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					                                               U NIVERSITY           OF      D ENVER

                                                                                                                       A UGUST 2007
G REETINGS             FROM THE                D IRECTOR
Greetings from the Director!
Hot, hot weather! Cool Rains! Cookouts! Ice skating! Sports Competitions! Mountain Trips!
Debates! Exams! New and Old Friendships! Language Improvement! Hard-working Teach-
                                                                                                        I NSIDE
ers! It’s Summertime at the ELC! It has been another busy summer of students working hard
and making progress with their language skills under the dedicated tutelage of the best of teach-
ers. We celebrate the summer quarters’ accomplishments and congratulate the many students              S TUDENT                   2-3
who are graduating from Level 5 and GPP. We wish all of you a relaxing and safe break and              W RITINGS
look forward to seeing many of you back in September –along with many new students who
will join us then.                                                                                     A S PECIAL                 4
                                                                                                       P ICNIC
                                               Best wishes and success wherever you go.                I MPRESSIONS          OF   5
                                                                                                       THE ELC

                                                                                                       B ABY B OOF                5
                                                                                                       S TUDENT                   6-7
                                                                         Norma King                    A CTIVITIES
                                                                         ELC Director

                         Countries Represented at the ELC
                                                   Summer 2007
                                                El Salvador Mexico
                                    Colombia                          Peru
                       Poland                       2%       2%
                                      1%                               1%
                        2%                                                         China
                                                                                    6%              Japan
                       UAE                                                                           4%
                       4%                                                                                        Korea

    Saudi Arabia                                                                                                        Taiw an
       28%                                                                                                                8%

                     Qatar                                                                                  Thailand
                      3%         Palestine     Libya                                                          5%
                                    1%         10%                           Kuw ait          5%
PAGE 2                                                                                          ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER

                    No Matter Where It Is,There Is No Place Like Home
                                 A Study Room
    When I came to the United States, I was very happy, and I loved Denver.
I didn’t miss my country, but I missed only one thing. That thing is my study
room. My study room is the most comfortable place in my life. I’m sure
that if you come to my study room, you will feel comfortable. Open the
door, and you will find a classic desk in the middle of the study room. It is
made of classic wood, and a graceful lamp is on the desk. Walk in the study
room and look at the left side. You will find big cabinets standing on the left
wall. Those cabinets also are made of classic wood. I think that those
cabinets match the desk, and they make a classic atmosphere. Walk toward
the cabinets and open them. You will find so many books in the cabinets.
Those books are my father’s books. When my father studied in business
school, he used those books. My father usually likes reading a book. That is
one of my reasons to respect my father. Look in back of you and you will find a huge audio system and little cabinet.
Walk to the audio system and open the little cabinet. You will find many CDs. Those are classical music and pop music.
My father and I usually enjoy listening to music, so that audio system is the most important machine in my house. I will
tell you a story. When my father bought this audio system, my mother was very angry because that is very expensive.
Maybe my mother doesn’t like that audio system. Finally, find the sunshine and walk toward that sunshine. You will find a
big and clean window. I love that window. You can see many beautiful views via the window. When you are dizzy, you
should open that window. Then the fresh air comes into the study room, and your feeling becomes better. Don’t sleep.
This is a study room, not a bedroom. Frankly, I usually sleep in the study room. My study room is the resting place of my
life. It is always silent and calm.
Jinha Son, Korea, Level 2

                                                                                    The Ranch
                                                  The old ranch isn’t old in its construction, but it has a long family history.
                                                  It is outside of the city. We drive about two hours from the city to the
                                                  ranch. There in the ranch we have many animals such as horses, dogs,
                                                  ducks, and birds, and my family rides the horses outside of the ranch. We
                                                  can ride the horses in all of the green zone outside of the ranch, and there
                                                  are many fruit trees like apple trees, mango trees, grenedilla trees, and
                                                  guayava trees. Also, we have a beautiful, cold, blue pool that is six feet in
                                                  depth. Beside the ranch house, there are many games for the children
                                                  because the parents want the children to play together while they are in the
                                                  ranch house. Inside, there is a big, black, HD TV. It is in the living room.
In the living room, my family always wants to celebrate birthdays because it is a big place where the people can dance,
drink, and eat. There they can have a happy great time. The mothers cook delicious food, so they buy a lot of food and
beverages. We put the food and the beverages in the kitchen. It has many brown beautiful cabinets and a perfect black
floor. Also, the kitchen has light under its cabinets, so when we turn on the lights at night, it looks very nice. The ranch’s
bedrooms have a king-sized mattress, a beautiful bed made of wood and a bathroom. In the ranch, each family has its own
room. The pets are welcome. The ranch is a perfect, beautiful and wonderful place for the family to spend their
vacations. ”I miss my ranch.”
Carlos Castano, Colombia, Level 2
SUMMER QUARTER                                                                                               PAGE 3

                                  My Apartment
    After a hard day in my school, I come back to relax in my lovely apartment, and
that happens when I open the door, and I get the scent of my candles. Through the
door, I can see the living room, and beside that, in front of the door there is the only
big window along the wall in my apartment with a view of the green park. Then be-
low the window, there are two beige chairs, one black armchair in the middle, and
upon that a small beige pillow. Beside the chairs, there is a brown sofa with four small
pillows with beige, light green, and black colors. My big television is in front of the
sofa. On the floor, there is my brown rug. Then behind these is the wooden office
table where I study. There are three wooden shelves for my books. On the table,
there is my laptop, lamp, papers, pens, some pictures, and candles with a good smell.
Beside that, there is my black leather office chair. In the back of my study area, there
is my wooden dining table for four persons. There is a nice flower arrangement on
the table. In front of the dining table, there is an open view toward the kitchen. In
my kitchen, there are three colors, brown, black, and green stone. Next to the
kitchen, there is my bedroom. Inside the room, my bed is a queen size. I have a
complete bedding set on my bed of rich black and beige cotton. Also, there is a tall
black lamp next to my bed. Behind that, there is my bedroom closet and my bathroom. Finally, my apartment’s matching
colors and the special scent of candles make a warm feeling inside my apartment. Then I will have peace with my soul
while living in my Denver apartment.
Hiba Almansour, Saudi Arabia, Level 2

                                               Learning another language
                                Learning another language is difficult for international students.
                       First, the most difficult is how to study grammar, which is basic for any
                       language because it is too long to memories and complicated to
                       understand. Also, writing is not easy when you are writing without any
                       dictionary or any kind of help, so you will have a lot of mistakes in your
                       writing. For example, English is not easy for Arabic student whose
                       language Arabic because in Arabic they write from right side to left side,
                       but in English it is opposite, from lift to right. Not only that, but also how
                       to understand to the native speaker who speaks very fast and how can you
                       improve your listening skill. Other ways, read book in other language and
                       understand that also it is hard. Moreover, speak the language, which you
                       did not spook in the past, clear and without grammar mistake it needs long
                       time. For instance, speak in front of people where they wait to give them a
                       good speech need a lot works. However, there are language's schools
                       which teach language in easy way for the students who want to learn the
                       language. They give all the skills that they need to study the language. Also,
                       the teachers whom teach in that school focus for the students problems in
                       the language. After one year or two years you will see how much your new
                       language improves. Finally, any language in the world it is difficult and
                       hard to study but not impossible. It just needs to work hard to become
                       good the language that you want; in addition, the language schools will
                       help you for that.
                       Alhareth Alamri, Saudi Arabia, Level 5
PAGE 4                                                                                       ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER
                                                      Special Picnic
         On the night of July 29Th, as I’m used to doing every night, I laid back on my bed with my arms crossed under my
head and envisioned how my day went to judge myself. I
found that day was fantastic since I went with my dear
classmates to Sprague Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park.
Actually, after my classmates decided to go on a picnic to
strengthen the relationships between us, the preparation for
this picnic took 2 weeks. ShinJong and Tada did most of the
preparation starting with the planning and ending with
buying all the stuff for it in a democratic way. We discussed
as group every thing even the way to go and come back,
which gave our picnic an amazing plan and schedule, and we
did it. I couldn’t imagine and expect how much the picnic
would be accurate, but it was.
         In the picnic, we had a wonderful time: driving,
cooking, eating, hiking, talking, laughing, and looking at
magnificent views. We drove on beautiful rods in the
mountain between the green-high trees. After we arrived to our destination, some started to set the grills, others fired the
coal for the barbecue, and the others prepared the meat and food. After we ate our barbecue, we went to hike around the
lake while Tada and Sean stayed to prepare the hamburger for our dinner. All this was with discussing different topics,
laughing, joking, and kidding. After we finished our hiking we collected our stuff and went to another lake to eat our
dinner in a new place.
         What distinguished our picnic was the fact that students from six different countries representing a variety of cul-
tures, backgrounds, and beliefs could enjoy themselves so completely in love and peace. Also, it is amazing how a few little
extras can make something ordinary feel completely extraordinary. In the end, I dreamt that I had fourteen new sisters and
                                                                                                   Moad Isteita, Libya, GPP
SUMMER QUARTER                                                                                                          PAGE 5
                                     ot o ivated
                                   n t                                   "The teachers of the ELC are open-minded and
                               are      o                                show interest in original ideas of their students.
                           LC are m
                         E y
                       e                                                 In my country it was different. Teachers
                  n th the
           he rs i t also ."                                             wanted us to follow their way of thinking.
      teac tic, bu nglish
"Th usias arn E                   el 3                                   Every teacher of the ELC always respects my
      h                       Lev                                        own opinion and encourages me to refine it
  ent s to le             ru,
                     , Pe
   to  u
          n et
                                           Impressions                   more clearly rather than teach me to agree with
                                                                         the teacher's ideas."
                                                                         Hyeonl Jeong, Korea, Level 3
                                             of the

“The most different thing about learning English at the ELC is the diversity of English skills. Especially my writing skill has
improved by their program unlike Korea where only grammar was important."
"While I was studying, [at the ELC] I met many good teachers. They were always kind and opened their office doors.
Su Jung Cho, Korea, Level 3

                                                      Baby Boof

                                                      We have all missed seeing Jill in the front office this
                                                      quarter. However, she has been keeping busy with
                                                              the newest addition to her family.

                                                                       Name: Peter Chase Krug
                                                                            Born: July 5, 2007

                                                      As you can see from the picture, Jill and Baby Peter
                                                        have already begun exploring Denver. We wish
                                                       them all the best and look forward to Jill’s return
                                                                            this fall.
PAGE 6                                                        ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER


                                                  GPP students enjoyed a relaxing and
                                                  nature-filled weekend at the University
                                                  of Denver cabin on Mount Evans.

                                                         From left to right: Norma King,
                                                  Salem Osta Omar, Sheryl Meyer, Akira
                                                  Sakurai, Min-Hui Yu, and Pasinee

Students shared time hiking, playing
games, and eating good food

From left to right: Norma King, Moad
Isteita, Annalise Meyer and Sheryl Meyer.

                                            Students went to Observatory Park
                                            for an afternoon of sports.
SUMMER QUARTER                                                                                      PAGE 7

                                                                    ELC students enjoyed an
                                                                  afternoon of ice skating at the
                                                                  University of Denver Magness
                                                                  Arena. Students returned to the
                                                                  ELC for a barbeque.

                                                           From left to right: (back row) Saoud
                                                           Almazrouei, Jumaa Al Mazrouei, Samir
                                                           Tribshan, Abdulla Laram, Kathi Hart.
                                                           (front row) Abdulla Aldegaiter.

  From left to right: (back row) Saad Alhoqail, Mohammad Adwan, Mahmood Garoot, Alhareth
  Alamri, Ahmad Alatram, Abdulla Laram, Jumaa Al Mazrouei, Mahdi Alsaleem, Faisal Alasousi,
  Ibrahim Al-Kuwari. (middle row) Galban Alshahrani, Hamaud Alshamari, Faisal Alqahtani,Yaquob
  (Jack) Alramah, Wesam Batarfi. (front row) Saoud Almazrouei, Abdullah Aldegaiter, Saud Al-Arifi.
  The overarching mission of the English Language Center at the University of Denver is to support the internationalization goals of
  the University of Denver. This mission is met in several ways. The English Language Center prepares international students with the
  skills necessary to be successful undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Denver or other U.S. institutions of higher
  education. Also, it supports the language needs of matriculated international students at the University of Denver. In addition, the
  English Language Center provides short-term language and culture programs in response to requests of University departments,
  community groups, and international constituents. To carry out this mission, the English Language Center provides high quality
  intensive English language instruction, assists students with cultural adjustments, and provides students with the necessary services
  to ensure maximum learning and well-being. The English Language Center also provides a supportive environment in which faculty
  and staff can continue to work and grow professionally. The English Language Center at all times represents the ESL profession, the
  University of Denver, the State of Colorado, and the United States through ethical, legal, and caring treatment of its international

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  “Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the
  mountains, a torch flung to the trees.”
     ~Faith Baldwin