MUS for TAPer by decree


									Framework for employee development interviews
   -   The employee and the manager have read the guidelines for the employee development
       interview before the interview takes place. They have prepared themselves according to the
       form below and thus reflected on topics and objectives for the interview.
   -   One possibility is to use a description of the employee’s job functions as a point of
       departure. If no description of the employee’s exists, the employee can make some notes on
       his/her job functions to be used for the interview.
   -   At the end of the interview, the parties make concrete proposals for a development plan,
       which is completed and signed by both the manager and the employee.

General topics                                       Examples of questions
Common goals and framework:                          What are your expectations for the employee
It is important to establish what expectations the   development interview and the results of it?
manager and the employee have for the                Are there any topics that you need to discuss?
interview. This creates a common starting point
and a clearer focus for the interview.

Review:                                              Have we both kept what we agreed at the latest
In this phase, the employee and the manager          employee development interview?
talk about agreements made during any previous       What experiences have you had in terms of
employee development interviews.                     courses, new tasks, etc.?

Current work tasks, job satisfaction and             Which work situations function well, and which
work relationships:                                  do not function very well?
Discussion on:                                       Are you satisfied in your job/working with your
   - Job functions                                   colleagues?
   - Job satisfaction                                Are you satisfied with you job functions/the
   - Co-operation with colleagues                    amount/the distribution of you job functions
                                                     (e.g. the proportion of research to teaching)?
                                                     Are there any concrete situations in which my
                                                     management has helped you perform your job
                                                     Are there any situations in which I could have
                                                     done more to help?
                                                     What makes the unit/institute/faculty an
                                                     attractive workplace for you as an employee?
                                                     What could be improved?
                                                     Is there a reasonable relationship between job
                                                     tasks and work hours?
                                                     Is there a reasonable balance between work and
                                                     spare time?

Future wishes/development goals:                     What are your goals? What is the time
This is a chance for the employee to voice           perspective of your goals? How will your job
requests for personal and professional               functions and your department/unit benefit from

development in relation to the future functions   your goals?
and development of the unit/institute/faculty.

Development activities:                           How will we do it? When will we do it? How do
Examples of development activities: New job       we follow up on it? When do we follow up?
functions, projects, continuing education,        What costs are connected with these activities?
mentor relationship, peer training, exchanges,    (For the manager): What possibilities are there
coaching, professional courses, personal          in relation to budgets, time and other resources?
development, international relations, networks.

Summarizing at the end:                           Did the interview live up to the expectations of
The interview is summarized in order to reach     both parties? What should the concrete
an agreement on development plans.                development plan look like?


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