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					Letter of Authorization to obtain Niagara Mohawk reduction

                                (sample letter from customer)


Brian Archambault
Empire Zone Administrator
Niagara Mohawk, A National Grid Company
300 Erie Blvd., West
Program & Policy, A-2
Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: 315-428-6702

The XYZ Company is certified as eligible to receive benefits in Section 966, Article 18B
of the New York State General Municipal Law. Copy of certification attached. The XYZ
Company is a New_____/ Expanding_____ business. The XYZ Company’s original date
of local certification was ________ . The XYZ Company is an expanding business,
which is demonstrated by:

                      _____ Increase in the number of employees
                      _____ Its increased capital investment in the business

                                                         (Please list all accounts)
Billing Name & Address                  Service Location        Account #s


Mr/Ms Business Owner or Corporate Officer

Dicky V. Grayson Dicky V. Grayson