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Winter Spring 2010 Newsletter - by fjwuxn


									                                                   City of Riverview

                                                                          City Phone Numbers
                                                                Assessor And PurchAsing ...................281-4224
                                                                Building And engineering ...................281-4242
                                                                cABle Video Producer .........................281-4237
  The City Newsletter is published biannually to
                                                                city clerk ...........................................281-4239
 inform Riverview residents of municipal events.
                                                                city MAnAger ’s office ........................281-4201
    This is your newsletter; any comments or
                                                                code enforceMent/Blight...................785-4249
   suggestions you may have are encouraged.
      Please direct your correspondence to:                     coMMunity PlAnning & deVeloPMent 281-4248
                                                                dePArtMent of PuBlic Works ..............281-4270
               City Clerk’s Office                              finAnce dePArtMent ............................281-4230
             14100 Civic Park Drive                             ProPerty tAx inquiries ........................785-7347
           Riverview, Michigan 48193                            fire dePArtMent
                                                                     Emergency ONLY ................................ 911
     Riverview City Council                                          Non-Emergency ..........................281-4264
                       Mayor                                    huMAn resources ................................281-4238
                    Tim Durand                                  lAnd PreserVe ....................................281-4263
              Council Members                                   MAyor ’s office ....................................281-4201
Lynn Blanchette                    Andrew Swift                 Police dePArtMent
Tom Coffey                         Elmer Trombley                    Emergency ONLY ................................ 911
Betty Priskorn                     James Trombley                    Central Administration ................281-4210
                 City Manager                                        Detective .....................................281-4215
                  Dean Workman                                       Non-Emergency .........................281-4222
                                                                     Animal Control ...........................281-4217
City Council Meetings are held in the Council
                                                                recreAtion .........................................281-4219
Chambers of the Municipal Building, 14100
                                                                riVerVieW highlAnds
Civic	 Park	 Drive,	 at	 7:30	 p.m.	 on	 the	 first	 and	
                                                                     Golf Reservations/Pro Shop........479-2266
third Monday of each month where you have the
                                                                	    Business	Office ...........................281-4258
opportunity to speak to the Mayor and Council at
any	public	meeting	for	a	limit	of	five	minutes.
                                                                	    Billing	Office ..............................281-4231
                City Hall Hours                                  Often Requested Telephone Numbers:
    Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
                                                                u.s. Post office .......................1-800-275-8777
 2010 Council Meeting Changes due                               riVerVieW BoArd of educAtion ...........285-9660
           to Holidays:                                         tAylor AniMAl shelter .......................374-1354
Monday, January 18 to Tuesday, January 19                       WyAndotte 27th district court ........324-4475
Monday, February 15 to Tuesday, February 16                     BlAsting coMPlAint hotline ...............785-7351
               Holiday Closings                                                     On the Cover:
December 24 - 25 . . . . . . . . . . .Christmas                 Tree Lighting Ceremony, Father/Daughter Activity
December 31 - January 1 . . . . . .New Year                     Night, Mother/Son Activity Night, Easter Egg Hunt,
February 15 . . . . . . . . . . . Presidents' Day               Breakfast with Santa, Sledding Hill, Golf Course,
                                                                Skating on Reflection Pond, Riverview Veterans
April 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Good Friday            Memorial Building - Riverview Public Library

                                         Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                                 City of Riverview

	•   Check out the City of Riverview web site                 	•  Riverview residents are allowed to dispose to	 find	 the	                       of household items four times per year at
     following:                                                   the Land Preserve at no charge. Residency
                                                                  identification	 is	 required.	 Only	 pick-up
      Click on Quick Links: Government
                                                                  truck or two-yard trailer is permitted.
       Access Channel Video Recordings of
       Council and School Board Meetings.
                                                              	•  Separate Yard Waste Collection ends
                                                                  December 1 and resumes on April 1 of each
      Council meeting agendas and minutes.
      Event Calendar lists meeting dates and
       times as well as Special Events taking
                                                              	•	 Solicitors	 are	 required	 to	 wear	 identification	
                                                                  and have a permit for door-to-door sales.
       place in the city.
                                                                  Please do not hesitate to ask if they have a
      Code of Ordinances and Zoning Ord-
                                                                  permit and ask to see it.
      Fill-in and download forms and much
                                                              	•	 Junk	dealers	require	a	permit.		Be	aware	of	
                                                                  strangers	who	rifle	through	your	trash	as	they	
                                                                  could have an accomplice surveying your

                                 COMMIssION VaCaNCIes

D     o you want to make a difference in your
      community? Do you want to see prog-
ress? We need your voice to make that pos-
                                                               	To	qualify	you	must	be:
                                                              •	 A resident of Riverview
                                                              •	 At least 18 years of age
sible. To help our community thrive, your in-                 •	 A	qualified	voter	for	at	least	one	year	prior	
put is needed to make our city more desirable                      to Council appointment
in the effort to entice businesses, young adults                Available Commission and Board positions:
and families to stay or move here. Contact                      Beautification,	 Building	 Authority,	 Cable,	
the	 City	 Clerk’s	 office	 or	 use	 our	 web	 site	 at         Economic Development Corporation/Brown- to view current va-                     field	 Redevelopment	 Authority,	 Historical,	 Li-
cancies and descriptions of various Board and                   brary,	 Local	 Officers’	 Compensation,	 Parks
Commission	 positions	 and	 fill	 out	 an	 applica-             and Recreation, Planning Commission, Retire-
tion today.                                                     ment Board, Senior Recreation and Zoning .

                                        Board of Canvassers
T      he	 City	 Clerk’s	 office	 is	 accepting	
       applications for the Board of Canvassers
to	 fill	 a	 Democratic	 term	 to	 December,	 2011.	
                                                              on	all	questions	and	propositions	declaring	the	
                                                              adoption or rejection of same. The Board meets
                                                              the day following any municipal election at
This commission publicly canvasses the                        3:00 PM.
election results, nominees who have been                          Contact	 the	 City	 Clerk's	 office	 for	 further	
elected	to	public	office,	and	determines	the	vote	            information and application.

                                       Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                           City of Riverview

                                2009 Anniver
     Each year the City recognizes employees celebrating their anniversary with the City.
        Listed below are the 2009 honorees, departments and their years of service.
                    Congratulations and thank you for your dedication.
            35 Years of service                                      10 Years of service
 Lawrence Masserant                     Fire              Patrick Coakley                        Fire
                                                          Robert Malo                            Fire
            30 Years of service                           Christopher Sawmiller                  Fire
 Thomas Morden                        DPW                 Frank Mandernach                     Police
 John Wilson                           Fire             	 Kim	Harper	                              IT
 Debbie Thomas                  Golf Course               Jeffrey Webb                          DPW
                                                          Anne Gilhool                        Library
            25 Years of service                           Greg Bumgardner                      Police
 Dorothy Withrow                 Recreation               Bradford Bronner                      DPW
                                                          Troy Petrovich                         Fire
            20 Years of service                           Edward Skrzynski                       Fire
  Michael Delves                      DPW                 Gregory Wooliver                       Fire
  Matthew Klavon                     Police               Lawrence Malnar               Land Preserve
  John Price                         Police
  Darlene Dutkiewicz                Finance                           5 Years of service
	 Cheryl	Hoffman	                    Police               Robert Potfora                Land Preserve
                                                          David Bacon                   Land Preserve
            15 Years of service                           Jason Fell                           Police
 Michael Shore                        Police              John Stickel                  Land Preserve
 Dennis Wright                        Police            	 Deborah	Helton	                     Library

                           amplified Noise and Music
       Limits on Amplified Noise –                      No	 amplification	 device	 shall	 be	 operated	 in	
   Including Music and/or Boom Boxes                    such a manner that is plainly audible at a dis-

 T   he City Council recently adopted an ordi-          tance of 50 feet in any direction from the opera-
     nance	 to	 prohibit	 amplified	 noise/music	       tor between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00
 from any private residence /driveway or while          PM Between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM, sound
 on any public/private property or while occu-          from such a device shall not be plainly audible
 pying/operating a motor vehicle.                       by any person other than the operator.

                                  Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                             City of Riverview

 nAtionAl Cyber seCurity                                          CeNsUs 2010:
    AwAreness Month
                                                           We Can't Move Forward
T    he Federal Communications and Federal
     Trade Commissions encourage the public
to take steps to protect themselves, their privacy
                                                            until You Mail it Back
and their personal information.
    To promote cyber safety education, the Feder-
                                                          L    ook for census forms to be delivered in
                                                                March of 2010, to every residence in the
                                                          United States. All you have to is answer 10 short
al Communications Commissions recently joined
                                                          questions	and	mail	the	form	in	the	postage	paid	
forces with, a combined ef-
                                                          envelope provided. Census workers may visit
fort of 12 federal agencies and 18 non-govern-
                                                          those who do not respond.
mental organizations, developed and managed by
the Federal Trade Commission. OnGuardOnline.
gov provides practical and timely tips to help con-       •	Every	question	asked	is	for	a	specific	reason,	
sumers be on guard against internet fraud, secur-           to ensure response accuracy or to determine
ing their computers and protecting their personal           seats in Congress.
information.                                              • This shorter form is easier to complete and
                                                            return.	You	will	be	asked	just	10	questions:		
        Consumers should follow these                       Name,	Sex,	Age,	Date	of	Birth,	Hispanic	
             recommendations:                               Origin,	Race,	Household	Relationship	and	
1. Use security software that updates                       If You Own or Rent. Any personal data you
   automatically. Please renew annually.                    provide is protected under federal law.
2. Keep operating systems and web browsers                • The census DOES NOT ask about legal
   up-to-date.                                              status of respondents or their Social Security
3. Keep passwords private and secure.                       Numbers.
4. Always back up important files.                        • Postal workers will deliver the initial mailing features guidance, enter-                 in mid-March 2010. The Census Bureau does
taining	games	and	quizzes	on	many	topics:	phish-            not	send	out	any	confirmations	that	your	form	
ing, social networking, laptop security, wireless           was received.
access and a special section on protecting kids           •	THIS	FORM	WILL	NOT	BE	AVAILABLE	
online. If you want to talk to kids, tweens and             ONLINE.
teens about the risks of inappropriate conduct,
contact and content, check out their guide: Net           Any	 request	 for	 census	 information	 from	 the	
Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online             Census	 Bureau	 will	 be	 clearly	 identified	 as	
                                                          coming from the U.S. Census Bureau and as
                                                          OFFICIAL BUSINESS of the United States. It
                                                          is a federal offense for anyone to act as if they
                                                          represent the Census Bureau. You will be given
                                                          notice by a letter from Census Bureau before
                                                          receiving your form, a phone call or a visit from
                                                          the Census Bureau.

                                    Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                           City of Riverview

           Community Development Block Grant Housing
                    Rehabilitation Program

T    he	City	of	Riverview	is	continuing	to	implement	their	Housing	Rehabilitation	services	as	part	of	the	
     Community Development Block Grant program. This program is designed to help low-to-moderate
income Riverview households with home repairs and replacement of such items as roofs, windows,
furnaces,	and	other	qualified	building	code	items.	
Low-to-moderate income limits are as follows:

1 Person      2 Persons    3 Persons    4 Persons       5 Persons     6 Persons     7 Persons     8 Persons
$39,150        $44,750      $50,350     $55,900         $60,400       $64,850        $69,350      $73,800
If you are interested in this program, please contact the Community Development Department at
734-281-4248, ext: 338 on Friday mornings between the hours of 9 AM and 12 PM for further details.

         FIRe                                                 D    uring these tough economic times,
                                                                   residents may try to use other means

                                                              of heating to cut down on the higher cost of
                                                              warming your homes. Please remember the
                                                              safety	of	your	family	comes	first.

 To use a fire extinguisher, remember                     •    Stoves are not made for heating homes.
                                                          •    Space heaters – please follow manufacturer’s
                P a s s.                                       recommendations. Keep combustibles clear.

 P ull the pin at the top of the unit.                    •    Keep laundry at least four feet away from
                                                               gas dryers, furnaces and water heaters.
 a	im	at	the	base	of	the	fire.                            •    Check your smoke alarms and carbon
 s	queeze	the	lever.                                           monoxide detector to insure they are in
                                                               working order, replace every ten years.
 s weep from side to side                                 •	   If	 you	 use	 your	 fireplace,	 make	 sure	 your	
                                                               chimney is well maintained and clean.
                                                          •    If you burn candles, please use them in a safe
                                                               environment. Do not leave burning candles
                                                          •	   Have	an	emergency	plan	and	meeting	place.		
                                                               Discuss with all family members.
                                                          •    Once you exit your home, DO NOT

                                   Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                               City of Riverview

         Winter storms                                               snow Removal
 W      inter is approaching and with it comes
        snow and ice storms along with possible
 power outages. Residents are encouraged to be
 ready for these and all types of emergencies by
                                                            T    he D.P.W. prides itself on getting each street
                                                                 as clear as possible to allow safer travel and
                                                            better drainage when the snow melts, but we
 preparing in the following ways:
                                                            need your help.
  1. Store extra water- at least one gallon, per
     person, per day.
                                                            •   If you are cleaning snow from your driveway
                                                                or sidewalk, please do not shovel it into the
	 2.	Keep	flashlights	in	proper	working	order	and	
                                                                street. Frustration can be avoided if residents
     a good supply of fresh batteries.
                                                                will wait for the street to be completely
	 3.	Keep	a	battery	operated	radio	available.	(City	
                                                                cleaned before clearing their driveway. Also,
     of Riverview emergency station is 1650 AM/
                                                                please do not deposit snow in such a manner
     City Cable stations are 12-COMCAST or 10-
                                                                that will obstruct a driver’s or pedestrian’s
                                                                vision	or	cover	a	fire	hydrant.
  4. Stock up on non-perishable canned goods
     and other food supplies such as soups, meats,
                                                            •   Check snow forecasts before retiring for the
                                                                evening to determine if your vehicles need to
     cereals, etc. Don’t forget a can opener.
                                                                be moved from the street. Snowplows usually
  5. Store extra blankets and toiletries.
                                                                start while residents are sleeping. Cars in the
  6. Prepare a communication plan for contacting
                                                                street can slow down the process.
     family members.         Sometimes, the best
     contact for this might live outside the affected
                                                            •   “Snow Emergencies” are declared when
                                                                there	is	an	accumulation	of	five	(5)	inches	or	
     emergency area.
                                                                more of snow or ice. For more information
  7. Make arrangements for special needs for
                                                                regarding a declared emergency, tune to the
     family members--elderly, infants, etc.
                                                                City’s public access channel. D.P.W. vehicles
	 8.	Keep	a	well-stocked	first	aid	kit	and	a	supply	
                                                                will display orange placards whenever
     of essential medicines and medications.
                                                                emergency conditions exist.
  9. Keep a minimum of a half tank of gas in your
     car and know how to manually open your
                                                            •   Most of all, remember to take it easy while
     garage door if you have an automatic door
     opener.                                                When clearing your walks and drives, don’t forget
10. Keep a small amount of cash available.                  about your senior neighbors who may need and
11. Make arrangements for household pets.                   greatly	appreciate	your	help.	Help	us	to	help	you	
12. Don’t forget to update or check your                    have a wonderful winter season!
     emergency supplies and procedures every
     few months.
 These are just a few of the steps that residents
 can take to be ready for emergencies. Being
 prepared can make them less stressful. In
 any emergency, response times can vary and
 residents should be prepared to accommodate
 as many of their needs as possible.

                                     Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                             City of Riverview

             Golfers Off season Practice and Play
R     iverview Highlands Golf Course staff wants
      to thank everyone who came out to enjoy
a round of golf, a bucket of balls or purchase a
                                                          fresh, hot coffee or hot chocolate is ready all day
                                                          long in our Pro Shop. Don’t forget that gift cards
                                                          are always available for any amount of money
gift card this past season. Your continued patron-        and they can be used for anything from greens
age is truly important to us all. Although the win-       fees to hats or balls and they never expire!
ter weather outside is not very conducive to the
game of golf, our indoor nets and putting course          This past season Riverview Highlands Golf
can be used any day of the week throughout                Course put together a special membership pack-
the winter season. The Loft area above our Pro            age for our golfers that allowed for unlimited
Shop has been turned into a great place to meet           golf and special cart pricing. It has become more
and practice with other players during the off-           popular than we expected and the savings in
season. Five hitting stations have been installed         $$ for those who took advantage of it was well
and the cost is only $4.00 per half hour. For the         worth the cost. Lower pricing for senior players
more hard-core golfer we will stay open for play          is especially reasonable. Stop by the Pro Shop for
outside as weather permits. We do have covered            a brochure explaining all of the benefits and see
carts available to help block out the cold and            if this new membership program is right for you.

                              Best sledding around
T    he	Riverview	Highlands	Golf	Practice	Facility	will	be	open	for	sledding	again	this	winter,	weather	
     permitting. The driving range area of the facility is one of the highest locations in the county and
when the conditions are right, a long and exciting ride down is worth the walk to the top of the hill.
There is no cost for use of the hill and it is open to the general public. If you do need a place to warm
up or maybe a hot cup of chocolate, the golf course Pro Shop will be open during normal operation
hours.	Our	snack	bar	also	includes	hot	dogs,	chips,	Danish	and	muffins,	candy,	coffee	and	fountain	
beverages. Bring the family out for an exciting time that will cure those winter blues. Call 479-2266
for snow conditions.

        Drop in to Drop off                                                 reCyCle
T    he next time you DROP IN to city hall
     during normal business hours, remember
to DROP OFF your BATTERIES. All types
                                                          T     he Land Preserve Recycling Drop-Off
                                                                Center hours are Monday through Friday
                                                          from 7 AM until 4:30 PM and Saturday from 7 to
of household and small rechargeable batteries             11:30 AM for Riverview residents. Accepting
may be deposited in the recycling container in            all recycled materials: cardboard, scrap metal,
the lobby area of the Finance and City Clerk              #1	 and	 #2	 plastics,	 clear	 glass,	 office	 paper,	
departments.                                              used oil and batteries.

                                    Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                                  City of Riverview

                   Riverview Public Library events
          Computer Classes                                        Movies! Movies! Movies!
             Tuesdays at 10 aM
   Introduction to Computers—January 12                        T    he library has over 3,000 movie titles
                                                                    to choose from ranging from new
                                                               releases,	 documentaries	 and	 a	 foreign	 film	
  Introduction to the Internet—January 19
 Word Processing with MS Word—January 26                       collection. Most movies are $1 for seven days.
     Using Social Networks—February 2                          Documentaries and foreign movies are free.

R     egistration	is	required	and	classes	are	open	
      to all Michigan residents and are funded by
                                                                      Young adult Programs
the Institute for Museum and Library Sciences.
There is no fee for these programs. Please contact
                                                              T   een Library programs are open to everyone
                                                                  ages 10-18. There is no fee for these
                                                              programs, but please register in advance so that
the	library	at	734-283-1250	with	any	questions.
                                                              we have enough supplies.
         english as a second                                          Teen Hang Out • Wednesdays - 5-7 PM
                                                                       Bring in your video game systems to play
          Language Classes                                                        with your friends.
              saturdays at 10 aM                                Teen Craft Night • Friday, January 30 - 6-8 PM
January 9            March 6               April 17               Make duct tape, wallets, purses, and more.
January 23           March 20              May 1
                                                                 Learn to Knit • Wednesdays in January 6-8 PM
February 6           April 3               May 15
February 20                                                     (open	to	all—not	just	teens)	Bring	yarn,	needles,	
                                                                if you have them. You will start with some easy

P   rograms are open to all Michigan residents
    and are funded by the Institute for Museum
and Library Sciences. There is no fee for these
                                                               patterns for hats, scarves, hot pads and washcloths.
                                                               Mardi Gras Night • Friday, February 29 - 6-8 PM
                                                                Make masks, beads. Enjoy games and music.
programs. Please contact the library at 734-283-
1250 for further information.                                           Scene-It Movie Trivia Tournament
                                                                         Wednesday, February 24 6-8 PM
                                                                         Saint Patrick’s Day Party
        Children’s Programs                                              Friday, March 19 - 6-8 PM
                                                              Shamrock search, Irish trivia, green food and games
Toddler Story Time - Recommended Ages 2-3
                                                                Anime Convention • Friday, April 16 - 6-8 pm
Wednesdays at 10:30 aM      Thursdays at 10:30 aM
January 13 to February 10
                                                                   Costume contest, drawing contest, fun,
                            January 14 to February 11
March 3 to March 31         March 4 to April 1
                                                                             food and games.
April 21 to May 19          April 22 to May 20                            Teen Advisory Group Pot Luck
                                                                           Wednesday, May 12 - 6-8 pm
Pre-School Story Time - Recommended Ages 3-5
               Thursdays at 10:30 aM                                   spring arts Lecture series
               January 14 to February 11                        The lectures are being planned as the
                  March 4 to April 1                            newsletter is being printed. Please contact
                  April 22 to May 20                            the library or for
                                                                updates of the upcoming spring lectures.

                                       Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                                  City of Riverview

                                         Winter Tax Bill
W       inter	 tax	 bills	 are	 mailed	 the	 first	 week	
        of December and are payable without
penalty through February 16, 2010. Beginning
                                                                 •	 WC	TRANSIT	AUTH	–	Wayne	County	
                                                                    Transit Authority
                                                                 •	 WC	PARKS	–	Wayne	County	Parks
on February 17, a penalty of 3% will be added.                   •	 HCMA	–	Huron	Clinton	Metropolitan	
    Beginning March 2, 2010, any unpaid                             Authority
Summer or Winter taxes will be sent to the Wayne                 •	 WC	ZOO	AUTHORITY	–	Wayne	County	
County Treasurer for collection. Additional                         Zoological Authority
fees and interest may be added by the County
                                                                 The millage for each tax type is as follows:
Treasurer to the unpaid amounts.
    The tax types being collected on the Winter                      Wayne County
tax bills are as follows:                                         Operating                       .9897
 •	 SCHOOLS	OPERATING	–	Riverview	                                RESA Special Ed                3.3678
    School District                                               RESA Operating                  .0965
 •	 BONDED	VOTED	–	Riverview	School	                              WCCC                           2.4769
    District                                                      WC Public Safety                .9381
 •	 OPERATING	–	Wayne	County	Operating	                           WC Transit Authority            .5900
    (voted)                                                       WC Parks                        .2459
 •	 RESA	SPECIAL	ED	–	Wayne	County	Voted	
                                                                  HCMA                            .2146
    Special Education
                                                                  WC Zoological                   .1000
 •	 RESA	OPERATING	–	Regional	Education	                          Authority
    Service Agency
                                                                  Riverview Community
 •	 WCCC	–	Wayne	County	Community	                                       Schools
                                                                  Operating                      9.0000
 •	 WC	PUBLIC	SAFETY	–	Wayne	County	                              (Non-Homestead Only)
    Public Safety                                                 Bonded-Voted                   1.5500

                                   Taxpayer assistance

T      he City of Riverview understands that at
       times	taxpayers	may	experience	difficulty	in	
paying	taxes	due	to	financial	hardship.	Whether	
                                                                 determine what is best for you. The programs can
                                                                 be found on the County Treasurer’s website at:
it is due to the loss of income or a sudden expense
that had to be met, the Wayne County Treasurer
has listed on their website a number of programs                 or by calling the Wayne County Treasurer’s
that can assist taxpayers in satisfying their                    officer	at	(313)	224-5990.
tax payment. Please review the programs and

                                        Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                               City of Riverview

  Property Tax Information is                                                    Permits
      available On-Line                                         Applications are available online for building,
                                                                electrical, plumbing and electrical permits.

T    he City of Riverview residents can obtain
     property information including property
descriptions, SEV, assessed and taxable values,
                                                              	•   Go to to “Building
                                                                   Department”	where	you’ll	find	“Permit	
and tax payment history on the City’s web site                     Applications” for a list of permit types.
at, On Quick Links, go                     Print out your application. Fee schedule for
to “Online Tax Information”. This will take you                    permits are also available online.
to a new website that will allow you to enter the
address and look up the information. You may
                                                              	•	 Some	of	the	projects	that	require	permits	
                                                                   are fences, swimming pools, hot tubs,
also	 find	 the	 “Online	 Tax	 Information”	 link	 on	             patios, additions, roofs, and windows.
the Assessor/Purchasing and Finance/Treasurer                      Information packets are available for
Departments’ web pages. Please allow 48 hours                      fences, pools, and garages.
for updates.
                                                              	•   Scheduling inspections: Inspections, with
                 Reminder                                          at least 24 hour advance notice, may be
                                                                   scheduled as follows:
U    npaid water bills that were due on October
     5, 2009 are scheduled to receive a “NOTICE
                                                                   	Building Inspections: Tuesday and
                                                                     Thursday mornings
of January 18, 2010. If water service is suspended                 	Electrical Inspections: Tuesday morning
due to non-payment, per the fee schedule adopted                     and Thursday afternoon
by City Council, fees are as follows:                              	Plumbing/Mechanical Inspection:
                                                                     Tuesday and Thursday afternoon
Turn off fee	–	Labor	plus	equipment	charges
Turn on fee – Non-payment amount plus 10%                       Call the Building Department if you have
of the non-payment amount plus labor and                        questions.
equipment	charges
If	 you	 have	 any	 questions	 concerning	 your	                         Rental Property
account, please call the Department of Public                         Inspection Ordinance
Works, Monday through Friday between the
hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
                                                              N     ewly purchased property intended for
                                                                    residential rental purposes shall be
                                                              registered within 15 days. All rental dwellings
                                                              and rental units must be inspected and maintained
            Delinquent Bills                                  to meet the minimum standards of all local codes

 F   ailure	to	pay	in	full	all	Delinquent	Water	
     Bills, Weed Cutting Bills, Environmental
 Surcharge Bills and Water Meter Installation
                                                              and ordinances. The owner of a rental dwelling
                                                              or rental unit who fails to register or who fails
                                                              to	 obtain	 a	 Certificate	 of	 Compliance	 for	 each	
 Delay Assessment Bills on or before April 15,                rental dwelling or rental units will be guilty of
 2010 will result in being placed on the 2010                 a misdemeanor. Please register in the Building
 City Tax Roll as a lien against the property.                Department

                                      Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                          City of Riverview

 Recreation Department, 14100 Civic Park Drive
                      Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                 Office Closed 12:00-1:00 p.m.
                      Program Registration Begins Monday, January 4, 2010\
                             734-281-4219 •

          Recreation staff                                    **Birth Certificates Are Required
                                                                       to Register**
Todd Dickman          Recreation Director
                                                       Birth	certificates	are	required	to	register	for	all	
Donna Mitchell Administrative Technician II
                                                      children’s programs & children’s special events.
Camille Gibson      Program Coordinator
                                                         The age must be the age the child will be at
Dorothy Withrow        Senior Coordinator
                                                       the start of the program. The grade must be the
                                                      grade the child was in the Fall 2009. If you have
     Recreation Commission                            any	questions,	please	call	the	Recreation	Office	.
       Kimberly Canan • Doug Kelly
      Rebecca McKinney • David Mizzi                      **Proof of Residency is Required**
Rose Mosolgo • Russell Pickell • Cherita Rensi          Photo	ID	is	required	to	obtain	resident	rates.
                                                         Parents'	photo	ID	is	required	for	children's	
 The	Recreation	Commission	meets	the	first	
                                                        program as well as School of Choice proof.
Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the
Council	Conference	Room	in	City	Hall,	14100	
             Civic Park Drive
                                                                Non-Resident Policy
                                                          Programs & leagues will be open for non-
senior Recreation Commission                             resident enrollment when space is available
                                                        at an additional cost of $10.00 per program.
  Kaye Davies • Jeri Katai • Virginia Kaucher
                                                        For youth or senior programs that are under
       Dominic Monea • Peggy Murphy
                                                       $25.00 there will be an additional 25% charge.
        Nicole Nation •William Singer
                                                       Non-residents will be permitted to register for
         George Tear • Sheila White
                                                      programs the second week of registration. Check
 The Senior Recreation Commission meets the               senior	trip	flyers	for	non-resident	rates	and	
second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in                                policies.
    the	Senior	Activities	Area	in	City	Hall
           14100 Civic Park Drive                             Fee assistance Program
                                                      Are you looking for help paying for programs?
                                                      Call the Recreation Department for information
                                                               on our fee assistance program.

                                                                Facility Rental Info
                                                          Are you looking for a place to hold your
                                                        next party or special event? The Community
                                                         Center	Building	and	the	City	Hall	Gym	are	
                                                      available	for	rent.	Call	the	Recreation	Office	for	
                                                       reservations information, fees and availability.
                                 Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                              City of Riverview

                                    Family Programs
                New Family New Year’s eve Celebration 2010

R    ing in 2010 on the afternoon of December 31 with us so that the early to bed crowd can still be a
     part of the fun!! A DJ will be on hand to play all your favorite music. Pizza and pop will be served. At
4:00 p.m. enjoy a spectacular balloon drop to bring in the new year. Bring your family and friends to this
amazing celebration! Party favors will be supplied.
         Thursday, December 31, 2:30-4:30 p.m. • City Hall Activity Rooms & Gym • All Ages • #1106
Cost: $6.00 per person • Ages 2 & under are free • Limit: 100 • Pre-registration required by Wednesday, Dec. 23

                         New Family Luau Dance Party

B   ring	out	your	grass	skirts	and	Hawaiian	shirts	and	come	join	us	for	a	Luau.	A	DJ	will	
    be there to play all your favorite music with a limbo and hula hoop contest too! Bring
your brothers, sisters, parents and friends because it’s sure to be a tropical good time.
Refreshments will be served.
          Saturday, February 6, 2:00-4:00 p.m. • City Hall Activity Rooms & Gym • All Ages • #1103
 Cost: $6.00 per person • Ages 2 & under are free • Limit: 100 • Pre-registration required by Wednesday, Feb. 3

                        New       Princess/superhero Party
C    ome dressed as your favorite princess or superhero for this spectacular event. You will have the
     chance to meet a superhero and princess, and then have your picture taken with them. Enjoy this day
along with music, games, crafts and refreshments.
     Saturday, May 8, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.	•	City Hall Activity Rooms & Gym, Ages 3 – 2nd Grade
                     #1104 • Cost: $5.00 per child • #1105 Cost: $2.00 per adult
      Parent participation is required Limit: 100 • Pre-registration required by Wednesday, May 5

                                       Family Open swim
O    pen swimming for the whole family or a group of friends. Children 8 & under must be
     accompanied by an adult.
              January 9 thru March 13 • Seitz Middle School Pool • Saturdays• 12:00-2:00 p.m.
                               Cost: $2.00 per person at the door • #2300

L    earn	Korean	Karate	(Tang	Soo	Do)	and	self	defense	from	Gordon	Schollenberger,	
     an accomplished 4th degree black belt. You will learn how to defend yourself, and
develop	coordination,	confidence	and	self	esteem.	The	class	is	open	to	all	women,	men	
and children 7 years & older.
                     City Hall Gym • January 6 – June 16 • Wednesdays • 6:00-7:30 p.m.
               Cost: $25.00/per month • Monthly payments & registration will be taken at class.

                                     Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                           City of Riverview

                Ice skating at Young Patriots Reflection Pond
T   he	City	will	permit	ice	skating	on	Young	Patriots	Reflection	Pond	when	there	is	a	minimum	of	5”	
    thickness of ice. Posted signs will keep residents informed as to whether or not skating will be
permitted. Call the 24 hour hotline for pre-recorded information on skating conditions.
                           734-281-4279 • ICE SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK

                                       Family sledding
 W      hen it’s snowy out this winter, bundle up, get your sleds and a thermos of
        hot chocolate and meet your friends at the best sled hill Downriver at
 The	Riverview	Highlands.	Call	the	24	hour	hotline	for	pre-recorded	information	on	
 sledding conditions.
        734-281-4279 • Sledding Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. • SLED AT YOUR OWN RISK

                                  Youth Programs
                                      Kids Pizza Bingo
           Come and join your friends for some pizza, bingo, fun & prizes! Everyone wins.
                            City Hall Activity Rooms • Grades: 2nd – 5th
                              #2301 Friday, January 29, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                             #2302 Friday, February 26, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                #2303 Friday, May 14, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
        Cost: $6.00 per person • Limit: 50 • Pre-registration required the day before each event

                           Daddy/Daughter activity Night
G    et ready dads and daughters for an evening of ACTIVE fun, games and refreshments. Each child will
     receive a commemorative picture and gift to remember the night. If Dad can’t make it – Grandpa,
Uncle or another adult male can attend. Wear comfortable clothes for playing games in the gym i.e. jeans
and gym shoes.
          Friday, March 12, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. • Grades: K-5th • City Hall Activity Area & Gym
   $5.00 per person • Limit: 42 children • #1101 • Pre-registration required by Wednesday, March 10

                               Mother/son activity Night
 G     et ready moms and sons for an evening of ACTIVE fun, games and refreshments.
       Each child will receive a commemorative picture and gift to remember the
 night. If Mom can’t make it – Grandma, Aunt or another adult female can attend.
 Wear comfortable clothes for playing games in the gym i.e. jeans and gym shoes.
          Friday, March 26, 6:30-8:30 p.m. • Grades: K-5th • City Hall Activities Area & Gym
  $5.00 per person • Limit: 42 children • #1100 • Pre-registration required by Wednesday, March 24

                                  Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                                City of Riverview

                                        Flashlight egg Hunt
F   or	the	older	children	who	want	more	of	a	challenge	finding	their	Easter	Eggs,	bring	your	flashlights	and	
    see	if	you	can	find	the	eggs	in	the	dark!	Lots	of	candy	too.	Bring	a	basket	or	bag	to	collect	your	eggs.
         Thursday, April 1, 8:30 p.m. SHARP • Young Patriots Park • Grades: 3rd – 5th • #1102
                Cost: $6.00 per person • Pre-registration required by Tuesday, March 30

                                           easter egg Hunt
T    he	hunt	is	on!	Hop	on	over	to	the	Easter	Egg	Hunt	at	Young	Patriots	Park	for	some	early	springtime	
     fun. The Easter Bunny will be there! Bring a basket or bag to collect your eggs.
                      Saturday, April 3 • 10:00 a.m. SHARP • Preschool-2nd grade
                                   Young Patriots Park • Cost: FREE

                                  Preschool Move ‘N Groove
  a     wonderful combination of music and movement. Children will sing songs, dance,
        exercise; play games and instruments - to keep them moving! A great beginning
  for rhythm, motor skills and coordination. Parents stay & join the fun!!
  Instructor: Rebecca McKinney
                         City Hall Gym • Ages: 2-5 • Wednesdays, 9:30-10:15 a.m.
                              #1805 • January 13 – March 10 • Cost: • $27.00
                      #1806 • March 24 – May 26 (No Class April 14) • Cost: $27.00

                  Babysitting Campfire Usa (I’m Taking Care)
T   his course teaches basic child care skills and prepares sitters to handle babysitting as a business. The
    course	 covers	 responsibility	 for	 themselves	 and	 others,	 entertaining	 children,	 first	 aid	 and	 safety,	
emergency measures, nutrition and food safety, appropriate disciplining, communication with parents, and
how	to	find	babysitting	jobs.
           #1900 • January 19 – February 9 • Tuesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. • Grades: 5th – 8th
      City Hall Activity Room B• Cost: $38.00 • Pre-registration required by Friday, January 15

                           Riverview Buccaneers swim Team
e    ach child must be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping and display a level of comfort
     in	water	that	is	out	of	their	depth.	The	coaches’	discretion	is	the	final	say.	All	swimmers’	are	taught	all	
four	competitive	swimming	strokes,	proper	competitive	starts	and	flip	turns.	All	swimmers	will	swim	at	
competitions	regardless	of	ability.	The	age	requirement	is	6	years	to	high	school	senior.	Instructor:	Mark	
                      Riverview Community High School Pool * January 11 – April 17
                                  Practices: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
                   First session: 6:00-7:30 p.m. Second session: 7:30-9:00 p.m. • #3900
                               Cost: $55.00/residents & $65.00/non-residents
                    Cost Each Additional Child: $35.00/resident & $45.00/non-resident

                                      Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                              City of Riverview

K    ids, come and learn some new volleyball skills, i.e. bumps, sets, spikes and also
     learn proper rotation for team playing. After skills are taught you can practice
during several scrimmage games. Improve your skills for middle school now!
                 January 16 – March 6 (No Class Feb. 6) • City Hall Gym • Saturdays
                             #2402 • Grades: 4th – 5th • 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
                            #2403 • Grades: 6th – 7th • 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
              Cost: $25.00 • Limit: 20 • Pre-registration required by Thursday, Jan. 14

                   Kindergarten Basketball “Fun”damentals
 a     great beginning to learn basketball skills. We’ll focus on dribbling, passing and ball handling with
       lots of fun drills and contests.
                            City Hall Gym • Grade: K • Mondays • Cost: $20.00
                  #4500 • January 11 – February 22 ( No class Feb. 15) • 3:50-4:50 p.m.
                       #4501 • March 8 – April 19 (No class April 5) • 3:50-4:50 p.m.

                 1st & 2nd Grade Basketball “Fun”damentals
                More skill development plus shooting skills and actual scrimmage games.
                     City Hall Gym • Grades: 1st & 2nd • Mondays • Cost: $20.00
                 #4600 • January 11 – February 22 (No class Feb. 15) • 5:00-6:00 p.m.
                    #4601 • March 8 – April 19 (No class April 5) • 5:00-6:00 p.m.

                  New       3rd–6th Grade Open Basketball
T     hird through sixth grade open basketball is for boys and girls. Players must bring their own basketballs.
      The	Recreation	Department	is	not	responsible	for	lost	equipment.	You	MUST	have	a	parent	come	
into the gym and sign you in and out or you will NOT be allowed to play.
                  City Hall Gym • January 13 – March 17 • Wednesdays • 3:30-5:00 p.m.
                          Grades: 3rd – 6th • Cost: $2.00 per person at the door • #5303

               7th & 8th Grade Open Basketball
 s    eventh & eighth grade open basketball is for boys and girls. Players must
      bring their own basketballs. The Recreation Department is not responsible
 for	lost	equipment.	You	MUST	show	your	Riverview	School	Student	ID	or	you	
 will NOT be admitted. It must say 7th or 8th grade ONLY.
                Seitz Middle School Gym • January 11 – March 15
       Mondays, 7:00-9:00 p.m. • Grades: 7th – 8th • Cost: $2.00 per person at the door • #5302

                                    Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                           City of Riverview

                                Boys’ Basketball League
The	youth	boys’	league	will	focus	on	game	fundamentals,	teamwork,	equal	play	and	fun.
Clinic: 	Seitz	Middle	School	Gym	•	Saturday,	January	9
	       	3rd	&	4th	grades:	9:00-10:30	a.m.	•	5th	&	6th	grades:	10:30-12:00	p.m.
Practices: Start the week of January 11 and end March 11. The practices will be held at various Riverview
Elementary	schools	or	at	the	Riverview	City	Hall	Gym	on	Mondays,	Tuesdays,	Wednesdays	or	Thursdays	
between 5:30-9:00 p.m. Each team will have one practice per week; day and time will depend on child’s
Games: Start on January 23 and end March 13 on Saturdays. All games are played between 8:30 a.m.
&	3:30	p.m.	at	Seitz	Middle	School	or	City	Hall	Gym.
               #5210 3rd grade • #5211 4th grade • #5212 5th grade • #5213 6th grade
          Cost: $38.00, $28.00 add'l child Registration begins Monday, December 7, 2009
                      Pre-registration required by Wednesday, January 6, 2010
 The Recreation Department does not accept special requests for team assignments except for siblings.

                                Girls’ Basketball League
 The	youth	girls’	league	will	focus	on	game	fundamentals,	teamwork,	equal	play	and	fun.
 Clinic: Seitz Middle School Gym Saturday, January 9
 	    	3rd	&	4th	grades	      12:30-2:00	p.m.	•	5th	&	6th	grades	 2:00-3:30	p.m.
 Practices: Start January 12 and end March. 9. The practices will be held at various Riverview
 Elementary	schools	or	at	the	Riverview	City	Hall	Gym	on	Tuesdays	between	5:30-9:00	p.m.	Each	
 team will have one practice per week; time will depend on child’s team.
 Games: Start on January 23 and end March 13 on Saturdays. All games are played between 8:30
 a.m.	&	3:30	p.m.	at	Seitz	Middle	School	or	City	Hall	Gym.
              #5200 3rd grade • #5201 4th grade • #5202 5th grade • #5203 6th grade
          Cost: $38.00, $28.00 add'l child Registration begins Monday, December 7, 2009
                      Pre-registration required by Wednesday, January 6, 2010
 The Recreation Department does not accept special requests for team assignments except for siblings.

                           New spring Youth soccer
a   non-competitive city league where players learn basic fundamentals, play games
    & have lots of fun! Boys & girls are combined on teams.
                       April 18 – May 23 • Sundays • Soccer Fields by City Hall
 #1000 3 & 4 year olds 1:00 p.m. • #1001 K-1 grades 2:00 p.m. • #1002 - 3 grades 3:00 p.m.
                                   Cost: $25.00, $21.00 (add’l child)
      The Recreation Department does not accept special requests for team assignments except
               for siblings as the games are played at the same time at adjoining fields.

                                  Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                              City of Riverview

                                     adult Programs
                                           aqua aerobics
U    se the resistance of the water to exercise and strengthen the cardiovascular system while increasing
     your	muscle	strength	and	endurance.	No	swimming	experience	is	necessary!	Instructor:		Lisa	Henri
                                         Seitz Middle School Pool
                               Session I – 10 weeks • January 5 – March 11
                   AQ1 Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m. • AQ2 Thursdays 7:00-8:00 p.m.
                    Session II – 10 weeks • March 16 – May 27 (No class April 6 or 8)
                   AQ3 Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m. • AQ4 Thursdays 7:00-8:00 p.m.
                             #6700 1 class per week per session $35.00
                 #6701 2 classes per week per session $65.00 • #6705 Walk in $7.00

                                  Integrative Yoga Therapy
P     articipants are trained to become mindful of the body, breath, energy and emotions as
      they awaken to the mind, body, spirit connection. The program is designed to increase
strength,	flexibility,	balance	and	endurance	through	focused	breathing,	stretching,	sustained	
poses, movement and resistance. Each class ends with a guided relaxation and meditation.
It	is	best	to	wear	loose	fitting	clothing	and	refrain	from	eating	at	least	one	to	two	hours	prior	
to class. Please bring a yoga mat.
                   Classes	taught	by	Shannon	McMahon	Hodges,	D.D.,	CYT
             Bodymind	Integrations,	LLC/Yoga	and	Holistic	Health		734-284-7506
                  Classes are held at the Riverview Community Center Building
                                             Session I – 6 weeks
 Y1 Monday Evenings                    Jan. 4 – Feb. 8                              7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
 Y2 Thursday Mornings                  Jan. 7 – Feb. 11                             9:00 - 10:30 a.m.
 Y3 Thursday Evenings                  Jan. 7 – Feb. 11                             7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
                                            Session II – 6 weeks
 Y4 Monday Evenings                    Feb. 22 – Mar. 29                            7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
 Y5 Thursday Mornings                  Feb. 25 – Apr. 8 (no class April 1)          9:00 - 10:30 a.m.
 Y6 Thursday Evenings                  Feb. 25 – Apr. 8 (no class April 1)          7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
                                            Session II – 6 weeks
 Y7 Monday Evenings                    Apr. 12 – May 17                             7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
 Y8 Thursday Mornings                  Apr. 15 – May 20                             9:00 - 10:30 a.m.
 Y9 Thursday Evenings                  Apr. 15 – May 20                             7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

  Number of Classes Per Session:          Cost:            Number of Classes Per Session:        Cost:
  #5901   3 classes                       $27.00           #5805							Walk-in	-	EACH	 	         $12.00
  #5902   4 classes                       $36.00           #5910       2 days a week             $84.00
  #5903   5 classes                       $45.00           (Must take a full 6 week session to get the
  #5904   6 classes                       $54.00           special price on 2 days a week)

                                     Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                               City of Riverview

                            exercitement Fitness Classes
                                   Instructor: Sue (Flanary) Michetti
                                            Classic Cardio
“P     ick it up” or “take it down”. The choice is yours in this classic cardio class designed to burn
       calories.Light	weights,	tubes,	mats	and	stability	balls	are	all	included	to	help	tone	and	firm	with	
great music.
              session I- January 4 - March 8 NO class January 18, February 15 or 17
                              A1 Mondays 7:00-8:00 p.m. City Hall Gym
                          A2 Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m. Huntington Gym
            session II- March 10 – May 26 NO class March 17, 29 31, april 5, 7, 19 or 21
                            A3 Mondays 7:00-8:00 p.m. City Hall Gym
                          A4 Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m. Huntington Gym

                                           Dance Walking
W       arm up this winter with a little dance walking. Part dance – part walking. Reasonable easy to
        follow	 routines	 will	 help	 keep	 you	 fit	 for	 2010.	 Everything	 needed	 is	 provided.	 Light	 weight	
training included.
                       session I- January 4 - March 8 NO class January 18, February 15 or 17
                                         D1 Mondays 9:00-10:00 a.m. City Hall Gym
                                        D2 Thursdays 9:00-10:00 a.m. City Hall Gym
                       session II- March 11 – May 24 NO class March 29, april 1, 5, 8, 19 or 22
                                    D3 Mondays 9:00-10:00 a.m. City Hall Gym
                                    D4 Thursdays 9:00-10:00 a.m. City Hall Gym

                                Classic Cardio/Dance Walk:
      #5001 1 class per week per session $28.00 • #5002 2 classes per week per session $48.00
                                   #4505		Walk-in	-	EACH		$7.00

 a     little	bit	of	Mardi	Gras	in	your	life	is	just	what	the	doctor	ordered.	Having	fun	and	working	out	are	
       one in the same while participating in “Zumba”. Not sure about the fat burning Latin experience?
 Try	it	for	free	on	January	7.	You’re	sure	to	have	a	great	time!	Instructor:	Sue	(Flanary)	Michetti
                                            City Hall Gym
                                   Session I: January 14 – March 4
                                     Z1 Thursdays 7:30-8:30 p.m.
                   Session II: March 11 – May 20 (NO class April 1, April 8, April 22)
                                     Z2 Thursdays 7:30-8:30 p.m.
                                             #5000 $35.00

                                     Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                          City of Riverview

                                        Line Dancing
N  ot just country anymore! A dance class that will teach you all kinds of line dancing with variations
   of music! Tons of fun & great exercise. Class is for singles and couples! Instructor: Connie Mullens
                      City Hall Activity Room • Thursdays • 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
#5603         January 7 – February 25                      $30.00         8 weeks
#5604        March 4 – April 29 (No class April 8)         $30.00         8 weeks
#5605        May 6 – May 27                                $15.00         4 weeks

                                      adult Basketball
C   ome join the fun and get some exercise! This is a basketball program for
    adults ages 25 & over.
      Seitz Middle School Gym • Tuesdays • 8:00-9:30 p.m. • January 19 – April 27
                NO basketball April 6 • #5301 • Cost: $28.00 • Limit: 20

                              senior Information

                                       senior Walking
               City Hall Hallways Monday – Friday 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. NO CHaRGe

                  Free Riverview senior Computer Classes
T    he following private computer classes are for Riverview seniors 60 years and older. Each class is
     one hour and you may sign up for 3 hours. All classes are FRee and you MUST pre-register at
the	Recreation	Office.	Instructor:	Kevin	Galvin
                                        Private Lessons
                                Mondays, Wednesday or Fridays
               January 11 - May 21 (No Class February 15, April 2 thru April 9)
                 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. or 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. or 11:00 - 12:00 p.m.

                                         senior Trips
                                        S   enior trips are available to anyone 55 years and older.
                                            Information, dates, times and prices are subject to change.
                                        Trip information and registration dates are available in the
                                        Recreation	Office,	in	the	Senior	Activities	Area	or	online.

                                  Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                                City of Riverview

                                           senior Fitness
T    his seated exercise class is designed for the mature adult population in mind. You might be surprised
     at the workout you can get from the seat of your pants. The use of light weights helps build muscular
strength. Balance activities are included. Please be advised that you should receive your physician’s
approval	before	starting	any	type	of	exercise	program.		Instructor:	Sue	(Flanary)	Michetti
                                     City Hall Gym 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.
#5101    Mondays       January 4, 11, 25          $7.50
#5102    Thursdays     January 7, 14, 21, 28     $10.00
#5103    Mondays       February 1, 8, 22          $7.50
#5104    Thursdays     February 4, 11, 18, 25    $10.00
#5105    Mondays       March 1, 8, 15, 22        $10.00
#5106    Thursdays     March 4, 11, 18, 25       $10.00
#5107    Mondays       April 12, 26               $5.00
#5108    Thursdays     April 15, 29               $5.00
#5109    Mondays       May 3, 10, 17, 24         $10.00
#5110    Thursdays     May 6, 13, 20              $7.50

                                       Gentle Chair Yoga
T   his	 class	 is	 designed	 to	 increase	 strength,	 flexibility,	 balance	 and	 endurance	 through	 focused	
    breathing, stretching, sustained poses, gentle movements and resistance. Each class ends with a
guided relaxation and meditation. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket.
                        Classes	taught	by	Shannon	McMahon	Hodges,	D.D.,	CYT
                  Bodymind	Integrations,	LLC/Yoga	and	Holistic	Health	734-284-7506
                      Classes are held at the Riverview Community Center Building
                                          Session I – 6 weeks
                                    YGC1 Thursdays Jan. 7 – Feb. 11
                                        11:15 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
                                        Session II – 6 weeks
                           YGC2 Thursdays Feb. 25 – Apr. 8 (no class April 1)
                                       11:15 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
                                         Session III – 6 weeks
                                    YGC3 Thursdays Apr. 15 – May 20
                                        11:15 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
                             Number of Classes Per Session:       Cost:
                             #4700   4 classes                   $16.00
                             #4701   5 classes                   $20.00
                             #4702   6 classes                   $24.00
                             #4706   Walk-ins             $7.00 per class

                                    Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                            City of Riverview

                                           senior Club
s   eniors 55+ who are interested in getting together to play cards, bingo, pool, bocce, etc. are welcome
    to join the Senior Club. Membership dues are $12.00 per year. Please contact Pat Tear on Tuesday
or	Thursday	between	1:00-3:30	p.m.	at	the	Senior	Center	in	City	Hall	to	pay	your	dues	or	join	the	club.

                              senior Hot Lunch Program
T    he	Wayne	County	Office	of	Nutrition	Services	serves	hot	lunches	at	the	City	Hall.	Lunches	are	served	
     Monday through Friday at 11:15 a.m. To be eligible for the hot meal program you must be 60 years
or older. Suggested donation is $2.25. You must make reservations 24 hours in advance by calling 734-
281-4200 ext. 356.

                            senior Home Delivered Meals
a    hot, home delivered meal is available weekdays to seniors 60 years of age
     or	older	who	are	confined	to	their	home.	Suggested	donation	is	$2.25.	To	
determine eligibility, a referral can be made to 734-727-7357 by a physician,
family, or prospective client.

                                     senior Cab service
a    ny Riverview resident 60 years or older is eligible for cab service. Applications and information
     are	available	at	the	Recreation	Office	at	City	Hall	or	by	calling	734-281-4219	&	requesting	a	senior	
cab application and information will be mailed to you.

                                   Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

                                          City of Riverview

                                   Park Locations
            LLOYD CARR PARK                                            GLENS PARK
    (Krause	between	Longsdorf	and	Colvin)                      (Middle	of	Glens	Subdivision)
       Baseball/softball, basketball court,                  (Entrances	on	Parkridge	&	Kristin)
  playground	equipment,	and	concession	stand            Playground	equipment,	tennis	court,	basketball	
                                                               court, baseball and picnic area
(Forest	Subdivision;	Coachwood	south	of	Sibley)                        VOS TOT LOT
     Playground	equipment	and	picnic	area                       (Corner	of	Colvin	and	Quarry)
                                                                   Playground	equipment
  (Jefferson	between	Sibley	and	Pennsylvania)
                                                                    VREELAND PARK
             Playground		equipment
                                                         (Quarry	&	Vreeland,		south	of	Pennsylvania)
                                                       Playground	equipment,	tennis	courts,	picnic	area,
             KENNEBEC PARK
                                                                   In-line hockey facility
       (Kennebec	south	of	Pennsylvania)
              Basketball court
                                                                YOUNG PATRIOTS PARK
             MC SHANE PARK                                    (Sibley	between	Fort	and	Grange)
  (West	of	Fort	Street,	at	the	end	of	Dundee)           Baseball/softball,	Reflection	Pond,	basketball	
Playground	equipment,	baseball	and	picnic	area          courts,	playground	equipment,	in-line	hockey	
                                                           facility, Library & Community Center
            RAY STREET PARK
          (Ray	Street	north	of	Sibley)                              MEMORIAL PARK
            Playground	equipment                              (Colvin,	south	of	Pennsylvania,
                                                                between	Hamann	&	Valade)
      KINGSWOOD NATURE PARK                            Spray pool, scout cabin, basketball court, picnic
 (Between	Kingswood	and	Tudor)-Walking	trail                    area,	playground	equipment

                                 Park Ordinances
 Parks are closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
 NO person shall bring or use any mechanically power-driven vehicle within the park system.
 Mini-bikes & snowmobiles are restricted from the park system.
 NO person eighteen (18) years of age or older shall in any manner use any of the playground apparatus.
 NO person shall beg or solicit within the park system.
 NO alcoholic beverages.
 NO person shall cut, break, climb on or in any way injure or deface any tree, shrub, plant or turf.
 NO littering.

                                  Winter/Spring Newsletter 2009–10

1. Registration will be taken on a first                The Recreation Department is located in the Municipal Building
    come basis and cannot be held by                                 14100 Civic Park Drive • Riverview
    phone. Walk-in registration is taken                                       OFFICE HOURS
    before mail-in registration.                                    Monday - Friday • 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
2. No one is allowed to enter a class
    without prior registration.
                                                                           Closed 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
                                                                          Registration begins January 4
3. Registration form MUST be signed.
                                                 For further information Call 734-281-4219 *Additional Registration Forms can
4. Adult classes are for 18 years and
    older. Senior classes are 55 years           be printed from the City of Riverview website at
    and older unless otherwise noted.
5. Waiting lists will be formed when                                   MAIL IN REGISTRATION FORM
    programs are filled and every                Date_____________ Participant’s Name____________________________________________
    attempt will be made to
    accommodate people on these lists            Address___________________________________________ City______________________
    whenever possible.
                                                 Age______ Grade______                    Male � Female � Phone No.________________________
6. T h e R i v e r v i e w R e c r e a t i o n
    Department reserves the right to             Shirt Size (if needed) _________                Emergency Phone No.__________________________
    cancel, reschedule, or limit class size
    due to unforeseen conditions.                Activity #      Program Name(s)           Fee
Participants may be photographed and             1._______       ______________            ______            HOLD HARMLESS/INDEMNIFY AGREEMENT
                                                                                                    As a participant in the program I recognize and acknowledge that there are
may be included in future Recreation             2._______       ______________            ______   certain risks of physical injury and I agree to assume the full risk of any injuries,
advertising.                                                                                        including loss of life, damages or loss which I may sustain as a result of
                                                                                                    participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with such
             REFUND INFO                         3._______       ______________            ______   program. I further agree to waive and relinquish all claims, fully release and
                                                                                                    discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend the City of
1. NO refunds after the 2nd class.                                                                  Riverview and its officers, agents, servants and employees from any and all
                                                 4._______       ______________            ______   claims resulting from injuries, including loss of life, damages and losses
2. SICKNESS: Refunds will be given,                                                                 sustained by me and arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with
    however if the program has begun,            No refunds after second class begins unless
                                                                                                    the activities of the program. I also attest and represent that I am physically fit to
                                                                                                    participate in this program, which condition has been verified by a licensed
    a prorated amount will be                    class is cancelled by the Riverview                physician.
                                                                                                    BY SIGNATURE, EACH PARTICIPANT (HIS/HER PARENT OR
    determined.                                  Recreation Department.                             GUARDIAN) ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HE/SHE HAS READ AND FULLY
                                                                                                    UNDERSTANDS THE ABOVE HOLD HARMLESS/INDEMNIFY
3. CANCELLATIONS: All registrants                                TOTAL                              AGREEMENT.
    will be fully refunded should class/                                                            DATE _______________________
    program be cancelled. Refunds will            OFFICE USE ONLY:
                                                  OFFICE USE ONLY:
    be issued 2-3 weeks after request             Initials____________ Cash_________
                                                   Initials ____________ Cash _________             PARTICIPANT, PARENT OR GUARDIAN

    is approved.                                  Check No. ________________
                                                  Check No.________________                                                 MUST BE SIGNED

                                                 NON-RESIDENCY POLICY
Programs & leagues will be open for non-resident enrollment when space is available at an additional cost of $10.00 per
program. For youth or senior programs that are under $25.00 there will be an additional 25% charge. Non-residents
will be permitted to register for programs the second week of registration. Check senior trip flyers for non-resident rates and policies
City of Riverview
                                                                                                                                                             PRESORT STANDARD
14100 Civic Park Drive                                                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE

Riverview, MI 48193                                                                                                                                               PAID
                                                                                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 16
                                                                                                                                                              Wyandotte, MI 48192

                                             Postal Patron
                                          Riverview, MI 48193

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