Native American Gardening

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					                                                  Native American
                                                 Stories, Projects and Recipes
                                                          for Families

                                                                     IN A NUTSHELL
     Written by: Michael J. Caduto &
             Joseph Bruchac                   This book is designed to serve as an
                                              introduction to the gardening practices of
            Fulcrum Publishers                Native American civilizations by means of
            350 Indiana Street                stories, traditions and actual practice in growing a
                Suite 350                     garden. The information given covers everything
            Golden, CO 80401                  from preparing soil and identifying harmful weeds
                                              to legends and teachings about the
       phone: (800) 992-2908                  origins of plants and the customs         Grade Level
         fax: (800) 726-7112                  surrounding gardens in different             K-adult
e-mail:             cultures. Activities include those            Length
 website:               associated with actual gardening           158 pages
                                              skills (such as keeping a journal        Date   Published
         Cost: $15.95 paperback               or composting) as well as native
                                              recipes, craft items and games
                                              involving native plants, and songs.
                                              The book also contains a pronunciation key for
            SUBJECTS                          Native American words, a glossary and an index.
                                              The sections called “Bridges: From Legends to Life”
               Fine Arts                      draw connections between the stories and the activi-
                                              ties. Illustrations include maps, drawings and black
                Health                        and white photographs.
             Language Arts
             Social Studies

            BOTTOM                          “Excellent resource for information

            L I N E                 about Native Americans and flora in North America.”

66                          The Environmental Education Collection — A Review of Resources for Educators Volume 1
                  Key                                 Strengths                              Other
             Characteristics                            Noted                            Considerations

 !           Fairness and                     Primary sources are used                  Deals only with traditional
             Accuracy                         and referenced throughout.                culture; says little about
                                              Material continuously                     Native Americans today.
                                              challenges teacher and

                                              learner to consider different
                                              perspectives and to engage
                                              in inquiry.

             Depth                            Focuses on many concepts in
                                              natural and social sciences
                                              (in particular plant science
                                              and ecology) and at a variety

                                              of scales.

             Emphasis   on                    Stimulates both critical
             Skills Building                  and creative thinking.
                                              Encourages students to
                                              compare, assess, and create
                                              own values.

             Action                           Thrust of curriculum
             Orientation                      is to instill a sense of
                                              personal connection to
                                              and responsibility toward
                                              nature and people.

             Instructional                    Includes section on sensitivity           Information needs to be
             Soundness                        to different learning styles.             streamlined to be age

                                              Provides a variety of teaching            appropriate for younger
                                              techniques and settings.                  children.
                                              Activities are learner-centered
                                              and interdisciplinary. Clearly
                                              states goals for each

             Usability                        Material is well-indexed                  Needs to be more specific
                                              and well-organized by                     about age range for each
                                              topic, subject and culture.               activity. Subject index
                                              There is a clear format with              misleading as some topics
                                              logical sequencing and                    listed are only minimally
                                              helpful symbols. Provides                 addressed.
                                              additional resources.

              “This is the kind of book that makes me want to take a ten-year
                                 sabbatical just to explore!”
    “A sense of personal place in the environment can be fostered with these materials.”

The Environmental Education Collection — A Review of Resources for Educators Volume 1                             67