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									Classification and
Qualification                                         STANDARDSThe California State University System

                                            Grounds Series
 Classification Title                                   Class Code             Date Established            Date Revised
 Groundsworker Trainee                                       0733                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Groundsworker                                               0731                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Lead Groundsworker                                          0726                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Gardener                                                    0743                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Gardening Specialist                                        0745                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Irrigation Specialist                                       0735                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Pest Control and Spray Specialist                           0739                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Tree Trimmer I                                              0746                    09-01-82                 04-01-05
 Tree Trimmer II                                             0748                    09-01-82                 04-01-05

 The Grounds Series includes classifications ranging in level of duties as summarized below. The general descrip-
 tive characteristics for each of the classifications are as follows:

 1.      Groundsworker Trainee:
         A trainee classification for individuals with little or no work experience.

 2.      Groundsworker:
         A general classification involving unskilled and semiskilled work and maintenance of the grounds in an
         assigned Area of the campus.

 3.      Lead Groundsworker:
         Involves the supervision of the work of five to ten grounds employees; or a smaller crew involved in
         maintenance of athletic fields; or a group of ten or more employees working on a particular grounds

 4.      Gardener:
         A specialized classification involving skilled horticultural work in a nursery setting or in specialized
         planting areas and ornamental gardens.

 5.      Gardening Specialist:
         A specialized classification performed with limited supervision, involving a wide variety of skilled gardening
         work in an assigned area such as horticultural spray and pest control work; irrigation maintenance
         repair work; plant propagation and display work; and tree trimming equivalent to the Tree Trimmer I. In
         order for incumbents to be classified as a Gardening Specialist, they must perform the assigned work
         with the same skills, knowledge, and abilities as defined in the specialist classifications for at least
         50% of the work time and must not organizationally receive lead work direction from a Lead Groundsworker
         or assistance from any of the other specialists with the exception of Tree Trimmer I.

 6.      Irrigation Specialist:
         A specialized classification involving the maintenance and repair of irrigation equipment, design and
         modification of existing systems, and planning and installation of new systems.

                                                                                         Grounds Series      Introduction   1
7.      Pest Control and Spray Specialist:
        A specialized classification involving the identification, control and eradication of noxious pests, insects,
        plant diseases, and weed conditions.

8.      Tree Trimmer I:
        A specialized classification involving the trimming and maintenance of trees which does not require the
        use of special climbing equipment such as ropes, rigging, safety belts, or spikes.

        The knowledge and abilities concerning shaping, cultivating, and trimming are common to both the Tree
        Trimmer I and II classes but the personal safety risk and the types of equipment utilized in performing this
        work result in the differential in salary between the two classifications.

9.      Tree Trimmer Il:
        A specialized classification involving the trimming and maintenance of trees which requires the use of
        special climbing equipment and, to a lesser extent, aerial lifts or aerial ladders.

This introductory material and the classification and qualification standards for the Grounds Series should be kept
together to provide ready access to the occupational information for the entire Grounds Series as well as to the
distinguishing features among the various classifications in the Series.

                                                                                       Grounds Series     Introduction   2
Classification and
Qualification                                        STANDARDSThe California State University System

                                       Gardening Specialist
                                                   Class Code: 0745
                                               Date Established: 05-21-76
                                                Date Revised: 04-01-05

  Under general supervision, the Gardening Specialist performs a wide variety of gardening work in an assigned
  area of a campus which requires skills, knowledge, and abilities equivalent to those possessed by the Irrigation
  Specialist, Pest Control and Spray Specialist, Tree Trimmer I, and Gardener.

  This classification requires the performance of a combination of specialized work in an assigned area which
  encompasses sprinkler repair work, horticultural spray work, and plant propagation, gardening or nursery work
  and which requires the same level of skills, knowledge and abilities that are required of specialists in each of
  these areas. The specialized work must be performed at least 50% of the time, must be performed under the
  general supervision of someone above the Lead Groundsworker, and must be performed independently of any
  specialists working in the assigned area.

  Within an assigned area, the Gardening Specialists, plant, cultivate, fertilize, water and spray ornamental plants,
  shrubs, hedges, trees, lawns and flowers; prepare and treat soils for planting; maintain sprinklers, tools and
  equipment in proper condition and repair; operate and perform maintenance on small power-operated power
  mowers, small riding mowers, and other gardening power equipment; may from time to time provide lead work
  direction to students, Groundsworkers or individuals in other grounds classifications; and may drive automotive
  equipment in the performance of assigned duties.

  In addition, for at least 50% of their work time, Gardening Specialists perform the following activities: horticultural
  spray and pest eradication work; maintenance, repair and modification of irrigation systems; and planning,
  development and maintenance of special planting areas or ornamental gardens.

  When performing spray work, incumbents in this classification, on a regularly scheduled basis, apply chemicals
  to plants, trees, shrubs, and lawns, for eradication of fungi and pests; to embankments, roads, parking lots, and
  unimproved acreage for the control of insects, pests, and weeds; and to buildings for the control and eradication
  of insects and pests. Incumbents select and mix sprays and poisons according to specific formulae to accomplish
  desired results; select appropriate times to apply the chemicals, taking into consideration weather conditions
  and frequency of usage; determine where to place poisons and traps; and are responsible for storing safely
  chemicals and supplies used in spraying programs.

  When performing irrigation work, incumbents in this classification repair broken sprinkler lines, sprinkler heads,
  valves, and related equipment; clear blockages from valves and pipes; inspect, service, and maintain automatic
  sprinkler control devices; perform minor repairs on all sprinkler control devices; establish and maintain sprinkler
  system preventive maintenance programs; perform minor installation and modification of sprinkler systems; review
  landscaped areas and coordinate the installation of new sprinkler systems and modification of existing sprinkler
  systems taking into consideration the vegetation, soil conditions, and evaporation and water retention factors;
  and work closely with contractors installing sprinkler systems around new structures to assure proper irrigating
  capabilities of the system.

                                                                            Grounds Series      Gardening Specialist        1
When performing gardening work, incumbents in this classification make recommendations for the planning and
developing of special planting areas within their assigned area; select plants and flowers for ornamental gardens;
and provide advice and assistance to others regarding proper care of flowers and ornamental plants, pruning,
and other technical skills.


Knowledge and Abilities:
Thorough knowledge of methods, plants and tools as well as equipment used in planting, cultivating and caring
for flowers, shrubs, lawns, tree. General knowledge of the composition and structure of soil, Ph factors of soils,
compatibility and as incompatibility factors between soil and plants, difference between plant mixes, and erosion

Ability to identify, diagnose and treat plant disease, and correct plant nutrient deficiencies; prepare freehand
sketches and make recommendations for possible improvements in landscaping within the assigned area; read
and write at a level appropriate to the position; and follow oral and written instructions.

Two years of experience in tile care and maintenance of landscaped areas or general grounds, one year of which
shall have been in either the maintenance, repair or modification of irrigation systems, specialized pest and/or
spray control work, or cultivation and care of nursery plants.

Special Requirements:
Possession of the appropriate State of California license to perform pest control work.

                                                                          Grounds Series     Gardening Specialist    2

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