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									Concealed police lights
Author: Sunil Punjabi
For the vehicles that ply the streets, and the pedestrians who walk the streets, the most demarcating feature of a police vehicle is its
police lights. Variously colored police lights are necessary for the police to announce their presence on the road, to convey messages
to others, and to warn and guide other vehicles. The lights are the communication system of the police, and police lights of the right
colors and right intensity ranges are very important for their functioning.

While this is so, it is equally important for the police to have lights that can be kept concealed during various operations. While chasing a
suspect, the suspect should not know that it is the police who are following him. So, not only that there should not be any conspicuously
visible police lights, there should not even be lights inside the police vehicle that would make them visible to others. Because of this,
concealed police lights are as important for police as the conspicuous light bars that sit atop their vehicles.

Markets are catering fully to the need for these concealed lights. One place where small police lights can be fixed concealed is the
visor of the car. Lights can be mounted on the outside or the inside of a visor as is convenient. And the visor can be kept pulled down or
raised up, to effect maximum concealment. Visor police lights will have a lengthy cord and cigar adapter to enable convenient plugging

And when it is time to apprehend the suspect, or when the police have to reveal themselves for other reasons, these visor police lights
can be instantly activated. Some of the visor lights are even provided with two separate switches so that the driver or the co-travelers
can operate it as is convenient. Since most police lights are LED nowadays, the light lends itself to very fast switching of modes. It
lights up and blacks out like the blinking of an eye.

While visor offers a high level of concealment, low profile police lights can be mounted with equal success anywhere on the deck or
dash or mirror or under the sloping windshield. As LED lights do not need colored bulbs or color filters, and use a clear lens, they
become invisible the moment they are switched off. Further, since many of these come with magnetic mounts, it is easy to detach these
police lights from one spot and get it mounted on another part of the car where it will remain better concealed.

While the interior of the car is the better place for mounting concealed police lights, low profile lights can be mounted on the outside of
the car as well. Since even light bars car be made very thin and colorless these days, concealing outside mounted lights is not difficult.
There are low profile lights that are designed to hug the roof of a police vehicle. There are also those shaped and designed to hug the
bumper or grille as well. All these exterior police lights get easily concealed when switched off.

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