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					                                     AUSTIN LANDING
                                    SPRINGBORO, OHIO

Austin Landing is located in the fastest growing parts of Montgomery/Warren Counties in what
is known as the "Southern Miami Valley". "Fastest growing" doesn't even begin to tell the story.

This "Southern Miami Valley Area" has and continues to enjoy unprecedented new housing
growth. In fact, nearly 5,000 residential units have been constructed since 1998. The price for
new single family homes range from just over $100,000 to more than $800,000. There are also
large numbers of nearby multi-family housing units that have been recently completed. New
families with lots of children are moving into this area at a record-setting pace to enjoy the good
schools, good housing values and convenient access to large employers in the area. Just two
miles away, the City of Centerville recently completed one of the State's premiere public golf
courses. This golf course, along with the extension of a major sanitary sewer trunk line, has
spawned peripheral residential development consisting of nearly 500 homes. Even closer,
within 1/2 mile of the site, a developer is midway through the development of a planned
community known as Settler's Walk. Over 1,100 homes have been built in this approximate
1,800 home site community as of May 2007. The list goes on and on.

Dayton, Ohio’s southern suburbs of Springboro/Clearcreek Township, Miamisburg/Miami
Township, Centerville/Washington Township have enjoyed unprecedented growth throughout
the last decade. The 2000 census indicated that these localities gained a combined population
of over eleven thousand people during the prior ten year period representing a 14% increase
over earlier census data. These communities, which encompass portions of Montgomery and
Warren Counties, are known as the Southern Miami Valley region. In fact Warren County is one
of the 100 fastest growing counties in the nation. Warren County gained 4,813 residents in the
recent 12 month period ending July, 2007.

And while Montgomery County lost a small amount of its total population, the southern
semicircle of Miamisburg/Miami Township and Centerville/Washington Township gained a
combined 11,066 people during the decade; a 14% increase.

There is already 1,728,000 square feet of office space within a five mile radius of Springboro
Landing according to a 2005 survey conducted by the Gem Real Estate Group. There are
several large businesses that currently operate in the immediate area:

-   Lexis Nexis is a world-wide leader in providing authoritative legal, news, public records and
    business information. Their corporate headquarters is located 2 miles north of the site and
    employs 3,000 people.
-   Met Life employs 1,200 people at their office just 1.5 miles to the north
-   National City Mortgage, one of the nations largest mortgage loan originators and the 9th
    largest servicer of mortgages in the nation employs 3,000 people across the street from
    Lexis Nexis
-   Miamisburg Mound Advanced Technology Center (MATC) is located less than five miles
    from Austin Center. As part of the on-going cleanup of this Department of Energy Nuclear

                                                                                       8163 Old Yankee Road
                                                                                         Dayton, Ohio 45458
weapons Components Plant, the Federal Government is taking advantage of the highly
developed infrastructure existing on the site and is developing a high technology
industrial/office center which is expected to create 3,500 jobs technical and high paying jobs.

One of the major justifications for the $47 million investment in the interchange is the growth in
employment that is projected to follow the completion of this improvement. In fact, based upon
projection from the Transportation Improvement District (TID) who is responsible for
spearheading the coordination efforts for Austin Center, approximately 2.5 million square feet of
new offices, 1.0 million square feet of new light industrial buildings and 6.6 million square feet of
mixed use (office/light industry) will be developed in and around Austin Center. This will create
up to 28,000 new jobs for the area.

The site itself is located at the southwest corner of two very important thoroughfares, Springboro
Pike and Austin Pike. Springboro Pike (SR 741) is the north/south connector road that is a
critical link between the south suburbs of Dayton and the large employers that are located
closer to the City of Dayton. In fact, SR 741 was recently widened to five lanes in front of the
site, completing a full five-lane section between the City of Moraine (6 miles to the north) all the
way into the center of the City of Springboro. Since its completion, traffic counts have increased
in front of the site to almost 19,840 vehicles per day.

Austin Pike (also known as Miamisburg-Springboro Road because it links the two cities) is
located immediately north of the site. Because of continuing congestion at the I-75/SR 725
interchange to the north and the I-75/SR 73 interchange to the south, traffic counts have
steadily increased to nearly 6,200 vehicles per day. This has become a convenient route for
many of the residents in the area to get to and from work and to the highway.

Fortunately, in the foreseeable future, access to the numerous new housing developments will
get even easier. The "I-75/Austin Pike Interchange" will be built on I-75 at Austin Road. The
interchange is expected to be utilized by 23,000 vehicles on opening day. Construction is to
begin in the spring of 2009 and will be completed by Thanksgiving, 2010. This interchange has
been fully funded and the process of purchasing right of way has begun.

                                                                                         8163 Old Yankee Road
                                                                                           Dayton, Ohio 45458

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