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									                                 NOTICE INVITING TENDER

        Addl. Surveyor General of Directorate Survey (Air) & DGDC, Delhi on behalf of President of
India invites item rate tender in sealed cover „ two parts „ Part A “Technical bid” and Part B‟ “
Financial Bid” For supply of manpower for House Keeper, MTD etc. from the reputed firm having
sufficient experience in supply the worker and registered with Labour Commission in case of House
Keeper, MTD etc.

       The Tender forms alongwith specific terms and condition can be down loaded from
departmental website http//      Those who download the tender document
from our website should attach the demand draft for Rs 100/- (Non refundable), drawn in favour of
“Establishment & Account Officer, DSA & DGDC Delhi” payable at Delhi from a nationalized bank
toward the cost of tender. The tender forms should be duly filled and signed. The tender document
can also be purchased from the office of Directorate Survey (Air) & DGDC Delhi, West Block IV, RK
Puram, New Delhi-66 on all working days from 1000 AM to 5.00 PM. on payment of Rs 100/- cost in
cash/DD (Non-refundable) from 5th April 2010 to 26th April 2010.

                                                                            Cost Rs. 100/-

Tender Enquiry No. S-799/15-A-S(Genl.)SOI/NEW DELHI/2010             Dated: 30.03.2010

                            TENDER DOCUMENT


                     House Keeping, Personal Assistant
                         Motor Transport Driver


                              SURVEY OF INDIA
                                    NEW DELHI

TO BE SUBMITTED BY 26.04.2010 (14:00 hrs)

Total No. of pages of Tender document = 13Pages

                                                  Signature with Tenderer Company Seal


   a. Name of the Purchaser:

President of India acting through Director Survey (Air) & Delhi Geospatial Data Centre.
                                           Survey of India

   b. Address for the distribution of tender document:

                               Survey (Air) & Delhi Geo Spatial Data Centre
                                            Wing IV, 2nd Floor
                                       West Block IV, R.K.PURAM
                                          NEW DELHI-110066
                                     Phone: 011-26107795, 26108392
                                           FAX: 011-26196301

    The tender form can also be downloaded from the website:

   c. Date of issue of Tender document: 05.04.2010

   d. Last date of issue of tender document: 26.04.2010

   e. Address at which the bid has to be submitted.

                               Survey (Air) & Delhi Geo Spatial Data Centre
                                            Wing IV, 2nd Floor
                                       West Block IV, R.K.PURAM
                                          NEW DELHI-110066
                                     Phone: 011-26107795, 26108392
                                           FAX: 011-26196301

   f. Last date of receipt of Tender: 26.04.2010

On or before 26.04.2010 upto 14:00 Hrs.

          a. Date, time and place of opening of Tender: 26.04.2010 at 1500 Hrs
             at the Conference Hall of Directorate of Survey (Air) Delhi GDC
             West Block IV, R.K.PURAM, NEW DELHI-110066.

          b. Date till the Tender are valid:
             365 days from the date of opening of the Tender.

Note: The Purchaser shall not be responsible for non-receipt/non-delivery of the Bid
      Documents due to any reason whatsoever.

                                                                 Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

1. The tender forms can be obtained from the above mentioned address between 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on
   all working days of the Office on payment of non-refundable fee of Rs.100/- each by Demand Draft
   drawn in favour of “Establishment & Accounts Officer, Survey of India, New Delhi” payable on the
   address as mentioned (OR) can be downloaded from website and used
   for submission. Cost of Rs.100/- in the form of DD in case of downloaded document from the website
   should be enclosed along with the tender at the time of submission.

2. The tender to be submitted to the Assistant Store Officer/to be dropped in Tender Box of Directorate
   Survey (Air) & Delhi GDC at reception in West Block-IV, RK Puram, New Delhi-110066 on or before
   the closing date.

3. All the Tenders shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with these instructions. The bid should
   be submitted in two separate sealed cover one sealed cover should be super scribed as “Technical Bid”
   containing information regarding qualifying criteria and another sealed cover should super scribed as
   “Financial bid” and containing the quoted rate on monthly basis. Both the sealed cover should be
   placed in the main sealed envelope.

4. Incomplete or conditional tenders will not be entertained.

5. Tenders will not be accepted after the time and date fixed for the receipt of tenders as set out in the
   Tender Notice or subsequent extensions, if any.

6. Tenders shall be in the standard format. No tender will be considered which is not as per the
   printed/typed form and does not bear the bidder‟s signature and seal at the bottom of the page of the
   schedule on which the rates are entered.

7. Tender received after the closing date and time and without EMD will be summarily rejected.

8. The actual work spot is located at New Delhi at the following address:

       (i)     Director, Survey (Air) & Delhi Geospatial Data Centre, Wing IV, 2nd Floor West Block IV,
               R.K.Puram, New Delhi.
       (ii)    Director Western Printing Group, Near Palam Rly Crossing, Palam, Delhi Cantt-10
       (iii)   Project Director (DSSDI), 2nd Floor, „A‟- Block, Pushpa Bhawan, Madangir Road, New
       (iv)    Field Division, Directorate of Survey (Air) & DGDC, Pushpa Bhawan, Ground Floor,
               „A‟ Block, Madangir Road, New Delhi.
9. The Director, Survey (Air) & Delhi Geospatial Data Centre reserves the right to accept or reject any
   Proposal in part or full without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
10. The Director, Survey (Air) & Delhi Geospatial Data Centre takes no responsibility for delay, loss or
    non-receipt of proposal sent by post.

11. The Interested parties may submit their tender after Inspection of the Intellectual Survey of India at the
    above location. The inspection of the premises can be made between 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. on all
    working days from the date of issue of notification till the date of closure of tender.

                                                                    Signature with Tenderer Company Seal


1. The Agency/Company shall be in the business of providing House Keeping, Drivers, Personnel
   Assistant for typing, shorthand and other office work for at least past three years. Documentary
   evidence in support of this should be provided.

2. The Agency/Company must be registered in Delhi and also in the jurisdiction of Delhi under Provident
   Fund Act, ESI Act and Shops and Service Tax Act. Copy of registration papers along with code
   numbers attached to the Agency/Company should be provided.

3. The contractor must be registered with Labour Commissioner of the respective city and have a service
   base in respective city with enough manpower i.e. Delhi metropolitan only.

4. The Agency/Company must have at least 3 (Three) running contracts for providing such services of
   the annual value of which should not be less than Rs.5 lakh per annum. Copies of Agreement/
   Work Order from client as documentary evidence should be provided. Preference shall be given to
   bidders already doing above-mentioned jobs in offices having computer infrastructure.

5. The Tenderer should ensure that they have rendered satisfactory performance during the last 3 years
   and the order / orders placed subsequently should not have been cancelled or closed by any department
   of Govt. of India or Public Sector undertakings in the last 3 years due to un-satisfactory performance
   and such persons whose orders/contracts have been closed or cancelled need not apply. Any
   suppression of material facts or discrepancy in this respect will lead to disqualification of the tender.

6. The Appx. Turnover of the firm/Agency for last two years should be more than Rs. 10 lakhs.

7. The Deptt has complete right for obtain the proof of tax/ service tax to be deposit for the

8 The Agency /Company has to paid the payment to the deployed labour by cheque only and
  minimum wages to be paid as fixed by Delhi Govt. time to time and enclosed photo copy of
  cheque with bill.

                                                                  Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

9. Firm also submit the copies of muster roll / a quittance roll, PF Number and ESIC Identity Card of
   concern manpower to this office. Payment will be made after submit the copies of above
   documents to this office regularly.

10. The Agency/Company must have valid service tax registration number. Documentary evidence should
    be provided for the same.

11. The Agency/Company will submit the Police verification report of the personals whose are to be
    employed for House keeping Personnel Assistant and MT Driver on the award of contract.


    The Tenders shall be written or printed with indelible ink and submitted to the Administrative Officer
in sealed cover superscribed with the subject and enquiry No. and addressed to Director, Survey (Air) &
Delhi Geospatial Data Centre West Block IV, Wing IV, 2 nd Floor, R.KPuram, New Delhi / before
26.04.2010 upto 14:00 hrs. The tenderer will submit their qualifying criteria bid and financial bid in
separate envelope. Financial bid will be opened only for the short listed tenderers who meet the qualifying
criteria. The Tenderers shall ensure that each page of the tender is signed by the person authorized to sign
the tenders.


    An Earnest Money Deposit of Rs 30,000/- shall be furnished in the form of D.D in favour of
“Establishment & Accounts Officer” payable at New Delhi as applicable must be enclosed. CHEQUES
paid by the successful Tenderers shall be released after the successfully completion of the contract. On
application the EMD of unsuccessful Tenderers shall be released after placement of work order with the
successful Tenderer. Tenders without EMD amount will not be considered and will be rejected outright.
All applications for the refund of Earnest Money Deposit shall be made to The Establishment & Accounts
Officer, at the above mentioned address quoting the receipt No. date and tender No. & date.


The tenderer shall be deemed to have carefully examined the terms and conditions before submitting the

                                                                  Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

A) House keeping

Sl.No.        Description of work                    Periodicity          Remarks
1.            Sweeping ad cleaning of floors, Thrice Daily                Using cleaning powder and
              passages, corridors and staircases,                         wipeout for floors.
              Lifts, Walls.
2.            Cleaning of tables, chairs, filing Daily                    Conventional way of cleaning.
              cabinets, sofas, curtains and vertical

              Spraying room fresheners in
              common spaces as well in cabins.
3.            Cleaning telephone instruments   Daily               Using DETTOL liquid and
                                                                   fine cotton.
4.            Cleaning gents and ladies wash Thrice daily          Using phenyl, hydrochloric
              basins & mirrors.                                    acid, detergent powder, if so
                                                                   required, naphthalene balls to
                                                                   be added regularly t urinals
                                                                   pots before earlier balls are
                                                                   fully consumed. Liquid soap
                                                                   containers should be filled up
                                                                   with liquid daily. Cleanliness
                                                                   of containers should be
5.            Removing choke ups in toilets etc.   As and when Conventional way of cleaning.
6.            Cleaning      of   notice     board, Daily           Conventional way of cleaning.
7.            Vacuum cleaning of equipments in Alternate days      Using vacuum cleaner.
              the server/UPS room
8.            Cleaning of fans bulbs, tube lights, Thrice a week   Conventional way of cleaning.
              windows, doors, glass, partitions of
              cabins etc.
9.            Disposal of garbage containers       Twice daily
10.           Cleaning of towels provided to Weekly                Proper washing
              officials rooms/chambers.
11.           Spraying of Pest Control material    Fortnight    on With ISI branded pest control
                                                   holiday         material.
12.           Horticulture                         Daily           Maintenance, Watering &
                                                                   Cleaning of plants in lawn and
                                                                   gardens by gardener.

         All materials required for the above mentioned cleaning jobs are to be supplied at the contractor‟s
         cost and such materials should be of good quality. If the required materials for cleaning are not
         supplied in time and if workers remain without work or absent, proportionate deductions will be
         made from the respective monthly bill as a penalty measure.

                                                                   Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

B)      Personal Assistant : The agency shall provide personal assistant which having full knowledge
        of computer specially for Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, a good speed in commercial Hindi and
        English a computer/type writer.

C)      Drivers:- The agency shall provide the Driver. Those having the Heavy Vehicle, commercial
        Driving License and they should have good knowledge of traffic and minor repair in vehicle. The
        Drivers may be depute for duties out side Delhi on temporary basis for this Survey of India will
        not pay any TA/DR for these duties.


1.    Cleaning & sweeping of rooms, corridors, and cabins and wiping the stair case areas, door glasses
      and all kinds of partitions of the office and open areas daily.

2.    Cleaning of all type of sofas, chairs, furniture and fixture, telephones and carpets.

3.    Collecting all the dustbins and waste paper baskets and then cleaning them.

4.    Cleaning of toilets and washbasins thrice daily by using phenyl, soap oil and disinfectant materials
      like naphthalene balls, Air cakes and urinary cubes.

5.    Cleaning of ceiling and walls and removal of cobwebs from all the places of the building should be
      done daily. No cobwebs shall be seen at any place in the entire building.

6.    Maintenance, Watering & cleaning of plants in lawn and gardens by gardener.

7.    The above cleaning has to be carried out by checked cloth, Yellow cloth, and floor cloth along with
      bleaching powder, brasso, mop (big special thread), brooms hard and soft, toilet brush, cleaning
      acids, scrubbers, dust pan, polishing sponge, stick, and wiper.

8.    Contractor will be responsible to keep all the places of offices and other suitable locations sprayed
      with proper insecticides as per requirement.

9.    The timing for cleaning and sanitation work can be changed as per requirement/needs of this office
      without interference to office work.

10.   The sludge and garbage collections from the open drains, main holes, sewerage and septic tanks etc.,
      during cleaning operation should be removed out of the building and disposed off in accordance with
      the corporation instructions.

                                                                       Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

11.   The contractor will employ his supervisor to control the cleaning staff in the premises and the
      supervisor will be available to this office in the campus during the working hours.

12.   Any other related work assigned to them.


1.      The total number personnel required is 27 Nos. Proper uniform must be provided to the House
Keeping personnel. The personnel must maintain highest discipline in the office. The contractor should
quote for the said number of workers only. The details of House Keeping / Personnel Assistant/ MT
Drivers as follows.

                                                House Keeping           Personal Assistant   MT Driver

       (i)     Director, Survey (Air) &               03                            01          01

       (ii)    Director, Western Printing             02                            01          01
               Group, Palam

       (iii)   Project Director (DSSDI)               12                            04          02
               Pushpa Bhawan

                                                   _ 17                             06          04

2.     Dusting of all items of furniture/wooden, steel furniture, partition walls, doors, windows,
       ventilation, notice board etc. shall be done before the opening time of office i.e. 9.00 a.m.

3.     The cleaning work will be checked that flush, urinal, washbasin, drainage pipes, washbasin taps
       etc., are in proper working condition. In case of any problem, it should be brought to the     notice
       of this office on account of damage or theft of material during discharge of cleaning activities.

4.     The contractor shall compensate in full the loss sustained by this office on account of damage or
       theft of material during discharge of cleaning activities.

5.     The contractor shall ensure cleanliness at all time and at all the places.

                                                                      Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

6.     The contractor shall arrange to carry out sanitation by keeping the following points in mind:-

       a) The cleared area should become totally dust free and spotless giving a sparkling look.

       b) No bad odour should emanate from any part of the area.

       c) The cleaning should not spoil the natural shine and look of the furniture and other material.

       d) The furniture etc should be arranged in the same order as before cleaning.
       e) The cleaning activities should not cause any disturbance to the activities to the offices.

       f) The garbage should be neatly picked up and disposed off to a place away from the building at
       his own cost.

7.     Contractor shall bear all the expenses in the following items:-

       a) Provision of brooms, brushes etc.

       b) Mopping clothes, fine clothes etc.

       c) Sufficient, soap, naphthalene balls, odonil, Colin, tat and other cleaning items.

       d) Water buckets to carry water from other places for cleanliness are to be supplied by the
       contractor at his own cost. The tenderer will also arrange vacuum cleaner and other sophisticated
       equipment to clean and to make dust free the carpeted area.

8.     The contractor shall carry out the cleaning of each computer and its peripherals with the required
       cleaning material like isopropyl/Alcohol etc. once in a month.

9.     The quantum of the work as per respective annexure for each tender can vary from time to time as
       per requirement of this office.

10.    Any damage caused to any equipment/or items available at the office premises due to negligence
       of the contractor‟s work force shall be entirely on contractor account. The amount so involved on
       this account shall be deducted from the payment due to contractor.

 11.   The staff so employed on contract basis for purpose of housekeeping, horticulture & gardening
       and security services in the Survey of India Office Building, will not be treated as employees of
       this office.

                                                                      Signature with Tenderer Company Seal


1.     The agreement will be initially in force from the date of execution and for a period of one year
       subject to satisfactory performance and can be terminated by one-month notice from either side.
       The further extension thereafter would be decided later, on satisfactory completion of the above

2.     The employees engaged by the contractor will be in the employment of the contractor only and not
       of the SOI office. The House Keeping, MTD Drivers, Personnel Assistant will be responsible for
       payment of wage as minimum wages as prescribed/revised from time to time by the State
       Government and such other service benefits to its personnel posted as mentioned below:-

       a)     Contractor shall not pay wages and other allowance to its staff below the rates of
              minimum wages fixed by the Government of India or the State Govt. from time to

       b)     Contractor shall provide weekly holidays National and Festival Holidays and leave with
              wages and other benefits as per the rules.

       c)     The contractor shall pay the gratuity and bonus as per the provisions of the payment of
              Bonus Act, 1965 and payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.

       d)     All other benefits required to be extended under various labour statutory enactments.

3.     The contractor shall provide extra person if desired by the Office during the period under this
       agreement at the rates already agreed to in the contract.

4.     No escalation in rates due to any reasons, statutory or otherwise shall be allowed.

5.     The contractor shall have sufficient arrangement for cleanliness in consultation with this office so
       as to complete the cleaning work within specified time mentioned in the schedule.

6.     A penalty of amount equal to 1.0 (one) percent of the amount (minimum Rs.100/- per day) for
       non satisfactory cleanliness of the office building/other area will be recovered in addition to the
       cost of cleanliness for the period of respective area. The maximum penalty recoverable will be
       10% of the respective tender amount

7.     In case the contractor fails to give satisfactory service the work will have to be got done from any
       other contractor/agency even at the higher rates and excess amount would be deducted from the
       contractor‟s bill.

8.     The staff provided by the contractor to the department are in case found to be indulging in any
       undesirable or unfair activities in the premises of the office, the contractor will solely be
       responsible for all the consequences apart from the liberty of department to lodge complaints
       before appropriate authorities.

                                                                    Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

9.    No labour below the age of 18 years shall be employed on work by the contractor.

10.   The contractor shall ensure that none of their employees will be a member of any of the
      employees union(s) of the central union of Government employees, or take any interest in their

11.   After the expiry of the agreement period, the service need not be continued taking as deemed
      extension of period.

12.   The contractor shall strictly comply with the terms and conditions of agreement. In case of
      violation of any of the terms, the agreement shall be liable for cancellation immediately.

13.    Any dispute arising out of this agreement or that, which may arise in future, will be resolved by
      taking recourse to mutual settlement in the first instance, failing which the dispute will be subject
      to New Delhi jurisdiction only. The office is entitled to withhold a payment that is due to the
      contractor in case of dispute till it is resolved
14.   Mode of payment will be monthly and would be paid on 10 of each succeeding month. Payments
      to the contractor will be through Account Payee cheques only. Payment of salary to staff must be
      made immediately after receipt of cheque from the office and proof of payment shall be submitted
      to the office every month. However it is the responsibility of the agency to produce previous month
      ESI, PF contribution receipts and salary acquaintance as per the minimum wages Act of the
      employees along with the bill for payment. This will be strictly adhered to before making payment.

15.   The deviation from the terms and conditions, if any, shall be clearly indicated in a separate sheet
      duly signed by the tenderer.

                                                                 Signature with Tenderer Company Seal

House Keeping, Horticulture & Gardening

1.        Turnover for last three years viz. 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09

(Copies of I.T. returns, P&L A/c and balance sheet to be enclosed)

Financial Year                                            Turnover (In Rs.)

2.       Whether the service provider is in the field of House Keeping, Horticulture & Gardening for last 3
     years? If yes, the names of clients (Please enclose proof), also please  mention the details of
     running contracts.

SI. No.                 Year                   Name of the No.        Manpower Contract value
                                               client with the provided
                                               address      and
                                               contact number

3.        Certificates of satisfactory completion of above mentioned work may be submitted. If it is
          noticed that the work carried out was not found satisfactory by any client, the tenders of such
          tenderers will be treated as invalid.

4.        Details of infrastructure and training facilities (e.g. offices, No. of employees etc.)

5.        Mention the registration number, if the House Keeping, MT Drivers, is registered under Provident
          Fund Act. ESI Act. Copy of registration papers along-with code numbers attached to the Agency
          may be provided.

6.        Please specify in detail the arrangements that will be made to provide efficient service.
          I certify that all the terms and conditions of the tender documents are acceptable to us.

                                                           Signature of the authorized Person of the concern


Date :                                             DESIGNATION
Place :                                            COMPANY SEAL

                                                           Signature with Tenderer Company Seal


House Keeping, Horticulture, Gardening and Security Service

1)        Name, address & Contact No. of the concern:

2)        Monthly Charge for sanitation / House keeping/Horticulture
          services per person with material.                                  Rs.

4)        Monthly Charge for sanitation /House keeping/Horticulture
          Services per person without material.                               Rs.

5)        Monthly Charge for M.T. Drivers for per person.

6)        Monthly charges for Personal Assistant/Computer typing etc          Rs.

Note: The amount quoted above shall be inclusive of all taxes and duties

          I certify that I have gone through all the terms and conditions of the tender document,
          which are acceptable to me.

                                        Signature of the authorized
                                        Person of the concern


                                        COMPANY SEAL

Date :
Place :

                                                              Signature with Tenderer Company Seal


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