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					                                                        newsletter for Champaign County Master Gardeners

                                                        the     cultivator
                Garden Day 2010                                                           What’s Growin’ On
                                                                                           by Carolyn Ogen
  Spring into Gardening                                                    This time of year not much is “growin’ on” for us Zone 5
                                                                       gardeners. We do have the pleasure, however, of planning and
                                                                       dreaming of the growing season to come, and as we immerse
                                                                       ourselves in all the wonderful catalogs, why not consider the
                                                                       edible landscape?
                                                                           The vegetable garden has returned to a more fashionable
                                                                       status over the past few years, and it is possible to have the best
                                                                       of both worlds when vegetables are integrated into garden beds.
                                                                       One of the speakers at our upcoming Garden Day (March
                                                                       26, 27), Rosalind Creasy, has been instrumental in promoting
                                                                       vegetables as beautiful plants in themselves. With a little
                 March 26-27, 2010                                     research, all of us can create an edible garden of flowers, herbs,
               I-Hotel, Champaign, IL                                  and vegetable, one not only lovely to look at but delicious to
 register:                        taste. Even those of us with quite a bit of shade can grow a wide
Enjoy nationally known speakers and shop                               variety of lettuces. Be sure to say “no” to pesticides, though, in
among unique vendors.                                                  your edible landscape.
                                                                           Welcome to the Class of 2010! The forty-five members of
               february/march 2010                                     the new class enjoyed a pizza party kick-off on January 19 before
                                                                       our regular monthly meeting; most students were able to link
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Agricultural,   up with their Garden Buddy then. The dinner was followed by
               Consumer and Environmental Sciences                     a great program which gave us all one more reason to wish for
  University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in     the departure of the cold and snow. Our own Mary Ann Metz,
                       programs and employment.                        shared excellent information on cultivating tree peonies and
    United States Department of Agriculture * Local Extension          other herbaceous plants and showed us some beautiful examples.
                          Councils Cooperating
                                                                       We could almost smell that lovely scent!
                                                                           On February 16, Jim Appleby, U of I insect specialist, will
                                                                       present “Nsects in the Field, Furrow and Forrest. He’ll tell us about
                                                                       the good and bad guys out there waiting to enter our gardens (or
         What's Growin' On ����������������������� 1                   lying in wait all winter).
         A Thank You, Insects!, ECHO ��������� 2                           As our new year begins, you might be considering a different
         Morninga, Tree Peonies ����������������� 3                    or additional activity in your Master Gardener plans. At the risk
         Garden Day, Winter Telenets ��������� 4                       of accusations of favoritism, I suggest you consider the Program
         Calendar ����������������������������������������� 5          Committee. These are the folks who come up with all the great
                                                                       programs we present all year—and we also have a lot of fun doing it!
         MG Class Schecule ������������������������� 6
                                                                       Email Bev Cotter (, for additional info.
 the     cultivator
     Thank you from Eastern IL Foodbank                                              A Rendezvous at ECHO!
    In addition to cash donations, Master Gardeners donated                                                            –by Julie Steele
six pounds of food to the foodbank.                                         While visiting FL the weekend of January 16, Sandy
                                                                        Mason, MG Bev Herman and I had the pleasure of visiting
                                                                        Karyn Traum at the ECHO International Headquarters
                                                                        in Ft. Myers, FL. Karyn introduced us to amazing plants,
                                                                        and techniques useful to farmers and urban gardeners in
                                                                        developing countries. We experienced six settings of the
                                                                        Global Farm and tasted leaves and berries while we explored
                                                                        rain-forest habitats, visited farm animals, saw a simulated
                                                                        Haitian school, witnessed urban gardening techniques that
                                                                        allow gardens on rooftops and learned all about ECHO's
                                                                        mission of helping the poor help themselves. Our visit
                                                                        concluded with a visit to the Tropical Fruit Nursery and
                                                                             If you have the privilege of being in Florida this winter,
                                                                        add a trip to ECHO to your itinerary! Besides getting to visit
                                                                        Karyn, it was an amazing experience to see what this group
                                                                        is accomplishing. ECHO can also be visited on the web at:
              Insects, Insects, Insects!
                                               –by Carolyn Burrell
     In search of spring! Come join your fellow Master Gardeners
and guests at our February 16, meeting to prepare for the annual
arrival of INSECTS in our landscape.
    On February 16, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the Extension
Auditorium, Dr. James Appleby will give us a presentation on
Dr. Appleby will cover economically important insects and the
cultural, biological, and chemical controls of these insects. The
gypsy moth is just one of the insects that will be discussed.
     Dr. Appleby is an Emeritus Professional Scientist Entomologist
of the Illinois Natural History Survey and currently a Visiting
Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and
Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois. He appears on
Illinois Gardener on WILL TV and specializes in still photography/
video of insects and plants. His research interests are the life                       Become a Fan!
history of insects of forest and urban trees, shrubs, and flowers,
                                                                       Become a fan of Champaign County Master Gardener &
and the development of a multimedia computer program with
                                                                    Horticulture Program on Facebook at http://www.facebook.
accompanying publications on insects and mites of evergreens,
                                                                    com/Champaigncountymastergardeners where we’ll keep
deciduous trees and shrubs.
                                                                    you up-to-date on Master Gardener events, meetings, and
     This program is open to the public.                            educational opportunities.

 the      cultivator
                                             Morninga - The Miracle Tree
                                                  –Julie Steele                 The moringa seed consists of approximately 42% oil, which
                  (with permission from ECHO publicaion)                   is used as a lubricant for fine machinery and for cooking. The
    Malnutrition is a leading cause of high infant mortality               seed cake from pressing the oil is useful as fertilizer and as a
throughout the tropics, and when a plant such as the                       flocculating agent. If treated to remove alkaloids, it is also a
moringa tree (Moringa oleifera) comes to the fore, it has                  palatable animal feed. The seed kernels may also be powdered
been to our advantage to sit up and pay close attention.                   and used to purify water. Not only does it settle out silt and
High in protein, vitamins and minerals, moringa is                         organic matter, but also kills approximately 90% of the bacteria
considered one of the most nutritious vegetables in the                    in contaminated water. This has been successfully utilized in
world. And not only nutritionally, but as a multipurpose tree              conjunction with the solar water distillation procedure to clarify
moringa has much to offer the tropical or subtropical farm                 and pasteurize water, especially in the wake of natural disasters
community.                                                                 that endanger potable water systems. Powdered moringa seed is
                                                                           also used to clarify honey and sugar cane juice without boiling.
Nutritional Uses of Moringa                                                Moringa is truly a hope for our future.
     Moringa’s claim to fame is its exceptional nutritional quality.            ECHO, 17391 Durrance Road, North Fort Myers, FL
In the dry or powdered state, the leaves contain 27% protein,              33917, 239.543.3246,
38% carbohydrate and 19% fiber. This is an important nutrient
source for new mothers as well as for developing children.
     Virtually, the whole plant is edible. The roots may be
ground and made into a replacement for horseradish, the leaves                           Tree Peonies featured
may be eaten fresh or cooked, the flowers may be eaten or made                            at January Meeting
into tea, the young tender pods may be eaten as one might
eat green beans or asparagus, and the immature seeds maybe                      At the MG monthly meeting on January 19, forty-four new
cooked and eaten as you would garden peas.                                 trainees were welcomed into the 2010 MG Training class. Thank
                                                                           you to all of the Master Gardeners who graciously volunteered to
     Perhaps the most interesting way of eating moringa has
                                                                           be a Garden Buddy to our trainees.
been as a leaf powder. Harvested moringa leaves are dried and
ground into a fine powder, which is used as highly-nutritious                   After a warm welcome and dinner, MG Merry Ann Metz,
food additive. This has become important in child nutrition                presented a very enthusiastic and informational slide show on
programs all over the world. Moringa is added to the basic                 Tree Peonies. For more information on Peonies check out these
staple the child is accustomed to, (rice, potatoes, maize, pio, or         websites that Mary Ann recommended:
cassava for example), and the child readily accepts the nutritious         American Peony Society
addition to his/her meal. In the Philippines, where the leaves are            http://www.american
cooked and fed to children, moringa or malunggay is referred to                   American Peony Society
as “Mother’s Best Friend.”                                                        713 White Oak Lane
Other Principal Uses                                                              Gladstone, MO 64116
     Moringa is a tree of many uses. In addition to human                         Heartland Peony Society
dietary benefits, moringa leaves can be used as animal forage,          
green manure, to make biogas a domestic cleaning agent and a               Mike Moore
growth hormone that can increase some crop yields up to 30%.
                                                                                 201 East Washington
     The bark of the moringa tree yields fiber to make rope and                  Paola, KS 66071
mats and the sap or gum form the bark is used in medicines and             Nursery Sources:
condiments; together the bark and gum are used to tan hides.
     The tree itself is an important resource in alley cropping and  
as a living fence. The wood is used as paper pulp and produces       
a natural blue dye. Furthermore, nearly every part of the tree is    
used to make a wide variety of traditional medicines.

the     cultivator
 Garden Day 2010, Spring into Gardening!                                                                – Sandy Mason

    Discover tips about gardening from                                                  Problem Solving and Enjoyment.
nationally known speakers. Get ready                                                        Attend one day or both days! Master
for spring as you shop among vendors.                                                   Gardener prices: Friday only, $50;
    Friday's program focuses on                                                         Saturday only, $80; Both Days, $120
Landscape Design and Art in the                                                         Friday
Garden as it highlights methods for
putting your design on paper, how                                                           Registration begins at noon (lunch
to design for focal points and how                                                      on your own) Landscape Design and
to effectively use art in the garden.                                                   Art in the Garden Program with Kaizad
Join Kaizad Irani, landscape architect                                                  Irani from 1:00-4:00p.m. (snack break
and horticulture program leader and                                                     at 2:15 p.m.)
instructor at Parkland College, for this                                                Saturday
engaging workshop.                              Spring into Gardening continues
                                                                                        • 8:00 a.m. registration (visit vendors,
    Saturday's program includes several     with Rosalind Creasy author of Edible
                                                                                          enjoy coffee, tea and pastries)
program selections and plenty of            Landscaping; UI instructor Dianne
                                                                                        • 9:00 a.m. program: The Five Biggest
shopping for that perfect garden art,       Noland shares ways to Add Natives to
                                                                                          Mistakes We Make in our Home
accessory or tool. Spring into Gardening    the Flower Border; Dave Wanniger of
                                                                                          Landscape by Joe Lamp'l
kicks off with Joe Lamp'l, alias Joe        Beaver Creek Nursery discusses shrub
                                                                                        • 10-10:45 Break, refreshments, visit
Gardener, the host of GardenSMART           selection in Let's Get Small: Shrubs
on PBS television. Joe is also a Master     that Actually Fit in your Garden; chef
                                                                                        • 10:45 Break Out Sessions
Gardener, Designer, Certified Landscape     Ben Lubchansky gets our taste buds
                                                                                        • 12:15 p.m. Lunch
Professional, author, syndicated            going and our garden trowels busy with
                                                                                        • 1:15 Program: Edible Landscaping
columnist, presenter, and television and    Cooking and Growing Spring Veggies,
                                                                                          with Rosalind Creasy
radio host. Join your fellow gardeners as   author and designer Janet Macunovich
                                                                                        • 2:15 Break, drinks/snacks, visit
Joe shares The Five Biggest Mistakes We     and photographer Steven Nikkila share
Make in our Home Landscape. Check           their 50 Favorite Before and After
                                                                                        • 3:00 p.m. Repeat morning Break Out
him out at              Examples: Looks and Lessons in Design,

                           Four Seasons Gardening - Winter 2010 Telenets
    Cold weather does not have to mean the end of                  Winter Series:
gardening. UI Extension offers telenet programs as your            • Ferns in the Landscape - February 23
chance to learn from some of Illinois' leading lawn and garden     • The Elusive Morell (tips for safe and successful hunting)
experts. Classes are held throughout the state at local UI           - March 9
Extension offices while the experts conduct the live statewide     • A Gardener's Guide to Plant Propagation - March 23
program through the teleconferencing system. Whether you
need advice on ferns or fungi, you'll get the answers you need
at our upcoming telenet programs.                                       Advance registration is needed one week before the
                                                                   session you plan to attend. There is a $5 fee for each session,
    Local classes are held on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 p.m.      handouts are included. Please register online at our website.
in the Extension office. You can attend any topic that interests
you–whether it's just one or two sessions or the entire series.

the   cultivator
  l                All Master Gardeners, including trainees, interns, and actives, are encouraged and welcome to attend any programs
               or meetings. All meetings are held at the Extension office unless stated otherwise.

February                                                          March
2, Tuesday, 1:00 p.m. – Garden Walk Committee                     2, Tuesday, 1:00 p.m. – Garden Walk Committee Mtg.–
    Mtg.– Extension Office                                            Extension Office
4, Thursday, 9:00 a.m. –Advisory Committee                        4, Thursday, 9:00 a.m. –Advisory Committee Meeting-
    Meeting- Extension Office                                         Extension Office
4, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.- Program Committee                        4, Thursday, 10:30 a.m.- Program Committee Meeting-
    Meeting-Extension Office                                          Extension Office
16, Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.- MG Monthly Mtg.: Insects                  9, Tuesday, 1:00 p.m.-Winter Telenet: The Elusive
    in the Field, Furrow and Forest-Extension                         Morell - tips for safe and successful hunting –
    Auditorium                                                        Extension Office
18, Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – Idea Garden Committee                  16, Tuesday, 7 p.m.- MG Monthly Mtg. –
    Meeting- Extension Office                                         Environmentally Responsible Lawn & Garden
23, Tuesday, 1:00 p.m. – Winter Telenet: Ferns in the                 Care- Extension Auditorium
    Landscape- Extension Office                                   18, Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – Idea Garden Committee
                                                                      Meeting- Extension Office
                                                                  23, Tuesday, 1:00 p.m.-Winter Telenet: A Gardener's
                                                                      Guide to Plant Propagation –Extension Office
                                                                  23, Tuesday, NO MG Training: Spring Break
                                                                  26 & 27, Friday & Saturday-Spring Into Gardening-
                                                                      Gardening Days-I Hotel

                                                                       Deadline to submit articles for future issues����
                                                                           March 15
                                                                           May 15

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