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									                      6042 Acme Road, Williamsburg, MI 49690 Tel. 231-938-1350 Fax 231-938-1510 www.acmetownship.org

December 1, 2009

Dear Prospective Bidders,

Acme Township invites proposals from qualified design and engineering firms to provide a Municipal
Marina Feasibility Study.

Interested parties may request a copy of the Request for Proposal (RFP) at the Township’s office or
download from our website at www.acmetownship.org to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal for
consideration of contract award.

The Township reserves the right to consider proposals or modifications received at any time before award
is made, if such action is in the best interest of the Township. The Township also reserves the right to
reject any and all proposals received as a result of this request, or to negotiate separately with any source
whatsoever in any manner necessary to serve the best interest of the Township.

The Township does not intend to award a contract solely on the basis of any response made to this request
or otherwise pay for the information solicited or obtained.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00PM on Monday, January 4, 2010 MONDAY,
JANUARY 11, 2010.

Wayne Kladder, Supervisor
Acme Township


      Municipal Marina Feasibility Study

               Acme Township
               6042 Acme Road
           Williamsburg, MI 49690
                (231) 938-1350

            December 1, 2009
I.      Acme Township

        A.      Overview
                Acme          Township        (“the
                Township”) is a municipality with
                a     current    population      of
                approximately 4,500 located in
                the northeast portion of Grand
                Traverse County in northwestern
                Michigan. The Township is
                approximately 7 miles north of
                Traverse City and lies along the
                shores of East Grand Traverse
                Bay in Grand Traverse County,
                Northwest       Michigan.      The
                southern and central portions of the Township contain a mix of commercial,
                residential and resort-oriented development. The northern portions of the township
                contain some residential development but are primarily rural agricultural or
                conservation/natural parklands.

                The Township is governed by a seven member board. Three members of the board,
                Supervisor, Clerk, and Treasurer, are full-time officials. Presently, the Township
                employs four full and part-time employees, including a full-time Township Manager,
                and also employs a Deputy Clerk, a Deputy Treasurer and two other full-time staff
                members. The Township cooperatively operates Grand Traverse County Metro Fire
                Department with neighboring East Bay and Garfield Townships. The Township
                contracts with the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department for a Community
                Policing Officer.

                Current boating access to East Grand Traverse Bay in Acme Township is limited to
                ownership or rental of a slip in East Bay Harbor, a 72- slip private marina, and to four
                road end launch sites at Bunker Hill Road, Shores Beach Road (at the US 31/M-72
                intersection), Dock Road and Yuba Park Road. The Dock Road and Yuba Park Road
                sites include deteriorated concrete ramps that are occasionally partially cleared of
                sand by township staff, but otherwise the launch site are not currently maintained.
                Due to our location on a windward shore, all are extremely shallow and incapable of
                accommodating boats larger than approximately 15’ – 18’. The only other key East
                Bay access points are a DNR 2-lane boat launch on Old Mission Peninsula, which is
                2 miles across the bay from Acme Township, and a municipal marina in Elk Rapids
                10 miles to the north of the US 31/M-72 intersection. East Bay Harbor does not
                currently include a launch ramp, so slip holders at this marina must use one of these
                other sites to launch their boats at the beginning of the season and remove their boats
                at the end of the season.

B.      Acme Shoreline Preservation Project

        1)      Gateway to Grand Traverse Bay
                Acme Township boasts nearly 10 miles of beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline.
                Unfortunately, little of the shoreline is open and accessible to the public. Commercial
                and residential development hinders views and prevents public access from much of
                the waterfront.

Acme Township Municipal Marina Feasibility Study RFQ/P 12/01/09                               Page 1 of 7
                                                         The Township has developed a vision for a
                                                         more open, accessible shoreline for present
                                                         and future generations to enjoy. The
                                                         community’s goal is to reclaim the
                                                         waterfront and create open viewscapes and
                                                         public access from MDOT Park at Five
                                                         Mile Road to Bayside Park near the U.S. 31
                                                         North and M-72 East intersection.

                                                         In 2006, a broad-based group of Acme
                                                         Township Shoreline Advisory Committee
                                                         members, elected and appointed officials,
                                                         shoreline landowners, regional foundation
                                                         and agency representatives and state
                                                         legislators developed a strategic plan to
                                                         open the waterfront to a broad range of
                                                         public uses. They agreed on the goal of
                                                         reclaiming and preserving the shoreline for
                                                         public use in order to:

                    •   Offer public access to scarce waterfront shoreline
                    •   Showcase the natural beauty of Acme Township by opening viewscapes and
                        providing a scenic gateway to Traverse City
                    •   Boost tourism creating a more robust local economy
                    •   Enhance quality of life for Acme township residents and those who visit
                    •   Encourage non-motorized transportation by connecting to existing amenities
                        such as the nearby TART trail

        2)      The Plan
                Most of the existing waterfront land uses in the focus area are aging and ripe for
                redevelopment. Many of the 24 privately-owned parcels are currently for sale. This is
                an opportune time to purchase these
                properties at fair market value from willing
                land owners and reclaim the shoreline for
                public uses.

                Rotary Charities of Traverse City funded a
                public visioning session which resulted in a
                Shoreline Preservation Master Plan. The
                Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy
                is working with land owners in the focus area
                to coordinate appraisals and secure option
                agreements to purchase the properties.

                An initial Phase 1 goal has been established
                to acquire three properties adjacent to the
                existing Bayside Park near the U.S. 31 North
                and M-72 East intersection. Once the
                properties are purchased, the plan is to
                remove the existing buildings, return the
                shoreline to its natural state, and open it to
                public use by extending the boundaries of Bayside Park.

Acme Township Municipal Marina Feasibility Study RFQ/P 12/01/09                            Page 2 of 7
                Phase II of the project includes potential acquisition of three to four additional
                properties: a vacant parcel to the north of an existing private marina and a now-
                closed Mountain Jack’s restaurant, the former restaurant property, and a mom-and-
                pop motel directly south of the former restaurant property.

        3)      The East Bay Harbor Corporation Marina
                The East Bay Harbor Corporation (EBHC) private marina is located in Acme
                Township within this area targeted for redevelopment; its specific location is about
                midway between the MDOT and Bayside Parks. The marina was built in the early
                1970s and is constructed of concrete which was the premier construction at that time.
                As a private marina, slip owners are responsible for the condition of their slips and
                either patch or replace finger pier sections to ensure safety and function. The majority
                slip owner manages repairs to common areas, the costs for which are divided
                annually between all the shareholders. In 2008, EBHC’s majority slip owner
                approached the Township and inquired if there was interest in purchasing his
                majority interest in the marina. To study this potential opportunity, the Shoreline
                Advisory Committee appointed a sub-committee of six volunteers – the Marina
                Advisory Committee – to gather information, investigate, and recommend back to the
                Shoreline Advisory Committee, Acme Planning Commission, and Acme Board of
                Trustees as to whether and how it would be feasible and desirable:

                    a. For the Township to acquire a partial interest in the EBHC marina, or
                    b. To perhaps see if the entire facility can be acquired as a municipal marina.

        4)      Marina Advisory Committee Recommendations
                The committee recommended that the Township should not acquire a partial interest
                in the EBHC marina. Acquisition requires government grants (DNR), and the
                government does not support partial ownership. Regarding whether or not the entire
                EBHC marina should be acquired as a municipal marina, the committee concluded
                yes – the Township should own and operate a municipal marina if there is 100%
                ownership. The Committee’s research supported that:

                    •   Municipal marinas can be profitable and self-sustaining
                    •   Partnering with the DNR drives topnotch structural and environmental
                    •   Facility should be state-of-the-art with boat launches and adequate parking
                    •   A state-of-the-art facility feeds tourism and real estate for the community
                        (charters, boat rentals, Casino patrons, shopping trips)
                    •   Acme Township becomes a “destination” for boating and public beaches

                In recommending that the Township pursue ownership of a municipal marina, it
                became apparent that the EBHC location may or may not be the optimal location for
                a new, state-of-the-art municipal marina. Since the Township is looking to purchase
                approximately 1.5 miles of lakefront property between the U.S. 31 / M-72
                intersection south to MDOT Park at Five Mile, this question is timely and there are,
                perhaps, site options for marina development.

        5)      Board of Trustees Supports Feasibility Study
                It was agreed by the Board that the Township should hire a highly-experienced
                marina design firm to conduct a Feasibility Study wherein all available township-
                owned and to-be-owned frontage is researched to ascertain:

Acme Township Municipal Marina Feasibility Study RFQ/P 12/01/09                               Page 3 of 7
                    a. Conditions at EBHC facility
                    b. Conditions along ~1.5 mile redevelopment area to determine if there is a
                       better parcel for possible marina development where depth and dredging is
                       minimized or a non-issue and where boat launches and adequate parking can
                       be accommodated
                    c. Optimal design/construction for specified land – development of a facility
                       Master Plan
                    d. Estimated operating expenses/financial review

II.     Scope of Services

        Acme Township is seeking qualification statements and Feasibility Study proposals from
        professional design and engineering firms within the State of Michigan who have
        demonstrated expertise in the planning and design of public and private marinas and
        waterfront recreational areas. The deliverables of the Feasibility Study include:

        1. Investigation of available land and water locations for Municipal Marina within Acme
           Shoreline Project area already purchased and to-be-purchased, as defined by the
        2. Recommendation of absolute best location for Marina within entire shoreline
           preservation project area regardless of whether the property is planned for short-term
           public acquisition, and recommendation of best location for Marina within only the short-
           term public acquisition areas if the absolute best location is not already within this subset
           of properties.
        3. Site surveys
        4. Detailed site assessment with consideration for boat launches and ability to hold
           mechanical basics (power/electrical services, fueling stations, trash handling, etc.) and
           desired amenities (internet/wireless, CATV service, social hall, vending machines,
           kitchen, upgraded bathrooms, snack bar, etc.)
        5. Optimal design plan – Master Plan – for best location; ensure there is room for growth
        6. Consideration for potential marina/boat launch-related parking on the east side of US 31
           North and safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns to and from the facilities on the
           west side of the road to the parking areas on the east side of the road.
        7. Estimated operating expenses/financial review
        8. Cost of proposal not to exceed $40,000.00
        9. Study to be conducted during Summer 2010 with results presented to the Board of
           Trustees at a regular meeting during Fall 2010.

III.    Requirements

        The successful bidder will demonstrate they can meet the following requirements:

        1. Ability to submit references of similar projects for contact by the Township
        2. Availability and ability to perform the Feasibility Study, coordinating and scheduling the
           work with others involved in the project
        3. Ability to communicate and work effectively with Acme Township administration, staff,
           citizen advisory committees, other Township consultants and private sector developers
           with respect to any of the services or actions required
        4. Ability to work effectively with public agencies

Acme Township Municipal Marina Feasibility Study RFQ/P 12/01/09                               Page 4 of 7
        5. Ability to submit surveys, reviews, reports, positive and negative observations and
           assessments in writing and by deadline to the Township

IV.     Candidate Warranties

        The candidate will warrant that all information provided by them in connection with this
        proposal is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.

V.      The Qualification Statement

        The statement shall outline in detail the manner in which the selected firm shall work with the
        Township to fulfill the Township’s needs. The statement, at a minimum, shall designate:

            •   The bidder’s primary contact and his/her location (one person preferred)
            •   Qualifications and experience of the primary and lead secondary contacts
            •   Support staff and associate personnel
            •   The overall working relationship with the Township during execution of the Study
            •   Identification of any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may exist

VI.     Submission Requirements

        1. Please submit five physical copies of the proposal in a sealed envelope clearly marked:
           RFP Municipal Marina Feasibility Study – Acme Township.

            Deliver or mail to:          Acme Township
                                         6042 Acme Road
                                         Williamsburg, MI 49690

            In addition, submit one electronic version of the proposal in Adobe PDF format. The
            electronic copy may be provided on a CD-ROM along with the physical copies.

        2. Proposals will be accepted through 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 4, 2010 MONDAY,
           JANUARY 11, 2010. Proposals submitted prior to the deadline will not be opened until
           after the deadline.

        3. Questions about the Township or this RFP should be directed to:

                                  Sharon E. Vreeland, Township Manager
                                  Acme Township
                                  6042 Acme Road
                                  Williamsburg, MI 49690
                                  (231) 938-1350

Acme Township Municipal Marina Feasibility Study RFQ/P 12/01/09                              Page 5 of 7
VII.    Selection

        The Township Board of Trustees will select a committee to review all proposals. The
        committee will consist of:

            •   the Township Supervisor
            •   one additional Board member
            •   one member of the Marina Advisory Committee
            •   one member of the Shoreline Advisory Committee
            •   the Township Manager

        This committee will identify two to four firms to be interviewed. Invited firms will be
        contacted on Monday, January 18, 2010 WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20, 2010 to schedule
        interview appointments for Wednesday, January 27, 2010. Each interview will last
        approximately 1 hour. All interviews will be open to the public and conducted in accordance
        with the Open Meetings Act. After the interview process, the selection committee will offer a
        selection recommendation to the Board for action at their February 2, 2010 regular meeting.
        Upon Board selection, the Township will ultimately seek to negotiate a contract for the
        Municipal Marina Feasibility Study with the selected firm.

        The Township will notify all applicants of their status at each step in the selection process.

        The Township Board will make its final selection based on evaluation of all responses,
        qualifications, thoroughness, pricing, and selection committee recommendations.

        Acme Township will not be liable for any cost incurred by any candidate in the development
        of a proposal responsive to this request.

        Acme Township reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to accept any proposal
        which, in its opinion, is most advantageous to the Township.

        Candidates will be notified of any change made to this schedule.

Thank you for your interest in working with Acme Township on our marina feasibility study

Acme Township Municipal Marina Feasibility Study RFQ/P 12/01/09                                Page 6 of 7

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