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									                                           Drexel Focuses on Sustainability
                                                                                                Drexel Green
                                                                                                     he Drexel Green initiative was created in 2008 by students, faculty and staff

                                                                                                T    dedicated to transforming Drexel into a sustainability leader. The initiative
                                                                                                     covers all aspects of operations, buildings, academic initiatives
                                                                                                and student life and is responsible for the strategic plan to further sus-
                                                                                                tainable practices and policies. Drexel Green is led by Carl “Tobey”
Drexel’s Sustainability Council
                                                                                                Oxholm III, executive vice president and chief of staff.
Chair: Anoo Sukhia, executive director, Printing and Mailing Services
Vice Chair: Leslie Friedman, assistant to the dean, Earle Mack School of Law
                                                                                                A Sample of Ongoing Green Research
Administrator: Justin Fields, administrative assistant, Office of the General Counsel
Recorder: Kimberly Stott, senior consultant, Human Relations
                                                                                                                      Materials Science and Engineering
                                                                                                                      The A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute is conducting research on high-efficiency
Arlene Anderson, director of business operations, Information Resources and Technology                                energy storage devices known as supercapacitors. Many researchers believe that
Patricia Austin, associate vice president, Institutional Advancement                                                  these energy storage devices will offer the best alternative to gas-fueled automobiles.
                                                                                                                      Doctoral student John Chmiola (left), a National Science Foundation fellow and former
Peter Bartscherer, associate dean, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design
                                                                                                                      IGERT fellow, and materials science and engineering professor Dr. Yury Gogotsi are
Diane Benckert, office manager, School of Public Health                                                               conducting the groundbreaking research.
Joseph Campbell, assistant vice president, Procurement
David Chezem, executive director of operations, Enrollment Management                                                 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Barbara Clark, project architect, Planning Design and Construction                                                    The Smart House, a student-led multidisciplinary project to construct an urban home,
                                                                                                                      serves as a “living laboratory” to develop cutting-edge technologies through use of
Gabrielle Cohen, senior internal auditor, Internal Audit
                                                                                                                      novel materials and alternative energy, including sustainable and environmentally
Frances Conlan, senior report analyst, Human Resources Information Systems                                            friendly products that can enhance a livable yet highly energy-efficient household.
Thao Danz, director of administrative services, College of Information Science and Technology                         Jameson Detweiler (left), doctoral student in architectural and environmental engi-
                                                                                                                      neering, leads the project.
Elizabeth Delany, assistant director, Printing and Mailing Services
Frank Ferrone, professor, Department of Physics                                                                Bioscience and Biotechnology
Andrea Hergert, specialist, Human Resources Information Systems                                                Dr. Kenneth Lacovara (left), associate professor of bioscience and biotechnology, and his stu-
Erica Hubbard, co-op coordinator, Steinbright Career Development Center                                        dents are collaborating with Dr. William Gallagher (New Jersey State Museum) on a study of
                                                                                                               the Cretaceous fauna of southern New Jersey. A better understanding of the global response
Marsha Hurst, assistant director of publications, University Relations
                                                                                                               to the extreme conditions during the Cretaceous Period enhances the ability to anticipate the
Tawanda Jones, assistant director of the dean’s office, LeBow College of Business                              physical and biotic response to current oceanic and atmospheric trends.
Kyle Kephart, director, Student Life and Administrative Services
Peter Keyes, deputy associate treasurer, Office of Finance, Treasurer and CFO
                                                                                                School of Engineering, Science and Health Systems
Mary Madeira, graphic designer, University Relations                                            Drexel researchers will play a major role in ensuring America has drinking water safe from pathogens and
Kathleen Martz, project manager, College of Nursing and Health Professions                      other waterborne contaminants. Many communities across the nation are approaching a crisis in water sup-
Alison McHale, administrative assistant, Student Life                                           ply. In east-central Florida alone, water demand is expected to rise by as much as 84 percent by 2025. Drexel
                                                                                                was one of four universities to receive $3.6 million in research grants from the EPA to address the nation’s
Diana Mihaylova, administrative assistant, Business Operations                                  pressing need for clean water supplies. Dr. Raj Mutharasan, Frank A. Fletcher Professor of Chemical &
Albert Mosley, assistant director of civic engagement, Pennoni Honors College                   Biological Engineering, has received $599,999 to develop a field-portable sensor device that can quickly
                                                                                                detect algal toxins and potential toxin-producers in source, finished and system waters.
Megan Newsome, legal executive secretary, Drexel University College of Medicine
Tobey Oxholm, senior executive vice president and chief of staff
Anita Reece, associate director, Institutional Research
                                                                                                 Drexel Partners with Philadelphia
Stephanie Ross, clinical assistant professor, College of Nursing and Health Professions
                                                                                                During his recent campus visit to discuss sustainability
Kathleen Rowley, project manager, College of Nursing and Health Professions                     issues, Dr. Mark Alan Hughes (center), director of sus-
Jim Stallard, supervisor, Drexel Copy Center                                                    tainability for the City of Philadelphia and co-chair DECI,
                                                                                                met with (left to right) Drexel Green leader Tobey
Robert Staniszewski, manager, Printing and Mailing Services
                                                                                                Oxholm; Dr. Charles Haas, L. Drew Betz Chair Professor
Robert Stokes, assistant professor of sociology, College of Arts and Sciences                   of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering;
Philip Terranova, vice president, University Relations                                          Jennifer Britton, program manager for civil, architectural
                                                                                                and environmental engineering; and James Tucker, sen-
Claire Tillman, associate dean, Drexel University College of Medicine
                                                                                                ior vice president for student life and administrative serv-
Jim Tosh, supervisor, Copy Center, Center City Campus, Printing and Mailing Services            ices. Drexel Engineering Cities Initiative (DECI) focuses on the engineering of cities, policy development and
Maureen Wade, senior systems administrator, Information Resources and Technology                the creation of environmentally sustainable urban habitats. DECI departs from traditional approaches to man-
                                                                                                aging regional and urban growth to research and develop new and innovative methods to design and manage
David Wilson, assistant vice president, Government and Community Relations
                                                                                                safety, sustainability and quality of life for urban dwellers. DECI faculty conducting research are a multidisci-
                                                                                                plinary cross-section of the Drexel community, representing all colleges and schools.

                                                                                 Want to Know More?
                                                                                 Visit the Drexel Green Web site at www.drexel.edu/sustainability

Green “Teams”                                                  Our Greening Campus
CAN DU                                                         Dining Halls
                                                               Campus Dining has contracted with a cooking waste-oil vendor that recycles 100 percent
The Community Alumni Network of Drexel University
                                                               of collected oils from all dining locations, converting them into bio-fuel.
(CAN DU) is an outreach program of the Drexel
Alumni Association that supports alumni, students, fac-        Trash Compactors
ulty and staff in making a difference in our community.        The Department of University Facilities has installed 10 BigBelly® solar trash compactors on
CAN DU organized three major programs in support of            campus, patented compacting trash receptacles that are completely self-powered. Instead of
Earth Week: an Earth Day clean-up project in Fairmount         requiring a grid connection, BigBelly compactors use solar power for 100 percent of their ener-
Park; a talk on corporate sustainability with Jay Coen         gy needs and are the world’s only compactors that provide on-site compaction of solid waste
Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab; and the Earth Day                and separation of recyclable materials.
Educational Fair on the Quad. CAN DU volunteers                Bike Share
                                      removed almost 20        Drexel Bike Share is now available to students, faculty and staff, offering rental bikes free of
                                      tons of debris and       charge for a few hours or a whole weekend. The Bike Share program is administered through
                                      trash and planted        the Parking Services Office, located in the General Services Building and Parking Garage at
                                      89 trees and shrubs      34th and Market Streets, where bikes are checked out and returned.
                                      at the Earth Day         Drexel Park
                                      clean-up site at         The former Consolidated Laundry industrial site, located at
                                      52nd Street and          32nd Street and Powelton Avenue, has been redeveloped into
                                      Parkside Avenue.         open green space to serve as a recreational area for Drexel
Drexel Sierra Club                                             students and the Powelton community. Construction on the
The Drexel Sierra Club works to unite environmentally          2.5-acre, $500,000 project will be completed this month.
conscious individuals interested in creating a greener         Drexel Park will include more than 45 trees, walking paths,
Drexel and strengthening ties within the larger “green”        lighting and benches. Future plans for additional open green
community. For more information about the Sierra               space include the closure of Race Street between 33rd and 34th Streets to create a greenway
Club, contact drexelsierraclub@gmail.com.                      through the residential area on the north end of campus.
                                                               Recreation Center at the DAC
West Philly Academy Hybrid X Team                              The Recreation Center will be located along Market Street between 33rd and 34th Streets.
The West Philly Academy of Automotive and                      The integral glass and metal panel façade, together with light scopes on the roof, will allow
Mechanical Engineering Hybrid X Team is participat-            significant daylight into the space, enough to eliminate the use of electric lights during the
ing in an international competition to design “a revo-         day in more than 80 per cent of interior occupied space. A rainwater reuse system is being
lutionary global vehicle.” The team is receiving support       designed to manage storm water and reduce the amount of potable water used for flushing
from Drexel students who have been teaching EVX                toilets. The construction waste management process will be designed to reduce the amount
Team members computer-aided design and assisting               of waste being disposed. The center is expected to be completed in fall 2009.
them in their research for the challenge.                      34th Street Residence Hall
Dragon Wagon                                                   The 34th Street Residence Hall at the north end of the University City Main Campus
A team of mechanical engineering students has built the        between Kelly Hall and Ross Commons will be completed in September 2009. Low-flow
“Dragon Wagon,” a low-cost, zero-emissions alter-              toilets and shower heads have been specified to reduce the use of water. The extensive use
native to the automobile, specifically for use in urban         of glass will provide occupants with ample daylight and a connection between indoor
                                     e nv i ro n m e n t s .   spaces and the outdoors. The design of stairways will encourage interactivity between floors
                                     The first proto-          and travel by stairs. A “green roof ” featuring vegetation and soil will help insulate the build-
                                     type vehicle uti-         ing, manage storm water and reduce the heat island effect on the roof.
                                     lizes the power of
                                     its two human
                                     passengers com-
                                                               Kudos for Green Initiatives
                                     bined with a high-        Drexel received a “green rating” of 98 on a scale of 60 to 99 in The Princeton Review’s 2009
                                     efficiency electric       Guide to The Best 368 Colleges.
                                     motor.                      Drexel students won a $75,000 People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) award for a novel reac-
                                                               tor design to facilitate efficient production of biodiesel from high free-fatty-acid oils. The P3
Drexel Energy Club                                             award is presented in a national competition sponsored by the Environmental Protection
The Drexel Energy Club seeks to foster understanding           Agency that encourages college students to create sustainable solutions to environmental
of the technological, economic, environmental and              problems through technological innovation.
sociopolitical issues surrounding energy generation              Drexel won two awards of excellence in the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Recycle-
and use. Contact DrexelEnergyClub@gmail.com for                Mania” program: first place in Pennsylvania for “Gorilla Prize” (Targeted Mate-
more information.                                              rials–Corrugated Cardboard and Targeted Materials–Bottles and Cans) and ninth place in
                                                               the nation in the category “Waste Minimization.”


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