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									                                                                                   NEW MEETING PLACE

                                                                                             November 2006

                                                                                       MONTHLY MEETING

                                                                           Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2006
                                                                           Time: 7 p.m.
                                                                           Place: St. Margaret’s Church, Parish Hall
                                                                                  1601 Pleasant Plains Road
            Volume 10--Issue 10                                                   Annapolis, MD 21409
              November 2006

                                                                           For More Information Call:
                                                                                      Anne Arundel County Cooperative
                            INDEX                                                     Extension Office at 410-222-6757

November Guest Speaker ............... .............. .......... 1
November Entrance Exhibit ........... .............. .......... 2
The Coordinator’s Corner............... .............. .......... 2         “THE LATEST IN BIO-PESTICIDES”
Welcome 2006 Intern Class ............ .............. .......... 3                             Gene Sumi
Master Gardener Mentors ............... .............. .......... 3
Conservation Council Conference .. .............. .......... 3                                Homestead Gardens
News Release—Emerald Ash Borer .............. .......... 5                                  Davidsonville, Maryland
Communicate with MG s ................ .............. .......... 5         Gene Sumi is the Educational Coordinator at Homestead
                                                                           Gardens, a full-service garden and outdoor living center,
Forest-Wildlife Outreach Program . .............. .......... 5             located in Davidsonville, MD. Gene’s primary
An Easy Way to Communicate with MGS .... .......... 5                      responsibility is to manage educational programs offered by
Holiday Party Planning ................... .............. .......... 6     Homestead Gardens to its customers and staff. These
                                                                           include garden seminars and talks, on and off the nursery,
MG Fall Training Trip .................... .............. .......... 6     coordinating school and other children’s tours at
Holiday Party Raffle ....................... .............. .......... 7   Homestead Gardens, as well as our Golden Spades
                                                                           Program, a gardening group of for senior gardeners.
Composting/Native Plants .............. .............. .......... 7
Address Changes ............................ .............. .......... 7    We could say that Gene grew up in a gardening
                                                                           environment. In fact, it was the family business. He started
State Planning Meetings ................. .............. .......... 7
                                                                           working at an early age in his father’s landscape gardening
IMCG Conference .......................... .............. .......... 9     business in Garden Grove, CA. After graduating from high
                                                                           school in 1963, he got his first job as a nurseryman to pay
                                                                           his way through college. The work at L&M Nursery in

Costa Mesa and Anaheim, CA, required him to work in                      THE COORDINATOR’S CORNER
every area of the nursery, not only with plants, but as a
cashier, deliveryman and even cleaning bathrooms.                                   Mike Ensor, Coordinator

After graduating from Chapman College in 1967, he
                                                                  Fall has arrived with the brilliant fall colors and Master
enlisted in the U.S. Army. He received a commission in the
                                                                  Gardener activities continue to flourish. Intern Master
Corps of Engineers through Officers Candidate School at
                                                                  Gardeners are deep in training and on November 9 will be
Fort Belvoir, VA. He later transferred to the Signal
                                                                  taking their final exam followed by a pot luck luncheon.
Corps. Gene enjoyed his time in the military, which
                                                                  Please welcome our 31 new interns. This year in Anne
allowed him to garden in many interesting places in the
                                                                  Arundel County we are initiating a new mentoring type
world. His final assignment was with the First U.S. Army,
                                                                  program for our interns. Several of our Anne Arundel
at Fort George G. Meade, MD, just south of Baltimore.
                                                                  Master Gardeners are working together to help put this new
Following his retirement in the rank of major in 1989, Gene
                                                                  mentoring type program in place. With this new program
went to work in the defense electronics industry as a
                                                                  Master Gardeners will be rotated to all Master Gardener
purchasing manager. In 1993, he took a horticultural sales
                                                                  projects over their intern year and will enable all new
position at the Behnke Nurseries Company in Beltsville,
                                                                  interns to complete their 40 hours of service. Also Master
MD. He started in the Woody Plants department and later
                                                                  Gardeners will have a year to see what all the projects are
became the nurseries’ Customer Service Manager. In 1996,
                                                                  about and in succeeding years will have a better feel for
he assumed the duties of Staff Horticulturist, which allowed
                                                                  selecting the two or three projects that they want to devote
him to provide helpful gardening information to customers,
                                                                  their time to. Much thanks goes to John Conners, Marietta
train nursery staff in retail nursery skills and offer programs
                                                                  Schreiber, Ralph Beedle, and Susan Smith .for their
in various horticultural subjects.
                                                                  teamwork approach in making this possible. Also much
Gene joined the staff of Homestead Gardens in the spring          thanks goes to all our Master Gardeners who have been
of 2002, as its Garden Horticulturist. Although he retains        asked to serve as advisors (mentors) to our new interns.
many of his horticulturist duties, Gene was appointed             Also this new pilot program will serve as a model for the
Education Coordinator in August, 2004. In addition to his         state program.
Bachelor of Arts in History, Gene holds a Master of Arts
                                                                  As Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season draws near our
degree in Psychology from The Catholic University of
                                                                  focus on Master Gardener activities tend to hibernate. So
America. His is a Maryland Certified Professional
                                                                  now is a good time to get a head start on project reports,
Horticulturist and is an adjunct instructor in horticultural
                                                                  project proposals, and reporting hours. On December 1,
subjects in the Continuing Education Division at Prince
                                                                  2006 all End of the Year Project Reports for 2006 and
George’s Community College.
                                                                  Project Proposals for 2007 are due. Also, please submit all
Gene and his wife, Jan, live in Severn, MD. They have two         your hours as soon as possible. Hours submitted after
married daughters, Michele and Anne, and two grandsons,           December 31, 2006 will not be counted for the database.
Bryce and Jason.
                                                                  Upcoming events in addition to all of the project work
                                                                  include the Annual Holiday Master Gardener Party
                                                                  scheduled for December 12 at St. Margaret’s Church Hall;
                  Entrance Exhibit:                               the Annual Mandatory February Meeting scheduled for
                                                                  February13 at St. Margaret’s Church Hall; the International
                                                                  Master Gardener Conference scheduled for May 2-5, 2007
          Magnolia Tree Identification                            in Little Rock, Arkansas; the State Master Gardener Day in
               at London Town.                                    May at the University of Maryland: and the Annual Anne
           Pat Horm, London Town                                  Arundel Master Gardener Open house.
             Propagation Project.
                                                                  Again in the upcoming year Anne Arundel Master
                                                                  Gardeners will have the opportunity to work at the State
                                                                  Master Gardener Booth at the Maryland Home and Garden
                                                                  Show in March and the Maryland State Fair in August.

Please review future newsletters to keep posted on the       are delighted to have seventeen mentors from various MG
specific dates and times of the above mentioned events.      classes who volunteered for this effort.

Also hold the dates of August 11-17, 2007, to take the         Kathleen Cornell                Barbara Crispin
Coastal Main Botanical Garden Expedition. This will be an      Carol Dowling                   Elaine Flanagan
Anne Arundel Master Gardener Expedition that has been          Kay Ford                        Karen Gomes
put together by Alice Mutch who is one of our Anne             Judy Graham                     Susan Kinsley
Arundel Master Gardeners. Details are currently being          Nancy Landers                   Ann Leipold
worked out and the agenda of the trip will soon be             Dorothea Oliff                  Bonnie Pavlak
announced.                                                     Diane Scherer                   Marietta Schreiber
                                                               Pat Thompson                    Judy Wilson
As you can see much is happening with the Master             This is intended to be a fun project and in the best interest
Gardeners and I truly appreciate how our Anne Arundel        of the interns with the primary effort to be a contact
group takes on that leadership and shines across the state   FRIEND to the intern. Basically, it is to answer any
and the country. I am so thankful for all that our Master    questions and to give reminders about the MG activities.
Gardeners do and with that in mind I wish that each of our    But, in order to keep the program lighthearted, this project
Master Gardeners and their families have a BLESSED and       will be known as the Maryland Master Gardener Guru or
HAPPY THANKSGIVING.                                          M2G2 for short. This evolved after reading the definition
                                                             of a Guru in Webster's: "A person who acts as one's
                                                             teacher and guide in matters of fundamental intellectual
WELCOME MASTER GARDENER INTERNS                              concern."
         CLASS OF 2006

  Joyce Anderson                 Suzanne Betz
  Woody Boyd                     Michelle Corkadel                        Chesapeake Conservation
  Debra Diddlemeyer              George Anne Diehl                          Landscape Council
  Donald Droneburg               Linda Droneburg              >;
  Patricia Empey                 Ann Fischer                   
  Susan Guyaux                   Therese Hester                                      announces
  Rebekah Howey
                                                                       "Turning a New Leaf" Conference
  Christine Johnston-Scee        Diana Keener
  Anne Kennedy                   Leon Kestenbaum                              Friday, November 3, 2006
  Barbara Kestenbaum             Noreen Krispin                                 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  Diane Mairs                    Allison Murphy                                  Bethesda, Maryland
  Claudia Ploor                  Sandra Porterfield
  Catherine Salam                Sheri Sandoval                     The Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping
  Linda Smith                    Deborah Stevens                    Council is a coalition of individuals and
  Julia Thackrah                 Barbara Tibbs                      organizations dedicated to researching,
  Rose Ver Elst                  Mary Wyatt                         promoting, and educating the public about
                                                                    conservation-based gardening and landscaping
                                                                    practices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
       MASTER GARDENER MENTORS                                      We appreciate your support!
                 M2G2                                                                     Alice Neily Mutch,
                 Marietta Schreiber, MG

The Anne Arundel Master Gardeners are happy to
announce a mentor program for the 2006 intern class. We

                                                                 citizens who live in and travel through Prince George's
                                                                 County can help: " Don't move firewood - buy it where you
A NEWS RELEASE FROM THE MARYLAND                                 burn it. Hauling firewood is the most common way for
   DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                                     damaging plant pests to move from one area to another. In
                                                                 addition, the state quarantine prohibits anyone from moving
          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  hardwood firewood or any other ash tree materials out of
                                                                 Prince George's County. " Don't plant ash trees south of Rt.
                                                                 4 in Prince George's County. While people can still legally
    CONTACT: Kate Wagner, 410-841-5888
                                                                 plant ash trees in other parts of the county, alternate tree
 Homeowner Tip and Surveillance Activities Find New
                                                                 species are recommended for residential landscaping. "
 Emerald Ash Borer Presence. Citizens Urged to Help
                                                                 Report any signs of the emerald ash borer to the University
     Stop the Beetle in Prince George's County.
                                                                 of Maryland Home and Garden Information Center at 1-
                                                                 800-342-2507 or the Maryland Department of Agriculture
ANNAPOLIS, MD (October 18, 2006) - The Maryland                  at                      410-841-5920.
Department of Agriculture (MDA) has confirmed a new
emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) detection in a           Since 2003, efforts to eradicate the insect have included the
homeowner's ash tree in the Brandywine area of southern          collection and destruction of all trees sent to Maryland from
Prince George's County. This dangerous invasive pest from        the Michigan nurseryman, destruction of all ash trees
Asia feeds on and kills ash trees, an important landscaping      within a ½ mile radius of the introduction point, and three
and forest tree, in one to three years after infestation. An     years of surveillance, which detected no additional emerald
earlier detection of the pest was made in August 2006,           ash borers until now.
prompting the issuance of a county-wide quarantine               Presence of the emerald ash borer typically goes undetected
prohibiting the movement of all hardwood firewood, ash           until trees show symptoms of being infested - usually the
trees and ash products out of the county. These affected         upper third of a tree will thin and then die back. This is
trees were discovered during survey and eradication efforts      usually followed by a large number of shoots or branches
begun after the detection of the insect in Maryland in 2003,     arising below the dead portions of the trunk. Other
when a Michigan nurseryman illegally shipped infested            symptoms of infestation include: small D-shaped exit holes
trees to a Prince George's County nursery.                       in the bark where adults have emerged, vertical splits in the
                                                                 bark, and distinct serpentine-shaped tunnels beneath the
"We are grateful for the cooperation of homeowners and           bark in the cambium, where larvae effectively stop food
citizens in Prince George's County to help us control and        and water movement in the tree, starving it to death.
eradicate this destructive pest," said Agriculture Secretary     Maryland's nursery and greenhouse industry accounts for
Lewis R. Riley. "We are working together with our federal,       $303 million of the state's $1.4 billion agriculture industry.
state, and local partners, but we rely upon cooperation from     Ash is the most common tree in Baltimore City with
the community to follow the quarantine restrictions to           approximately 293,000 trees and accounts for about six
report signs of possible infestation."                           million trees in Baltimore and surrounding counties. The
                                                                 U.S. Department of Agriculture has estimated that losses
The existing quarantine prohibits anyone from moving ash         could exceed $227,568,000 in the Baltimore area alone if
trees or any hardwood firewood into or out of Prince             the emerald ash borer were to become established.
Georges's County until further notice. MDA is currently          Additional Resources: Emerald Ash Borer (multistate
surveying the area south of Rt. 4 to locate all ash trees. The   effort in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana):
results of the survey will determine the necessary course of
action and scope of tree destruction and pest surveillance.
The accepted protocol used in Maryland and the other
impacted states is the removal and destruction of all ash        Maryland Invasive Species Council:
trees in defined areas followed by on-going surveillance.
In order to help stop this damaging beetle, homeowners and       rer.html

Maryland Department of Agriculture:                                    A FOREST-WILDLIFE OUTREACH
Maryland Department of Natural Resources:                                         Candicé Rockwood, MG                    Two of our Anne Arundel Master Gardeners plus one 2006
                                                                intern were part of a Covert Retreat in western Maryland
USDA APHIS:                      21-14 September. No! This was not training to assist with
USDA Forest Services:              the national security program! The Olde English term
PHOTO, White ash tree:                                          ―Covert‖ (kuh’-vert) refers to ―a thicket that provides
                                                                sheltering habitat for wildlife.‖ The purpose of the Coverts
                                                                Project, supported by the Ruffed Grouse Society, is for
                                                                individuals who embrace a forest stewardship ethic, want to
PHOTO, Green ash tree:
                                                                learn more about sound forest management and are willing           to share what they learn with private forest landowners.
                                                                For a secluded weekend Marilyn Bandy, Candicé
                                                                Rockwood and Rose Ver Elst joined 17 other participants
                                                                at Shepherd’s Spring in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Our rustic
                                                                lodging was dormitory-type cabins (complete with bunk
                                                                beds). Meals and snacks were tasty, varied and plentiful.
                                                                After several lectures the first evening, we were treated to a
           WANT AN EASY WAY
                                                                search and discovery of bard owls – a fine retreat
                  TO                                            indoctrination.
       FELLOW MASTER GARDENERS?                                 Educational presenters were from the Department of
                                                                Natural Resources, Extension Specialists from University’s
     If you would like an easy way to send a message out        of Maryland and West Virginia, Covert Cooperators, and a
     to the whole MG group or see messages sent by              forester consultant. We learned about wildlife and forest
     others, think about joining our Yahoo MG email             stewardship, timber management, and woodlot recreation
     group. This is a way for anyone to send or respond
                                                                concepts. Terms were tossed around as if we knew the
     to messages or announcements (separate from the
                                                                language! ...stratification, shade tolerant, habitat frag-
     newsletter). All you need to do is to let me (Robin
     Costas) know you want to be on the list …send me           mentation, silviculture, clinometer, food plot, succession.
     an email at
                                                                Afternoons were ―a walk in the woods.‖ These field
     And, there is more….if you want to be able to access       sessions gave the opportunity for hands on, up close and
     the Yahoo MG website…all you need is a yahoo ID.           personal activities ranging from forestry tools utilization to
     (This is separate from the HGIC MG website.)               timber thinning examples to examination of grouse
     There you will find a list of all of our members and       drumming sites to history of the forest to species
     their e-mail addresses, and see all of our past            identification, and more.
     correspondences. If you are interested, I can send
     you more information or even help you get set              The information materials obtained and resource contacts
     up…just let me know!                                       provided will be used by The Woods in Your Backyard
                                                                project volunteers. Materials will be available for all to
                                     Robin Costas               review and share as on-site visits are conducted. Check out



                                                                  MASTER GARDENERS’ FIRST

                                                               HORTICULTURE TRAINING TRIP
                                                                         August 11-17, 2007
                                                                           Alice Neily Mutch, MG
              HOLIDAY PARTY
                                                        How would you like to take a Master Gardener’s
              Tuesday, December 12                      horticulture trip New England and get training hours while
                                                        enjoying the beautiful gardens and coastline? We will travel
                 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.                      by comfortable and well equipped bus with no more than 5
                                                        hours of travel per day. In route we will start with an
          Saint Margaret’s Parish Hall                  overnight visit to the historic Wayside Inn and a tour of the
                                                        New England Wildflower Society’s famous Garden in the
            1601 Pleasant Plains Road                   Woods. We will continue on to Maine through Portland,
           (at Saint Margaret’s Road)                   Brunswick, Bath, and Wiscasset enjoying glimpses of the
                                                        coast and other personally narrated points of interest
              Annapolis, MD 21401                       arriving at the historic Sprucewold Lodge at Boothbay
                                                        Harbor. Here we will visit the 248 acre Coastal Maine
The Holiday Party Committee is once again working       Botanical Garden and attend an educational program hosted
hard to make this year’s party one you won’t want to    by the Maine Master Gardeners. Side trips include visits to
miss! Meet your friends and celebrate another           Camden’s Park, originally designed by Fletcher Steele and
successful season of Master Gardener activities.        Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., the famous Monhegan Island,
We’ll have dinner featuring our own favorite recipes    Maine’s Pine State Arboretum or Freeport’s LL Bean.
and some wonderful gift baskets and other raffle
prizes you’re sure to want to take home.                The trip back to Maryland will include Portsmouth’s
                                                        famous Strawberry Bank, where we will take a course at the
We’re asking everyone to bring a dish to share at the   Herb Garden. Traveling home along the beautiful Hudson
party. Please note the kind of dish we’d like you to    River we plan an overnight stop at Hyde Park, Teddy
bring is determined alphabetically by your last name:   Roosevelt’s home, and a visit to the Vanderbilt Estate
                                                        Garden, and supper at the Culinary Institute of America.
             A-H…Hearty Main Dish
                                                        For accompanying non horticulturists, there will be a venue
                   I–L…Dessert                          of history, golf, antique trains and cars, fishing, lobstering,
                                                        whale watching, wind jamming, and great downeast food,
             M–R…Salad or Side Dish                     horticulture, and history lectures throughout.
                  S–Z…Appetizer                         We must make commitments for lodging and other travel
                                                        arrangements early so we are asking you now for an
       Watch the mail for your invitation!              expression of interest which does not commit you. The
                                                        price for the trip includes bus fare, lodging and 14 prepaid
           Please RSVP by December 1                    meals and will be priced in the range of $1,000-1,400.
                 to Carol Proudfit                      If you are interested in joining us for this exciting trip to
        (410-263-5802;                  learn more about New England gardens including what
                                                        skills are transferable to our region, obtain training credits,
                                                        enjoy delicious downeast food and the wonderful Master
                                                        Gardener camaraderie please let Carol Miller know
                                                        ( by December 1ST. If you want
                                                        more detailed information, contact Alice Neily Mutch at

                                                 6 We will provide final           Immediately following the demonstration there will be a
detailed itineraries by December.                            wrap up meeting at 11:15 a.m. in the Visitors’ Center to
                                                             discuss this past season’s activities and recommended
Open to Master Gardeners, partners and sponsored friends.    changes for next year.
Limit is 50 persons. Minimum age 16 years.
                                                             We will conclude our activities for the season by hosting
                                                             two groups of third graders for a special composting
                                                             demonstration tentatively scheduled for November 16.

                 RAFFLE                                                       ADDRESS CHANGES
         Have an idea for a raffle basket you (or a          Help us keep you informed. If you change your address,
      group of your MG friends) would like to donate
                                                             phone number and/or email address, or if you have just
      for this year's Holiday Party on December 12?
        Your imaginations are the limit! (And your           come on line, please notify Ralph Beedle at
                expenses are tax deductible!)      
      Last year's baskets were great fun and a hit of
                          our party.
      Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to fix
                      a basket this year.
                     We still need more.                      Many Master Gardeners use a SPAM/Junk Mail filter
                                                              that screens email. One of the features of these systems is
      Contact: Mary Young (Home: 410-923-0242,                to send to the Junk Folder any mail from an addressee
              Cell: 443-994-7159, email:                      that is not in your address book. If that is the case, please (new email) by                   add Rose Mary Swartwood at and
                     November 30.                             Ralph Beedle at to your address
                                                              book. Rose Mary sends the MG Newsletter and the MG
                                                              newsflashs. Ralph will send email concerning MG
                                                              volunteer hours.


                  Susie Blackwell, MG
                                                                      FALL STRATEGIC PLANNING
We would like to thank all MG’s who came down to the                  SUBCOMMITTEE MEETINGS
Composting/Native Plant Garden site on October 21 for the
tree planting in memory of fellow MG, Roland Van             Please join us. For more information contact Robin
Allen. With a lot of team effort the 6-7' sweet bay          Hessey at 410-531-1754 or
magnolia was planted in an area adjacent to the native
gardens. Our tree will grow to graceful beauty and we hope   All meetings listed below will take place at the Home and
it will brighten the day of those who look upon it just as   Garden Information Center, 12005 Homewood Road,
Roland always brightened ours.                               Ellicott City, MD 21042

There is one more scheduled work session/demonstration       Recognition, Recruitment, Retention Subcommittee
on Saturday, November 4 starting at 8:30 a.m. So if you
                                                             Monday, Nov. 6, 10-2, HGIC (directions below)
haven’t had a chance to come to one of our sessions this
season, come join us then. You’ll leave with a wealth of     What's the best way to recognize the good work our MG's
information, a free composting bin and goody bag.            are doing? Who should we be trying to recruit and how?
                                                             What's our MG retention rate and how can we improve
                                                             this? Should certain recruitment or screening processes be

standardized across the counties? Please join us if you are   From Baltimore:
interested in improving the ways we recruit, retain and
recognize.                                                    Take 695 to 70 West. Follow for 5 - 6 miles. Take the exit
                                                              for Marriottsville Road. Turn left onto Marriottsville Road
Compost Subcommittee                                          and follow for about 1/4 mile. Turn left onto Route 144
                                                              and make the first right onto Folly Quarter Road (approx.
Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006, 10-2, HGIC (directions below)         1/4 mile). Follow for approx. 3.5 miles to traffic Circle.
                                                              Go ¾ of the way around and get onto Homewood Road.
This group has developed a state-wide Master Composter
                                                              Make an immediate right into the first driveway. Follow
Course, developed objectives for the MG basic training and
                                                              driveway to buildings. Conference rooms are in the first
is currently working on a composter’s survey card, and a
                                                              building you come to. HGIC offices are in the last building
revised chapter for the MG handbook and more! If you are
                                                              you come to.
interested in and have a desire to advance the cause of
composting, join us!                                          From the Bay Bridge:
Directions to the Home and Garden Information                 Follow Route 50 to Route 97 north towards Baltimore.
Center, 12005 Homewood Road, Ellicott City, MD                Take Route 32 West toward Columbia to the exit for
21042                                                         108/Columbia. Turn right onto 108 and follow for about
                                                              one mile. Turn left onto Shepard Lane (first left after the
From Washington:                                              Free State gas station). Follow for approximately 3 miles to
Take I-95 North to Route 32 West. Follow for                  a traffic circle. Turn right onto Homewood Road (first
approximately 8 miles to the exit for Route 108. Turn right   possible exit off of the circle). Make an immediate right
onto 108 and follow for about one mile. Turn left onto        into the first driveway. Follow driveway to buildings.
Shepard Lane. Follow for approximately 3 miles to a           Conference rooms are in the first building you come to.
traffic circle. Turn right onto Homewood Road (first          HGIC offices are in the last building you come to.
possible exit off of the circle). Make an immediate right
into the first driveway. Follow driveway to buildings.
Conference rooms are in the first building you come to.
HGIC offices are in the last building you come to.

                                                                 It is the policy of the University of Maryland and
                                                                 Maryland Cooperative Extension that no person shall
                                                                 be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race,
                                                                 color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual
                                                                 orientation, age, marital or parental status, or
                                                                 disability. Equal opportunity employers and equal
                                                                 access programs.

                          IMGC Registration is Officially Open!
                          Come Celebrate Gardening in the Natural

                          May 2-5, 2007!

Arkansas is proud to present the agenda, registration forms, pre and post conference
information, speaker bios and garden tour information. Please go to:

Click on: Registration Information and you will see all the information you need to register.

In an effort to reduce expenses and put as much of our efforts into presenting a first class
event, we are doing registration via email and the web instead of printing programs. You may
choose to register on line using a credit card, or print out your registration form and mail it in
with a check.

Please share with all the Master Gardeners in your state or county.

Note: Early registration runs until December 31, 2006 and the final registration deadline is
April 1, 2007.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We look forward to seeing you all in Little Rock next May! We are going to have a great time!!

Janet B. Carson

Extension Horticulture Specialist



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