui-aht)
            management and governance, we will discuss the impact               Jessica Brown, Executive
            national and international designations have on local                Director – New England
            communities’ interactions with and control over their                Biolabs Foundation
            environments. We will conclude with an interactive                  Bas Verschuuren, Project
            discussion on how grantmakers and NGOs can address                   Coordinator –
            opportunities and avoid pitfalls of protecting biocultural           EarthCollective’s Cultural
            diversity by engaging with Indigenous and Community                  Values of Nature Initiative
            Conserved Areas (ICCAs), Sacred Natural Sites (SNS),                Harry Jonas, founder and
            Indigenous Biocultural Territories (IBCTs) and other                 co-Director of Natural
            innovative trends. We will explore how to link funding               Justice
            mechanisms for community conservation with national and
            international initiatives. This session will draw on the results
            of an intensive workshop, sessions and peer exchange on
            community conservation and the cultural and spiritual values
            of protected areas at the International Society of
            Ethnobiology Congress.

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